VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 36 (ft. Freddie Wong)

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Sam and Niko sit down with their old pal Freddie to breakdown some bad and great Hollywood VFX, as well as their own!
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  1. HoneydewReMi


    12 minuti fa

    I need these guys to react to the cgi in the old Charmed tv show, specifically the “Once in a Blue Moon” episode.

  2. Louise Heeke

    Louise Heeke

    20 minuti fa

    Y’all should check out the underwater scenes from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954). The characters are looking through a practical window onto what appears to be the ocean floor.

  3. Rockbill


    31 minuto fa

    I'd love to see you guys do the new GMC Hummer commercial. I'm told all the footage of the vehicle is CGI. Looks impressive to me especially with it in motion in natural locations. Thanks and keep up the great work guys!

  4. Neuro Williams

    Neuro Williams

    50 minuti fa

    React to the 2006 movie Mammoth staring Summer Glau.

  5. Boki


    Ora fa

    Harry potter?

  6. ZipplyZane


    2 ore fa

    You guys really, really need to actually link your owk that you show us. I'm all wanting to see what happens with that Mario Kart vid, and I'm findint it a pain in the butt to find. I'm getting mostly stuff about the new RC cars and such. Or other Mario Kart related videos you guys did. Or other people doing "real life mario kart."

  7. ZipplyZane


    3 ore fa

    Too much kinetic energy can be exhausting to an audience, though. And if it's tons of camera movement, people can get headaches even when it isn't 3D. I think it works best as a type of garnish, punctuating a movie that has down time. Even if you want to keep the energy going, you can do so with other techniques. Even just watching what you gave, I kinda feel sick.

  8. tama tham

    tama tham

    4 ore fa

    Hi, suggest to react/review music video & below are some i find it interesting: 1) BTS - life goes on (The Late Late Show performance) 2) 2ne1 - Hate you 3) VIXX - Error 4) Exo - Power

  9. EzerArthiom



  10. Lucas Robledo

    Lucas Robledo

    6 ore fa

    Please, check the Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie. Is the robot-like armor called Alphonse Elric a special effect or a prosthetic suit? I feel that sometimes the real is so well mixed with the digital that I can't even realize it, especially with the textures and the shines of the metal, it seems very well camouflaged on the environment.

  11. Никита Варганов

    Никита Варганов

    6 ore fa

    You guys absolutely MUST react to a recent russian cyberpunk farm video. Visual effects, humour and overall quality make it totally worth your time

  12. Ar Y

    Ar Y

    6 ore fa

    sam ? you good bro ? you seem tired man

  13. Essie Jazzy

    Essie Jazzy

    6 ore fa

    So Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Probably not a whole lot to talk about but that shit still looks GOOD.

  14. anonamoose


    7 ore fa

    No beard

  15. Finn


    7 ore fa

    could you check out this clip from the 1996 movie "The arrival" starring Charlie Sheen? It's both creeping me out and make me laugh at the same time.

  16. Returning Shadow

    Returning Shadow

    7 ore fa

    Corridor Guys, With ALL these reaction videos, how is it that you have NEVER reacted to Ryan vs. Dorkman videos? Or Ryan vs. Brandon. These are probably the best lightsaber fights on youtube ever and equal to George Lucas original trilogy level film making. Ryan Wieber is an FX artist like you all and has worked on MANY big named projects. RvD from 14 years ago: Rvd2 from 11 years ago: RvB1from 14 years ago: RvB2 from 9 years ago:

  17. StrydaFN


    7 ore fa

    No beard. Moustache yes

  18. aTROLLwithBlades


    7 ore fa

    React to Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man

  19. B Valtierra

    B Valtierra

    8 ore fa

    Beard but longer

  20. BurningOfficial


    8 ore fa

    You guys should review a scene from Johnny Mnemonic.

  21. raphyninja


    8 ore fa

    Please react to CLOCKSTOPPERS! =) I just watched it again recently and it still hold up!

  22. We Are Free

    We Are Free

    8 ore fa

    Y’all should react to IRobot

  23. Jaykay1701


    9 ore fa

    You should do A Christmas themed react! There is a shot in Home Alone where Kevin sees the Harry the Burglar in the reflection of a Christmas Ornament. I've always wondered how they got that shot without seeing the camera!

  24. Batman2567


    9 ore fa

    Can you guys do a review of the bank right scene from Spider-Man 2, the one with Toby McGoire! That would be amaInf

  25. C. T. Nelson

    C. T. Nelson

    11 ore fa

    Please react to Bedknobs and Broomsticks My favorite movie as a child and one that has some interesting effects

  26. Alfrebaut


    11 ore fa

    Freddie should go full Chinese martial arts grandmaster beard.

  27. Seth Curkeet

    Seth Curkeet

    11 ore fa

    Speed Racer’s color pallet reminds me, I’d love to see your thoughts on Blood Machines.

  28. Jack of Some Trade

    Jack of Some Trade

    11 ore fa

    Can you guys react to the animated Godzilla trilogy on Netflix?

  29. Pantheragem


    12 ore fa

    As soon as "Speed Racer" was over, my friend and I turned to each other and both said "They didn't get it...." Meaning; The critics had no idea what they were watching.

  30. Jacob Chavez

    Jacob Chavez

    12 ore fa

    The vfx artist should react to the part in terminator 2 were Arnold reveal himself to be a terminator and cuts open his arm

  31. RyanWithTheLegoHair


    12 ore fa

    I'd love for you guys to react to Pacific Rim. It's one of my all time favorite movies!

  32. Japp Unge

    Japp Unge

    14 ore fa

    HALF BEARD! DO IT... please :)

  33. Alexander Danylo

    Alexander Danylo

    14 ore fa

    You guys should react to the old Vampire movie Cirque de Freak: Vampire Assistant. When the vampires move quickly!

  34. Zichi the Fox

    Zichi the Fox

    14 ore fa


  35. Erik


    14 ore fa

    Operation Overlord was pretty dope, I vaguely recall there being some good CGI scenes in there would def love to see that being checked out!

  36. Kendall Fire

    Kendall Fire

    14 ore fa

    Speed Racer finally getting love just makes me smile

  37. Maxim R

    Maxim R

    14 ore fa

    Hey guys, react to Russian District 9 video

  38. Eleazar Ls Restergarm

    Eleazar Ls Restergarm

    15 ore fa

    The beard is cool

  39. T4nu1


    15 ore fa

    Hey there, can I please ask if the next VFX react (or whenever) look at a Neflix show 'LIBERATOR'

  40. Andrew Quartararo

    Andrew Quartararo

    15 ore fa

    Freddie... Looking trim my man

  41. mag


    16 ore fa

    Could you do minority report and interstellar 🙏🏻

  42. Hybrid


    16 ore fa

    Nicholas Cage Ghost rider compared to agents of shield ghost rider.

  43. Sebastian Körner

    Sebastian Körner

    16 ore fa


  44. Bruno Bosch

    Bruno Bosch

    17 ore fa

    get rid of the beard but keep the mustache !!!

  45. David Pizarro

    David Pizarro

    17 ore fa

    you should review the overwatch shorts. they are aweasome

  46. Cade Pope

    Cade Pope

    17 ore fa

    One-man movie challenge.

  47. jb joker

    jb joker

    17 ore fa

    The sand 2015 had some... interesting effects. I would love to see you guys break it down.

  48. aj


    17 ore fa

    React to The American Warewolf in London

  49. Eric Bogen

    Eric Bogen

    17 ore fa

    Please do an episode comparing Willie Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Also the Dumbledore v. Voldemort battle in Harry Potter 5.

  50. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    18 ore fa

    incredibly hard to show this to friends and explain that this was such a beautiful, visual storytelling movie, cause none of them really get it........ :')

  51. Tremaine Wright

    Tremaine Wright

    18 ore fa

    Bloodshot CG world build!!!!

  52. Runubala Mohanty

    Runubala Mohanty

    18 ore fa

    Review this and

  53. Emily


    19 ore fa

    Maybe take a look at What Happened to Monday?

  54. Ien Verheij

    Ien Verheij

    19 ore fa

    I know im late but stubble is hot!

  55. dutch070


    19 ore fa

    Warcraft (2016)

  56. sam burns

    sam burns

    20 ore fa

    Reacting to some old sci-fi movies would be fun, like the amazing creature from Forbidden Planet

  57. ErraticArtist


    20 ore fa

    Oh man please review Sharktopus (and Sharktopus vs pteracuda and Sharktopus vs whalewolf)??

  58. so Deep

    so Deep

    20 ore fa

    Scooby-Doo and the island of monsters react to that

  59. Yann Ranchere

    Yann Ranchere

    20 ore fa

    A small suggestion : the Piper short from Pixar. Some crazy water, sand, bubbles

  60. gremlin117


    20 ore fa

    How about doing a compare and contrast for the VFX in the two Ghost Rider movies

  61. Jack potatoseed

    Jack potatoseed

    21 ora fa

    no beard

  62. Matthew Harris

    Matthew Harris

    21 ora fa

    I would love to see you guys do a VFX Artists React to the short film: Kung Fury.

  63. Gaelen Williams

    Gaelen Williams

    21 ora fa

    That other guy doesn't really match the tone of this series.

  64. Neptune Death

    Neptune Death

    21 ora fa

    Here's a clip you could react to Slo mo Battle Scene from Tanks Movie

  65. Christian Otter

    Christian Otter

    22 ore fa

    Plz react to the live action scooby doo movies from the early 2000's

  66. Rasmus 1603

    Rasmus 1603

    22 ore fa

    please react to the elder scrolls online trailers. especially the one for ESO Morrowind.

  67. Jasper Bayless

    Jasper Bayless

    22 ore fa


  68. Skiper 127001

    Skiper 127001

    22 ore fa

    Sephiroth vs Cloud final fantasy advent children

  69. Kirill Karpov

    Kirill Karpov

    23 ore fa

    Hey! Take a look at this work -

  70. pyronmasters


    Giorno fa

    VFX challenge: Fix lighting and blend Jabba The Hutt in Star Wars Episode 4 (1997)

  71. JBA512


    Giorno fa

    Speed Racer BluRay was a must when it came out. Haven't watched it in years ... might have to chuck it on again now after watching this

  72. Luke Davids

    Luke Davids

    Giorno fa

    React to Breaking Bad season 4 ep.13

  73. Matthew Doss

    Matthew Doss

    Giorno fa

    The self lobotomy scene from Darren Aronofsky's Pi.

  74. Christian Jay Libaton

    Christian Jay Libaton

    Giorno fa

    Damn, Speed Racer was like a surrealistic painting set into motion. I watched it when I was a kid and I remember watching it like I was in a dream.

  75. Kevin Tenuta

    Kevin Tenuta

    Giorno fa

    i think freddie wong should get his teeth sharpened and a tiger stripe pattern tattooed all over his body... im glad he does whatever we say in suggestions

  76. Kuya Kusumi

    Kuya Kusumi

    Giorno fa

    i vote shorter beard. 3/8ths or 4/8ths of an inch long trimmed.

  77. Herti Maloku

    Herti Maloku

    Giorno fa

    I would like to see you guys to react to effects in "Dark" german series in netflix please

  78. HP Safari

    HP Safari

    Giorno fa

    Hello Corridor Crew, can you please make a video about how the special effects where done in SPACE JAM.

  79. Maddy Carbuncle

    Maddy Carbuncle

    Giorno fa

    Just saw this incredible presentation by Weta Digital on Unreal engine and realtime rendering. It's insane how far this has come and I wonder if it would start affecting your work anytime soon. Would love to see you guys talk about it sometime, probably not in a VFX artists react video, but a more general Corridor Crew video. See you. Cheers 👍🏻

  80. Paul Kühling

    Paul Kühling

    Giorno fa

    What do you think about this Fan Film ? It was in the Media in Germany 4 years ago and in school, everybody talked about it 😅

  81. Insanity Logic

    Insanity Logic

    Giorno fa

    Shorter, trimmed, or no beard. I think would look better. That's my preference though

  82. Lil Loud Pack Larry

    Lil Loud Pack Larry

    Giorno fa

    React to Kangaroo Jack!!!

  83. Иван Фомичев

    Иван Фомичев

    Giorno fa

    Guys, please check this out. This is amazing :

  84. Chazcrockett


    Giorno fa

    Could you guys please react to the final fight scene in the 1997 Spawn movie?? its absolute gold !

  85. Dmitriy Rawk

    Dmitriy Rawk

    Giorno fa

    GUYS! You must react to RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM! Please thumb up that delicious shit!

  86. Tirayr Stepanyan

    Tirayr Stepanyan

    Giorno fa

    Guys please do a reaction of the Tom & Jerry Movie 2021 trailer. (I think they should do some corrections like sonic)

  87. Dmitriy Rawk

    Dmitriy Rawk

    Giorno fa

    GUYS! You must react to RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM! Please thumb up that delicious shit!

  88. Dmitriy Rawk

    Dmitriy Rawk

    Giorno fa

    GUYS! You must react to RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM! Please thumb up that delicious shit!

  89. Dmitriy Rawk

    Dmitriy Rawk

    Giorno fa

    GUYS! You must react to RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM! Please thumb up that delicious shit!

  90. Wxiba


    Giorno fa

    Could you guys do a video on the Gas Mask transformation from Doctor Who?

  91. Forest Kim

    Forest Kim

    Giorno fa

    i shed a tear finding out the crew loves speed racer as much as I did when it came out. I swear my dad and I watched this movie so many times together I lost count. It's incredibly hard to show this to friends and explain that this was such a beautiful, visual storytelling movie, cause none of them really get it........ :')

  92. Jorik the Dude

    Jorik the Dude

    Giorno fa

    No beard, man

  93. Victor Pitch

    Victor Pitch

    Giorno fa

    So I just finished Animal World on Netflix and it is AMAZING! I’d really love it if you could do a “filmmakers react” or a “CGI react” to it! (I know this’ll get buried but one can hope)

  94. SpeedWagon


    Giorno fa

    Yo should look at the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure live action movie, especially comparing the adaptation from manga/ anime to live action

  95. Adriano Trapani

    Adriano Trapani

    Giorno fa

    check this guys out!

  96. Deepanker Nandy

    Deepanker Nandy

    Giorno fa

    Please do a VFX reaction to Batman Vs Superman

  97. The Firesword Dragon

    The Firesword Dragon

    Giorno fa

    @Corridor Crew Hey guys, can you do a vfx react video where you look at RWBY? Please?

  98. JPro


    Giorno fa


  99. JohnFMFilms


    Giorno fa

    You guys need Sollthar on now! Maybe after COVID since he's probably not in LA, but that would be such a cool episode!

  100. Stan Groomer

    Stan Groomer

    Giorno fa

    How did the do the word gravity scene in the truck for the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

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