The Most VIEWED TikToks Of Brent Rivera| Brent Rivera TikTok Compilation 2021

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  1. مبارك البيش

    مبارك البيش

    34 minuti fa


  2. pinkroseiela ROBLOX

    pinkroseiela ROBLOX

    Ora fa

    When he just asked them to kiss him he ducks and they kiss lol

  3. Osama Mazin

    Osama Mazin

    Ora fa


  4. Anette Sjödin

    Anette Sjödin

    3 ore fa


  5. Yuri Hartmann

    Yuri Hartmann

    3 ore fa

    Google 'Uyghurs genocide Xinjiang'. By using TikTok, you are supporting 1 million people being detained in mass detention camps in China, simply because of their ethnic affiliation. TikTok's parent company ByteDance has zero problem with that. The owner recently acknowledged their apps have "weak" implementation of Xi Jinping Thought, and promised that ByteDance would "further deepen cooperation" with the ruling Chinese Communist Party to better promote its policies. If China and ByteDance have no moral scruples about genocide, stealing intellectual property, or censoring their own citizens, what makes you think they'll stop there? Your identity and thoughts are a threat to their existence. Clock is ticking... time to #DeleteTikTok

  6. jason grandell

    jason grandell

    3 ore fa

    This video is the coolest funny video in the world

    • jason grandell

      jason grandell

      3 ore fa

      Neville Martin hate this video cephas

  7. Ethan Wong

    Ethan Wong

    4 ore fa

    9:14 ???

  8. Deniz Tunaboylu

    Deniz Tunaboylu

    4 ore fa


  9. Wael Rayan

    Wael Rayan

    4 ore fa


  10. Maureen Portanova

    Maureen Portanova

    4 ore fa


  11. Anicka Kovacs

    Anicka Kovacs

    5 ore fa


  12. TheOneShot


    5 ore fa

    Oh I kissed a girl more like I kissed a bear

  13. TheOneShot


    5 ore fa


  14. Amyrh Alsfry

    Amyrh Alsfry

    6 ore fa


  15. Tiyah James

    Tiyah James

    6 ore fa

    When Brent got out of the shower he had no tower and Alan or Alex gave him one

  16. Tiyah James

    Tiyah James

    6 ore fa

    Eww ben kiss lexi yuck🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢

  17. P.B.S Nair

    P.B.S Nair

    6 ore fa


  18. sergio rivera

    sergio rivera

    6 ore fa


  19. sergio rivera

    sergio rivera

    6 ore fa

    hahahahahahahahaha you're so long

  20. 02boude


    7 ore fa

    Je suis f

  21. Lindenberg Vieira da Silva

    Lindenberg Vieira da Silva

    7 ore fa


  22. La vie de Andra Et de Eduard

    La vie de Andra Et de Eduard

    9 ore fa

    You The sistrer of Brent Lexi you are realy cute

  23. Charlotte Foli

    Charlotte Foli

    9 ore fa

    i er ser saie

  24. Jenna Rowe

    Jenna Rowe

    9 ore fa

    3:53 and 7:56 is so funny! Like if you liked it 😏

  25. Nicholas Sheffield

    Nicholas Sheffield

    9 ore fa


  26. elijah and esma funny love

    elijah and esma funny love

    10 ore fa

    Jour mom end jour dad end jour sister❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

  27. Melissa Louise

    Melissa Louise

    10 ore fa

    your funny and cool 😎☺️😂😂

  28. darwin jasiel Castañeda

    darwin jasiel Castañeda

    11 ore fa

    Darwin jasiel

  29. Arshiya Fathima

    Arshiya Fathima

    11 ore fa

    Ahhhaa ahha ha ha infian music

  30. Ruba Abbasi

    Ruba Abbasi

    11 ore fa


  31. Ralph Angelo Ellana

    Ralph Angelo Ellana

    12 ore fa


  32. Benjamin Mayhew

    Benjamin Mayhew

    14 ore fa


  33. Benjamin Mayhew

    Benjamin Mayhew

    14 ore fa

    Renegade Renagade

  34. Azra Kargıoğlu

    Azra Kargıoğlu

    14 ore fa

    Turkish turkish turkish

  35. Ines Z.

    Ines Z.

    15 ore fa

    1:03 yes

  36. Mayuri Oted

    Mayuri Oted

    15 ore fa

    No not the chips 🤧

  37. Kincső Pékó

    Kincső Pékó

    15 ore fa

    XD Hiiiiiiiiii 😂💞💕💗💜💖💚💙

  38. Kincső Pékó

    Kincső Pékó

    15 ore fa


  39. Johnnydnielsen


    15 ore fa

    ` )u

  40. Corey Nunley

    Corey Nunley

    19 ore fa

    Love u

  41. Gabriella Almada-Fitz

    Gabriella Almada-Fitz

    19 ore fa

    Eat like the opposite all the time

  42. Sophia Jane Galones

    Sophia Jane Galones

    19 ore fa


  43. HOARAU Vivienne

    HOARAU Vivienne

    20 ore fa


  44. Marvin Nacional

    Marvin Nacional

    20 ore fa


  45. Alejandra Simborio

    Alejandra Simborio

    21 ora fa

    Hahahaha 😂😂 hahahaha I have

  46. Tonya Walls

    Tonya Walls

    21 ora fa


  47. Jose Alba

    Jose Alba

    22 ore fa

    The 2 one lol

  48. Sara Elbadawi

    Sara Elbadawi

    Giorno fa

    Brent is only jelly cuz he doesn't have anybody lol

  49. the Harrissfamily

    the Harrissfamily

    Giorno fa


  50. Armelle Serose

    Armelle Serose

    Giorno fa

    You made me discover a lot of things . I adore you

    • Hannah Herz

      Hannah Herz

      8 ore fa

      How and who is you

  51. Alan Flores

    Alan Flores

    Giorno fa

    I like the song almost at the end

  52. Mariam Julakidze

    Mariam Julakidze

    Giorno fa

    Its so preety girl your sister

  53. نونه نونه

    نونه نونه

    Giorno fa


  54. Murat Yücel

    Murat Yücel

    Giorno fa

    We are you

  55. Pia Aalund

    Pia Aalund

    Giorno fa

    I love tiktok but i Will not have tiktok

  56. Natalie Garcia Batres

    Natalie Garcia Batres

    Giorno fa

    e r

  57. eugenia herrera

    eugenia herrera

    Giorno fa

    FERRRRR TE AMO❤❤😘❤😘❤😘❤

  58. Khantulga Zolbayar

    Khantulga Zolbayar

    Giorno fa


  59. Misa Vukic

    Misa Vukic

    Giorno fa

    Haha lol



    Giorno fa

    &76er kiop

  61. Elias Hala

    Elias Hala

    Giorno fa

    5 minutes craft was sooooo funny 😄😁😆😅😂😀

  62. نوااف مطلق

    نوااف مطلق

    Giorno fa

    كلو تبن وصخين

  63. bela Fear

    bela Fear

    Giorno fa


  64. bela Fear

    bela Fear

    Giorno fa

    I know his Chanel it's Brent

  65. Venkateswara Rao Sagineedu

    Venkateswara Rao Sagineedu

    Giorno fa

    Done ✅

  66. Benjamin Mayhew

    Benjamin Mayhew

    Giorno fa

    The one that I liked was when Pirson kissed Brent

  67. Beyondtheace gaming

    Beyondtheace gaming

    Giorno fa

    3:07 lol he is wearing stokes twins merch

  68. Zo Mah

    Zo Mah

    Giorno fa

    I love you

  69. Kendi Dünyam

    Kendi Dünyam

    Giorno fa

    Oh. No video

  70. Kendi Dünyam

    Kendi Dünyam

    Giorno fa

    Ay love Türkiye like leon

  71. Yiğit Eren GÜR

    Yiğit Eren GÜR

    Giorno fa


  72. Errol Kromotaroeno

    Errol Kromotaroeno

    Giorno fa

    Yfvg CVS bh

  73. • ÍtzÑotSïåñà •

    • ÍtzÑotSïåñà •

    Giorno fa

    That's Spencer behind him

  74. Beren katı

    Beren katı

    Giorno fa


  75. prenses Mina

    prenses Mina

    Giorno fa


  76. ארגמן אברג'ל

    ארגמן אברג'ל

    Giorno fa

    I ❤ Laxi

  77. ארגמן אברג'ל

    ארגמן אברג'ל

    Giorno fa

    I ❤ Brant

  78. Iga P

    Iga P

    Giorno fa

    ale przeciesz w legionowie batonik się je właśnie tak

  79. Napsugár Nagyidai

    Napsugár Nagyidai

    Giorno fa

    5:15 the guy looks at him and smiles xdd

  80. Tigrotta_ ina

    Tigrotta_ ina

    Giorno fa

    😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  81. Kay Moore

    Kay Moore

    Giorno fa

    What's up peeps

  82. Maria Mendez

    Maria Mendez

    Giorno fa

    Te gusta bts

  83. Osman Josue Berrios Irias

    Osman Josue Berrios Irias

    Giorno fa

    wow spencer 😮

  84. Killua Girl

    Killua Girl

    Giorno fa

    1:58 XD ahh -_-

  85. Guillermo Gómez

    Guillermo Gómez

    Giorno fa

    7.27 Bts

  86. Heather Huffman

    Heather Huffman

    Giorno fa


  87. joel sollitt

    joel sollitt

    Giorno fa


  88. lilricotheone


    2 giorni fa




    2 giorni fa

    به کیر ساس ماس اوک‌بحی

  90. منى ملفي

    منى ملفي

    2 giorni fa


  91. Stephanie Tingue

    Stephanie Tingue

    2 giorni fa

    You are a fool thank you

  92. Ella plays Roblox

    Ella plays Roblox

    2 giorni fa

    WANA know why Brent dose not have a EX CAUSE HE WILL NEVER GET A GIRL LOL 😝

  93. Mike Saville

    Mike Saville

    2 giorni fa

    I do noZzt

  94. Oliwka lolka

    Oliwka lolka

    2 giorni fa

    8:11. Lylylylyyy

  95. Noah Van hoyweghen

    Noah Van hoyweghen

    2 giorni fa


  96. Colonetti Nicole

    Colonetti Nicole

    2 giorni fa

    I LOVE❤💗

  97. Roblox Oynarsın

    Roblox Oynarsın

    2 giorni fa

    Biz tavuk değiliz sizsiniz

  98. هيا الهاجري

    هيا الهاجري

    2 giorni fa

    I love you ❤️

  99. Ariadna Nu;ez

    Ariadna Nu;ez

    2 giorni fa

    jajajaja el es cobaso quele pegaron

    • Ariadna Nu;ez

      Ariadna Nu;ez

      2 giorni fa


  100. Rosanna Urso

    Rosanna Urso

    2 giorni fa

    Oag. Non.DF jl. Lk cjx b

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