Top 5 Mods Full Week! in Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Miku & Sarvente - Friday Night Funkin Mod #1

This mod is cool, Excellent Full Week... Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Hatsune Miku & Sarvente become Boss?
All Week using bot
Sorry, i got copyright music just miku...
FNFBot made this by Kade Developer
This mod is the inspiration for the Full Week Series
Friday Night Funkin' #4 (Hard Mode)
(Link Mod)
1. Whitty Full Week
2. Hex Full Week
3. Tricky Full Week
4. Hatsune Miku Full Week
5. Sarvente Full Week
00:00​ Info
00:10​ Phase 1 Whitty - Lo Fight
02:27 Phase 2 Whitty - Overhead
04:56​ Phase 3 Whitty - Ballistic
08:08​ Phase 1 Hex - Dunk
11:56​ Phase 2 Hex - Ram
14:33​ Phase 3 Hex - Hello World
17:17 Phase 4 Hex - Glitcher
21:18 Phase 1 Tricky - Improbable Outset
23:25​ Phase 2 Tricky - Madness
26:27​ Phase 1 Miku - Popipo
28:12 Phase 2 Miku - Aishite
30:05 Phase 3 Miku - Siu
32:24​ Phase 4 Miku - Disappearance
34:16​ Phase 1 Sarvente - Parish
36:27 Phase 2 Sarvente - Worship
38:46 Phase 3 Sarvente - Zavodila
42:02​ Phase 4 Sarvente - Gospel
45:41 Outro
#FNF #FridayNightFunkin


  1. Helios Whitestar

    Helios Whitestar

    19 giorni fa

    i'm sorry. only miku got copyright music Phase 1-4

    • Puchii Lopez

      Puchii Lopez

      7 giorni fa

      Dang it

    • dimas prastio

      dimas prastio

      7 giorni fa

      its ok

    • CatNip Plays

      CatNip Plays

      7 giorni fa


    • melany gomez

      melany gomez

      7 giorni fa

      Okay not sorry for the música popipo

    • Lariah Lariah

      Lariah Lariah

      13 giorni fa

      I am a fan I love your videos

  2. Khamh Sang

    Khamh Sang

    2 minuti fa

    Helios Whitestar: im sorry. only miku got copyright music Phase 1-4 Miku:WAIT WHAT NOO!!

  3. ricquel brown

    ricquel brown

    6 minuti fa

    miku does not have copyright music

  4. da panda

    da panda

    12 minuti fa

    the uhm..tricky thing :|

  5. da panda

    da panda

    12 minuti fa

    O_O what is that thing!!!

  6. Gleice Lima

    Gleice Lima

    15 minuti fa


  7. Ballistic Lucas

    Ballistic Lucas

    19 minuti fa

    Why do people think tricky is a full week, he’s not

  8. Víctor Máximo Zevallos Vasquez

    Víctor Máximo Zevallos Vasquez

    23 minuti fa

    Por qué todos ablan inglés xd 🤣

  9. Leiron Oblea

    Leiron Oblea

    27 minuti fa

    Wow how you win in the whitty mod I'm so impressed

  10. Davi gamer40

    Davi gamer40

    50 minuti fa

    I love music Siu

  11. Gabriel Pierce

    Gabriel Pierce

    52 minuti fa

    Beep bop skoo

  12. Mohmed Ahmed

    Mohmed Ahmed

    Ora fa

    im boyfreind fight me in rab

  13. 현빈


    Ora fa

    응~이거 봇이야

  14. Chanravy Vannalath

    Chanravy Vannalath

    Ora fa

    why does no one notice that Sarvente and Ruv are probably based off countryhumans where my coutryhuman fans at

  15. max reo

    max reo

    Ora fa

    Ugh he’s aotoplaying

  16. Nan Flores

    Nan Flores

    Ora fa


  17. vinicius diniz

    vinicius diniz

    Ora fa

    meu deus

  18. 구름이네 게임세상

    구름이네 게임세상

    2 ore fa




    2 ore fa

    i only hear keith voice not miku

  20. No le se al chipost

    No le se al chipost

    2 ore fa

    Gf ☺😨😨😨☺😨☺😨☺☺😨☺😨☺😨☺😨☺😨☺😨

  21. ETN Dreams

    ETN Dreams

    2 ore fa

    Why would a mime as the opponent be so interesting to see in this game

  22. E


    2 ore fa

    In phase 1 of miku if you look in the crowd you can see whitty lol.

  23. Šejla#teamharisson teamharisson

    Šejla#teamharisson teamharisson

    2 ore fa

    Why did you put away mikus voice in Phase 1, 2 and 4

  24. Moises Useche

    Moises Useche

    2 ore fa

    Compota eres tú? XD (en realidad es un bot que no permite que hagas un missed :p)

  25. Reflex is one shot.

    Reflex is one shot.

    3 ore fa

    Fun fact: whitty ballistic is so loud that he sings in the boyfriends mic

  26. Zawil Kacp

    Zawil Kacp

    3 ore fa

    rip your keyboard after ballistic

  27. john miguel

    john miguel

    3 ore fa


  28. john miguel

    john miguel

    3 ore fa


  29. Luana Cumpa medrano

    Luana Cumpa medrano

    3 ore fa

    La cancion de miku tiene copirai

  30. Ángel Ramos

    Ángel Ramos

    3 ore fa


  31. Enzo Luiz

    Enzo Luiz

    3 ore fa

    Am i the only one who also herars the phprase as "go mango"

  32. Linda Lowry

    Linda Lowry

    3 ore fa

    My favorite characters are Whitty Tricky and Ruv and that girl I really don’t like her

  33. Rabia Tubassum

    Rabia Tubassum

    3 ore fa

    You did so good on this video i will sub

  34. Jayvon Wiki-Peters

    Jayvon Wiki-Peters

    3 ore fa

    your gonna be toast boyfreind

  35. Unicorn & Dragon - Roblox

    Unicorn & Dragon - Roblox

    3 ore fa

    Whitty is in the audience in muni week mod

  36. ThelivelySam


    3 ore fa

    30:14 Below the boyfriend there is whitty!

  37. Misa Kii

    Misa Kii

    4 ore fa

    I dunno if he missed in Sarvente and Ruv

  38. Natsuki’s Official Channel

    Natsuki’s Official Channel

    4 ore fa

    8:02 this man really had 0 misses and 99.96% accuracy. But- I- WHAT IN THE HOLY HANDS

  39. Zuriel Rodez

    Zuriel Rodez

    4 ore fa

    culooooo con lo de vocaloid XD

  40. Sylll Dokter

    Sylll Dokter

    4 ore fa


  41. Jellington Skeleton

    Jellington Skeleton

    4 ore fa

    A clown who can tear you apart in a blink of an eye: GF: "This if fine." A teenager having a mental breakdown: GF: *Shaking with fear*

  42. Miku_chan


    4 ore fa

    32:27 boyfriend saying webadas

  43. BlueLatoon


    4 ore fa

    Miku's voice cracked

  44. Krista Mccrea

    Krista Mccrea

    4 ore fa


  45. Abdullah Bukhari

    Abdullah Bukhari

    4 ore fa

    How did you get good bro like tbh in madness was so .Fast and you didn’t have a mess bruh how?

  46. Samuel RIVERA

    Samuel RIVERA

    4 ore fa

    Me just normally just watching phase 3 of miku then I see a bomb head when I look at the fans

  47. Someasy name

    Someasy name

    4 ore fa

    I was expecting the Jo Jo theme for the last song lol

  48. Ege Can

    Ege Can

    4 ore fa

    18:43 why i hear bf saying "daddy plays the daddy's order daddy plays the daddy's order daddy plays the daddy's order daddy plays the daddy's order"?

  49. የሁጠየነፕዪዐነጎፕሃ


    5 ore fa

    The tricky end cutscene was epic

  50. Bjart Murat

    Bjart Murat

    5 ore fa

    Dude I beat Zardy and McDonald’s dude first try today, Friday night funk is easy

  51. WasTed HD

    WasTed HD

    5 ore fa

    Se dice fase 2 no phase

  52. •Pixels•


    5 ore fa

    Tbh Sarvenete has a nice sound and music track

  53. Kevin Perez

    Kevin Perez

    5 ore fa


  54. Graydon Charlton

    Graydon Charlton

    5 ore fa

    Ballistic be like ➡️⬇️➡️⬆️⬇️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬇️↖️⬅️⬇️➡️⬆️⬅️⬇️➡️⬆️⬅️⬇️➡️⬆️⬅️⬇️➡️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬅️⬇️➡️⬆️➡️⬆️⬅️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬅️⬇️⬅️⬇️➡️⬆️➡️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬇️➡️⬆️➡️⬆️

  55. Rosa


    5 ore fa

    Who else be vibing to the miku mod😬😬😬😬

  56. thomas games

    thomas games

    5 ore fa

    am i the only one that clearly sees hes useing a bot

  57. Lego studios English

    Lego studios English

    5 ore fa

    Where i can get whitty mod?



    5 ore fa

    boy friend and girl friend love each other no

  59. Rhonda Gilmore

    Rhonda Gilmore

    5 ore fa

    Most mods 😁🤨😠👹



    5 ore fa

    God !

  61. Susan Mincer

    Susan Mincer

    5 ore fa

    Whitty: sounds like a guitar tricky: sounds like someone who took some cough drops and sick miku: sounds normal and from some memes Ruv: sounds like a drum and the other girl I don't know her name

  62. Zya Honore

    Zya Honore

    5 ore fa

    Midnight fight simplified is:Nun that’s a demon and a wanted Russian

  63. Yudi Monma

    Yudi Monma

    5 ore fa

    Oh no copyright in music Miku phase I

  64. Santiago Barroso

    Santiago Barroso

    5 ore fa

    . .

  65. chibi Mavis in sky and dima shower time

    chibi Mavis in sky and dima shower time

    5 ore fa

    Phase 3 music was not copyrighted bc is a meme

  66. chibi Mavis in sky and dima shower time

    chibi Mavis in sky and dima shower time

    5 ore fa

    But the phase 3 didn't

  67. lolipoptable


    5 ore fa

    the tricky mod definitely feels like the best one, especially since it seems the most plausible for something that would be actually in the base game because of madness combat being such a huge part of newgrounds history

  68. Pedro Gamer Play

    Pedro Gamer Play

    5 ore fa

    Tá porra na última da bonba😐

  69. Azra Among

    Azra Among

    5 ore fa


  70. Матвій Мошківський

    Матвій Мошківський

    5 ore fa

    No auto click it very cool! :)

  71. amy castaneda

    amy castaneda

    5 ore fa

    I love this vid

  72. ViperGaming


    5 ore fa

    39:58 The part when I spammed all 4 buttons



    6 ore fa

    whitty vs hex vs tricky vs miku vs sarvente WHO WON go down to see RUV!!!

  74. Hat Boi

    Hat Boi

    6 ore fa

    ruv says he's probably gonna break boyfriend's legs but boyfriend has barely any legs to break i doubt he even has knees

  75. jade sousa

    jade sousa

    6 ore fa

    ooooooooooooohhhhhhh manda salve

  76. IceIter


    6 ore fa


  77. Yoruko - Chan

    Yoruko - Chan

    6 ore fa

    No one: Miku: po

  78. Chelsea Fitz

    Chelsea Fitz

    6 ore fa

    Whitty: **half broken electric guitar noises**

  79. Eren yeager

    Eren yeager

    6 ore fa

    miku in phase 2 i heard arimin is dead x3

  80. Ghasti


    6 ore fa

    Zavodila and Lo Fight is cool songs!

  81. Kyudo Uzumaki

    Kyudo Uzumaki

    6 ore fa

    i dont now download the mods

  82. Slamm Bamm

    Slamm Bamm

    6 ore fa

    5:36 Pro fnf players: VIETNAM FLASHBACKS

  83. Sophie Hurtado

    Sophie Hurtado

    7 ore fa

    Ok but 14:06 SLAPSSSSSSS 🔥🔥😳

  84. tina stain

    tina stain

    7 ore fa

    ☺️_ _. _

  85. SVG HJK


    7 ore fa

    Quem è brasileiro i ta vendo o video

  86. z0xs._ Oficial

    z0xs._ Oficial

    7 ore fa


  87. mane burgos

    mane burgos

    7 ore fa

    No sé escucha a hatsu emiku

  88. Jamie


    7 ore fa

    Idk why I keep hearin' the bf singing 'Discord' in the Hex mode Lmafoo

  89. Arthur Chen

    Arthur Chen

    7 ore fa

    Skill problem

  90. MisaMarioPlays


    7 ore fa

    Hex 9:15

  91. Arturo Cattebeke

    Arturo Cattebeke

    7 ore fa

    tu tienes practica

  92. Icecream Smoothie

    Icecream Smoothie

    7 ore fa

    Me when I see hex phase 1 2 and 3: wow the first person who is actully nice to him

  93. Bubbles The cat

    Bubbles The cat

    7 ore fa

    Here’s how to un poses sarvente: put back her crosses on her head :)

  94. Tish Sampson

    Tish Sampson

    7 ore fa

    -_ -

    • Tish Sampson

      Tish Sampson

      7 ore fa

      HahahahahahahahhahahahahHhHBebop boo Babu

  95. Izuru Kamukura

    Izuru Kamukura

    7 ore fa

    Im still impressed by the fact that they got 0 misses on ballistic hard mode

  96. XxItskitty_108xX


    7 ore fa

    Siu actually suprised me and wait BF CAN TALK?!

  97. Inderjit Sidhu

    Inderjit Sidhu

    7 ore fa


  98. Tiago Mesquita Pereira

    Tiago Mesquita Pereira

    7 ore fa




    7 ore fa

    whitty is is gone crazy that green one with mask is not a clown and fuckt

  100. Pico


    7 ore fa

    Imagine hex was mad and didn't have a virus

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