viisaus #shorts


  1. Elias Tanninen

    Elias Tanninen

    4 ore fa

    To the marketplace

  2. xXjesperoXx


    5 ore fa

    Yes hi, did somebody say Finnish?

  3. Forbidden Studios

    Forbidden Studios

    5 ore fa

    I won't even ask how you found this finnish coincidence

  4. Kura kura kura kura TWICE!

    Kura kura kura kura TWICE!

    5 ore fa

    Because Vsauce channel is such wisdom to us

  5. LogicalYT


    5 ore fa


  6. FlyinC4T


    6 ore fa

    Hey, viisaus. Michael [jackson] here...

  7. Dr. Universeman

    Dr. Universeman

    6 ore fa

    Vsauce found my easter egg for him! Its funny isnt it :)

  8. Sami Metsinen

    Sami Metsinen

    6 ore fa

    Tämähän meinaa että olet viisas! (So this means you are wise!)

  9. Haze


    6 ore fa

    Google hittin us with that deep south dirty dirty vee-saouss swag vibe

  10. Froggy 2Ambitious Studio

    Froggy 2Ambitious Studio

    7 ore fa


  11. Ozan İKİZDOĞAN


    7 ore fa

    Coincidence? *I don't think so!* (seriously man, this guy is one of the wisest people I have ever seen in my life.)

  12. Zeuch YT

    Zeuch YT

    7 ore fa

    If another planet had youtube ehy dont they see our videos or us theirs

  13. Suburban Reaper Records

    Suburban Reaper Records

    9 ore fa

    Do dogs have a sense of humor?

  14. Sailendra Kirana Abiyanto

    Sailendra Kirana Abiyanto

    9 ore fa

    i dare you to grow your hair and shave your beard

  15. Pumpkin


    9 ore fa

    He finally found his purpose he must learn Finnish now for the finish touch

  16. Maxen


    10 ore fa

    A Vsauce a day keeps the tutor away

  17. IKS


    11 ore fa

    "There is no such thing as coincidence" -Master Oogway

  18. Jamjam's VR Adventures

    Jamjam's VR Adventures

    11 ore fa


  19. Ron Pottah

    Ron Pottah

    12 ore fa

    Ah yes, you are pretty wise, my friend.

  20. Ethan Suresh

    Ethan Suresh

    12 ore fa

    It was not a coincidence

  21. Mo 2k

    Mo 2k

    12 ore fa

    Does the website generate absolutely random words? Maybe it generates a random cool name that it found on another website. So some Finnish guy came up with the word vsauce, typed it into a chat room in say 2002 and forgot about it. Then this website found it

  22. Keep Playz

    Keep Playz

    12 ore fa

    Shhh you are scaring the Russians

  23. Grace


    13 ore fa

    I'm Finnish but I don't speak Finnish so I didn't actually know that

  24. President Doggo

    President Doggo

    13 ore fa

    I’m Finnish-ed with these “coincidences”

  25. Photoflowey


    14 ore fa

    Stop lying, everything was planned you reptile big brain from venus or something. Sus man, ur sus

  26. Human Being you see sometimes

    Human Being you see sometimes

    14 ore fa

    This changes everything

  27. KyuB


    14 ore fa

    Hey viisaus Michael here

  28. ssdttd Gamers

    ssdttd Gamers

    14 ore fa

    Hey vsauce michael here how fast can you run

  29. EFS3


    15 ore fa


    • Photoflowey


      14 ore fa

      he's from planet sus-paick

  30. Shrake


    15 ore fa

    Kyllähän se näin on

  31. xLuna


    15 ore fa

    Fun fact, in multiple languages saus actually means sauce

  32. Edward jj

    Edward jj

    17 ore fa

    I think i've never been so proud for being finnish lol

  33. The Master of the Mansion

    The Master of the Mansion

    17 ore fa


  34. Veketal


    17 ore fa

    Did somebody say Finland? Well here I am, a finnish person pointing it out.

  35. Its SyKe

    Its SyKe

    17 ore fa

    I'm Finnish and I have literally no words to say.

  36. Chris Schall

    Chris Schall

    17 ore fa

    What made you even look for this?

  37. Meikeeel


    17 ore fa

    fun fact: the German word wieso (spoken "Vs-oh", close to "visa" with an "oh" at the end, or just "Vsau" without the "ce") means why :)

  38. Manni


    18 ore fa

    I heard there's a finnish people gathering in the replies, sorry for being late

  39. Yamaha ei Pamaha

    Yamaha ei Pamaha

    18 ore fa

    Suomi sisu

  40. StatueOfOpachki


    18 ore fa

    Looks like like the name theory has finnished

  41. dexz


    18 ore fa

    came from the hub 🙂

  42. Mico Miettinen

    Mico Miettinen

    18 ore fa

    Smurtnese 100 terveisin suomi poika

  43. CrimCrem


    18 ore fa

    Vee sous

  44. Xenovy


    18 ore fa

    "vesawse" once said google translate

  45. Otto Vuori

    Otto Vuori

    18 ore fa

    As a finn this makes me happy. Its a miracle that this hasnt been discovered or atleast spread all across the internet by now

    • Photoflowey


      14 ore fa

      It'll be spread, give it a second

    • Tomi Rajala

      Tomi Rajala

      16 ore fa

      Eti piruuttas tubesta "vcause ei asu meissä"

  46. Petteri Michelin

    Petteri Michelin

    18 ore fa

    I'm already at the marketplace!

  47. PlaKsu


    19 ore fa

    These are that kind off moment when i'm proud to say that i'm from finland!

  48. Elizabeth Brown

    Elizabeth Brown

    19 ore fa

    now vsauce is doing shorts bruh

  49. eat hot chip and lie

    eat hot chip and lie

    19 ore fa

    Michael: Many of you already know I discovered the name "vsauce" using fake-name-generator dot com. Narrator: But, in fact, many of them did _not_ know.

    • Haze


      7 ore fa


  50. •Gray Fox•

    •Gray Fox•

    19 ore fa

    Im from findland ;-;

  51. Stupid_Game_Clips


    19 ore fa

    Suomalaiset 2020 kesällä: Mikä on Korona Virus? Amerikkalaiset: Me tiedetään tuo juttu. Finish people on summer 2020: What is Corona Virus? Americans: We and know that thing.

  52. Stupid_Game_Clips


    19 ore fa

    Like jos oot Suomesta like if u are from Finland

  53. Jeremy Antman

    Jeremy Antman

    20 ore fa

    You were summoning all the Finnish people here? What do I do now?

  54. Milla Jussila

    Milla Jussila

    20 ore fa

    torilla tavataan

    • Stupid_Game_Clips


      19 ore fa


  55. Dead Pumkin

    Dead Pumkin

    20 ore fa

    Im finnish

  56. hui


    20 ore fa

    suomi perkele if your Finnish you know.!

    • Stupid_Game_Clips


      19 ore fa


  57. Voiceless 87

    Voiceless 87

    21 ora fa

    Thats true! "Say whaaaaaaaat" 🤣🤣

  58. Kuokkasen Tenavat

    Kuokkasen Tenavat

    21 ora fa

    I am from Finland I speak Finland Suomi sauna Oulu Kempele Muhos Pudasjärvi Tyrnävä höyryveturi last one mean Steam train

  59. Tomleç


    21 ora fa

    Vsauce gives wisdom. 😁

  60. SlyHikari03


    21 ora fa

    Damn, the Finns are so cool.

    • Stupid_Game_Clips


      19 ore fa

      Thanks xD

  61. Gumarks


    21 ora fa

    Destiny was written.

  62. The Poglin

    The Poglin

    21 ora fa

    fun fact: if you translate pee from english to latin and switch the languages around (using the arrow button in the center) it will aventualy turn into beverage



    22 ore fa

    Its a sign from god, use wisdom to finnish your work Viisauce and reach the final conclusion asap

  64. Bini Byte

    Bini Byte

    22 ore fa


    • Stupid_Game_Clips


      19 ore fa


  65. Mizo animations

    Mizo animations

    22 ore fa


  66. rooCraah


    22 ore fa

    Well-known international youtuber mentions youtube, time for us to rally!

  67. Antony 303

    Antony 303

    23 ore fa

    Its crazy to think that your channel was first a GAMING channel



    23 ore fa

    the fact that Finnish people never mentioned this 🤣

    • BlueHoliness


      15 ore fa

      What’s so funny

    • Yamaha ei Pamaha

      Yamaha ei Pamaha

      18 ore fa

      We wanted him to discover it

  69. MadHatressAdAstra


    23 ore fa

    How did you discover that Vsauce was is Finnish for wisdom? I'm guessing one of your Finnish viewers pointed it out or something like that?..

  70. Alex Yeon

    Alex Yeon

    23 ore fa

    Wait this channel's name was Vsauce?

  71. Eemuumi


    23 ore fa

    Torille !!!

  72. funny zombie clown man

    funny zombie clown man

    Giorno fa




    Giorno fa

    “Hello vsauce here. How fast can you find me in your house?”

  74. Pervez Syed

    Pervez Syed

    Giorno fa

    Someone bought the domain for the website you showed.

  75. Univerd


    Giorno fa

    Basically your name is wisdom

  76. L Hitman

    L Hitman

    Giorno fa

    "Say wuuut" sounds really weird when you say it. ._.

  77. Vincent Finn

    Vincent Finn

    Giorno fa

    In Finland there was no concept of wisdom until VSauce, so obviously they named the concept after the videos that introduced the concept of wisdom 😉

  78. toivo12345


    Giorno fa


  79. Nuss


    Giorno fa

    I too am a Finnish person, but who doesn't know the finnish language

  80. celine


    Giorno fa


  81. Ossen _

    Ossen _

    Giorno fa

    Joka iikka torille!

    • Stupid_Game_Clips


      19 ore fa


  82. Sheriff Craft

    Sheriff Craft

    Giorno fa

    vsauce said what remembered me of excuse me brother, you've got a real nice lump down there said a real nice lump down there thank you can i take a peek? what? no just a tiny look? ok, just this once

  83. soundslikefart


    Giorno fa


  84. ron rusco

    ron rusco

    Giorno fa

    Death Camp Follies has left the chat....

  85. Quách Hêng Tôny

    Quách Hêng Tôny

    Giorno fa

    It's coincidence, of course. Or is it?

  86. Isaac


    Giorno fa

    Vsauce could make it on TikTok, let that sink in just imagine it.

  87. roippu123


    Giorno fa

    For have i has awaken. Cough cough SUOMI MAINITTU TORILLA TAVATAAN

  88. Xerneum


    Giorno fa

    I knew it!

  89. ma3ath al3rab

    ma3ath al3rab

    Giorno fa

    As a Finnish person I can't comment cause I'm not Finnish

  90. Bran Ar Kalloc'h

    Bran Ar Kalloc'h

    Giorno fa

    The Finnish Coincidence sounds like the name of a Hitman escalation

  91. Derbit ei leivo

    Derbit ei leivo

    Giorno fa

    How to get more finnish people to watch your videos Step 1: mention finland in the title Step 2: wait

  92. Hritvik Jain__35

    Hritvik Jain__35

    Giorno fa

    Lets sign a petition to change “Vsauce” to “girlswantboys”

  93. Random Things _official channel_

    Random Things _official channel_

    Giorno fa


  94. AstorViaLaw


    Giorno fa

    This is likely because we Finns pronounce "VSauce" as "viisoos" instead of "viisaus".

  95. I eat CEREAL!!!

    I eat CEREAL!!!

    Giorno fa

    Eat your cereal

  96. urdnal


    Giorno fa

    Well that's some irony right there, amirite??

  97. Bunny


    Giorno fa

    i see

  98. Sproqy


    Giorno fa

    I'm Finnish and I thought this was on purpose

  99. jeedle


    Giorno fa

    "Hey wisdom, micheal here"

  100. sam sim

    sam sim

    Giorno fa

    Imagine if you see ketchup in grocery store with Michaels face on it V sauce

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