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Top 13 Make Me Your Aphrodite Meme | Gacha Club & Gacha Life

Suze Chan
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  1. Itzdasiyandcoco Xo

    Itzdasiyandcoco Xo

    7 secondi fa

    i ship alex and jax dont hate me pls :/

  2. rafhinha


    29 minuti fa

    Alguém do brasil

  3. Hana Elwakil

    Hana Elwakil

    Ora fa

    I love the intro YASSSSS GIRLLLL

  4. Selena Rudin

    Selena Rudin

    2 ore fa


  5. • Mondsee _Røse •

    • Mondsee _Røse •

    3 ore fa

    i'm rocking out to your intro

  6. Malika Dyerchronicle

    Malika Dyerchronicle

    3 ore fa

    Merry Christmas to all

  7. •॰Amazing Iva•॰

    •॰Amazing Iva•॰

    4 ore fa

    Love the intro

  8. Kendall Holder

    Kendall Holder

    5 ore fa

    Me in the shower: 1:31 Me in a solo: 1:45

  9. Orissa Baharum

    Orissa Baharum

    7 ore fa

    the 3 one sound like me sing OMG mah sing is bootiful for real

  10. Orissa Baharum

    Orissa Baharum

    7 ore fa

    wait clara dose not like teal uhm weird LIKE NOW OR YOU GET BAN

  11. Hana Elboulaki

    Hana Elboulaki

    8 ore fa

    2:56 oH tHe DeMoN aLPHA IS SOo cOOl sHE iS Not LIKe oThEr GiRlS no hate 🤞✌

  12. Wayne Ashley

    Wayne Ashley

    8 ore fa


  13. Gideon Satyahadi

    Gideon Satyahadi

    9 ore fa


  14. Lhianna Darrene Nolasco

    Lhianna Darrene Nolasco

    11 ore fa

    Why does the edgy/depressed the bootiful voice i know not all edgy ones get the bootiful part {Not Hating}

  15. galaxy Wolf

    galaxy Wolf

    12 ore fa

    I love this meme

    • galaxy Wolf

      galaxy Wolf

      12 ore fa


  16. Wayne Ashley

    Wayne Ashley

    13 ore fa


  17. Blesil Manzano

    Blesil Manzano

    14 ore fa

    When is has to be the squad it's do amazing

  18. Easy-going Coco

    Easy-going Coco

    14 ore fa

    8:00 No one: Not a single soul: Me: POWER PUFF GIRLSSSS

  19. Fatema Hamza

    Fatema Hamza

    16 ore fa

    Me: trys to sing it.......... Me again: idndjs fjsncenicnsn My sis: wHaT ThE hElL iS tHaT

  20. Lopez Kids

    Lopez Kids

    16 ore fa

    We all think we sound good but we sound like the bad one 😒

  21. Quirky Chloe

    Quirky Chloe

    17 ore fa

    dog fried woah and coal pooped free sale for takis

  22. Tori Gaming

    Tori Gaming

    17 ore fa

    3:58 so true

  23. Tori Gaming

    Tori Gaming

    17 ore fa

    1:25 don’t worry people that don’t watch inquisitor master BUT THATS SO TRUEE XDDDDD and 1:54 toooo THIS IS DA BEST YEAR EVER YESHHHHH!!

  24. alexa loya

    alexa loya

    18 ore fa


  25. Casla’s GaChA

    Casla’s GaChA

    18 ore fa

    I’m disappointed 😔

    • Casla’s GaChA

      Casla’s GaChA

      18 ore fa

      U NO AdD MiNe

  26. Vi Gamer amderlaine

    Vi Gamer amderlaine

    20 ore fa

    Só eu br? Que reconheceu a suze e a dark?

  27. Mia Roblox

    Mia Roblox

    21 ora fa

    Thank you for making this video

  28. Kenny Joel Vega Rioja

    Kenny Joel Vega Rioja

    22 ore fa


  29. Jazlyn Gomez

    Jazlyn Gomez

    22 ore fa

    I love your intro

  30. PoptartPusheen


    23 ore fa

    Lets just have a moment of silence who never knew this

  31. Shadow Dark

    Shadow Dark

    23 ore fa

    Not even CHLOE likes Lila

  32. bloominqflxwer


    23 ore fa

    I Heard If You Say A ITputrs Name 3 Times You Get Pinned Soo.... SakuraLightYT SakuraLightYT SakuraLIghtYT

  33. Lionayah White

    Lionayah White

    Giorno fa

    I really really liked it was so good there voices 😍😭😍😍😍

  34. Dudu Manana

    Dudu Manana

    Giorno fa

    At that other one you skipped green and went to pink it was supposed to be pink that got the beautiful voice 🤔😐

  35. star light

    star light

    Giorno fa

    I love your singing everyone is good at singing because it's you singing your heart❤

  36. AnnaBanana


    Giorno fa

    wait do some people actually normally use "chan" and "arigato"? Im Japanese and I did not know that

  37. sara anthony

    sara anthony

    Giorno fa


  38. 7h Dhimas Daffa Waluyo

    7h Dhimas Daffa Waluyo

    Giorno fa

    IM here just because inquistor master here

  39. Mohd Rizal Jaafar

    Mohd Rizal Jaafar

    Giorno fa

    Everyone makes spoiled brat sing like a trash. And the lastest is very fabulous

  40. diana serbanoiu

    diana serbanoiu

    Giorno fa

    I'm with u person 11! It's the same for meh lol

  41. FlufferScotch:D


    Giorno fa


  42. Vaneesa naomi Rosales flores

    Vaneesa naomi Rosales flores

    Giorno fa


  43. Sonya Santiago

    Sonya Santiago

    Giorno fa

    Is it me or were most of the boys better then the girls.

  44. Regina Gamutan

    Regina Gamutan

    Giorno fa

    The face of Zach when Jax was singing was so cuttteeee

  45. Bentli Dingess

    Bentli Dingess

    Giorno fa

    Did they just blow up o~O

  46. Mythixal


    Giorno fa

    I don't like the last person who barely has any riffs :^

  47. Kaya - chan

    Kaya - chan

    Giorno fa

    Que pena que não dá pra marcar a Suze-chan ou a darkwolf studios aqui elas iam gostar skskskks

  48. Anmtive


    Giorno fa

    what has this world become theres only furries

  49. Belkis Carolina Delgado Carias

    Belkis Carolina Delgado Carias

    2 giorni fa

    Me enamore de los chicos quiero quesean mis novios

  50. Tiara


    2 giorni fa

    0:20 Her: your next, Tiara Me: :O Tiara: *sings bad and it’s also a bad person* Me: well that hurt- (If you don’t understand look at my name)

  51. fofa mila UWU

    fofa mila UWU

    2 giorni fa


  52. jojo aljoharah

    jojo aljoharah

    2 giorni fa

    I love it

  53. XxCrisxX


    2 giorni fa

    This duM 🐸 Jkjk

  54. noor Khan

    noor Khan

    2 giorni fa

    What is your intro song??? / its so nice

  55. fariha hossain212

    fariha hossain212

    2 giorni fa

    Where is cutie veek's?

  56. Magdalene Lawrence

    Magdalene Lawrence

    2 giorni fa

    Im gonna sub u

  57. Cindy Federico

    Cindy Federico

    2 giorni fa

    I love all your videos they make me Feel happy when I’m sad

  58. Moonlit Alpha

    Moonlit Alpha

    2 giorni fa

    How do you not know if you sound like a dying screeching rat dragon beast-

  59. Unikitty _9912

    Unikitty _9912

    2 giorni fa

    Ok but the power puff girls ;w; I got so happy I love them UvU

  60. Girlynewb 2000

    Girlynewb 2000

    2 giorni fa

    At least Chloe cares in 6

  61. Katherine Maza

    Katherine Maza

    2 giorni fa

    In the number 5 the girl with the yellow hair her mouth is purple

  62. AddyGacha_2008 11

    AddyGacha_2008 11

    3 giorni fa

    Is it just me or is your favorite singer the one who sings it “bad”...?

  63. Memeus Cleetus

    Memeus Cleetus

    3 giorni fa

    My body shaking: it must be bc I got chills from the vid My mind: wait I’m cold- My body: OH SH-

  64. j adel

    j adel

    3 giorni fa

    Jade is a awful singer ugly singer

  65. M Angel

    M Angel

    3 giorni fa

    I personally think the first one is the best because she sounds exactly like me it’s crazy

  66. Sophia_Frey Fri

    Sophia_Frey Fri

    3 giorni fa

    I think for the boy singing I like the 1st voice the most

  67. Daniel Pantosin

    Daniel Pantosin

    3 giorni fa


  68. Sabrina a Nataly Landim Alves de Souza

    Sabrina a Nataly Landim Alves de Souza

    3 giorni fa

    Adoro esse meme

  69. Sealthiel Faith Avila

    Sealthiel Faith Avila

    3 giorni fa

    The funneh is the sekond make me sing powerfull make me aphrodite and dont me but an anymy an anymy

  70. oXiikawaiiXo


    3 giorni fa

    I wish there was more diversity in some of these.... I mean in a lot of these all the girls are very pale white. And that’s fine and stuff but if you consider the ethnicity of the singers voicing your characters in the first place.... :(



    3 giorni fa

    I am oofeded

  72. army and bts beautiful kimmy or yoen

    army and bts beautiful kimmy or yoen

    3 giorni fa


  73. Kristen Moyon

    Kristen Moyon

    3 giorni fa

    Alxe dose sounds like that 🥰🥰

  74. itz keyla chanz•]

    itz keyla chanz•]

    3 giorni fa

    😘😘😘😘😘😘😘SO COOL

  75. Tamara Cox

    Tamara Cox

    3 giorni fa

    Idk why but I kinda sound the best one!

  76. Tamara Cox

    Tamara Cox

    3 giorni fa

    I hate how the pretties is the best and the last and she gets effects it’s rude on however made this video and everyone else who does it

  77. lovely grant

    lovely grant

    3 giorni fa

    Number 11 was the funniest to me. 🤣

  78. Cinthia López

    Cinthia López

    3 giorni fa


  79. Francisco Anta

    Francisco Anta

    3 giorni fa

    7:54 I’m a girl I’m shy to sing and am I’m really good bot trying to be rude everyone is to

  80. dazai


    3 giorni fa


  81. samara unicórnio games

    samara unicórnio games

    3 giorni fa


    • samara unicórnio games

      samara unicórnio games

      3 giorni fa


  82. Ciara :3

    Ciara :3

    3 giorni fa

    @Darkwolf aqui gente

  83. &myara et marame et mina gacha&

    &myara et marame et mina gacha&

    3 giorni fa


  84. Yumeko LightYT

    Yumeko LightYT

    4 giorni fa

    Im fan my chanel is:Yumeko LightYT ^^

  85. Eden Chisholm

    Eden Chisholm

    4 giorni fa

    I don’t know if this is going to be the best video ever 🐺🐺🦄🦄🐩🐩🐎🐎



    4 giorni fa

    Looks at perdón of how they sing like they had wbolo transformación.! :)

  87. Sofia Ramos

    Sofia Ramos

    4 giorni fa

    Ya me suscribi 😄

  88. Nuralisya 2011

    Nuralisya 2011

    4 giorni fa

    Girls sing maybe is good Maybe!😅

  89. imanina binti naimulah

    imanina binti naimulah

    4 giorni fa

    I like You're songs

  90. _Thebrightnightcore_ gacha

    _Thebrightnightcore_ gacha

    4 giorni fa

    i love your intro!!!

  91. Ranmarry Ubias

    Ranmarry Ubias

    4 giorni fa

    The second one is the boy squad but light song is sick and drake is xbox

  92. SOO JIN HONG Moe


    4 giorni fa

    Lila sing sooo ugly

  93. Kia Bear

    Kia Bear

    4 giorni fa

    When they did number 10 (Sandy) I just could not stop laughing😂😂🤣

  94. AdeH Hardiana

    AdeH Hardiana

    4 giorni fa

    WTF u roblox!?!?

  95. Elianna DaCruz Fernandez

    Elianna DaCruz Fernandez

    4 giorni fa

    thefirst one

  96. Tu Vieja Gacha Mierda UwU

    Tu Vieja Gacha Mierda UwU

    4 giorni fa

    Me cague

  97. Pastel Angel

    Pastel Angel

    4 giorni fa

    literally all of them: Brat/Popular/Annoying girl: worst Best/Cute/Boy/Amazing girl/Depressed/Shy girl: Amazing

  98. Danna Chicaiza

    Danna Chicaiza

    4 giorni fa

    como se llama la cancion me alludan

  99. Morgan Welwood

    Morgan Welwood

    4 giorni fa


  100. Shadow Master

    Shadow Master

    4 giorni fa

    Jade sound in 2nd is like her Real Sound

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