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  1. Stella Gacha Lover

    Stella Gacha Lover

    9 giorni fa

    Omg im early btw if you say your favorite youtuber you Will get pinned??? Guys its Gacha Guys its Gacha Guys its Gacha Guys its Gacha Will this work? 😖🤧

    • Deku


      Giorno fa


    • Deku


      Giorno fa

      Bruh lol

    • Sutton Davis

      Sutton Davis

      Giorno fa


    • latoya jenkins

      latoya jenkins

      2 giorni fa


    • Hatsune Miku Fan On YT Official

      Hatsune Miku Fan On YT Official

      3 giorni fa

      Yes apparently

  2. Arlue1220.2


    23 ore fa

    0:15 may i get her head for figure???

  3. Angel Wolf#7716

    Angel Wolf#7716

    Giorno fa

    Man that was not Michael that was duku

  4. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf

    Giorno fa

    The first one looks like demon William 1:16 is deffinetly will

  5. Kelly Romero

    Kelly Romero

    Giorno fa

    5:07 I’m sorry past micheal

  6. Rolly Santiago

    Rolly Santiago

    Giorno fa

    The duriation of the vid changes

  7. Kqsio


    Giorno fa

    I'm that 1 guy everyone doesn't look at because they think I'm a Physcho and will kill them lol.

    • Kqsio


      Giorno fa

      I love this attention though ngl

  8. Bunnies_ Are the best things alive

    Bunnies_ Are the best things alive

    Giorno fa

    Them: Close your eyes! She/He is coming! Me: Andy?

  9. anime god

    anime god

    Giorno fa

    Why uraraka todoroki should have died

  10. Gaming with your girl Rock scar

    Gaming with your girl Rock scar

    Giorno fa


  11. Jessica Martin

    Jessica Martin

    Giorno fa

    I like it

  12. ¿८Ն૦υძ ૦Ր ძՐ૯คɱ?

    ¿८Ն૦υძ ૦Ր ძՐ૯คɱ?

    Giorno fa


  13. Da Potato

    Da Potato

    Giorno fa

    0:16 Haha head go bye bye

  14. 700 mamãe

    700 mamãe

    Giorno fa

    Nossa Música de novo em inglês desse Lavagirl e Sharkboy não esse filme é mó da hora mas eu não sou da rua Inglês gente só da rua

  15. Hxney Butter

    Hxney Butter

    Giorno fa

    No wonder there's so much dislikes

  16. Hxney Butter

    Hxney Butter

    Giorno fa


  17. Donatas Benietas

    Donatas Benietas

    Giorno fa

    Like Michael afton

  18. •Armin Arlert•

    •Armin Arlert•

    Giorno fa

    6:43 All I want to say is Who recorded me screaming?

  19. Mary Palmer

    Mary Palmer

    Giorno fa


  20. Lala Summers

    Lala Summers

    Giorno fa


  21. Asya Bulut

    Asya Bulut

    Giorno fa

    Loser Haha 😈😨😰😲 It was a joke Ha funny right

  22. 4ngi3_Y0n4g4


    Giorno fa

    oh hey it's dreams voice-- (or sapnap I can barely hear it)

  23. xXxNandoYtxXx Daniel Zayas

    xXxNandoYtxXx Daniel Zayas

    Giorno fa

    4:21 *A M O N G U S*

  24. Cecilia Calderon

    Cecilia Calderon

    Giorno fa

    Alguien me puede decir como se llama la música del minuto 5:40 porfa

  25. Char Mander

    Char Mander

    Giorno fa

    “MoRe fLaSh pLs”

  26. Alessandra Sardu

    Alessandra Sardu

    Giorno fa

    Scary 😣

  27. Wahyu Kurniady Prihandoko

    Wahyu Kurniady Prihandoko

    Giorno fa

    Dream a dream

  28. Do not click the new video

    Do not click the new video

    Giorno fa

    You can do that for you you don’t have a lot to do with your life stuff you know what I did for you and I didn’t want you you don’t have a boyfriend I just wanna do it and I like it because you know I love it and it’s like belle so much and it’s like belle so much love it and it’s like belle so much like I said hello and you don’t deserve it I hate it you know I hate it but it’s just a funny thing you don’t say you like belle so much you don’t have a lot to say about me and I don’t know what you say I love it but you don’t deserve it I don’t deserve it I’m not just the same person that I’m saying I love 💕 so you can I get a kiss 💋 you and your brother I know I’m sorry 😢 but I’m just like 👍 you are a little crazy 😝 you are a little boy 👦 and your family I know I have to be treated you hate that I’m so happy 😁 and I’m grateful that I can help me and my friend I am not a bad person anymore because you have a good 😌 you have so bad about that you have no problem 😌 I hate to hear 👂🏽 and crying 😭 about it and I’m so evil I hate to say that I’m a little bit dumbfounded and when you say that I am not really bad about it I’m just saying I’m gonna lie and I’m just gonna say it because it’s my birthday 🎂 I’m so happy 😁 is a real person who knows that it’s all the

  29. Zuri•Sama


    Giorno fa

    2:30 IS THAT LUCI?! (Second farthest to the right)

  30. Joswhar Simancas Caballero

    Joswhar Simancas Caballero

    Giorno fa

    4:01 why dusttale sans is in that video?

  31. Kaiden CruzCieslak

    Kaiden CruzCieslak

    Giorno fa

    The creepier version is better than the orignal in my opinion

  32. sam gaming

    sam gaming

    Giorno fa

    sorry but why you said my name

  33. Just a smol bean Yesh

    Just a smol bean Yesh

    Giorno fa

    I love the song I dunno why ;-;

  34. LoLiana


    Giorno fa

    Not tryna offend but yes some edgy cringe 👁👄👁👌Never knew you can get away with murdering in School

  35. Briana Bentley

    Briana Bentley

    Giorno fa

    Wait its more then 10

  36. Yhuna Sicatu

    Yhuna Sicatu

    Giorno fa

    Well thats from shark boy and lava girl

  37. Jamela Young

    Jamela Young

    Giorno fa

    7:20 ?????????????????

  38. Normal


    Giorno fa

    You when your friend peeves in hide and seek when their the seeker: Like or reply if relatable

  39. ZDGAMING zgaming

    ZDGAMING zgaming

    Giorno fa

    3:15 what is that that saying "mode hening dimatikan sekarang nada dering dipulihkan kembali" what is that

  40. dat cool boi

    dat cool boi

    Giorno fa

    Alright so always close your eyes when you see William afton

  41. janet tilly

    janet tilly

    Giorno fa

    i really dont like the willam afton on

  42. Jules Swan

    Jules Swan

    Giorno fa

    I'm doing it again

  43. Jules Swan

    Jules Swan

    Giorno fa

    Last night I couldn't cus I was singing this song 🤔👈👀👉

  44. Jules Swan

    Jules Swan

    Giorno fa

    One day I never bliket for some odd reason 🤔🖤👉👀👈

  45. Tré & Zerijah

    Tré & Zerijah

    Giorno fa

    The furst one was brutal

  46. Kenneth Lease

    Kenneth Lease

    Giorno fa

    I hate the flash warning

  47. George King Cudal

    George King Cudal

    Giorno fa

    l'm a sad boy 😈

  48. George King Cudal

    George King Cudal

    Giorno fa


  49. Asha Elkhalaf

    Asha Elkhalaf

    Giorno fa

    Gacah wolfs. Gacah life. Reacting to daddys got a gun. Waching afonts. I got no time to live. Close your eyes shut your month lyrics gavah life. William.clara.chris.micheal.lizzy Make sure To be Careful With This Vide Just close Your Eyes #@sha

  50. Talia Danieli souto cruz

    Talia Danieli souto cruz

    Giorno fa


  51. Omar Montanez

    Omar Montanez

    Giorno fa

    Me the tik tok now dream dream you mistake lil BEEP me now the kick kok so chool yes niub

  52. Zyrakhate Abosejo

    Zyrakhate Abosejo

    Giorno fa

    Stuomal uims los

  53. Zyrakhate Abosejo

    Zyrakhate Abosejo

    Giorno fa

    Syumltro elam tyuiao

  54. Zyrakhate Abosejo

    Zyrakhate Abosejo

    Giorno fa

    Romell umrto dliom

  55. Zyrakhate Abosejo

    Zyrakhate Abosejo

    2 giorni fa

    Aroma yuol

  56. Rafaela Leite Rafa

    Rafaela Leite Rafa

    2 giorni fa

    you guys are boring in; -;

  57. Raeestiano CREEPER シ

    Raeestiano CREEPER シ

    2 giorni fa


  58. Ma. Cecilia Tabora

    Ma. Cecilia Tabora

    2 giorni fa

    I looked at the discription and there's a lot of credits also love the vid dawg

  59. Brooke Newman

    Brooke Newman

    2 giorni fa

    this is not a meme its from a show its called shark boy don't be dumb don't make a show a meme

  60. Alifa Daily

    Alifa Daily

    2 giorni fa

    Wdym by ''VD''? 0:41 WAIT- IS VD VILLAIN DEKU IF SO IM DUM

  61. Dale Deuel

    Dale Deuel

    2 giorni fa

    Close your eyes shut your mouth dream a dream and get us out dream dream dream dream dream Paper OK fastest sleep dream a dream you little bleep

  62. Luca was my day

    Luca was my day

    2 giorni fa

    The fourth one of mha I wish that it was Deku and uraraka

  63. Samantha’s Dolls

    Samantha’s Dolls

    2 giorni fa


  64. Samantha’s Dolls

    Samantha’s Dolls

    2 giorni fa


  65. galaxy _moonles

    galaxy _moonles

    2 giorni fa

    I kinda like tommyinnt just singing in the front turn him nightmare coming

  66. Kennedy Stone

    Kennedy Stone

    2 giorni fa


  67. LaylasADreamer GachaRoblox

    LaylasADreamer GachaRoblox

    2 giorni fa

    Me when de first one where the girl head gets cut off;MY EYESSSS

  68. Iyanla Simmons

    Iyanla Simmons

    2 giorni fa

    Sure if I had a dad and he will kill kidsv

  69. Marcuz Sean Pato

    Marcuz Sean Pato

    2 giorni fa

    Dream dream

  70. Gachagamer Adri

    Gachagamer Adri

    2 giorni fa

    I love that there is a random my daddy’s got a gun meme

  71. Mrnoscoper Forest

    Mrnoscoper Forest

    2 giorni fa

    Why you didnt put me a heart🥺🥺🥺🥺

  72. A d d i s o n

    A d d i s o n

    2 giorni fa

    0:31 dude in orange in white Me: *VECTOR*

  73. Caitlin


    2 giorni fa

    Welp at least I know not to dream anymore

  74. ItzMirandaPlays *

    ItzMirandaPlays *

    2 giorni fa


  75. G A C H A L O V E

    G A C H A L O V E

    2 giorni fa

    Way to ruin a funny harmless meme

  76. artisyseni


    2 giorni fa


  77. kazedmonks


    2 giorni fa

    Turn Around Meme

  78. [PUBG] TopPUBG

    [PUBG] TopPUBG

    2 giorni fa


  79. MS - 02KS 884970 Fernforest PS

    MS - 02KS 884970 Fernforest PS

    2 giorni fa

    My favorite one is when this guy punched the killer.

  80. Antoinette Rapinett

    Antoinette Rapinett

    2 giorni fa

    Guys its gacha guys its gacha guys its gacha 💚💛🧡💜🖤

  81. Maisie Halfpenny

    Maisie Halfpenny

    2 giorni fa

    Me cosplaying William Afton: I ALWAYS COME BACK The first meme: * is william * Me: *HOL' UP WHAT NOW*

  82. Catty Cat

    Catty Cat

    2 giorni fa

    Fun fact: this song is from shark boy and lava girl

  83. Jin Mayi

    Jin Mayi

    2 giorni fa

    Is that William Afton from the first one and at the Camp?

  84. ANNA Roblox

    ANNA Roblox

    2 giorni fa


  85. Michaela Pace

    Michaela Pace

    2 giorni fa

    Somebody come get him he’s killing all the children.✨

  86. Jasmine Nada El Fajria Salsabila

    Jasmine Nada El Fajria Salsabila

    2 giorni fa

    UwU love it

  87. Kiryomi


    2 giorni fa

    i really like this-

  88. Leo_channel YT

    Leo_channel YT

    2 giorni fa


  89. Peabo Exeter

    Peabo Exeter

    2 giorni fa

    I'm not scared

  90. Marisol Ramirez Magana

    Marisol Ramirez Magana

    2 giorni fa

    You are the best you tuber ever like she deserves like how much oh like 100000Billion Subscribers and no cap this ain’t a joke. Comment If you agreed

  91. pInk leAf iS hoT

    pInk leAf iS hoT

    2 giorni fa


  92. pInk leAf iS hoT

    pInk leAf iS hoT

    2 giorni fa

    I don’t get why people ship bakugou and izuku like bakugou told izuku to kill him self

  93. 「Lovely Zara」

    「Lovely Zara」

    2 giorni fa

    The fact this song is from shark boy and lava girl 😭😭😭

  94. SADAKO


    2 giorni fa

    Coool sis

  95. Lana Lay

    Lana Lay

    2 giorni fa

    Every one: omg close your eyes!!! The guy opens his eyes: oh its just the hot foot bull game

  96. wercan playz

    wercan playz

    2 giorni fa

    My classmate: guys close ur eyes he's coming Everyone: closes eyes Guy: walking to our school Me: open's my one eye Guy: so handsome Me: closes back

  97. Lou Ange

    Lou Ange

    2 giorni fa

    0:07 William afton encien

  98. Mia The Local Idiot

    Mia The Local Idiot

    2 giorni fa


  99. Nan Nay Zar Chi

    Nan Nay Zar Chi

    2 giorni fa

    This song is made for dream and the dreams sounds like snapnap

  100. Rosary_ PlayzYT

    Rosary_ PlayzYT

    2 giorni fa

    guys it's gacha guys it's gacha guys it's gacha

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