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  1. Karl Niilo

    Karl Niilo

    10 giorni fa

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    • will loadedchamber

      will loadedchamber

      6 ore fa

      G 0 A T



      7 ore fa

      Iike to bantta hai

    • Make 81

      Make 81

      2 giorni fa

      Greatest athlete of all time!

    • Pro Exploit

      Pro Exploit

      3 giorni fa

      U do know that’s my pe teachers🤣🤣😂😂

    • STuPreZii


      4 giorni fa

      @KAY WHY 🤣😂

  2. GamerFTA Sánchez

    GamerFTA Sánchez

    6 minuti fa

    GOD the run

  3. Djalma Tavares

    Djalma Tavares

    11 minuti fa


  4. MonatslohnWieEinKoksbaron


    14 minuti fa

    I love how they are all happy when he walks away and are smiling bright this is just wholesome

  5. Null_IG22


    20 minuti fa

    He does Jamaica proud



    28 minuti fa

    The real legends are always kind hear and treat people like they are normwl people like other in love❤️❤️

  7. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Throw communists out of helicopters

    30 minuti fa

    Total legend

  8. Hell Crow

    Hell Crow

    36 minuti fa

    Looks like quite the nice man

  9. Gina Lane

    Gina Lane

    37 minuti fa

    I love him. Making each person's day with warmth and a smile

  10. Maki Chu

    Maki Chu

    38 minuti fa


  11. Nanashi


    42 minuti fa

    This.. does put a smile on my face

  12. Josh Deroche

    Josh Deroche

    43 minuti fa

    That's nice man

  13. Xiaoni Ximi

    Xiaoni Ximi

    45 minuti fa

    Нуу Челавеек аднако

  14. Ropsana Khanom

    Ropsana Khanom

    49 minuti fa

    When the fastest man alive takes time for the small things that matter as well Lesson for all of us

  15. Angie A

    Angie A

    59 minuti fa

    We need more people in the world like him!😊

  16. PickleJuice


    Ora fa


  17. Justin Mochi

    Justin Mochi

    Ora fa

    Nothing is small when it comes from a man with such a big life

  18. Jose Luis Beltran Alejandro

    Jose Luis Beltran Alejandro

    Ora fa

    The best

  19. Isaias Andrade

    Isaias Andrade

    Ora fa

    Please my boy

  20. Jesse Owens

    Jesse Owens

    Ora fa

    But where are their masks?



    Ora fa


  22. Filip Bryndza

    Filip Bryndza

    Ora fa

    whole life

  23. Dylan


    2 ore fa

    ✝️ITS NOT TO LATE TO TURN TO JESUS ✝️YOU’RE NOT PROMISED TOMORROW🛐REPENT AND PRAY🛐 God Is King!!! 👑❤️❤️Jesus loves you❤️and wants to have a relationship with you he died on the cross✝️so that you could be forgiven and saved allow him in your life WHY LIVE A LIFE THAT COULD END ANY MOMENTS TO END IN HELL EARTH WILL PASS AWAY BUT THE WORD OF GOD WILL NOT HEAVEN AND HELL ARE ETERNAL!!

  24. الروضه


    2 ore fa

    لوكنت وحيداابدءيومك بالعبادات وتقرب الي الله وتقرب لمن تحبه والرياضه

  25. Zach Cat

    Zach Cat

    2 ore fa

    Wait so is it not normal for someone to be a decent be person? Please normalize kindness.

  26. Jay Charles

    Jay Charles

    2 ore fa

    Who thought he was gonna run at least once lol

  27. C B

    C B

    2 ore fa

    Good natured Jamaican man. Jah Rastafari.



    2 ore fa

    but a big thing can always make someone's whole night

  29. AmbiTV


    2 ore fa

    Absolutely I am so over 2020 and hate being propped up as a solution. Support your leaders and others in your community

  30. Sir Yogi Beats

    Sir Yogi Beats

    2 ore fa

    Why is the cartoon flash still a white person, clearly no one will ever be faster than African Americans

  31. Insane Engine

    Insane Engine

    3 ore fa

    Record of Record

  32. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke

    3 ore fa

    Ahhh. How I wish this world could be. Never even noticed the differences between each other

  33. Lia Lia1

    Lia Lia1

    3 ore fa


  34. Martika M.

    Martika M.

    3 ore fa

    Why am I bawling at the site of this amazing man? Maybe there is so much empathy and humility in his actions that my silly lizard brain is going nuts with emotion?

  35. Ceejay Satoshi

    Ceejay Satoshi

    3 ore fa


  36. Mini Extreme420

    Mini Extreme420

    3 ore fa


  37. Zafar Khan

    Zafar Khan

    3 ore fa

    have a nice heart

  38. Madison Rain

    Madison Rain

    3 ore fa

    I don't pay enough attention to the olympics, but I know enough to know who he his. It's nice knowing he's a good man.

  39. Nic Silvestroni

    Nic Silvestroni

    3 ore fa

    I like him

  40. austin sully

    austin sully

    4 ore fa

    Went to Jamaica for a couple weeks years ago and they are without a doubt the most genuinely happy people I’ve met traveling

  41. Daniel Jesse

    Daniel Jesse

    4 ore fa

    So Hunble

  42. Alexander Luna

    Alexander Luna

    4 ore fa

    This has nothing to do with this video but i'm just curious , am i the only one that as a kid when i got new shoes i felt like i was faster , it was like i had some old shoes and i was like nah man i'm slow AF in this shoes i definetly need something new

  43. Anwar ali

    Anwar ali

    4 ore fa

    What should I say now ❤️❤️

  44. Albert W. Pierce Sr

    Albert W. Pierce Sr

    4 ore fa

    Sometimes their whole life

  45. Stranger_123


    4 ore fa

    Usain bolt visited my school once for a P.E day and did sports stuff. Had no idea he was real famous tho sooo......

  46. Spade Ace

    Spade Ace

    4 ore fa

    Steroids work too.

    • Thomas Cogger

      Thomas Cogger

      4 ore fa

      Literally everyone in this race is on steroids. It's not an advantage if everyone is doing it

  47. Franklin Loubser

    Franklin Loubser

    4 ore fa

    Very nice



    4 ore fa

    A island boy , conservative honorable man , 🇵🇷 much love to my Jamaican people

  49. Gustavo de lima

    Gustavo de lima

    4 ore fa

    N vi br nos comentários , mais o cara e foda d mais

  50. C S

    C S

    4 ore fa

    White ppl need to learn this type of thing

    • Thomas Cogger

      Thomas Cogger

      4 ore fa

      Why you gotta make it a race thing? You're weird



    4 ore fa

    Hurt mi fi popcaan..... him violate di general

  52. joseluis condori

    joseluis condori

    4 ore fa

    El mejor...sin duda

  53. Danko Bosnjak

    Danko Bosnjak

    4 ore fa

    The best sprinters and athletic sportsman of the world of all time, Nova djokovic it's number one sorry...🍀💪☘️🇷🇸

  54. Titus Acson

    Titus Acson

    5 ore fa

    Ey did any of y’all see Ryan Reynolds? Smiling

  55. Jessie P

    Jessie P

    5 ore fa

    That's nice that he makes young people feel appreciated

  56. Md Nayeem Hossain

    Md Nayeem Hossain

    5 ore fa

    I love you sir ★★

  57. Yeezus


    5 ore fa

    Can my small thing make someone’s day?

  58. Lakiela Manning

    Lakiela Manning

    5 ore fa

    I would of shown all my teeth too!😁😀🤩🤩🤩

  59. Don Diego Vega

    Don Diego Vega

    5 ore fa

    Is this all the same player?

  60. DucKanE


    6 ore fa

    Wow he looks like he can be the fastest runner. Is he an athelete?

  61. Federico Cuesta villalobos

    Federico Cuesta villalobos

    6 ore fa

    Humildad señores.... Humildad.....

  62. Will G.

    Will G.

    6 ore fa

    Girl on the right is like wait a minute I am the swirler.

  63. born2xlr8 yep

    born2xlr8 yep

    6 ore fa

    I don't know who he is but he is precious. And that's what I do know.

  64. terry mulkey

    terry mulkey

    6 ore fa

    He is the man well deserved everything he has coming to him

  65. Randy Vandewwegen

    Randy Vandewwegen

    6 ore fa

    Very cool

  66. HernandeZ Petey

    HernandeZ Petey

    6 ore fa


  67. sean simpson

    sean simpson

    6 ore fa

    A true human bean there just a freeking fast one

  68. julio Ceaser

    julio Ceaser

    6 ore fa

    He knows what it takes to help change the world

  69. RNONThenics Channel

    RNONThenics Channel

    6 ore fa


  70. Shetkar Santhosh

    Shetkar Santhosh

    7 ore fa


  71. Moustapha Talhaoui

    Moustapha Talhaoui

    7 ore fa

    Usain bold is a good woman being

  72. Oghyeah Oo

    Oghyeah Oo

    7 ore fa

    Black is Beautiful

  73. Javier Eduardo Chung Soria

    Javier Eduardo Chung Soria

    7 ore fa

    Es algo emocionante que un crack del atletismo te de la mano.

  74. neto


    7 ore fa

    Humildade e TUDO um pequeno jesto muda o dia da pessoa 👊🏾

  75. Annmarie Russell

    Annmarie Russell

    7 ore fa

    Jamaica to the world 🌎 One love we say

  76. Laura Cocoa

    Laura Cocoa

    7 ore fa


  77. Braylen Crane

    Braylen Crane

    7 ore fa

    I love this moment



    7 ore fa

    Loved it! Thank you!

  79. Dan Wiandt

    Dan Wiandt

    7 ore fa


  80. The Electrician

    The Electrician

    7 ore fa


  81. maria ivette díaz méndez

    maria ivette díaz méndez

    7 ore fa

    Linda su sencillez

  82. TheStig


    8 ore fa


  83. Torin


    8 ore fa

    Такие люди вызывают симпатию вне границ

  84. Jay Tee

    Jay Tee

    8 ore fa

    The last chicken want more than a bump

  85. konradhk00


    8 ore fa

    Jamaykens dem full a love

  86. Ravianjana Darhu

    Ravianjana Darhu

    8 ore fa

    Nice n made me happy

  87. nikki _

    nikki _

    8 ore fa

    Aww this is beautiful

  88. Otaku Chan

    Otaku Chan

    8 ore fa

    I can't stop smiling this is so sweet

  89. Ryan the creator

    Ryan the creator

    8 ore fa

    Im not crazy

  90. Mohmed Azlza AL ShaRiRy

    Mohmed Azlza AL ShaRiRy

    8 ore fa

    ماجمل الانساني اذا كان لديك قلب من حرير

  91. Assaulter Pankaj

    Assaulter Pankaj

    8 ore fa


  92. Jackson Watkinson

    Jackson Watkinson

    8 ore fa

    Usain Bolt is not small

  93. James Williams

    James Williams

    9 ore fa

    A Prince among men

  94. flor calderón

    flor calderón

    9 ore fa

    Haci es chico, se trata a los demás como te gustaría que te traten, que excelente ejemplo, que chico tan dulce💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰

  95. MrFookayu


    9 ore fa

    When he fist bumps he takes the other person's energy so he can run faster

  96. rijo varghese

    rijo varghese

    9 ore fa


  97. Maher Mohammad

    Maher Mohammad

    9 ore fa

    ايش الهرجه

  98. UpClass


    9 ore fa

    When being Friendly goes a Long Way!!

  99. PayItForward


    9 ore fa

    You get chills while watching this? Why do you think he does this? Gets my adrenaline pumping watching him do this and everytime he knows he’s making a difference somehow he’s feeling the same adrenaline. Then halls ASS. Be nice to people

  100. Timothy Nelson

    Timothy Nelson

    9 ore fa

    We need more people like him in our country, humble, civilized human. Hey want to come to America??? We would welcome u with arms wide open!!!

    • Null_IG22


      16 minuti fa

      It's not your home but humanity. Please dont loose the love for what your country means to it's people. Hell I'm English, we ain't exactly got much to be proud of, but every countrys got its charms and bad bits

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