Trying To Drive Off The Repo Truck

Debtor jumps inside vehicle after it’s already hooked up and tries to drive it off the tow truck. Clearly didn’t go his way.


  1. Irene Rojas

    Irene Rojas

    16 minuti fa

    Tf really

  2. Juliette Jolliffe

    Juliette Jolliffe

    17 minuti fa


  3. Michael Sena

    Michael Sena

    17 minuti fa

    He's a stupid repo man get the keys made from the Dealer dumb ass

  4. Genesis Rengulbai

    Genesis Rengulbai

    47 minuti fa

    Next time disconnect the shifter cable from the bracket on the side of the trans with a metal trim tool then the car won't go on any gear😈

  5. lollipop


    Ora fa

    Oh my

  6. None Yourbusines

    None Yourbusines

    Ora fa

    I use to watch the show after 10 years

  7. Mick Psyphon

    Mick Psyphon

    Ora fa

    I can't respect a Repo! Not everyone who falls back on payments is neglectful, or unable to pay. Many are a victim of circumstances imposed upon them; and had they been given an opportunity to square up, they could and would have!

  8. Ferry andrianto Utomo79

    Ferry andrianto Utomo79

    Ora fa

    Mobil apa tu,ban muka yg berputar.

  9. Miles Carrington

    Miles Carrington

    2 ore fa

    How everybody 2020 went is summed up here

  10. Batt Suop

    Batt Suop

    2 ore fa

    Dam front wheel drive helps

  11. X_RitchieT_X


    3 ore fa

    Lmao he put a mopar badge on a v6😂😂😂

  12. Spoonzaza


    3 ore fa

    I don't know why people pretend to have it when they don't. I hate fakes! Look at where you live, we know you don't have it!

  13. Slidn' Wit Sancho

    Slidn' Wit Sancho

    4 ore fa

    Hell naw big dawg juss let tht shit go😭 You fightin to keep the wrong car go buy the RT at least

  14. Nesalomivom Unbroken

    Nesalomivom Unbroken

    5 ore fa


  15. Omsk 1998

    Omsk 1998

    6 ore fa

    It is illegal to some people to own cars

  16. Abstraddic Painting

    Abstraddic Painting

    6 ore fa

    Exibit ! Im going to need you to pimp my rear end. Pun intended. No cap.

  17. Nico Namaste

    Nico Namaste

    7 ore fa

    😃😂I want to see the driver😂

  18. Moxam Construction

    Moxam Construction

    7 ore fa


  19. RANGEL1723


    7 ore fa

    “Let me destroy a car I can’t afford” Typical

  20. PRS


    9 ore fa

    How the hell did the idiot get in the car after it was already hitched and jacked up? 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  21. PRS


    9 ore fa

    What an idiot. 🤦‍♂️

  22. The PuPi

    The PuPi

    10 ore fa


  23. Abhay Tanwar.

    Abhay Tanwar.

    11 ore fa

    GTA 5 npcs be like ......

  24. Amanda Klepperbein

    Amanda Klepperbein

    11 ore fa

    Wie kann man nur so dumm sein?

  25. 90'S VENOM

    90'S VENOM

    11 ore fa


  26. Pawol La- Born To Be Great

    Pawol La- Born To Be Great

    12 ore fa

    But why? If you can't afford it don't fcking buy it!!!

  27. Mario Eid

    Mario Eid

    12 ore fa

    No quit in this man!

  28. Team Pizza

    Team Pizza

    12 ore fa

    C mamo

  29. Stukenny46


    12 ore fa

    If he put just half of that effort into paying his bills

  30. Dart93 Ojore

    Dart93 Ojore

    12 ore fa

    Florida.. fluoride.. yea..

  31. Antonio Alvarez

    Antonio Alvarez

    13 ore fa

    German paga el carro

  32. meansubmarine


    13 ore fa

    I love America

  33. Bruno


    14 ore fa


  34. abdellah abdo

    abdellah abdo

    14 ore fa

    is that a dodge ?? awd 🤔

  35. #459ddln pablo.daniel

    #459ddln pablo.daniel

    14 ore fa

    Que pelotudo

  36. fantastic fez

    fantastic fez

    14 ore fa

    He saw this on a video on a moms car but forgot that Hell cats are not 4x4

  37. Ballu KickAss

    Ballu KickAss

    14 ore fa

    Too much Fast And Furious Is bad for your Health

  38. RcTurbo :D

    RcTurbo :D

    14 ore fa

    Dodge charger owner: Yes! Good opportunity to use my AWD's full potential.

  39. Amy along

    Amy along

    15 ore fa

    Stupid repo

  40. Senthil Kumar

    Senthil Kumar

    16 ore fa

    That's why u need a 4 x 4 vehicle !!

  41. Wigglythegreat2


    17 ore fa

    Too many people falsely believe that they actually own the car that they are making payments on.

  42. Paul Behrens

    Paul Behrens

    17 ore fa

    Let him down before you must pay for bumper and other things

  43. Big_Boy_Country_sh_t


    17 ore fa

    man if you don't let that lil v6 go

  44. jesus Enriquez

    jesus Enriquez

    17 ore fa

    What you get for getting the front wheel drive model

  45. Cynthia Melson

    Cynthia Melson

    18 ore fa

    Dude, just let it go. Destroying the vehicle is not helping. 😕

  46. Jim Wednt

    Jim Wednt

    18 ore fa

    That tells alot about a guy's character . Not only does he not pay his bills, but he's willing to severely damage the car he won't make payments on, because if he can't have it ,nobody can; and do tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the repo man's tow truck in the process! An entire generation of entitled delinquents we got running loose in society these days! If you aren't making the payments , you gotta give the car back. You can't just keep the car !

  47. Danny Wells

    Danny Wells

    18 ore fa

    Well we know that’s not hellcat 😂😂😂

  48. Ryan


    19 ore fa

    Hum i think you have to pay less to retrieve your car than to repair it. I think it's a lil bit stupid what he did

  49. Claudio Drms

    Claudio Drms

    21 ora fa

    Pico pal que lee 🇨🇱

  50. Greg Mazi

    Greg Mazi

    21 ora fa


  51. moegreen moebetter

    moegreen moebetter

    21 ora fa

    It ain't no joke if u dont pay that note lolol.ppl pls stop trying to live above your budget nothing wrong wit a lil Honda or Camry or a Buick are some shit stop trying to flex wit all for of your pocket empty

  52. Jaska Jokunen

    Jaska Jokunen

    21 ora fa


  53. Jay Life

    Jay Life

    21 ora fa

    Just pay your bills smh

  54. Duane Ross

    Duane Ross

    22 ore fa

    Turn the hub's in,right?

  55. TzV357


    22 ore fa

    Charger come in awd? Never even knew that... 😳

  56. Oliver Weaver

    Oliver Weaver

    22 ore fa

    It's not a mopar if it's awd it's only on the v6 unless it's an ex cop car

  57. abababababa


    23 ore fa

    Jajajajaja sometimes the people have sh*t in their heads jajajajaja the damages are more big that the infraction

  58. Ттлл Рооо

    Ттлл Рооо

    23 ore fa

    Итак снимали GTA VI😌☺

  59. Alan Gutierrez

    Alan Gutierrez

    23 ore fa

    After You totaled a quite good Dodge, You should give it away

  60. Seongyun Kim

    Seongyun Kim

    23 ore fa

    Not tryna be racist but i can guess the skin color of the driver 100% accurately

  61. Adrian Ornelas Jaime

    Adrian Ornelas Jaime

    Giorno fa

    Si no lo pueden pagar no lo deben de comprar 😂😂

  62. 404 Mafia

    404 Mafia

    Giorno fa

    All that for a v6 bruh

  63. Eaglepanther44


    Giorno fa

    Being an idiot at its finest, should've just payed his mortgage for his car or parked right

  64. Seth


    Giorno fa

    For a minute I thought this was new game footage from Cyberpunk 2077

  65. MS Deborah Browder

    MS Deborah Browder

    Giorno fa


  66. Christian MacCready

    Christian MacCready

    Giorno fa

    I had no idea some were AWD. Wow how did that slip under my radar.

  67. Right Choice

    Right Choice

    Giorno fa

    How Embarrassing plus he wrecked a that does not belong to him anymore well done 👏 muppet

  68. Mick Carson

    Mick Carson

    Giorno fa

    Another one of those idiots who shouldn't be driving, you know? They're everywhere.

  69. 2fly Banks

    2fly Banks

    Giorno fa

    Was this really worth 110 dollars 🤦🏾‍♂️

  70. Richard Bakre

    Richard Bakre

    Giorno fa

    They’ve elevated the art of car towing to mafioso levels. It’s like they’re so desperate for the amount to be towed daily. Outrageous charges is waiting for you once it’s towed and it’s non negotiable!! It drives people nuts!

  71. Johnny Rogers

    Johnny Rogers

    Giorno fa

    How in the world when anybody be able to get their self in that type of situation

  72. Francisco Snow

    Francisco Snow

    Giorno fa

    De seguro es una mujer al volante

  73. Jeremy Umpleby

    Jeremy Umpleby

    Giorno fa

    Have some dignity dude.

  74. Daniel Vázquez

    Daniel Vázquez

    Giorno fa

    He wants to go to the credit union to make his payments... Let him go!

  75. Christian Rram

    Christian Rram

    Giorno fa

    I know how he can drive off MAKE THE FREAKIN PAYMENTS HA

  76. Евгений Алтухов

    Евгений Алтухов

    Giorno fa

    Суровый Русский водитель.

  77. JiLoml4812 KoKLoL4Ever

    JiLoml4812 KoKLoL4Ever

    Giorno fa

    People who don't pay their bills and still want the car are thieves. Period.

  78. Charles Thomas

    Charles Thomas

    Giorno fa


  79. BouaKa Thao

    BouaKa Thao

    Giorno fa

    OMGosh!! That poor car really is ALIVE... Screech’n & scream’n!! Can U not see that it is try’n to escape for it’s life from the Repo Man?? LOL

  80. EV1N3M


    Giorno fa

    Lol now you paying to fix the car and new bushings on my wheel lift

  81. sep chabock

    sep chabock

    Giorno fa

    Some time latter in the court : I as the Judge going to judge a driver in a Dodge who tried to dodge the law ...

  82. Jimmy TwoToes

    Jimmy TwoToes

    Giorno fa

    It’s working

  83. J V

    J V

    Giorno fa

    Don’t fear the Repo

  84. Erik Garcia

    Erik Garcia

    Giorno fa

    Audi for life awd baby 👶

  85. Black Elvis

    Black Elvis

    Giorno fa

    I ain't mad at you but dam

  86. Marcus Warfield

    Marcus Warfield

    Giorno fa


  87. Jaconias Euriques

    Jaconias Euriques

    Giorno fa

    Oh boy, just pay the bill and avoid all this stress

  88. Joseph


    Giorno fa

    Looks like my dog scratching the door when he wants to go out and pee

  89. مخاوي الليل

    مخاوي الليل

    Giorno fa

    شنب ياراعي ونش لايروح عليك

  90. DJToneRI


    Giorno fa

    Let's admit though we wanted to see him break free

  91. Doggo Willink

    Doggo Willink

    Giorno fa

    Destroy the car (where you won’t even be able to drive it anyway) instead of paying the bill. Makes sense.

  92. LovingAtlanta


    Giorno fa

    😳Sad, so sad. 🤔Hard times can happen to anyone, but “attachment to things” is what causes suffering. “Let it go.” 💝

  93. Coiled Steel

    Coiled Steel

    Giorno fa

    Where's the Police? 😳🤔

  94. John January

    John January

    Giorno fa

    You idiot - Pay the bill or walk

  95. Leon Sanchez

    Leon Sanchez

    Giorno fa

    The truck driver should have to pay every nickel out of his,Last Check....

  96. Paul Padgett

    Paul Padgett

    Giorno fa

    The sad thing is that they don't care about the car or what happens to it, they just don't want them to have it. Pay your bills or take the bus fool.

  97. Mickey Bonilla

    Mickey Bonilla

    Giorno fa

    I think it is very sad to see a person lose what they work so hard for because of greedy banks who do not know how to handle Just OVER broke costumers

  98. Jeremiah Allyn

    Jeremiah Allyn

    Giorno fa

    Do people like this idiot really think this is the way to handle the situation? Let's just tear up a car that isn't really mine simply because I can't make my payment on time. Man, some people are soooooooo foolish 🤪

  99. Staxyz


    Giorno fa

    y’all niggas stay in people business

  100. Chris Hardee

    Chris Hardee

    Giorno fa

    A front wheel drive charger?? Damn I didn’t even know they made them?😂

    • Chris Hardee

      Chris Hardee

      Giorno fa

      Ahh awd now i see

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