The New Mercedes S Class 2021 Test Drive

Here it is, the all new Mercedes S Class S500 L with the AMG Sport Package! Welcome to Alaatin61! Follow/Share/Like For More
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In this video you can see a visual review of the obsidian black metallic Mercedes S Class. Furthermore you can hear the sound and you can see the interior, MBUX and exterior of this Mercedes. This car is fitted with 20 inch multi spoke AMG styling rims.
Car: 2021 Mercedes S Class
Price: €190.061,-
Mercedes S500 L 4 Matic
3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine inline
435 Hp
520 Nm
9 Speed Automatic
250 km/h limited
1945 kg


  1. Alaatin61


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      Srush Naby

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      @Edon Veliu ت

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      Alaaaatin hadi yirttin , paralar gelsinn

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      Alaatin kardes 3,5 milyon izleyici.

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      Alatin 🤣

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  2. sam


    12 minuti fa

    Hey Mercedes. Pay for my car loan and my expensive repairs.

  3. B G

    B G

    17 minuti fa

    porno watching for every seat. woohoo!

  4. eli albert

    eli albert

    20 minuti fa

    Playing forza and uploading is great, but common, show us the real thing...

  5. Jenny Bobo

    Jenny Bobo

    45 minuti fa

    What a great video

  6. Дед


    53 minuti fa

    Прости за дизлайк конечно, но тачка дно какое то, это не мерседес. Понравился бардачок, дефлекторы обдува по центру на торпеде, прицел на капоте и руль. ВСЁ! Подсветка это просто полное днище, не ожидал я такого провала от мерседеса. Дизайн экстерьера как будто хёндай разрабатывал, это вообще полный провал. Совсем не в том направлении пошли

  7. 123xyz


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    hey, Mer-say-duss.

  8. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

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    "Hey Mercedes" Mercedes:" tf this nigga want now"

  9. Salih kamrudin

    Salih kamrudin

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    Your video is really boring

  10. ФИО


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    Das ist KIA . Das ist nicht Merscedes.

  11. 명견실버


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    이런게 차지 쩌네~

  12. Ivan Melo

    Ivan Melo

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    9:33 this is the time you pull your zip down...

  13. 101perspective


    2 ore fa

    Looks like a LOT of stuff that could break down. Have Ozzy Osbourne do the computer voice though and I will give it serious consideration.

  14. Mark Martin

    Mark Martin

    2 ore fa

    I would have crashed fiddling with all that shit. Come on, enough is enough

  15. sergiu ulici

    sergiu ulici

    2 ore fa

    daddy , where does dreams come from?? me: ITput, my dear.

  16. Chizoba duke

    Chizoba duke

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    I never known I'll be able to see someone great and legit like KEVINTOOLZ on IG who helped me to fix my macbook without any problems

  17. Chizoba duke

    Chizoba duke

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    I never known I'll be able to see someone great and legit like KEVINTOOLZ on IG who helped me to fix my macbook without any problems

  18. Chizoba duke

    Chizoba duke

    2 ore fa

    I never known I'll be able to see someone great and legit like KEVINTOOLZ on IG who helped me to fix my macbook without any problems

  19. Tom Allamo

    Tom Allamo

    2 ore fa

    What's the point of a fast car if the speed limit's 80?

  20. Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse Pinkman

    2 ore fa

    damn that's a nice watch!

  21. 김사성


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    운전중 너무 조작많이 하네 안전하지 않다

  22. Graeme Wilce

    Graeme Wilce

    2 ore fa

    Your a good driver I had to leave as i started to feel unwell in my stomach so had go and lie down< sorry about this mate my Email is if u want write back I"m from New Zealand ...

  23. FleetwoodSoup


    2 ore fa

    LOL Mercedes Assistant was like *ughh... what now?*

  24. Jozip Broz Tizto

    Jozip Broz Tizto

    3 ore fa

    Ugly wheel i ever seen

  25. shane hill

    shane hill

    3 ore fa

    sick i'm getting one now for sure

  26. Director


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    По нашим дорогам на таком поездить)...И че так лагает??

  27. Ivan Wong

    Ivan Wong

    3 ore fa

    Too many distraction on driving a car. Accident is waiting to happen!

  28. sirboom


    3 ore fa

    Well let’s be honest. Those vents are ugly... not gonna buy it.

  29. Arib bhai

    Arib bhai

    3 ore fa

    what's up with this guy and the damn colors lmfao

  30. hellbanianz realife

    hellbanianz realife

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    Omg 😱 I have mercedes 2001 😒 when look mercedes 2021 Not to live 😒😒

  31. luisvega666


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    so sad i rather just drivem that talking to fucking phone or receiving silly jokes jesus wtf

  32. Sahm Dhude

    Sahm Dhude

    3 ore fa

    Hey Mercedes, steer us into oncoming traffic with your aging lane keep assist.



    3 ore fa

    Me:- He Mercedes Give Me This Car as Gift. Mercedes :- No Reply??? Beeeep

  34. oren


    4 ore fa

    Absolutely no reason to buy these expensive cars when evs will take over in few years

  35. A AJ

    A AJ

    4 ore fa

    feeling a little embarrassed while having to drive my 1992 honda civic hb....

  36. Justa Fortiba

    Justa Fortiba

    4 ore fa

    One person: Elon Musk 2 companies: SpaceX + Tesla One word: T E S L A ✌️

  37. Gariban Adam

    Gariban Adam

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  38. Dan Oprea

    Dan Oprea

    4 ore fa

    This car is so silent that when it gets booted the engine exhaust sounds fake.

  39. Sergej Hartwig

    Sergej Hartwig

    4 ore fa

    der ist ja noch besser als mein golf4!😂😂

  40. Rusty


    4 ore fa

    iPads everywhere!!!

  41. Wasser glätte

    Wasser glätte

    4 ore fa

    Diese LED Lichtbänder sind des Guten zu viel. Das sieht nach Puff Auto aus !!!

  42. Jeffrey Gillispie

    Jeffrey Gillispie

    4 ore fa

    "Hey Mursaydez....print me $150k"

  43. Wall Tiger

    Wall Tiger

    4 ore fa

    this is crap.

  44. Wes Cardwell

    Wes Cardwell

    4 ore fa

    Terrible. Tesla S. Get rid of the rear seat screens. Put some luxury back in the front. Too much tech.

  45. houcine ouyaba

    houcine ouyaba

    4 ore fa

    hii mercedes I want to Get you ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼💯

  46. Jaime V

    Jaime V

    5 ore fa

    Looks like a Toyota from the back....

  47. 赵润林


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  48. sam alali

    sam alali

    5 ore fa

    what a car

  49. Zee


    5 ore fa

    Copying Tesla with the control center Musk is the man

  50. Ghure Ashi

    Ghure Ashi

    5 ore fa

    Beautiful Mercedes S Class 2021 Test Drive video, I enjoyed it a lot my friend. This is Munia from Ghure Ashi and I love Mercedes too.

  51. LetITbe199


    5 ore fa

    Meanwhile ,just looking at my small apartment and thinking what is wrong...



    5 ore fa

    Pure kitsch. Plus ugly. The only detail worth mentioning are Giulia taillights. Can we have Bruno Sacco back, please??

  53. Kourosh Callahan

    Kourosh Callahan

    5 ore fa

    Driver: Hey Mercedes. Mercedes girl: How may I help you? Driver: I need a bathroom. Mercedes Girl: Piss and shit on me.

  54. thevil?


    5 ore fa

    "hey mercedes"

  55. thevil?


    5 ore fa

    "just turn on red ambient lightning"

  56. Kourosh Callahan

    Kourosh Callahan

    5 ore fa

    Red Light District on wheel... Overpriced she-man moving brothel.

  57. Ramz 15

    Ramz 15

    6 ore fa

    Hi Mercedes! Come here🤗✅🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  58. Omg walkout

    Omg walkout

    6 ore fa

    Costa qvanta. Arschritze

  59. Zeph Orac

    Zeph Orac

    6 ore fa

    All those screens no thanks. And in 6 years it will be up on Craigslist for sale for $8000 and need $80,000 of repairs. No thanks.

  60. 냥이고


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    먼가 촌스럽고 질리는디자인

  61. Saloppo


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    Cool! 3.870.931 Aufrufe •06.01.2021

  62. C G

    C G

    6 ore fa

    Well, well, well....driving 115 km/h in a 100 km/h zone (at min 7:38) ... and recorded and put on youtube. Never was easier to get a speed ticket for free :D :D :D

  63. Hesam ABZ

    Hesam ABZ

    6 ore fa

    Actually so bad

  64. B L A N K

    B L A N K

    6 ore fa

    3:59 What did Mercedes say ?

  65. Santa Blous

    Santa Blous

    6 ore fa

    That's really really impressive technology

  66. Brian McAllister

    Brian McAllister

    6 ore fa

    Gizmos, gizmos, gizmos... How about the leg room, head room, road feel, power, etc, etc. Hey Alaatin61, look at some other test drives on ITput to get an idea of what questions should be addressed in a test drive presentation.

  67. garryentropy


    7 ore fa

    looks tacky

  68. Tejas Gole

    Tejas Gole

    7 ore fa

    What a douchebag just keeps changing colours for 15 mins

  69. luis vaquerano

    luis vaquerano

    7 ore fa

    I am sticking with my 1969 Camaro over this car 100% my car is no BS attach

  70. Abood Mahfouz

    Abood Mahfouz

    7 ore fa

    I will wish for this car in heavens If Allah well and I went to heaven😅😇

  71. Logan


    7 ore fa

    Satana da Alanada helal olsun, kazasız belasız kullansın İnşaAllah. Ben halen 2005 Model C 220 Mercedes kullanıyorum,buna da şükür. Bu arabayı ancak Rüyamda görürüm. Çok güzel hayran kaldım

  72. The drummerboy 121

    The drummerboy 121

    7 ore fa

    Dont like it.This is not a car, rather an entertainment system on wheels.I would think that all the technology was spying on me.I would hate this.Rip it all out, and give me a proper drivers car any day or one without all the screens and surveillance. For me it's boring, a car for geeks. but I guess this is what young people deem to be so important, so...

  73. Vladimir Was Here

    Vladimir Was Here

    7 ore fa

    Video content: 10% Mercedes, 90% Android toys

  74. Elizabeth Arends Gökce

    Elizabeth Arends Gökce

    7 ore fa

    Sehr schön. Wurde zuerst alles im bordcomputer einstellen und dann erst losfahren. Sicherheit geht vor.

    • Mike


      7 ore fa

      Hab nach einen deutschen Kommentar gesucht. Immer bei einer deutschen Automarke wird unter einen englischen Video Deutsch geschrieben 😂

  75. Gustavo Araujo de Oliveira

    Gustavo Araujo de Oliveira

    7 ore fa

    Que nave 😍😍😍

  76. Snk 21

    Snk 21

    7 ore fa

    You don’t need to use a phone while driving to make a crash. You just need a Mercedes. No really, that’s just way to much entertainment system for a car! You won’t be concentrated at all!

  77. time traveler are we there yet

    time traveler are we there yet

    7 ore fa

    lol car shield would'nt even cover this!!! one thing goes wrong with this car out of warranty omg!! u godda sell a kid to get it fixed.

  78. Rubén Cuenca

    Rubén Cuenca

    7 ore fa

    It's ridiculous to pay millions of trillions to ask for a joke to your car

  79. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott

    7 ore fa

    Wow, Wow! Awesome car!

  80. Dabayare


    7 ore fa

    Cars are not living rooms guys. I would have banned vehicles with too many distractions. I bet they also have a place to keep your cornflakes in case I prefer to have Ur breakfast in car while driving

  81. time traveler are we there yet

    time traveler are we there yet

    7 ore fa

    and no offense bro..really but they picked the wrong person to demo this car!!!!

  82. 일베들은듸져라


    7 ore fa

    위험하게 운전하면서 머 이렇게 조작을 많이해 18

  83. time traveler are we there yet

    time traveler are we there yet

    7 ore fa

    i love this car HOWEVER! i already have a electric car a benz 4matic and my porsche boxster in my drive way! meaning i cant justify buyng this as bad as i want it! besides my wife would kill me! if she came home and it was there!

  84. CeZaR NeBuN

    CeZaR NeBuN

    8 ore fa

    this is what I call "GERMAN STUPIDITY"

  85. Олег Петрович

    Олег Петрович

    8 ore fa

    Босс на КВН))))

  86. G MG

    G MG

    8 ore fa

    Looks like an iphone on wheels. I prefer physical buttons and analogue dash clocks. No distraction and a pure driving experience.

  87. Joachim Sudergat

    Joachim Sudergat

    8 ore fa

    Hey Mercedes. The Mercedes = Shut your damned mouth for more then 10 seconds, wanker king.

  88. Cook Beats

    Cook Beats

    8 ore fa

    Driving in Russia? I fear for your life if you are.

  89. CG B

    CG B

    8 ore fa

    Thanks for showing the car. But I would never buy one! Too much electric and digital stuff. It's like driving a smartphone. Everyone who wants to drive this S-Class? Take a train, relax and play with your phone.

  90. luis vaquerano

    luis vaquerano

    8 ore fa

    Hey Mercedes. How can I help you. Guy. I am single. Mercedes no worry you got Mercedes lol

  91. Derill Wilson

    Derill Wilson

    8 ore fa

    You need a college course to learn how to use all the gadgets and gizmos lol

  92. Sirbu Robert

    Sirbu Robert

    8 ore fa

    My car has less buttons on the entire dashboard than this Mercedes has on the driving wheel.

  93. Zoltán Kárpáti

    Zoltán Kárpáti

    8 ore fa

    Hey Mercedes! Who the fck is Alice!?

  94. Montaser For cars

    Montaser For cars

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  95. Yucel Akgun

    Yucel Akgun

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  97. Алексей Кузнечик

    Алексей Кузнечик

    9 ore fa

    "Эй Мерседес" - хочу смеяться 5 минут

  98. LizardKing


    9 ore fa

    hey merceidis, MER -CEH-DEH-S

  99. Бакытбек Асанбеков

    Бакытбек Асанбеков

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    Хей ваз возьми управления на себя. Ваз отвечает, ты чо охуел человек.

  100. 3lectronic0


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    Hey Mercedes, return me my kidney.

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