The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgment is coming to Netflix in 2021! Who can't you wait to see again? The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 is on the way!
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The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement | Teaser Trailer | Netflix
When a kingdom is taken over by tyrants, the deposed princess begins a quest to find a disbanded group of evil knights to help take back her realm.


  1. Cata A

    Cata A

    15 giorni fa

    Damn, Seven Deadly Sins OST never gets old. Probably one of my favorites

    • Memeyoulater Exe._.

      Memeyoulater Exe._.

      Giorno fa

      What song ??

    • Diego Pizarro

      Diego Pizarro

      7 giorni fa

      @COVID-19 Estuvo aqui pero si el mexicano siempre ha sido el doblaje latino🤔

    • COVID-19 Estuvo aqui

      COVID-19 Estuvo aqui

      7 giorni fa

      Espero que Netflix lo saque esta vez en español latino y no mexicanl

    • Diego Pizarro

      Diego Pizarro

      7 giorni fa

      Bleach best OST

    • Gabriel Ike

      Gabriel Ike

      8 giorni fa

      It still makes me like the show despite the awful last season

  2. Arihan And har games

    Arihan And har games

    10 secondi fa


  3. Kieron Nguekam

    Kieron Nguekam

    3 minuti fa

    Some one plz tell me where I can listen to this music??

  4. Samurai Plays

    Samurai Plays

    2 ore fa

    When will it come out?

  5. Noe Yepes

    Noe Yepes

    2 ore fa

    Pongan el doblaje latino dela 3ra temporada

  6. Roman Empire

    Roman Empire

    7 ore fa

    Is this the season after the one with the bad animation

  7. Nour MIGHT

    Nour MIGHT

    10 ore fa

    Dont get your hopes up even the third season's trailler looked this nice

  8. Louis Almenario

    Louis Almenario

    11 ore fa

    Hopefully the upcoming sequel would be great

  9. SameerGalaxy


    13 ore fa

    We waited so long and because of Covid 19 I was so bored

  10. Limitless Forever

    Limitless Forever

    14 ore fa

    cant wait to it come out

  11. Noah Spaulding

    Noah Spaulding

    16 ore fa

    Thank you,Netflix

  12. Kaizoku Densha

    Kaizoku Densha

    18 ore fa

    Songg ??



    19 ore fa

    Let's see if the fights get better and not lasers with same colour

  14. der wuselige

    der wuselige

    22 ore fa

    The Teasers are trash everything in the teaser i already known

  15. Malika


    Giorno fa

    Soundtrack ?

  16. santiago pomajulca

    santiago pomajulca

    Giorno fa

    Ya se que hace estarossa a elizabeth le hara algo para que estarossa se transforme en un angel demoniaco

  17. animelat


    Giorno fa

  18. Commander Cody

    Commander Cody

    Giorno fa

    God the animation from last season....

  19. flaminglaze2 Nation

    flaminglaze2 Nation

    Giorno fa

    ill wait upon the dew date of it BUT CAN I WAIT I CANT HELL NAH I NEED IT RIGHT NOWW

  20. mew mew kitty

    mew mew kitty

    Giorno fa

    Everyone here is saying that you want a better animation well I'm here crying cos I'm happy and sad at the same time that it's going to be the lest seasen the final journey a 3000 years journey😭😀😭😀😭😀😀😭😭😀😭😀😭😊🙁😊🙁

  21. Daniel loki

    Daniel loki

    Giorno fa

    Pra quando?

  22. Mat Saez Guerra

    Mat Saez Guerra

    Giorno fa


  23. Francesco Saverio Zaccheo

    Francesco Saverio Zaccheo

    Giorno fa

    Estarossa is Mael thanks to Gowther



    Giorno fa

    what is the title of this music lol?

  25. Bryan Mendez

    Bryan Mendez

    Giorno fa

    Is this Real pleaseTell me this is real

  26. the Master Barrientos

    the Master Barrientos

    2 giorni fa


  27. cute street animals

    cute street animals

    2 giorni fa

    Any overlord fans here

  28. Samuca Nerd canal

    Samuca Nerd canal

    2 giorni fa

    E a dublagem da 3ª temporada

  29. Amra Korman

    Amra Korman

    2 giorni fa


  30. 0 XxHell_DestrierxX 21yo

    0 XxHell_DestrierxX 21yo

    2 giorni fa

    This is the 4th season, Netflix 😂

  31. Julius Jumalon

    Julius Jumalon

    2 giorni fa

    I need the version of this eri0ne$

  32. Natsuki Subaru

    Natsuki Subaru

    2 giorni fa

    Can anyone tell me why did A-1 did not adapt season 3

  33. Felipe 28

    Felipe 28

    2 giorni fa


  34. Kael_12 Lira

    Kael_12 Lira

    2 giorni fa

    Mas porquê o anime tem que acabar já ? 💔

  35. DIDI S4

    DIDI S4

    2 giorni fa

    Momento caos para arthur :v

  36. Acount Lewis

    Acount Lewis

    2 giorni fa


  37. ItzWedzi


    2 giorni fa

    here before 1 mil

  38. Rosângela Damasio soares

    Rosângela Damasio soares

    2 giorni fa

    - Chega logo prfvrrr e vem em português..🤙🏾🥴

  39. RJ Games

    RJ Games

    2 giorni fa

    por favor nao caguem a 5 temporada

  40. Emerson Rodrigues Martins

    Emerson Rodrigues Martins

    2 giorni fa


  41. The Gaming Gorilla

    The Gaming Gorilla

    2 giorni fa

    How is no one else hyped about this?

  42. Evo Docturine

    Evo Docturine

    2 giorni fa

    After seeing just a few shots... I can tell that this is still going to be just as bad as season 3.

  43. ShadowDaGamer


    2 giorni fa


  44. Kerby Manalo

    Kerby Manalo

    3 giorni fa

    Season 5 lookin real good i am HYPED

  45. Flex Jay

    Flex Jay

    3 giorni fa


  46. Jankeespieters


    3 giorni fa

    Again with studio deen.... sad sad sad

  47. Kayn


    3 giorni fa

    Here we go, the end is near.

  48. zetsu Negro

    zetsu Negro

    3 giorni fa

    Eu espero que seja boa essa temporada porque cara censurar o sangue sei não ;-; e animação mano Espero que seja top

  49. Sachin Singh

    Sachin Singh

    3 giorni fa


  50. 31


    3 giorni fa

    maaan the finnal ? :(

  51. Lily Fisher

    Lily Fisher

    3 giorni fa


  52. Shivam Verma

    Shivam Verma

    3 giorni fa

    waiting to see king's true power in anime

  53. d S

    d S

    3 giorni fa

    My favourite anime .

  54. Rakesh Jana

    Rakesh Jana

    3 giorni fa


  55. Cry K

    Cry K

    3 giorni fa

    Sooo is this teasing that theres going to be a new season bc on imperial wrath of the gods on the last episode it kinda left me on a cliff hanger when estrerosa took Elizabeth but while meli is becoming the demon king but never told us if he is the demon king rn or not so I need more seasons or episodes to explain and I'm sorry for spoiling some of the last episodes for the new ppl

  56. Alvin Weah

    Alvin Weah

    3 giorni fa

    bro who happy about this news?

  57. María José Rodríguez Rodríguez 701

    María José Rodríguez Rodríguez 701

    3 giorni fa

    El final se acerca :'v

  58. BigBadWolf


    3 giorni fa

    If you really like the anime for some reason lol. You'll love the manga! So much better. Sad the anime sucks

  59. Sebastian Marrero

    Sebastian Marrero

    3 giorni fa

    Can you know how they are working on a fifth season and we still don't have Latin dubbing?(se puede saber como están trabajando en una quinta temporada y aun no tenemos doblaje latino)?

  60. Reptile Runner

    Reptile Runner

    3 giorni fa

    What’s the song anyone hellppp

  61. Fay k

    Fay k

    4 giorni fa


  62. itzzchristndxx x

    itzzchristndxx x

    4 giorni fa

    yeah im so happyyyyy

  63. Eduardo Lascurain

    Eduardo Lascurain

    4 giorni fa

    Para cuándo el doblaje al latino

  64. Sonia Galaviz

    Sonia Galaviz

    4 giorni fa

    Its coming in 2021?

  65. A l d a xxx

    A l d a xxx

    4 giorni fa


  66. DeSales Miami

    DeSales Miami

    4 giorni fa

    I want to be inside in the anime fighting next to Meliodaaaaaaaaaaasss!!!! And KING ARTHUR!!!!

  67. Cloudy 1

    Cloudy 1

    4 giorni fa

    The animation looks the same. Their just putting their best shots in the trailer. I expect nothing from this

  68. Astherielle


    4 giorni fa

    I so love this anime i cant believe its ending but its okay since there will be another chapter of the story after this ❤️

  69. zuukus


    4 giorni fa

    I'm confused, what studio did the seven deadly sins

    • MJForever 2019

      MJForever 2019

      2 giorni fa

      Season 1-2: A-1 Picture Season 3: Marvy Jack Season 4: Studio Deen

    • Cloudy 1

      Cloudy 1

      4 giorni fa

      Season 1-2: a-1 picture Season 3-4: an outsourced studio

  70. KCErase


    4 giorni fa

    Everyone is shitting about s3 animations but no one is gonna talk about the false sound timing? The sound of two sword clashes were coming after a whole year

  71. Abloom liraloreabloom

    Abloom liraloreabloom

    4 giorni fa

    Netflix I love you❤️❤️❤️

  72. med mours

    med mours

    4 giorni fa

    We will never forget how bad the fight between escanor and meliodas was

  73. Mitchel Cameron

    Mitchel Cameron

    4 giorni fa

    Wait is this the last season 😢

  74. Lorenz Clint Arquiza Gallego

    Lorenz Clint Arquiza Gallego

    4 giorni fa

    Ya better redeem yourselves after last season😌

  75. viral meme

    viral meme

    4 giorni fa

    Hindi dub

  76. viral meme

    viral meme

    4 giorni fa

    Hindi dun

  77. Xtian Twale

    Xtian Twale

    4 giorni fa

    Netflix add season 2-4 in Netflix pls

  78. Jeffrey Pacci

    Jeffrey Pacci

    4 giorni fa

    3ra temporada latino porfaaaa

  79. Joseph Nexus

    Joseph Nexus

    4 giorni fa

    Waiting to that the serie will have a good quality

  80. King Crested

    King Crested

    4 giorni fa

    Escanor v meliodas was top tier work hope you keep it up😃👌

    • Cloudy 1

      Cloudy 1

      4 giorni fa


  81. Salma Paternina Alean

    Salma Paternina Alean

    4 giorni fa

    Q no tengamos q ver melodías inflables nunca mas

  82. Jorge Alexis Hernandez Santiago

    Jorge Alexis Hernandez Santiago

    4 giorni fa

    Yeeees i love Netflix

  83. Achal Tiwari

    Achal Tiwari

    4 giorni fa

    When is the release date plzz tell

    • Cloudy 1

      Cloudy 1

      4 giorni fa

      January 6th 2021

  84. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia

    4 giorni fa

  85. Guilherme Nascimento

    Guilherme Nascimento

    4 giorni fa


  86. Javi-el- humano

    Javi-el- humano

    5 giorni fa

    this is my favourite serie

  87. Javi-el- humano

    Javi-el- humano

    5 giorni fa

    voi a llorarrr

  88. Animation Videos

    Animation Videos

    5 giorni fa

    7 deadly sins became my life I want new season muchhh XD KYAAA~

  89. igor BUBNAR

    igor BUBNAR

    5 giorni fa

    and which month ?

    • Cloudy 1

      Cloudy 1

      4 giorni fa


  90. Naomi 『Nightcore』

    Naomi 『Nightcore』

    5 giorni fa

    นะ-ในที่สุด!!! น่าจะไม่เผาหรอกมั้งงงงงง??

  91. Phimo


    5 giorni fa

    Guys, last season wasn't animated by Studio Deen, it was Marvy Jack, this time it's Studio Deen that's animating so yeah the animation will be better

    • Andres Quispe

      Andres Quispe

      17 ore fa

      @Tater Tot tu si sabes crack B)

    • Tater Tot

      Tater Tot

      20 ore fa

      @Andres Quispe Dice que el animacion va mejorar esta temporada.

    • Andres Quispe

      Andres Quispe

      4 giorni fa

      No entiendo tu idioma que de que de cuando xD

  92. Sagar Rana

    Sagar Rana

    5 giorni fa

    Bc log hindi ke banao 😐😐😐😐😐😐



    5 giorni fa

    Wait.. I can't remember what happened in the last season I stopped watching because I can't let my eyes be murdered thrice after watching it

  94. zakku sama

    zakku sama

    5 giorni fa

    I just hope the animation will be good for the last season, I also think season 3 should have a remake

  95. Luca Pags

    Luca Pags

    5 giorni fa

    You better not take 5 months for the damn season

  96. Kajal Shakoor

    Kajal Shakoor

    5 giorni fa

    FUCK yea.

  97. Eigengrau Tan

    Eigengrau Tan

    5 giorni fa

    I really LOVE SDS, man. And the thing I really like that all the CHARACTERS are important and have their backstories. I first thought it would be about AMAZING and COOL fights with a little mystery to solve. But when they reach the season 3, THE CURSED LOVERS GOT ME EMOTIONAL HERE,MAN. And another comment that I read before that "Meliodas is an true example in hiding pain behind his smile." just got me GOOD!!!!! AND this MESMERIZING soundtrack has blessed my ears. Yes, LOVE the anime.

    • Jose tekl

      Jose tekl

      3 giorni fa

      same here man ive been watching The Life We Live episode with SD and DK facing off against meliodas and elizabeth and i keep wandering as-well how they fought them cause they look bigger than giants

  98. Billy Joel Gabriel

    Billy Joel Gabriel

    5 giorni fa

    Spoilers: I don't want to see escanor die again😭

  99. Illumination Off

    Illumination Off

    5 giorni fa

    I want Arthur back.. like right now

  100. pokecraftIII


    5 giorni fa

    Oui oui

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