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The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

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  1. Grayson Rose

    Grayson Rose

    8 ore fa

    me: are there any trans kids at hogwarts? jk: no lol

  2. Patrick Drazen

    Patrick Drazen

    12 ore fa

    Having seen both FB movies, I'm convinced Newt is somewhere on the Autism spectrum, which at least explains his affinity for magical beasts... Allow me to add a personal note: My mother and her parents and much of their family had to leave Czechoslovakia and come to America because of the Nazis. That history colors my perspective on both fact and fiction of 20th century European history. To the extent that Grindelwald is characterized as a blood-purity fanatic analogous to a Wizarding World Hitler, I have no problem relying not at all upon anything he says or does. It seems to me that this is how JKR painted him.

  3. Jointy97


    16 ore fa

    Just wanna say, that we had magical sex crimes way before tgis movie. Tom riddles mother got pregnant, while his dad was under the influence of potions or a enchantment.

  4. My.Digital.Platform


    21 ora fa

    "uses the accio charm on one of his Pokemon" hahaha that got me

  5. Merp Ding

    Merp Ding

    Giorno fa

    Was there any mexican wizards at hogwarts? J.K Rowling: Yes Hector Salamanca *ding*

  6. wεw lαd

    wεw lαd

    Giorno fa

    I can't wait for JK Rowling to go into great detail about how hard Dumbledore's nipples were when the goblet of fire spat out Harry's name, the fans need to know.

  7. Lord Cam

    Lord Cam

    Giorno fa

    You totally forgot that after they made the magical butt-plug together that makes them not able to fight each other, the first thing they did was get into a fight along with Dumbledore's brother and sister and end up killing his sister.

  8. J


    Giorno fa

    JK did not change her mind later about Dumbledores sexuality. She knew that all along, you can even see pictures of old notes years before the first book was released where she says Dumbledore is gay. There was a line in a script where Dumbledore describes a woman with 'the most beautiful eyes' or something and JK said they needed to change that because he was gay. It was just never brought up in the books. JK has notebook after notebook filled with backstory that is never revealed in the books. There are also multiple black students at Hogwarts if you read the books.

  9. Madhav Agrawal

    Madhav Agrawal

    Giorno fa

    This video is complete rubbish!!! He is saying stuff for the sake of ranting. Newt is a pokemon master? Wtf!! She announced Dumbledore to be gay way back in 2007. Stupid ignorant internet shits just spread false information. The cursed child was not written by JK Rowling. Also, Newt Scamander doesn't have anything to do with it? Bruh only 2 movies have been released. Have some fucking patience!!! I can rant this shitty video for hours. The replies are open

    • Patrick Gensch

      Patrick Gensch

      Giorno fa

      That is his opinion if you do not agree then so be it no need to be rude about it through I think there are good movies to but no movie is perfect

  10. Magical Moments Wombwell

    Magical Moments Wombwell

    Giorno fa

    Gosh, you do fucking swear a lot don't you???? hahaha

  11. Tiffany Bv

    Tiffany Bv

    2 giorni fa

    Honestly, all of this, yes. Newt is JUST a mazoologist. That would have been enough for a great f movie, because duh, MAGIC CREATURES. I'm not even gonna mention the Nagini thing. We should just take all the fanfiction and take it as canon. At least it would be better than the things that J.K is throwing at us now. Edit: I HAD ALREADY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE LONG LOST BROTHER THING, GODDAMIT. Now I have to try and forget it again.

  12. Oli .P

    Oli .P

    2 giorni fa

    Where there any latino students at Hogwarts? JK: yes, Roberto drugdealerez

  13. মৃন্ময় আকাশ

    মৃন্ময় আকাশ

    2 giorni fa

    Anthony Goldstein was in the Books though, I can clearly remember the name.

  14. John Ross Dela Pena

    John Ross Dela Pena

    2 giorni fa

    Should we need a snyder cut for fantastic beasts 2? 😉

  15. Duck N Water

    Duck N Water

    2 giorni fa

    At this point j.k. rowling should have a new book called "Bear Jew: The hunt for snitzeler and Hitler"

  16. Admiral Adry

    Admiral Adry

    3 giorni fa

    everything was a lie...

  17. Vinita Sharma

    Vinita Sharma

    3 giorni fa

    I honestly lost it on mcgonagall plot

  18. ruutis


    3 giorni fa


  19. Fariya F

    Fariya F

    4 giorni fa

    Anthony Goldstein was in the books. Besides that, great video!

  20. Julia Be

    Julia Be

    4 giorni fa

    So all the wizards knew about WW2 and somehow nobody cared to prevent it after Grindelwald was defeated?

    • Patrick Gensch

      Patrick Gensch

      Giorno fa

      He was defeated in 1945 the same year world war 2 ended

  21. Alicia Fox

    Alicia Fox

    4 giorni fa

    You know the movies gonna be bad when jk rowling starts fanfictioning her own series.

  22. Andreas Stein

    Andreas Stein

    5 giorni fa

    Were there any German students JK:Yes, Hans Adolf, Slytherin

  23. no yes

    no yes

    5 giorni fa

    The movie has everything a masterpiece movie has Except fcking logic

  24. Stewart Moran

    Stewart Moran

    5 giorni fa

    To be *slightly* fair to JK, Anthony Goldstein actually was in the books. He just barely got mentioned and didn't affect the story in any way.

  25. Patrick L

    Patrick L

    5 giorni fa

    I know this is like 2 years after this video but the Bloodborne music creeping in at like 20:50 was so good

  26. Queen Batac

    Queen Batac

    6 giorni fa

    Okay I just wanna say Grindelwald was the one in the carriage and he made a spell or potion or whatever so they can switch places once he's out of the prison. No one told me that that's just how it played out it the movie and that's how everyone I was with interpreted the scene. But I agree with the rest of what he said. 😉

  27. protercool


    6 giorni fa

    Where there any white students at Hogwarts? JK: I'm not sure what you mean 😰

  28. Dumbledore


    6 giorni fa

    I've seen harry potter so now would I watch fantastic beasts and where to find them?

  29. Angelo


    6 giorni fa

    Grindelwald:oh no I can’t see this child die.... Voldemort:TEE HEE GREEN LIGHT GO BRRRR. (Btw go to film theory to see how this movie doesent deserve it’s hate)

  30. Gaisho


    6 giorni fa

    No comment on the rest, but Anthony is mentioned in book seven and he’s in one of the games. According to the wiki he’s actually related to Queenie (the woman you think is sexy), as her surname is also Goldstein.

  31. REVI7970


    6 giorni fa

    i mean idk the entire runtime of the movie i kept on wishing Nagini would choke me so it definitely did something right

  32. Junior Lima

    Junior Lima

    7 giorni fa

    In my opinion these movies are better than the harry Potter movies.

  33. Mace Face

    Mace Face

    7 giorni fa

    J.K. Rowling: Creates a universe and establishes the rules for the characters and world in that universe Also J.K. Rowling: Sike, you thought

  34. sergio martin

    sergio martin

    7 giorni fa

    guys, all that stuff was there implicitly, and if you dont believe it youre a fascist ok?

  35. LenniGengar


    7 giorni fa

    Wait wait wait, I thought Muggles, AKA JACOB, couldn't see Hogwarts, or they would just see a ruin? Does Just Kidding Rowling have an explanation for that?

  36. Ben F

    Ben F

    7 giorni fa

    6:15 no no no, how , butterfly effect, cannot compute

  37. Swify


    7 giorni fa

    She didn't even write The Cursed Child play or book, it was written by 2 random dudes and I think the reason she made it canon to begin with was to get the money, she's just milking the Harry Potter series at this point.

  38. Aw350m3 H3R0

    Aw350m3 H3R0

    7 giorni fa

    she didn't have to retcon anything . Harry Potter was literally a story about fighting racist wizards in Britain .it doesn't have to be all inclusive. I mean it's only a matter of time before she adds a albino Jewish black trans wizard .thats ridikulus.

  39. DeadbeatJean


    7 giorni fa

    "Is there any gay student in Hogwarts?" JK: Yes, everybody was secretly gay, even the dog

  40. Turntapeover


    7 giorni fa

    Were there any canadian student in Hogwarts? JKR: "Yes, Maple Hockeypuck".

  41. Rimuru Tempest

    Rimuru Tempest

    7 giorni fa

    Yeah, joining up with the Wizard Hitler would help you with your goal of marrying your Muggle boyfriend, they definitely will keep their promises for you to marry an ‘impure’ man.

  42. Aaron Gonzalez Espinosa

    Aaron Gonzalez Espinosa

    8 giorni fa

    Such a dumb writing...

  43. QRzTallmidget


    8 giorni fa

    Cosmo......idk how you did it, but you made me go from not really liking the movie as much to realizing that it is much worse than I thought. I had my own gripes, I was upset about Queenie and Jacob because those two are my favorite characters. I also agreed with you that Newt really didn't need to be in this movie, and I also preferred him just to be a zookeeper. One of my puppies that I kept telling my friends was the fact that they kept using the killing curse, but not saying the name. In fact there was a good amount of the times that they kept casting spells without saying the name of the spells, but I digress cuz again it is me nitpicking at this part. But now after watching this, it made me realize how bad this movie was, and how much I love the first one because it should have just been a simple standalone movie.

  44. Ronan O'Boyle

    Ronan O'Boyle

    8 giorni fa

    Were there any American students at hogwarts? J.K : Yes, Jeffree Star, Hufflepuff

  45. FenrirMetalback


    8 giorni fa

    Half of your video and i could argue most of your arguments about the movie... still have to agree a lot of stuff from jk outside "her" movies is stupid...

  46. Borsalino Kizaru

    Borsalino Kizaru

    8 giorni fa

    It’s crazy that we now live in a period where Colin Farrell is a better choice than Johnny Depp. Back in the early 2000s, it was like the opposite. Depp was on fire and Farrell was in silly crap like Daredevil and Alexander.

  47. Phantom Gamer Of Hearts

    Phantom Gamer Of Hearts

    8 giorni fa

    One plot hole I could never forgive was the Hogwarts bridge... Seriously in all the Harry Potter films, until Deathly Hallows Part 2 I am sure that Bridge never existed. I might be wrong but that's always irritated me. Sorry, I know there's worse issues with the film but Hogwarts architecture has always amazed me and after Deathly Hallows's annoying additions and then carrying them over to this PREQUEL unnecessarily, it hurts my architecture heart must admit.

  48. LegacyRXT


    9 giorni fa

    Jesus fucking christ they did not apperate inside hogwarts? How can anyone say that when they are clearly hundreds of meters away from even the first gate, on a bridge. That doesnt count.

  49. LegacyRXT


    9 giorni fa

    Wtf no? They cant just leave the crypt? Grindelwald literally says you can only apparate in the circle. Did you watch the same movie?

  50. Future Soup

    Future Soup

    9 giorni fa

    Anthony Goldstein was in the books. He was a member of Dumbledore's Army.

  51. ojas anand

    ojas anand

    9 giorni fa

    this is more convoluted than my term paper.........and i wrote that in a day

  52. Lochlan McIntosh

    Lochlan McIntosh

    9 giorni fa

    In real life lots of dangerous criminals are moved from prison to prison to stop them from breaking out.

  53. Steven Vickers

    Steven Vickers

    9 giorni fa

    Some of us think it's grate I personally think for the first two they are better then Harry potter

  54. Luc Vandermeer

    Luc Vandermeer

    9 giorni fa

    I like this movie... always ez to crack down something....

  55. ApocaIypse666


    9 giorni fa

    So the animals too are gay?

  56. Lux Invictus

    Lux Invictus

    9 giorni fa

    My god, this film is somehow even worse than I remember

  57. Diocletian


    10 giorni fa

    This is definitely my favorite Cosmo video. Always keep returning to it. Even though I don’t pay attention to Harry Potter.

    • Mind Freak

      Mind Freak

      Giorno fa

      The daredevil video is the one i usually return to hahaha

  58. Sweet Nightmare Gaming

    Sweet Nightmare Gaming

    10 giorni fa

    I'm so glad I didn't see this one. I've read better fanfiction than this mess.

  59. aerforth


    10 giorni fa

    antony goldstein is absolutly real. He's in the books

    • Lux Invictus

      Lux Invictus

      9 giorni fa

      Yes but imagine having ONE Jewish character in your entire series, and he's also called Goldstein, which is likely the first and only "jewish" name Rowling knew, since I imagine she knows nothing about Jews, anymore than she knows anything about all the other groups she claims to support. That's called token diversity. It's expecting a reward without doing the work.

  60. Sean Putzer

    Sean Putzer

    11 giorni fa

    Maybe Newt was using the Accio spell on all the stolen stuff the niffler had in his pouch? Idk. The new Wizarding World game that's coming out isn't being written by JK Rowling, so hopefully the plot will be better than the Crimes of Grindelwald.

  61. Alex Blanchard

    Alex Blanchard

    11 giorni fa

    my lizard brain said "B L O O D B O R N E" when I heard The Hunter theme

  62. Jackson Harville

    Jackson Harville

    11 giorni fa

    2:17 didn’t age well

    • Lux Invictus

      Lux Invictus

      9 giorni fa

      Why? Cuz his wife domestically abused him and nearly ruined his career, but he's taking the fall anyway?

  63. mursu bro

    mursu bro

    11 giorni fa

    You are wrong

  64. Pankaj Kapoor

    Pankaj Kapoor

    12 giorni fa

    the worst thing in the hogwarts - dumbledore scene i found that muggles can't see hogwarts . the just see a big board saying do not enter!! So jacob could'nt even see hogwarts !!

  65. A Rice Bowl

    A Rice Bowl

    12 giorni fa

    "Were there any Italian kids at hogwarts?" JK: Yes, Spagettioni Mama Mia, Hufflepuff

  66. Sunnex


    12 giorni fa

    Dean Thomas was black

  67. Auriel Argentis

    Auriel Argentis

    12 giorni fa

    So he kills ppl because they, probably, may become nazi in future... in France, while leaving Hitler and Co in Germany alone? Sound logic, yep...



    13 giorni fa

    Saved me. I haven't watched it. And now never gonna watch it. 🤣

  69. Maximilian Binder

    Maximilian Binder

    13 giorni fa

    You did not know anything about this

  70. Liss


    13 giorni fa

    JK and her "I'm inclusive, look at me" when she messes everything up. Like, Cho Chang is a literal combination of two Asian surnames and that's all.

    • Liss


      9 giorni fa

      @Lux Invictus Don't worry, watch her pulling out those names whenever someone asks how inclusive hogwarts is.

    • Lux Invictus

      Lux Invictus

      9 giorni fa

      It's about as subtle as 'anthony goldstein' I wonder why we never got Vlad Vladivich, Tyrone D'nigga and Wasabi Yamamoto

  71. Aranel


    13 giorni fa

    Anthony Goldstein WAS in the books. He was a prefect, and a member of DA

  72. Prakhar Tripathi

    Prakhar Tripathi

    14 giorni fa

    I like few of your critics but some of them were just forced according to me. I am not against you but I... I suggest watching movie flame's video on crimes of grindelwald.

  73. Jeffrey Hahler

    Jeffrey Hahler

    14 giorni fa

    Dude you are hilarious and correct in your assessment. Seems to me to be a money grab on JKR's part. After writing something as deep and intricate as the HP series, I find it hard to believe she really wrote this, just put her name on it to cash in on name recognition.

  74. HarisS


    14 giorni fa

    Ok, I've just opened the video and am already laughing hard at the intro. Boy was that mating dance ridiculous.

  75. Car


    14 giorni fa

    6:01 I’m fine with her saying,that i mean it’s stupid and doesn’t make much sense but fuck yea wizards used to shit on the ground! that’s funny as shit, thats going in my head cannon

  76. mario yu

    mario yu

    14 giorni fa

    The quirky tuna kelly allow because yogurt reassembly exercise underneath a flimsy newsstand. tenuous, sneaky sleet

  77. Joshomas Prime

    Joshomas Prime

    14 giorni fa

    I love this movie

  78. richard


    15 giorni fa

    i mean, if you could just vanish your poop, why would you still install plumbing methods?

  79. askarsfan2011


    15 giorni fa

    I started watching this movie at home, but somewhere around 20 minutes in, I paused it to go to the bathroom and just never came back to it. Still not sure what happened. Nope, I did watch the entire movie. It just felt like I spent 2 hours in the bathroom.

  80. Love4frogs


    15 giorni fa

    “Where there any african student at hogwarts?” JK: Yes, Albus Dumbledore, Griffinddor ( the black gay best friend)



    15 giorni fa

    Were there any Indian students at Hogwarts? JK: Yes, Mahal, Taj. Ravenclaw

  82. Aditya Vaishy

    Aditya Vaishy

    15 giorni fa

    No it doesn't sucks!!!💐 You should rewatch the movie and Harry Potter series also. 🙄🙄 Watch this -

  83. בטחה רוטקוף אוֹדם

    בטחה רוטקוף אוֹדם

    15 giorni fa

    I love the first movie! the second was definitely unnecessary.

  84. Leblanc Wulf productions

    Leblanc Wulf productions

    16 giorni fa

    I watched this in theatres on my birthday, worst birthday ever

  85. Zack Leblanc

    Zack Leblanc

    16 giorni fa

    I thought it deserved a 2/10 but I like the Harry Potter world so 3s fine by me

  86. Nemotions


    17 giorni fa

    This whole entire movie was just a ploy by Kanye West to tell us who was in Paris.

  87. J P

    J P

    17 giorni fa

    "You know how I know that? Because SHE taught me that." This hurts me every time.

  88. Lemon Thrust

    Lemon Thrust

    17 giorni fa

    weird how i ignored everything except for newts shinanigans

  89. Lemon Thrust

    Lemon Thrust

    17 giorni fa

    only thing i loved in this movie were magic affects

  90. Lemon Thrust

    Lemon Thrust

    17 giorni fa

    i held my breath this entire video theres too much going on

  91. RetroRevival


    17 giorni fa

    Can we all just agree that this franchise is cursed. With all the controversies about Rowling, Depp and Miller, is this franchise really worth it?

  92. Flame


    18 giorni fa

    Are their any Russian students in Hogwarts? Rowling: yes, Vladimir Petrovich German? Hans Gutenberg Scottish? Angus O’Riley

  93. Insane Madness

    Insane Madness

    18 giorni fa

    Jk Rowling relief on escapism to entertain in the first series, each book going through one year of seven at Hogwarts to hold readers for seven books, at the promise of fulfilling the hw environment needed for kids to daydream with for each year of the book, to follow kids as they grew up. But only you’re doing prequels and sequels, that escapism is done. Readers need plot and characters, and that’s where Rowling proved to fail because she actually doesn’t know how to write a convincing story

  94. PepeCracks


    18 giorni fa

    Maybe JK obliviated the real author of Harry Potter

  95. gnome man

    gnome man

    18 giorni fa

    Fans: Any Irish students in Hogwarts? J.K Rowling: Yes, Ryan McFly, Griffyn

  96. Bacon King

    Bacon King

    18 giorni fa

    "Were there any straight, white students in Hogwarts?" JK: No

  97. Amy_ Ashman

    Amy_ Ashman

    18 giorni fa

    If Jk wrote a lesbian character, she would be called Ellen VanDyke and she would be a muggle-born whose parents disowned her because they didn’t support her “lifestyle”.

    • I'm Bored

      I'm Bored

      Giorno fa

      She has blue hair and is on the heavier side

  98. Aaron Coppens

    Aaron Coppens

    18 giorni fa

    Gosh you don"t know what your talking about.

    • lmozep


      13 giorni fa

      triggered snowflake spotted haha

    • E4


      17 giorni fa


  99. Ajay Singh Rathore

    Ajay Singh Rathore

    19 giorni fa

    When you said "anyways the movie is over now" my reaction was "Finally!!!"

  100. Lolly The Famous Commenter

    Lolly The Famous Commenter

    19 giorni fa

    Were there any Hawaiian students at hogwarts? Jk: yes, Lilo and Stitch, hufflepuff

    • Pranav M

      Pranav M

      18 giorni fa


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