What is the best asdfmovie joke?

AKA Tom breaks down asdfmovie while asdfmovie breaks down Tom.
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Research Assistance by Kai Newton (@KaiPie)
Data Analysis by Dr Simon Clark (@Simon Clark)
Web Development by Peter Reid ( ReidWeb)
Additional Art and Animation by Ben Smallman (@Wonchop) and Billy Crinion (@BillyBCreations)
Appearances from Brian David Gilbert (@brian david gilbert), Devin Stone (@LegalEagle), and Tom Scott (@Tom Scott)
Writing Assistance by Eddie Bowley (@Eddache) and Ana Valens (
Music by Todd Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
Special thanks to Twitch Chat and Olly Thorn
The spreadsheet:
CONTENT WARNING: Where to begin? Discussion and depictions of guns, death, suicide, violence, vore, kinks. This one’s got it all.
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  1. TomSka


    27 giorni fa

    Did you notice this video was sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends? YOU DIDN'T?! WELL THEN you can install Raid for free on IOS:, ANDROID:, & PC: and get a special starter pack (available only for the next 30 days).

    • The gaming bro Rajavel

      The gaming bro Rajavel

      7 giorni fa

      Haha peepeepoopoo

    • Nutshell Animator

      Nutshell Animator

      7 giorni fa

      @CrewdHat yes I do

    • CrewdHat


      7 giorni fa

      @Nutshell Animator No, you really don't want to.

    • •Loveeatscookies •

      •Loveeatscookies •

      8 giorni fa

      i hope u live forever

    • TRBenjiSwiss


      8 giorni fa

      haha nope

  2. Max Sharpe

    Max Sharpe

    Ora fa

    Ewww I've always said "Ayy-ess-dee-eff movie" hearing it said like "asdif" is nasty

  3. Eclaire chat

    Eclaire chat

    5 ore fa

    hey tomska you will never see this comment but one thing i figure, on the top ten list a majority of them was the first one of the episode (like first joke on 15 jokes) . there's might be a bias that people remember better (and cherish) an episode because they have a better memories of it, and we always rember better first and last thing of... anything (those are psychological biais) sooooo that's it, great video as always we love you take care

  4. cadette vaillancourt

    cadette vaillancourt

    7 ore fa

    tom that was the best french accent i hever seen

  5. sar


    7 ore fa

    Are u Monica Geller ?

  6. Mr. Absorbency

    Mr. Absorbency

    8 ore fa

    What shocks me is that Tomska was 18 when asdfmovie came out

  7. Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia

    9 ore fa

    Now you are fat.

  8. Asher


    9 ore fa


  9. Auxina Cauchemar

    Auxina Cauchemar

    12 ore fa

    I loved the chase me Susie one

  10. insanın cezası

    insanın cezası

    12 ore fa

    Dad I'm hungry Hi hungry I'm dad

  11. The ender

    The ender

    12 ore fa

    Here is the time stamp for the perfect joke 23:34

  12. MrCalvinCoolidge


    12 ore fa

    Tom could survive on his fat for a decade like a salmon

  13. Constantine Ravenna

    Constantine Ravenna

    13 ore fa

    loved standing up school had me in tears for a second

  14. Just a dog

    Just a dog

    13 ore fa

    Make more

  15. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira

    18 ore fa


  16. Aretas Zupkus

    Aretas Zupkus

    18 ore fa

    Still don't know what artifact does ://

  17. Elias Johnson

    Elias Johnson

    18 ore fa

    Our boi tom wearing an awesome Dark Souls T-Shirt. Love it. Also pie flavor pie is my favorite of all time.

  18. Weekend114


    20 ore fa

    idk i thought farting butt 4 was pretty hilarious

  19. Kyren


    20 ore fa


  20. DatDudeMahn


    21 ora fa

    Me patiently waiting for asdfmovie 13: 🥱👀

  21. Bethany Kate

    Bethany Kate

    Giorno fa

    Tomska: "After reading a whole bunch of books I was able to assataine that there are six key emotions" Me: "I just watched inside out"

  22. Moadot720


    Giorno fa

    3:34 “Not this time?” GALANTIS - NO MONEY REFERENCE?!?! YOU’RE A LEGEND!!!!

    • Moadot720


      Giorno fa

      And now 15:48?!?! LOL YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!!

    • Moadot720


      Giorno fa

      And 15:18 LOL

    • Moadot720


      Giorno fa

      15:14 LOL

  23. Taffy is trashy

    Taffy is trashy

    Giorno fa

    "Observably well fed" Haha don't be so down on yourself man, you won at life by making others laugh, isn't that all that should matter?

  24. CiIIian Burke

    CiIIian Burke

    Giorno fa

    I’m SO glad to know that asdfmovie 13 will be out soon

  25. yeahthatscool


    Giorno fa

    This is the only good raid ad

  26. Callum Footitt

    Callum Footitt

    Giorno fa

    Is it sad I laughed at the "laws are allways good and just" joke?...... Yes? Ok

  27. O F A L

    O F A L

    Giorno fa

    U like cats?

  28. OpaleTV


    Giorno fa


  29. Armando Magana

    Armando Magana

    Giorno fa

    NGL tomska being sus

  30. Shoddy cat

    Shoddy cat

    Giorno fa

    Did anyone else realise that he created a time paradox with the rage shadow legend ad

  31. TipCReaper


    Giorno fa

    14:43 Is the best sentence 19:05 is pretty good too

  32. Aglo 37

    Aglo 37

    Giorno fa

    i LOVE muffin time

  33. Jaime'sVidJunk


    Giorno fa

    Jesus, I forgot asdfmovie existed until now.

  34. Komment Floh

    Komment Floh

    Giorno fa

    Cool vid... now do some sports and eat a vegetable!

  35. Hamcat


    Giorno fa

    The best form for an asdf movie sketch in my opinion is a punchline.

  36. Dan


    Giorno fa


  37. Samuel Lim

    Samuel Lim

    Giorno fa

    Omg, he has the undead curse!!! 😱

  38. Mr. Tom

    Mr. Tom

    Giorno fa

    my favorite is: "WHO ATE MY SANDWICH? I did! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" *explosion*....

  39. crystal larsen

    crystal larsen

    Giorno fa


  40. 李玉华Vicente,Jamie


    Giorno fa

    Secret Agent Manga I read:Ok spin this wheel of random everyday life objects to turn into weapons=Results:A bottle of something,sugar(I think) and nails:Put the sugar and nails in a bottle,shake it,throw it into a room,then wait for an explosion of nails. Weird 9th Grade Classmate Dude:(No joke I had him as a classmate D:)Did you know tissue is a weapon?Just wrap them into thick balls and shove it into the persons throat.

  41. OctaviuM


    Giorno fa

    What is your video editor called?

  42. Evolutionstrigger


    Giorno fa

    9:34 In other countrys (germany and eh I dont know) there is a law that obliges you to help someone in danger as long as you dont get in any danger by helping. Because you can call the police its considered a crime to walk past a stab fight without calling the police.

  43. Dunno Anyting

    Dunno Anyting

    Giorno fa

    who is waiting for asdfmovie 13 better like this comment

  44. Man


    Giorno fa

    Why are you fat now

    • Relivo 1

      Relivo 1

      9 ore fa

      He shoved a bike pump up his arse and went to town

    • Relivo 1

      Relivo 1

      9 ore fa

      He explained in a last week

  45. sartoriusrock


    Giorno fa

    “Here it is: the greatest ASDFMovie joke of all time.” *ad plays* Me: “Wait. Is the video over??” It wasn’t, but that would’ve been a pretty funny subversion of expectations.

  46. Medic Facetime

    Medic Facetime

    Giorno fa

    I like trains

  47. Justin Rodgers

    Justin Rodgers

    Giorno fa

    Future Tomska: **Slaps** Tom: *aeh D;*

  48. Ciaran Curley

    Ciaran Curley

    Giorno fa

    The butt kicked girl killed MY BOY DESMOND??? HOW COULD YOU

  49. Player eegs

    Player eegs

    Giorno fa

    Alright that was actually pretty good

  50. Nintend_Fan64


    Giorno fa

    12:03 - 12:11 *It all makes sense now...*

  51. OverSeerSam


    Giorno fa

    15:09 I died

  52. Artina


    Giorno fa

    You are getting chubbier

    • Artina


      8 ore fa

      @Relivo 1 boop

    • Relivo 1

      Relivo 1

      9 ore fa


  53. Lyna Beana

    Lyna Beana

    Giorno fa

    Idk wich asdfmovie is my favorite they always change right now my favorite is “we should just be friends” “...” “Mother” and “jimmy take out the dog” “yes mother” “for a walk jimmy”

  54. chicken man

    chicken man

    Giorno fa

    I watch a video, I see Raid: Shadow Crap, I stop watching

  55. [NKS] Fursey Rain The Beyblading Gamer Boi YT

    [NKS] Fursey Rain The Beyblading Gamer Boi YT

    Giorno fa


  56. stinkey cookie

    stinkey cookie

    Giorno fa

    a death every 1.7 sketches... you will serve your sentence to pay for your warcrimes! also RAID SHADOW LEGENDS h

  57. Tetrumo


    Giorno fa

    I haven’t been here in a while, when did Tom get fat again?

  58. Gozeraye


    Giorno fa

    The reason murder isn't so popular is because it happens so often it's like "Well, yeah of course he got murdered, thats like half the jokes"

  59. Dan Watts

    Dan Watts

    Giorno fa

    I wanna see tom in a arguement with himself

  60. Rakanishu


    Giorno fa

    Good data work here, but I think ranking sketches on their own is a flawed method. These do not stand alone in their presentation, so I think it's not surprising your best ranked sketches ARE non-recurring and self-contained ones. Just for one more data point and to show my mental age, the "bottom" four taken back to back were at least as good as #10-6. Maybe more, maybe less, but they weren't out of place in quality.

  61. Alpha_ Wolfie

    Alpha_ Wolfie

    Giorno fa

    What made me love it was the randomness and weirdness

  62. Binoo Bear

    Binoo Bear

    Giorno fa

    My favourite is: “I want a ice cream” “Say the manic words” “CYOYUYIGVIFCIXCOHVGOV” *turns into ice cream* LICKING INTENSIFIES

  63. feathero3


    2 giorni fa

    23:31 For the perfect joke

  64. Tm69


    2 giorni fa

    Hey question: Do you play any table top games? Like warhammer?

  65. The NCC

    The NCC

    2 giorni fa

    Youve killed 130 characters wow

  66. The NCC

    The NCC

    2 giorni fa

    * Slap * ä

  67. The NCC

    The NCC

    2 giorni fa

    * Slap * å

  68. Galaxy


    2 giorni fa


  69. Simon John

    Simon John

    2 giorni fa

    When does asdfmovie 13 release?

  70. Zul'daar


    2 giorni fa

    Hey, baby. Are you an angel? Cause I'm allergic to feathers. Also: 17:20 **HMM**

  71. Eve Campbell

    Eve Campbell

    2 giorni fa

    I wanna watch a full Legal Eagle episode about ASDF.

  72. Herbert Feichtinger

    Herbert Feichtinger

    2 giorni fa

    eyy tom scott in the perfect sketch liking it

  73. HyperLeaf72


    2 giorni fa

    bruh I thought it was adsfmovie my whole life! I guess I'm just illiterate.

  74. TheSourLemon


    2 giorni fa

    You have to put that in an asdf movie

  75. Just a guy who’s a frog for fun

    Just a guy who’s a frog for fun

    2 giorni fa

    This entire video is a cry for help

  76. Finn Carpenter

    Finn Carpenter

    2 giorni fa

    That was the best delivery of a raid shadow legends plug ever

  77. Random_Player


    2 giorni fa

    best raid shadow legends ad ive ever seen.

    • Fresh Animation

      Fresh Animation

      2 giorni fa


  78. Mariel Kay Bergman

    Mariel Kay Bergman

    2 giorni fa

    When is asdfmovie13 coming out?

  79. christian holmaas

    christian holmaas

    2 giorni fa

    can you give the muffin a name

  80. iketeiru


    2 giorni fa

    you should do more of these.

  81. JoTendo


    2 giorni fa

    In no offense, didn't recognize you lol

  82. Artfulcat YT

    Artfulcat YT

    2 giorni fa

    oh im realy angry and i think im going to explode 19:26

  83. Artfulcat YT

    Artfulcat YT

    2 giorni fa

    15:13 I LIKE TRAINS

  84. Sans From Undertale

    Sans From Undertale

    2 giorni fa

    That was a pretty good sponsor I'm very convinced

  85. Digital Prism

    Digital Prism

    2 giorni fa

    2:32 why is this so funny.



    2 giorni fa

    This is the only guy that can make a sponsor interesting

  87. Maybe Spoon

    Maybe Spoon

    2 giorni fa

    This is my childhood and yet i didn't know there was those ITput celebrities lol

  88. wishus knight

    wishus knight

    2 giorni fa

    I cant say i cared for how much direct reference to suicide(and intent) there was through it all. Except the muffin was awesome. My favorites were the random ones, like the talking parking meter.

  89. John Freddy

    John Freddy

    2 giorni fa

    Is there gonna be an asdfmovie 13?

  90. XaoRu


    2 giorni fa

    Wait so its completely fine to not help someone whos in danger of dying?

  91. A C

    A C

    2 giorni fa

    So no ones gonna say anything. Tomska. From one chunky boy to another. What happened man. Haha.

  92. Kian1036canlas YT

    Kian1036canlas YT

    2 giorni fa

    Tomskas fat boi

  93. denzu itaru

    denzu itaru

    2 giorni fa

    I have your card game and yet thanks to covid i cant play it with others on stream WTF.. Also want a boyfriend??? Also vore ... Dont judge me

  94. Terry Nonam

    Terry Nonam

    2 giorni fa

    Yeah yeah, expected the ultimate joke to be some kind of pun on itself, but ended f*cking crying from laughter. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

  95. Gamer Supreme

    Gamer Supreme

    2 giorni fa

    I'm surprised LegalEagle isn't here...

  96. Fireplayz 2

    Fireplayz 2

    2 giorni fa

    *when is asdf movie 13 coming out?*

  97. Miguel gamer animation

    Miguel gamer animation

    2 giorni fa

    i like trains

  98. Feline Discipline

    Feline Discipline

    2 giorni fa

    I love this guy's editing

  99. storm leander

    storm leander

    2 giorni fa

    Tomska PLEASE let the muffin get eaten

  100. JosephTheNoseph


    2 giorni fa

    I love the little moan he does when he gets slapped XD

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