what if you create a wither in water

so funny!

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  1. Smokey Timmy

    Smokey Timmy

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    I'm impressed!



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  3. Mincraft memes

    Mincraft memes

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    Under dah wither

  4. Kittymeows_playz


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    Wat the

  5. Reema Prajapati

    Reema Prajapati

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    Rachit and Hitesh ks seen your viedo 😘

  6. since L

    since L

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  7. Snehil Jeswani

    Snehil Jeswani

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    He died in real life i think... 😂

  8. Shakila Peerzade

    Shakila Peerzade

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    The legend was born

  9. Gavin_Adventures forest •

    Gavin_Adventures forest •

    21 ora fa

    I love how the trident's are doing no damage XD

  10. GarrulousArchitect


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    What if you use a command to place all 3 heads at once

  11. Peppa Pig

    Peppa Pig

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    Imagine swimming and all of a sudden hear screeching

  12. Allie Mair

    Allie Mair

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  13. Hey Im Here

    Hey Im Here

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    Ok so now we got more game theory: Drowns hate withers, which might be because we hate withers and so drowns might be us who drowned with a zombie apocalypse, the drowned turned into zombies then drowned themselves ;-;



    Giorno fa

    hahahahaha sad noises wither



    Giorno fa

    He is so best at build

  16. Ms Kitten Cat

    Ms Kitten Cat

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    The head just explodly be gone

  17. Mizuki chan

    Mizuki chan

    Giorno fa

    They all gang up to bully him he comes to this world thinking he it the strongest then looks so sad when they r throwing stuff at him

  18. shana wilson

    shana wilson

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    this wither is just like... WHY?

  19. iSlodinx


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    imagine if all humans died and this is the only proof that we existed..

  20. Thu Nguyen

    Thu Nguyen

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    Now wither can shoot torpedos

  21. creeperek gry

    creeperek gry

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    You is cool

  22. The VOID King Himself

    The VOID King Himself

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    The drowned thought he had a friend Until he blew up his house, killing him.

  23. The VOID King Himself

    The VOID King Himself

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    Wither: *Goes for a swim* Drowns: *No no, I don’t think so.*

  24. Watermelon Craft

    Watermelon Craft

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    Whoa! Steve is as good as ever. You can watch my videos and subscribe, please! My goal is 1,000 subscribers

  25. Willix VR

    Willix VR

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    I wish to gain fast subs Line you. Sadly i only get 1 Per month

  26. Viết Thụ Trịnh

    Viết Thụ Trịnh

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    Looks like torpedoes

  27. Скарлетни Враг

    Скарлетни Враг

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    Drowned:You have no power here.

  28. Jared Bonagua

    Jared Bonagua

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    This video:*exist* 9.2 million people: *interesting*

    • Aqua man

      Aqua man

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      Bro please reply me

  29. ༒Mr༒ Shadow Cyber White

    ༒Mr༒ Shadow Cyber White

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    Villagers:Attack!! Whither:Why am I still here just to suffer.

  30. Goku S. Drip

    Goku S. Drip

    Giorno fa

    Wither: HeLlO, I'm UNdEr thE wAtER. PleASe heLp me. GuRGURgWGR~

  31. Code Slayer

    Code Slayer

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    lol never tried it

  32. Laura


    Giorno fa

    hes water proof

  33. NoMontageGuy


    Giorno fa

    Drown : im gay

  34. Christian CG

    Christian CG

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    Yeah trending

  35. Error Sans

    Error Sans

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    Wither skeleton in water be lyk:head outta water head outta water

  36. MR_M.A.T 4408

    MR_M.A.T 4408

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    Heyy stevee almost 1 mil sub bro

  37. The three llamas

    The three llamas

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    Its a wither! Did you realy think just a sea could kill it?

  38. Raidar The Gun Wizard

    Raidar The Gun Wizard

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  39. TheAdvertisement


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    The Wither really just went into the water and became king of the Drowned.

  40. Demian Salazar

    Demian Salazar

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  41. Billcolum Phạm

    Billcolum Phạm

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    * wither just summon * the entire drowned: let kill that son of a bitch

  42. Woof


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    guardian of the exotic underwater

  43. Josue Plays

    Josue Plays

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    Stevee: makes wither Wither: break the box *Doom music starts playing*

  44. Steve Life

    Steve Life

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    its crazy 😦

  45. AceDub Gaming

    AceDub Gaming

    2 giorni fa

    When you want a trident farm in Minecraft:

  46. Pinis


    2 giorni fa

    Deadlier than fighting a skeleton in water

  47. Aurélien Beauchêne

    Aurélien Beauchêne

    2 giorni fa

    Drowned: "INTRUDER!!" Wither: "So... how's the water?"

  48. unu nuu

    unu nuu

    2 giorni fa

    video about making a wither in the water 9 million people:interesting

  49. Ryan editor

    Ryan editor

    2 giorni fa

    Ooo great

  50. krisha mae

    krisha mae

    2 giorni fa

    drowned: 😡😡🤬🤬💥💥😠👿📣📣💥 wither: 🧍‍♂️

  51. kuello scemo di nicolas lol

    kuello scemo di nicolas lol

    2 giorni fa

    Oh no he's now a torpedo launcher

  52. Gwaloan Dehès

    Gwaloan Dehès

    2 giorni fa


  53. AsdWasdGamer


    2 giorni fa


  54. mih cs

    mih cs

    2 giorni fa


  55. Joenuts Joenuts

    Joenuts Joenuts

    2 giorni fa

    I’ve seen him go underwater before but he went up immediately

  56. Elena Tashovska

    Elena Tashovska

    2 giorni fa

    The Wither King of Water

  57. Night_Black


    2 giorni fa

    Quem veio por causa do Levi

  58. Alex Minecraft

    Alex Minecraft

    2 giorni fa


  59. Kakashi et Five

    Kakashi et Five

    2 giorni fa

    Qui est la grâce à la vidéo de fuze

  60. Santosh Kumar Sahu

    Santosh Kumar Sahu

    2 giorni fa

    I hate these game

    • Kraftii 123

      Kraftii 123

      2 giorni fa

      no one cares

  61. Rowan Salazar Slytherin

    Rowan Salazar Slytherin

    2 giorni fa

    Stevee what’s wrong with you?

  62. MITESH


    2 giorni fa

    All the drowns be like Papaaa

  63. nikos f

    nikos f

    2 giorni fa

    smort kid

  64. MODS BY A.S


    2 giorni fa

    omg full army of drowned

  65. Horror Gaming

    Horror Gaming

    2 giorni fa

    Your Like Techno gamerz like views

  66. John Vincent Tinapan

    John Vincent Tinapan

    2 giorni fa

    Nice rhymes

  67. Eren Yeager

    Eren Yeager

    2 giorni fa

    @elestiahd ini idea yang paling bijak bisa dicuba bangg

  68. JessenLH


    2 giorni fa

    Drowned Party

  69. Nestor Bumatay

    Nestor Bumatay

    2 giorni fa

    steveee: *keeps on trying to put wither skull me: LOOOOOOLLLLL

  70. olamide balogun

    olamide balogun

    2 giorni fa

    those tridents man!!!!

  71. Flying Temple

    Flying Temple

    2 giorni fa

    Me: TRAP it in the water

  72. Medry


    2 giorni fa

    next video: what if you create a wither in lava

  73. Dr. Ben Dover - 6b6t

    Dr. Ben Dover - 6b6t

    2 giorni fa

    Too bee too tee be like

  74. Christoper Wahyu David Sihombing 1643008

    Christoper Wahyu David Sihombing 1643008

    2 giorni fa


  75. Rishan Nehal

    Rishan Nehal

    2 giorni fa

    I have tried this before any immortal was born...

  76. No PIQUE Anônimo

    No PIQUE Anônimo

    2 giorni fa

    poor drowned man, thinking that whiter wins

  77. Damage Cup

    Damage Cup

    2 giorni fa

    Try summon under the lava 🤣👍

  78. John Paul Rufo

    John Paul Rufo

    2 giorni fa

    this is something i could never think of

  79. Mango the Birb

    Mango the Birb

    2 giorni fa

    Finally, an interesting result

  80. No One

    No One

    2 giorni fa

    Wither wather

  81. InnoKk


    2 giorni fa

    ты безумец офигевший взявший всех англичан с помощью магии алгоритмами Ютюба

  82. E


    2 giorni fa

    This music is so nostalgic

  83. PshThePharaoh


    2 giorni fa

    Wait can you?

  84. Whiz Tokoshi

    Whiz Tokoshi

    2 giorni fa

    Finally we found it... "Whater"

  85. Rob Hyena

    Rob Hyena

    2 giorni fa

    Horrible, absolutely horrible... and fascinating

  86. Ninja /!\

    Ninja /!\

    2 giorni fa

    That’s a nice under-wither

  87. Taxfoo


    2 giorni fa

    9M views in a week

  88. Anonymous Mad Lad

    Anonymous Mad Lad

    2 giorni fa

    The YT algorithm loves you

  89. Locissity


    2 giorni fa

    wither just looked at you and just said really niga

  90. Bravery Does Stuff

    Bravery Does Stuff

    3 giorni fa

    *Creates a wither in water* *All Drowned in 500 block radius*: ALL HAIL THE THREE HEADED GOD!

  91. Imabigman C:

    Imabigman C:

    3 giorni fa

    Living like larry

  92. Cedric Wilson

    Cedric Wilson

    3 giorni fa

    Wait that's illegal 😂

  93. Brooks Walker

    Brooks Walker

    3 giorni fa

    Brrrrr go brrrrr

  94. 달빛이


    3 giorni fa

    I can only say one thing LOL

  95. Brooks Walker

    Brooks Walker

    3 giorni fa

    Aaaaaa [meme]

  96. Crimson Pap.

    Crimson Pap.

    3 giorni fa


  97. NightHauntings Yugioh

    NightHauntings Yugioh

    3 giorni fa


  98. George Aquino

    George Aquino

    3 giorni fa

    I remember when i try to drown a wither

  99. Chase Parsons

    Chase Parsons

    3 giorni fa


  100. xzele


    3 giorni fa

    now thats how you make a trident farm

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