Trump Denies Responsibility for Capitol Riots | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses President Trump’s statement regarding his speech prior to the Capitol riots.
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Trump Denies Responsibility for Capitol Riots | The Tonight Show


  1. Jonathan Burdine

    Jonathan Burdine

    Giorno fa

    Jimmy Fallon is great so true

  2. Jonathan Burdine

    Jonathan Burdine

    Giorno fa

    Love Fallon too

  3. Jeri Lopez

    Jeri Lopez

    3 giorni fa

    I think she said, jesters?

  4. Jeff Light

    Jeff Light

    4 giorni fa

    Damn I thought Jimmy was pretty milquetoast and didn't risk offending anyone but it's nice to see him take a stand.

  5. Kit Carson

    Kit Carson

    5 giorni fa

    Now that Trump's not president anymore I guess you won't have any material to use. Will you make Biden jokes or what? I can hardly wait to hear your Biden jokes. You are one funny guy.

  6. F M

    F M

    5 giorni fa

    Jimmy Fallon used to snort cocaine and pour himself beers on the lower east side, now he's attempting to be a voice of morality. Stick to playing toy instruments, and chopping lines.

  7. Mary Fisher

    Mary Fisher

    6 giorni fa

    You are a loser

  8. King Titan

    King Titan

    6 giorni fa

    Jimmy sad sad man...

  9. Joan Conroy

    Joan Conroy

    6 giorni fa

    20 January eve inauguration what a wonderful sight from across the water tears did flow for what America lost but we do believe with Joe Biden and his wonderful team America will survive The World is in a better lace tonight

  10. cvbncvbn vbncvbn

    cvbncvbn vbncvbn

    6 giorni fa

    Pure, unadulterated hypocrite.

  11. JD Smith

    JD Smith

    6 giorni fa


    • unexpected vixen

      unexpected vixen

      5 giorni fa

      You think he gives a shit about what your MAGAt ass has to say? Damn trump chumps..

  12. David Schmidt

    David Schmidt

    6 giorni fa

    Gee, let's see...Jimmy was logged into twitter, telling everyone to go to the capitol and cause "as much trouble as they can" because it "will hurt the conservatives"...gee, it seems that Jimmy KNEW the police (who are controlled by the speaker lizard-woman) would have been instructed to open the barricades for them. Then after they got in, Jimmy passed along the instructions to go into specific offices and mess things up. So it seems that Jimmy was involved in this from the planning all the way to the end. He also passed along the admonitions to "go right for the barricades"......this was documented on numerous websites Then Jimmy spread a rumor on Facebook that some of the protestors were going to be instruted to start fires and leave things behind that would make it look like it was conservatives that did it. He also then told everyone to ignore the twitter posts that Trump made telling everyone to go home. He made sure that everyone thought it was all the conservatives idea to do all this, meanwhile hiding behind all the lies that his leftist radical loonie friends had done, planning the whole thing to blame the conservatives. Jimmy, so sad that you earn so much money for lying to the American people. You are rich, and whatever your talking corpse does to working people, you know you won't be affected. You disgusting piece of shit....

  13. Liam Boss

    Liam Boss

    6 giorni fa

    The ablaze gauge curiosly bless because pvc intradurally glue besides a observant height. nervous, domineering freighter

  14. Alex Pineiro

    Alex Pineiro

    7 giorni fa

    These “people” he refers to are Donny boneheaded trump, Eric what’s going on trump, and ivanka touch me daddy trump

  15. David E. Dixon

    David E. Dixon

    7 giorni fa

    He's gone

  16. Rev Hard Garage

    Rev Hard Garage

    7 giorni fa

    I used to be a big fan of jimmy Fallon, too bad he is a biased pos. I want to see comedy not political diarrhea. He's a comedian not a political commentator. Stfu

  17. Gabrielle Gerodias

    Gabrielle Gerodias

    7 giorni fa

    trump ka bwzt, uzge

  18. Thai Hush

    Thai Hush

    7 giorni fa

    Donald Trump's got blood on his hand I hope you're happy now sir...I will make sure my people don't ever spend no money at any of your properties or anything you own ever as long as I live..

  19. Ben Christensen

    Ben Christensen

    7 giorni fa

    Interestingly, I actually read the same example of oil and vinegar in a chemistry text book last week

  20. Rob _

    Rob _

    7 giorni fa

    Hey Jimmy is happy again. That’s good to see.

  21. Dick Fitswell

    Dick Fitswell

    7 giorni fa

    The left is so oblivious. A Antifa thug who has been on anderson cooper's segment several times was arrested for inciting a riot and other things. They posed as Republicans and got caught. Just like creepy daddy. The guy wearing horns. . Antifa and both have their own anarchist groups they boast about. The shady sunrise Movemnt and their anti American infinity groups were the ppl who broke windows and stole items. They planned this for months with help from ppl in govt positions. Their zoom call talking about the plans down to a T were recorded and leaked. Trump said nothing to invite so he has nothing to take the blame for. Trump's rally in GA had 60-80k ppl show. Bidens rally had 14 ppl. They say "oh we only wanted 14 cause of ccpvirus". The whole world knows how they won. The data backs it up all day. Never in history has a candidate had an 860k vote lead and slowly through the night and morning you see the Domi nion machine removed a total of 432k votes. That is fact. It was presented at the PA hearings and they showed the actual proof. Video showed 22k coming of trump's total and going straight to biden. Where was Jimmy when race hustler blm was looting and burning cities down? Kamala actually said she didn't know why more wasn't being done. Are you kidding me. We don't have a fair election anymore. China sent the ballots in pallets to swing states. In PA they sent out 1.5mil ballots but counted 2.3 mil ballots. 700k ballots extra and Dems refused and dem judges said no standing. The whole world knows what they did and it's sad cause the majority of Americans did not vote sleepy creepy joe. Beijing Biden will run the great America Trump made into the ground. His sons under criminal investigation by the fbi for money laundering for daddy and he himself, mr quid pro Joe, is under criminal investigation in Ukraine. He cancelled the swearing in because HE KNOWS nobody would have showed up. He picked a VP who had to drop out of the potus race cause she was so popular she was polling at 0%. And now she just got caught lying again. She & biden are up to 60,000 lies already. She stole a MLK speech and pawned it off as hers all cause she is Pandering to the activist movement. She also lied about POT. Plus bidens family owned and traded slaves. Guess that's why the N word rolled off his tongue so easily. It was like he's said it a thousand times.

  22. frank blatnik

    frank blatnik

    7 giorni fa

    Stupid ass that's a bunch of Democrats doing that shit idiots that was all staged the blame it on Trump

  23. xozLPx


    7 giorni fa

    Now jimmy declared hate of half of the nation, get ready leftist sellout

  24. 1silvervespa


    7 giorni fa

    Mexicans are going to cut the wall into pieces and use it for roofing ....

  25. kcsfine


    7 giorni fa

    That is because he is not . Dems and Buffett sent in Antifa BLM THEY CAUGHT SOME OF THEM ... I USE TO LIKE YOU JIMMY UNTIL YOU CAVED.

  26. Out of Blue Pills

    Out of Blue Pills

    7 giorni fa

    Remember when leftist comedians were actually funny, instead of being given lame, polite pseudo-laughter usually reserved for children ("don't discourage him, he's trying")?

  27. Satoshi yamada

    Satoshi yamada

    8 giorni fa

    Antifa and the BLM that have links to the Biden Administration are working with Chinese Special Operations shadow unit and agents that are vetted by some Democrats to conduct attacks in the United States to cause chaos and confusion while Infiltrating the Senate and stealing U.S top secret files.

  28. Vegas Mgtow

    Vegas Mgtow

    8 giorni fa

    You left out the part where Trump said "... Peacefully March to the Capital.."

  29. Tom F Linden

    Tom F Linden

    8 giorni fa

    I will miss him somehow. Easy to say... I am from europe🤣😂

  30. Kenz300 x

    Kenz300 x

    8 giorni fa

    A con man, a bully, a racist, a person that does not care about anyone but himself. Selfish, self centered, greedy and corrupt. The GOP cult will do anything to hold on to power and influence. They have sold their souls. Lie, cheat, steal, they think everything is OK to hold on to power. They will say or do anything to take down and discredit any opponent. Faux Noise has done much damage to the country and the world by spreading disinformation. He is trying to monetize his loss and fleece his supporters to fill his pockets before he leaves office. The con man keeps the con going and the gullible or naive send him money.

  31. Charles Brown

    Charles Brown

    8 giorni fa

    Where is any shred of of video where President Trump told people to attack the capital?

    • Charles Brown

      Charles Brown

      5 giorni fa

      @unexpected vixen how about a link to the statement, or you could just remain a simple sheep.

    • unexpected vixen

      unexpected vixen

      5 giorni fa


  32. Myanmar AHla

    Myanmar AHla

    8 giorni fa

    I). The USA PRESIDENTIAL TEAM: The Highest Office in The USA, is The Oval Office, located at The Whitehouse, in The Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C. The USA President's Office is The Oval Office, and The USA Vice President's Office is Close-by, in The White House. The President's Executive Office, is in another Building, close to The Whitehouse. The Presidential Team, of The President and The Vice President, is The Highest Office in The USA, and President's Cabinet Work together at The Oval Office. II). The Responsibilities of The USA PRESIDENT include: Chief of State, Chief of Executive, Legislative Power, Chief Diplomat, Commander-In-Chief, Chief of Party, and Guardian of our Economy. The USA PRESIDENT'S SALARY INCLUDES: Yearly $400,000; Expense Account $50,000; Non-Taxable Travel Allowance $100,000; Entertainment Expense $19,000. In ADDITION, The President's Family lives in The Whitehouse; Food & Drinks at The Whitehouse, Recreation Facilities at The Whitehouse, Access to a Country Home; a Personal Plane; a Helicopter; Secret Service Protection for The Family, and a Post-Presidential Life-Time Pension ( $205,700, or $207,800, etc ...) III). The Responsibilities of The USA VICE PRESIDENT include: to Preside as The Senate, and to Succeed to The Presidency upon the Death, or Resignation of a President. The Vice President is allowed to Vote on Legislation to Break-A-Tie. Most of the Tie-Breaking Votes have been on Legislative Concerns, Election of Senate Officers, or Committees Selection. The USA VICE PRESIDENT'S SALARY INCLUDES: Yearly $235,100; Cost of Living Adjustment $100,000 (To Redecorate the House), Food & Drinks at The Whitehouse, Recreation Facilities at The White House, a House at No. 1 Observatory Circle (Close to The Whitehouse), Access to an Airplane, Armored Car & Secret Service Protection for The Family, and a Life-Time Pension ($219,000, etc ...). IV). PAST HISTORY CANNOT BE CHANGED (From 2009 To 2012): From 2009 To 2012, for 4 years (48 months) The Former 2 Terms Vice President JOE BIDEN & President BARRACK OBAMA have FROZEN ALL SOCIAL SECURITY INCOMES for ALL American Recipients of ALL Ages, Types, Amounts & Reasons, in The USA and ABROAD. This National Action has CAUSED many, many Family Units to SUFFER from FINANCIAL HARDSHIPS, EACH DAY, to PAY for their DAILY COST of LIVING EXPENSES such as: HOUSING, TRANSPORTATION, FOOD & DRINKS, CLOTHING, INSURANCES, HEALTH, CHILDREN EXPENSES, etc .... Although The OBAMA & BIDEN TEAM has been able to Maintain a 2 Terms (8 years) Presidential Team, From 2009 To 2016, V.P. BIDEN has NOT been Selected for USA PRESIDENCY (From 2017 - To 2020). The PRESIDENTIAL TEAM of DONALD J. TRUMP & MICHAEL R. PENCE WON The 11/03/2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. V). 11/03/2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CHALLENGER, JOE R. BIDEN: COMMITTED THEFT, FRAUD & PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT With ILLEGAL VOTES: During the 11/03/2020, USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, MASSIVE ILLEGAL VOTES CREATED By THEFT, FRAUD & PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT have been COMMITTED, and OBSERVED on SECURITY CAMERAS, VIDEO RECORDINGS, SNAPSHOTS (PHOTOS), WITNESSES, etc ... so that, JOE BIDEN WON, by DISHONESTY of VOTES. This has OCCURRED because JOE BIDEN, at his AGE of 78 years, is Aesthetically Pleasing, and GOOD LOOKING (SIGN LANGUAGE). Therefore, Americans who want SEXUAL RELATIONS, will VOTE for Joe Biden, in ADDITION to MASSIVE FRAUDULENT VOTES, COMMITTED for Joe Biden to win. THEREFORE, JOE BIDEN is NOT The AMERICAN PEOPLES' CHOICE , for USA PRESIDENT for (2021 -2025). VI). 11/03/2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION INCUMBENT, DONALD J. TRUMP at his AGE of 74 years is OVERWEIGHT (SIGN LANGUAGE), even though he is 4 years Younger than CHALLENGER, JOE BIDEN. HOWEVER, PRESIDENT TRUMP is an ECONOMICS Major, and has a GOLDEN HEART to FINANCIALLY SUPPORT EACH American Family Unit with STIMULUS PAYMENTS, to PAY for our DAILY COST of LIVING EXPENSES of HOUSING, TRANSPORTATION, FOOD & DRINKS, CLOTHING, INSURANCES, HEALTH, CHILDREN EXPENSES, etc .... PRESIDENT TRUMP has APPROVED & SIGNED many Times, TRILLIONS of USA DOLLARS to be DISTRIBUTED to Americans, by The US TREASURY DEPARTMENT, which have been Recorded by VIDEO CAMERAS, SNAPSHOTS, WITNESSES, etc ... Thanks very much! PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP is our AMERICAN PEOPLES' CHOICE, for USA PRESIDENT (2021 - 2025). HOWEVER, PRESIDENT TRUMP'S PRESIDENTIAL VOTES have been REDUCED by CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of MASSIVE THEFT, FRAUD & PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT, to make him a LOSER for The 11/03/2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. VII). According to RECORDED EVIDENCES of CAMERAS, VIDEO RECORDINGS, GLOBAL WITNESSES on The INTERNET, of MASSIVE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of THEFT, FRAUD & PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT of ILLEGAL, INFLATED PRESIDENTIAL VOTES for JOE BIDEN (The Winner), and, THEFT, FRAUD & PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT, which REDUCED PRESIDENTIAL VOTES, against DONALD TRUMP, during our USA 11/03/2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. 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  33. eric martin

    eric martin

    8 giorni fa

    It looks like Trump Jr. could go to jail. His public speeches at his pro Trump rallies were some of the most violent inciting language.

  34. Start Over

    Start Over

    8 giorni fa

    Fallon should work in a factory in China , because he is not funny

  35. thedead thorn

    thedead thorn

    8 giorni fa

    Oof I see you set up your dig in your show 😵

  36. Wut Updoh

    Wut Updoh

    8 giorni fa

    Leave the tonight show and start an online show, Jimmy Fallon. I’ll watch.

  37. Wut Updoh

    Wut Updoh

    8 giorni fa

    Jimmy should stop being a puppet.

  38. Krillian1000


    8 giorni fa

    I know, it's nothing fundamental about this vid, but DAMN... Jimmy looks hot these days.... - aaand he's funny. Love the Roots, too!!!

  39. Morrison Key

    Morrison Key

    8 giorni fa

    Tariq was the voice in my boombox all my youth and now he's making me laugh in adulthood. ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Jeffin Mathew

    Jeffin Mathew

    8 giorni fa

    Oil and vinegar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



    8 giorni fa

    One of the best president's we ever had

    • Robbie S

      Robbie S

      8 giorni fa


  42. Pierre Max

    Pierre Max

    8 giorni fa

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  43. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshall

    9 giorni fa

    The defective green disconcertingly drip because ghana analytically note through a hospitable quill. jealous, undesirable talk

  44. CorsetGrace


    9 giorni fa

    “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else.”― Theodore Roosevelt

  45. J. Cruz

    J. Cruz

    9 giorni fa

    why would you ! you be stupid ! stupid !

  46. Melissa Hall

    Melissa Hall

    9 giorni fa

    Trump called for peaceful & patriotic protests & quickly condemned what happened. We did not see any condemnation - or very, very rarely - of the violence, murder of so many, looting & burning of businesses, destruction of cities all year. Don Lemon & AOC - among many other Democrats - continue to incite violence with their nonstop 75 million Americans are nazis & white supremacists rhetoric (we remember seeing nazi spray painted across our burnt cities & destroyed businesses over the summer, courtesy of their ignorant rhetoric). Kamala Harris repeatedly incited violence & racial tension all year by exploiting lies from media companies sued for hundreds of millions for their race baiting lies. She called an officer racist for firing back after being SHOT & incited violence with that SLANDER. She repeatedly said Trump “still won’t condemn white supremacy in 2020” and exploited the “good people on both sides” out of context media LIES. It all incited so much violence. They were SILENT as a mom of a 6 year old was ambushed in her patrol car because of the racial tensions they incite for votes. They were silent as a mother of a child was murdered for saying she believes we should focus on all lives killed by excessive force. My unarmed white uncle was killed by excessive force, so I happen to believe that is the truth. They made something about race all year that happens to ALL races & almost always involves excessive force used while resisting arrest. Officers who truly use excessive force must be held accountable, of course, but this is a very different problem than simply inciting violence all year with the systemic racism narrative so they can EXPLOIT race for votes. They never condoned any of the violence because people are so ignorant they can’t distinguish between a phrase & a terrorist organization. The hypocrisy is astounding 🤦‍♀️. They are trying to take the free speech of half of the country over the actions of a few. If we don’t have people in Congress to have a backbone to defend truth our grandchildren may someday be arrested for not believing as they are told. They may not be able to seek different viewpoints online. This is the road we are on unless we have leaders who are not scared to defend truth. Check out Prager U’s latest BLM video on Instagram. Yes, this is the TERRORIST, BULLYING organization Michelle Obama & Kamala Harris praise. They have incited violence all year by turning a blind eye to this rhetoric. I have never seen such hypocrisy 🤯. And the root cause is truly the left exploiting race for votes. Nearly 375 million police interactions & 10 million arrests went well in 2019 from nearly 800,000 officers. 14 unarmed black men were killed in 2019, only 1 not resisting arrest. Twice as many unarmed white men like my uncle were killed by excessive force despite the very out of proportion black crime rate for being 13% of the population. The left incited violence all year & never condoned it so they could USE race for votes. That is how all the division began. The party of the KKK & slavery can’t seem to move past a constant unhealthy obsession with race & gender & united as AMERICANS to fix AMERICAN issues. They’re too busy with their projection trying to convince people that the party who freed the slaves from their ignorance are racist. They need new marketing, a new brand. Their rhetoric & irrationality is literally destroying our country.

  47. Kirwola


    9 giorni fa

    how can i get rid of thos guy on my phone.

  48. Jimmy Chin

    Jimmy Chin

    9 giorni fa

    If you're expecting Trump to admit to any wrongdoing, then you really don't know Trump.

  49. Jeremy Zavitz

    Jeremy Zavitz

    9 giorni fa

    Jimmy, remember when you tousled Trump's hair and helped normalize the sociopath? We do.

  50. Venicia Trevino

    Venicia Trevino

    9 giorni fa

    I’m from Alamo

  51. Helen Wheels

    Helen Wheels

    9 giorni fa

    I don't take responsibility for anything. Donald J Trump

  52. DavidaPacJR


    9 giorni fa

    Jimmy Fallon is funnier with this format.

  53. Albion of Avalon

    Albion of Avalon

    9 giorni fa

    the audacity of trump to say that.... if you support him gladly see the monster you have created. How can anyone be still associate with him his name is in ruined and yet you continue to follow this despicable man for what?, fear of him exposing the skeleton you hide in your closet. How can everyone be unified when shitty people like trump exist and not held responsible for their actions. Punishment needs to be dish out or people like him will get away with everything.

  54. Erin Mixon

    Erin Mixon

    9 giorni fa

    He SHOULDN'T take the blame because he DID NOTHING wrong!! What about Kamala and the dems supporting blm and their "peaceful" protests that ended with billions of dollars worth of damage? What them being told told to attack the capitol? Because that did happen. Trump told everyone to fight for our rights and constitution. He told everyone to have a peaceful protest. He had NEVER supported violence and destruction. Jimmy, I'm ashamed of you. I used to watch you and I enjoyed most of your shows, but now.... now you're just falling right in line with the rest. Biden and Harris are frauds and fakes.

  55. Doug Showalter

    Doug Showalter

    9 giorni fa

    Trump is a liar a fraud a cheater a looooooooser a narcissistic idiot. Trump is as low as you can possibly get. He has to pay people to be his friends. If he wasn’t president he would not have a send of. But he can order people to show up to say goodbye. He’s a FUCKING LOOOOOOOOSER AND NOBODY WOULD SHOW UP IF HE DIDNT ORDER THEM TO

  56. Jenny Lyn

    Jenny Lyn

    9 giorni fa

    Nice impressions XX

  57. Vignesh Mohan

    Vignesh Mohan

    9 giorni fa

    Nasty 🤣

  58. C B

    C B

    9 giorni fa

    Wall covers only 20% of Texas border. Lmao.

  59. vuvuvu


    9 giorni fa

    "Grab her by the democracy. You can do anything you want"

  60. GDB Riot

    GDB Riot

    9 giorni fa

    He shouldn’t take responsibility, the event happened almost 30 minutes before his speech and it takes about 30 mins to walk to the capitol. You’re such a tool Jimmy.

    • osdever


      8 giorni fa

      @GDB Riot I’m not even American. What does that have to do with my question?

    • GDB Riot

      GDB Riot

      8 giorni fa

      @osdever well are you a democrat, republican, or other?

    • osdever


      8 giorni fa

      @GDB Riot Where’s the proof of what you said

    • GDB Riot

      GDB Riot

      8 giorni fa

      @osdever which is what?

    • osdever


      8 giorni fa

      @GDB Riot Nah but you get what i mean

  61. Abs Attack

    Abs Attack

    9 giorni fa

    The nauseating fiberglass incidentally transport because tugboat immunocytochemically tame midst a elegant sweatshirt. confused, eight family

  62. Henri Forthman

    Henri Forthman

    9 giorni fa

    The uttermost playroom laparoscopically itch because evening peroperativly store towards a synonymous domain. paltry, mere football

  63. Tonya Fisol

    Tonya Fisol

    9 giorni fa

    Rudy is back to the White House????? is he mad about his money ?? Rudy: I need my money, i dindt fool myself for free!!! Trump: Wait I have another job!! The impeachment was rigged, dead people voted!!! Icant believe only 10 republicans voted....i told u its all rigged

  64. Justa lil Jaded

    Justa lil Jaded

    9 giorni fa


  65. Paul Warwick

    Paul Warwick

    9 giorni fa

    I hope the pr goes bankrupt again because nobody but Putin will lend him any more money.

  66. Cheap Tracfone

    Cheap Tracfone

    9 giorni fa

    This is getting old Jimmy just like your betty old eyes...Might be time for surgery again!

  67. Cheap Tracfone

    Cheap Tracfone

    9 giorni fa

    You're more to blame then Trump is !

  68. Katy Overland

    Katy Overland

    9 giorni fa

    i don't know why, but tarik's "lookin' forward to it" is the funniest thing I've seen in years

  69. Emily L.

    Emily L.

    9 giorni fa

    “Right now, writing on his border wall is the only place he can post” hahaha true

    • June Burns

      June Burns

      4 giorni fa


    • Dick Fitswell

      Dick Fitswell

      7 giorni fa

      Hahaha you're butthurt and obviously never lived in a border state. Trump won big and you know it. You just refuse to accept reality. The whole world knows that racist old creep didn't get 81 mil votes. Millions more than the savior Obama who lost millions of votes on his 2nd. Trump is so popular he gained a minimum 12 million votes. You know how many ppl voted in 2016. 122 million. In 2020 26million more ppl "voted" Fact in AZ 40k ppl voted twice Fact in PA 432k votes were removed from Trump Fact in GA 32k votes were removed from Trump Fact in 5 states, for the first time ever, tabulation was stopped. Fact for the first time in US history our votes went to Cytyl in Germany before they came back to America and the Edison server Fact. Trump had 21k votes deducted and biden had 21k votes added instantly in GA. Which happened to Purdue as well. Video can be seen on YT Fact. MsM is lying Fact. In AZ Pima county alone 4k dead voted Fact. In MI after Republicans were sent home cause counting stopped, the 4 Dems pulled 4 cases of ballots and started counting Fact tables were not allowed to have drapes. Fact 2 of the counters were a mother and daughter who were caught running the same stacks of ballots over and over Fact. SecStaes and Govs in these 7 states changed election rules in which a scotus said it violated the constitution but was told to stand down by activist judge roberts They stole it. The whole world knows it. Trump was voted in with 406 electoral votes and almost 90 million votes, that's what a CIA whistleblower said and this person saw the confiscated server from Germany Fact. Obama and MSM have divided this country and continually lied to us.

  70. Mahbubul Anam

    Mahbubul Anam

    9 giorni fa

    Brilliant Jimmy

  71. No Name

    No Name

    9 giorni fa

    Whats funny is that Jimmy and his followers obviously haven't even heard the speech. 🍿😆 You can't hide ignorance forever, folks.

  72. clark loeffler

    clark loeffler

    9 giorni fa

    The second-hand noise tinctorially delight because attempt secondarily afford next a symptomatic scallion. wet, abundant crop

  73. bklynkat23


    9 giorni fa

    Kamal killed me with that last nasty

  74. Red Wood

    Red Wood

    9 giorni fa

    Where was Jimmy when Seattle was burning.?

  75. Sky


    9 giorni fa

    So if a nigga writes or puts graffiti on a wall it’s vandalism but for trump it’s like don’t mind me ‘ Trump was here...🖕🖕suck it’ Signed:D Trump

  76. Joseph Coutinho

    Joseph Coutinho

    9 giorni fa

    Your jokes are getting stale.🙃

  77. Faro Zara

    Faro Zara

    9 giorni fa

    “A new life is, in this age, stirring within all the peoples of the earth; and yet none hath discovered its cause or perceived its motive”. [Baha'u'llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah (The promised one of all religions), p. 195]

  78. komfortliinumb


    9 giorni fa

    Wow your such a bought n paid for douche. 275 riots this summer, officers dead, children dead. Small businesses looted and destroyed, federal buildings fire bombed all endorsed by Biden and harris.... so make sure we go after them next, though it should’ve been first.. It’s ok I know you can’t have a voice or you’ll be cancelled, but wait that’s kinda your fault for voting these power hungry corrupt morons in that only want their voices heard. Grow a set... time to loose freedom of speech. Go head don’t look at the evidence, even if you hate trump he should be allowed to speak but no. Everyone is being silenced n taken off social, banks refusing to do business with his supporters. Where have I seen this before..... o yeah China Ps your not even funny

  79. Dennis Robinson

    Dennis Robinson

    9 giorni fa

    If you read the rest of the comments what I said about your words and responsibility is proven by the type of responses in how divisive that are

  80. Dennis Robinson

    Dennis Robinson

    9 giorni fa

    How much have you helped divide the Country Jimmy?? So do you bear some of the Responsibility for all of YOUR words and attempt s at humour that were really divisive political bashing?

  81. Len Swan

    Len Swan

    9 giorni fa


  82. Jacinta Rooke

    Jacinta Rooke

    10 giorni fa

    *Writing on the boarder wall is only place he can post" lmfao

    • Mr Curly

      Mr Curly

      6 giorni fa

      Was that a Sharpie?? I'll bet Mexico didn't even pay for THAT!! In Mexico, the election promise is "We are going to have a wall, and the USA will pay for it!"

  83. Gypsy Freak

    Gypsy Freak

    10 giorni fa

    blm and antifa did it

  84. Making it Happen

    Making it Happen

    10 giorni fa

    I think Trump will have a hard time, when he discovers that he is without money. He only has debts.

  85. Charlie Wilkins

    Charlie Wilkins

    10 giorni fa

    Would you actually expect Trump too..... Hes never taken responsibility for anything......

  86. Nicole Menzies

    Nicole Menzies

    10 giorni fa

    I love the new relaxed Jimmy, he's all casual and everything. Looking good 😁

  87. R A.

    R A.

    10 giorni fa

    "Who you talkin about Willis??"

  88. Krystle Porcalla

    Krystle Porcalla

    10 giorni fa

    Kuh night of the round table😭🤣

  89. Jean Luney

    Jean Luney

    10 giorni fa

    SUGGESTION: Do not elect a delusional psychopath, with a “God” complex, to the highest office in the United States...

    • 8thlvlMage


      9 giorni fa

      I wish you had told someone this 4 or 5 years ago and saved the world a lot of trouble.

  90. Socalkid socal

    Socalkid socal

    10 giorni fa

    I would like to purchase a rebel flag, an Al Qaida flag, an Isis flag, a Hakenkreuz (you newbees call it swastika) or a hammer and sicle flag. But I will pay top $ for the rebel flag because its not just anti American but also treasonous.

  91. Sam Haine

    Sam Haine

    10 giorni fa

    Jimmy lookin hotter & hotter these days. Thank u pandemmy!

  92. H A

    H A

    10 giorni fa

    Jimmy's losing his funny

  93. Nicole Bluekamp

    Nicole Bluekamp

    10 giorni fa

    What will he have to talk about when Trump leaves office. So obsessed with the man.

  94. Jodi Rose

    Jodi Rose

    10 giorni fa

    Who is that guy who asked about your comedy about Trump. haha It is pretty Lame. Nothing to talk about but Trump. I think you r jealous of him.

  95. Crazy Catholic Chick 2.0

    Crazy Catholic Chick 2.0

    10 giorni fa

    China doesn’t allow protests either. 🐑

  96. Molly Manlowe

    Molly Manlowe

    10 giorni fa

    Thank u Jimmy F. (and K. For that matter). This morning my cousin died from COVID-19, watching your monologues and bits make smile. Hard to do that today. Ps... He believed our x pres , “The China virus is like the flu”. Jimmy, stay healthy, you’re needed.

  97. james kallend

    james kallend

    10 giorni fa

    jimmy if you read this stuff, i would love to see some benny-hill style episode while the president is running around the white house chased by some security guys, a couple of blondes (one who was changing in the bathroom of course, where he was trying to hide) and so on. Ends with Milennia chasing him with a handfull of divorce papers and him just brushing himself off as he walks out saying "thank got I'm out of that place"

  98. John Monday

    John Monday

    10 giorni fa

    Biden on Twitter is said to have joked in 2013 about China helping him get elected president

  99. Rony Vonstrand

    Rony Vonstrand

    10 giorni fa

    This man is great and can be president in USA next time. Omg happy 3 year and on in prison!!! Eeehhh everybody think why??

  100. Stephanie Huesler

    Stephanie Huesler

    10 giorni fa

    This was sad. Trump is big enough of a joke without embellishment.

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