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The Best Windows Laptop. Period. - Dell XPS 15 & 17 Review

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At first glance the Dell XPS 15 and 17 could be the best all around laptops on the market - do they hold up to the full review?
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  1. Georgie


    Ora fa

    Damn i was so ready to buy.. then I saw it was £3100 😭

  2. Abby O

    Abby O

    Ora fa

    I got the dell xps 17 without any qc issues 💯

  3. Jan Ziska

    Jan Ziska

    3 ore fa

    Watching on XPS 13 from year 2015 on a 3200x1800p screen. I swapped new battery and new bigger M2 disk, and everthing works perfect as a secondary presentation and travel machine. The matrial finish on these laptops is really nice.

  4. Chaitanya Dinkar

    Chaitanya Dinkar

    4 ore fa

    Does anybody face heating issues on XPS 15? 😖

  5. Jon Lester Malanog Aves

    Jon Lester Malanog Aves

    20 ore fa

    the wallpaper on the intro HAHAHAHA

  6. Kevin Parker

    Kevin Parker

    22 ore fa

    Not sure how he can rate these as the best windows laptop when the quality was terrible on 2 Dell XPS 15" units I bought in September. Both had loose wobbly trackpads and were refunded in full.

  7. Pilly


    Giorno fa

    I'm too un-techy for this. lmao

  8. C J

    C J

    Giorno fa

    13:56 to 14:25 you read my mind XD

  9. Dr Peter jones

    Dr Peter jones

    Giorno fa

    Linus this is not one of your best videos. Drop this machine due to small bezels means your two thousand pounds will be a mess on the floor,try updating it? The white list in the bias stops you, replacing the battery not easey, supply it with linux or unix? Microsoft and dell tries to stop you. A very small buyer appeal for the non professional buyer.

  10. yula ajdu

    yula ajdu

    Giorno fa

    It`s interesting, I bought a Dell g7 7700 laptop which was the best value and the best quality for this price but figure what...? After an automatic Bios update the usb stick does not boot anymore and the Dell support service made nothing to rectify the situation. So whocan make the best laptop and the worst Bios....nobody else than Dell.

  11. Benjamin Robbins

    Benjamin Robbins

    2 giorni fa

    So i guess i screwed up. Got myself pretty sold on the xps 15 touch with the expectations that it was not only a 2 in 1. Obviously stupid mistake... and also that it would support an active pen. I'm getting a new laptop for a computer science and mech engineering degree. Considering the poor performance of the dell xps 13 would it be worth it to stick with the 15 and maybe get the wacom tablet for writing/math? I was very interested in learning how write math problems on a computer.

  12. Eoin Parkinson

    Eoin Parkinson

    3 giorni fa

    “Laptop is good but also is not good, but it is in someone’s wet dream x”

  13. Entropy Wins

    Entropy Wins

    3 giorni fa

    Buying the 17" with 4k touch and 2060. Have another 2tb nvme on the way and 32gb of ram on the way as well.

  14. Jayro Gil Fabian

    Jayro Gil Fabian

    3 giorni fa

    You look a totally different person with beard! 😁. Dell will get it one Day! 🤑🙌

  15. renz


    6 giorni fa

    I'm saving to buy this for December. Wanna upgrade to a top tier one. Is there a non-touch display? Cause that is useless for laptops.

  16. Ian Davies

    Ian Davies

    6 giorni fa

    I think I found out today while testing the keyboards on various XPS laptops that some models have a different keyboard than others. I was typing on two XPS 15's side by side. One had the FHD display and the 4K display. The FHD display had a looser more clicky keyboard and the 4K display had a softer more cushy keyboard. The difference was subtle but still immediately noticeable. I then did the same test on two XPS 17 laptops that were side by side and noticed the same issue...however, both XPS 17 models had the same screen but on was i7 and the other i9. I can't imagine why these keyboards would feel so it possible that they are using two different sets of parts for different configurations?

  17. justin tetford

    justin tetford

    6 giorni fa

    I have the XPS 15, i9-9980HK CPU @ 2.4 GHZ, 4k screen, gtx 1650, 64gb ram and 2tb hard drive. I have to say it was the best laptop ive had in my entire lifetime. How well it can run games, use for school/work and the beauty of the screen.

  18. Jens Schneider

    Jens Schneider

    6 giorni fa

    Please review the laptop again in a year or two -- had nothing but issues with my older Dell XPS15. MaxxAudio is crap, Killer WiFi in a business laptop, speakers and fans died rather soon, Dell customer support is... abysmal? Oh, also coil whine under load on 9570.

  19. Brian Løfqvist Jensen

    Brian Løfqvist Jensen

    6 giorni fa

    great laptop, but god it sucks they haven't fixed the touchpad wobbly issues

  20. Richard van der klooster

    Richard van der klooster

    7 giorni fa

    I thought LMG always did honest reviews. This is a straight up commercial. The way they showcase the dell dock? There's so many that can do that. The commercial style clips of the internals? Come on dude. First youtube shows ads before the video, then linus dumps an add at the beginning of the video and then the entire video turns out to be an add. ITput really is starting to become a festering pit of this shit and it won't take long for everyone to be fed up with this shit.

  21. Uzi Kalashnikov

    Uzi Kalashnikov

    7 giorni fa

    This video was great because the laptops are amazing and linus doing the review on them is amazing.

  22. blue gravity

    blue gravity

    7 giorni fa

    Anything but dell

  23. A Szalma

    A Szalma

    8 giorni fa

    Can someone tell me whic laptops are the best for like 700euro . Because im searching for one but im not realy in this "laptop world" whats good for a laptop and whats bad. Lets say i want a laptop that can run games in medium performance. If anybody knows something pls help.

  24. Charlotte Wakefield

    Charlotte Wakefield

    8 giorni fa

    I can brag that I have the Dell XPS 15 with the Intel Core i9 10th Gen and I can safely say it does everything I need it for and more. I use it for graphic design and all of my subjects and school, and usually it has a battery life of about 2 hours (but due to the battery saver feature this can be extended). Furthermore, it's a great laptop for running games such as minecraft, Valorant, The Sims 4 and Genshin Impact (with a slightly lowered graphics setting).

  25. Mostafa Khalifa

    Mostafa Khalifa

    8 giorni fa

    should i get the XPS 15 the i5 or the i7 ver for coding , i will only be using it for coding and educational purposes , it would be my daily driver for about 3-4 years . so is the i7 upgrade worth it

  26. KH C

    KH C

    8 giorni fa

    the problem with Dell is its logo...

  27. KEEVVY


    9 giorni fa

    I still miss the numpad & the big up and down keys

  28. Adam Celkaren

    Adam Celkaren

    10 giorni fa

    11 Gen

  29. LJW Studios

    LJW Studios

    10 giorni fa

    Great review from Linus Tech Tips as always, the wobble on the trackpad still has not been sorted by Dell UK as of October 2020. But I'm sure they will fix it. I'm going with the older XPS 15 (7590) for the moment. - Liam

  30. Sierra LVX

    Sierra LVX

    10 giorni fa

    10:58 That exact thing happens with my asus tuf gaming fx504 laptop all the time. If I'm playing a game with my laptop plugged in and it's processing alot, I get the 'on battery' and then the 'plugged in' icon on my screen for a second, like I've physically unplugged then plugged in the charger when I haven't. I've wondered if this was because I'm overclocking my laptop (which I'd be surprised by because it's got a 1050 ti and an i7 870h) but to hear even brand new laptops are having this issue is surprising.

  31. Marvin Marker

    Marvin Marker

    10 giorni fa

    What about the HP ENVY x360 with 4700U ? Just wondering, it's cheaper too..

  32. Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley

    10 giorni fa

    MBP in Boot Camp is better and it can be a Mac too :)

  33. Eduardo Real

    Eduardo Real

    10 giorni fa

    I have the 15 and better than macbook. I can expand the memory and expand and add another ssd. You cannot say this with a macbook.

  34. C He

    C He

    11 giorni fa

    I´ve recently cut my index finger quite badly and I just got some PTSD flashbacks there 3:53 XD

  35. TheGreatLoco


    11 giorni fa

    Where’s the numerical keyboard on the XPS 17”?

  36. HD_POWER


    11 giorni fa

    I HATE Laptops. It's Difficult to Pick One 😭💔 I Want: Best Battery Life + SATA Port (To use my current SATA SSD) + Charging via USB-C. I don't CARE about Screen Size, Price or Performance or Luxury. Again: SATA Port (Not M.2) and Best Battery Life charged by USB-C.

  37. A G

    A G

    11 giorni fa

    This sounds like BS bought a dell and lasted for about 20 turn nos the CPU failure, customer service sucks, they don’t back up their products

  38. Alvira Rahman

    Alvira Rahman

    11 giorni fa

    This is what's keeping me off Dell. They don't come with AMD Ryzen Processor.

  39. Von Mark Bedayo

    Von Mark Bedayo

    11 giorni fa

    Every time a laptop gets reviewed, G14 gets a segway. G14: Imma end this guys career! 😂

  40. Tom Recane

    Tom Recane

    11 giorni fa

    9:37 "...straight from the wet dream of a thermodynamics professor".

  41. Pere Garcia

    Pere Garcia

    12 giorni fa


  42. StupidThingsYouWatchWhenYou'reBored!


    12 giorni fa

    Last year's xps 15 had up to a 97wh battery and this year's only has 84

  43. zubin cannivady

    zubin cannivady

    13 giorni fa

    6:01 who else thought this was a segue into another sponsorship 😂😂😂

  44. Lucas Edwards

    Lucas Edwards

    13 giorni fa

    Well, being a user of Dell XPS for 3 years I can't recommend it to anyone. After one year it seems like they dump almost every effort to sustain their effectiveness. There's an elaborate list of short comings. Top of my head: multiple thermal throttling issues, annoying bloatware because they cheap out on certain essential hardware parts, mismanaged hardware power (simple explanation).... I can go on and I wont bother you with the details. I'm not joking, a 2009 13 inch macbook pro plays minecraft better than my Dell XPS 15. The overall hardware configurations are always impressive, but HIGHLY ineffectively managed (to the extent of obsolete) after approximately one year of use. I'm a professional architect - and after spending tons of time trying to fix these short comings one thing has become really apparent to me. This is really bad engineering, and I'm not even an engineer although I have a very capable understanding and knowledge. A super car is useless if you have bad brakes and can't steer. The XPS is simply the case of this. Too many things are too badly maintained; and it's simply not anything you can expect a user to try and solve. The time spent on dealing with future issues is not worth it. If you want a good computer as a kid, a student or even as a professional; save up that extra cash and buy something else. Today I use only windows which is great... but I'm thinking of going back to the macbook as my portable device, just because they are so god damn stable. It's much cheaper in the long run and worth the investment. If you want to play games and have a good rig, go buy a console or have fun building your own desktop pc! You can thank yourself later.

  45. Radim Tichý

    Radim Tichý

    13 giorni fa

    8:58 "we did say it was a MacBook competitor" killed me

  46. dee moo

    dee moo

    13 giorni fa

    not exactly a macbook , apple is the best

  47. ChicoFishBanana


    13 giorni fa

    A laptop so powerful it's barely allowed on planes

  48. globalSchelmuffsky


    14 giorni fa

    dell is still delivering the xps with Killer network cards, even though there have been known issues for years. things like that are the reason i won't buy any more dell stuff for some years

  49. Not like that

    Not like that

    14 giorni fa

    the Huawei matebooks are the same and cheaper

  50. Max Zou

    Max Zou

    14 giorni fa

    that webcam isn't even that bad... it looks perfectly usable for zoom and stuff to me



    15 giorni fa

    honeslty i've never cared about the webcam. If im doinga video call, im using my phone.

  52. andrei ka

    andrei ka

    15 giorni fa

    yeap, $2k laptops are that 20% jobless america needs the most in 2020 :-P

  53. Ricardo Duarte

    Ricardo Duarte

    15 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who believes that the 17-in needed a full number keypad....

  54. Aaron B

    Aaron B

    15 giorni fa

    Just picked up one of these. Took a month to get to me from Dell (I'll forgive because of the pandemic) but it came with the track pad issue. Looks like going forward, it is still an issue.

  55. Nathan Miller Video

    Nathan Miller Video

    16 giorni fa

    Nice! Definitely looking at this or the razor blade 17 but more this. The 500 nit 4K screen is a huge selling point. Looking to upgrade from my razor blade 13 only because the screen simply isn’t bright enough. I only have a laptop for DIT and social media editing for weddings and events. Other than that my tower does all the heavy work.

  56. RiceCube Tech

    RiceCube Tech

    16 giorni fa

    Dream Laptop, RTX 3060 when it comes out (lower power consumption over the 3070 likely), 32GB of 3600mhz ram, Ryzen 4900HS, 16:10 display, 4K, Thunderbolt with UHSII card reader, and 1TB of SSD for like 1500-1900. Anything over doesn't make much sense.

  57. Sp3EdStR


    16 giorni fa

    Looks like Dell listened! There is now a 1920x1200 InfinityEdge Touch Anti-Reflective 500-nit Display!

  58. Ivz


    17 giorni fa

    Retyping this.. fuck youtube for messing my comment up beyond recognition. I have been using these laptops for a couple of years.. and well idk.. Don't get me wrong these laptops are freaking awesome when they work but you *CAN* experience: - Battery swelling (might cause trackpad to swell/pop out) - The trackpad having tracking issues (might be because of battery swelling) - The spacebar not working unless pressed in the middle (might be because of battery swelling) - Ram issues preventing it from booting (might be fixable by reseating the ram DIMMs) - Problems while going to sleep or hibernation (Dell recommends just shutting it off... Uhm what!?) - The screen having a dynamic backlight that is hard/impossible to disable - Fps capping at 30 fps when on battery even when you disable v-sync and change power settings - Loud fans while idle/under load unless you set them to silent mode with Dell Power Manager - Audio issues (might be fixable by enabling MaxxAudio but disabling the filters) - The power button having to be pressed for at least a second or two - Slow updates using Dell Update

  59. Indra exe

    Indra exe

    18 giorni fa

    Wtf i just saw a Gateway laptop with a trackpad of this size

  60. 848 W6sq3

    848 W6sq3

    18 giorni fa

    The keyboards falling apart , not being able handle work! Loads without crashing, very close my face making worthless, hinge creaking failing, common laptop,

  61. mohammed mashud

    mohammed mashud

    18 giorni fa

    With solidworks, there are certain functions which are a lot more stressful for laptops or desktops, think it was shell which fucked up my work rate

  62. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. Luffy

    19 giorni fa

    4:28 my mom when she finds out what inside my 288 gB homework folder.

  63. Guy Morad

    Guy Morad

    19 giorni fa

    Linus: 'i deliver the best sponsor segways on the market' Me: hehe yeah you do, still gonna skip it tho

  64. Jack Dolah

    Jack Dolah

    19 giorni fa

    The bqck of that laptop is so chunky and ugly

    • De00pro LazR_

      De00pro LazR_

      16 giorni fa

      @Jack Dolah Apple fanboy, get outta here and do not forget to enjoy your thermal throtteling

    • Jack Dolah

      Jack Dolah

      16 giorni fa

      De00pro LazR_ comoare to Macbook it's ugly man

    • De00pro LazR_

      De00pro LazR_

      16 giorni fa

      it is super clean

  65. Sue Donnery

    Sue Donnery

    19 giorni fa

    The problem with a big track-pad is it JUMPS your cursor while you're typing, as your palm touches the corners of the track-pad. I've lost massive paragraphs from this, as it can sometimes highlight your text while it jumps the cursor.

  66. Daniel Dougan

    Daniel Dougan

    20 giorni fa

    Linus holding up that laptop by his fingertips is terrifying.

  67. Sam Fox

    Sam Fox

    21 giorno fa

    When u talk about things like the adapter and how u wish the customer could decide which adapter they want It just feels like u dont know what regular people care about in there laptop

  68. Karl Frank

    Karl Frank

    21 giorno fa

    Add to the list of improvements: A black-ish version! Only then i would really consider buying one.

  69. Keaton Blazer

    Keaton Blazer

    21 giorno fa

    Thank you Linus!

  70. bentlikeitsmaker


    22 giorni fa

    What pissed me off is they pulled the amd based laptops lately bought one for my kid now I can no longer order it either

  71. J.Jarvis


    23 giorni fa

    I purchased the xps 15 for business. returned it shortly there after to amazon. it's full of glitches and bugs. also it slow.

    • Rohan Saridena

      Rohan Saridena

      23 giorni fa

      What issues did you have. Purchased one for freshman in computer science engineering. Arriving in a week

  72. Shay Eidin

    Shay Eidin

    23 giorni fa

    Whats the name of the calibration tool he uses ?

    • De00pro LazR_

      De00pro LazR_

      16 giorni fa

      Spyder 5 i think

  73. M. Alif Zhorif Arachdin

    M. Alif Zhorif Arachdin

    23 giorni fa

    What is the purpose of using lemon for measuring the size of the trackpad?

  74. Meanwhile In russia

    Meanwhile In russia

    23 giorni fa

    Linus is a good boi.

  75. Chandra Shekhar Bhoga

    Chandra Shekhar Bhoga

    24 giorni fa

    Can you please advice on heating issues & fan throttling as of today in DELL XPS 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-10885H (16MB Cache, up to 5.3 GHz, 8 cores), 64GB DDR4-2933MHz, 2x32G . I'm planning on to buy one but need it to still be a laptop (put it to work on my lap at times) when I'm around hot countries like India. I'd assume DELL made some great improvements to keep the machine cool. Thanks.

  76. Glitch


    24 giorni fa

    ill switch to dell from mac pro if they add thunderbolt.

    • De00pro LazR_

      De00pro LazR_

      16 giorni fa

      they have Thunderbolt 3

  77. Vovical


    26 giorni fa

    it's a "professional" laptop with no USB A's. Thinkpad is a far better choice, x1 carbon extreme

  78. C J

    C J

    26 giorni fa

    2999.99 close to 3K? I think if you telling truth u might get more subs

    • C J

      C J

      16 giorni fa

      De00pro LazR_ so that makes him never bluff?

    • De00pro LazR_

      De00pro LazR_

      16 giorni fa

      he has 12 Million subs

  79. John Linkletter

    John Linkletter

    26 giorni fa

    I was looking at the 13’s until you said the 15 had a 1650 and dual m.2s

  80. Máté Tarjányi

    Máté Tarjányi

    26 giorni fa

    I have a Precision 5510 and a 5540. The 5510 might be the worst notebook I've ever had. It started falling apart after 3 years, constantly overheats and throttles and had really bad driver problems from the get-go. Needless to say, if I had to pay for it, I'd have killed someone. Now, due to Lenovo not offering any sort of configurability for our company, I went with a 5540. i7 9th gen, 32GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, a 4GB GPU and a 4K touch display. I am in love. It doesn't have any of the defects that the 5510 had and it's extremely comfortable. The speakers are incredible for a laptop, the screen is amazing, the fp sensor is my fav tho. It's every bit as premium as its price.

  81. Ia •_•

    Ia •_•

    26 giorni fa

    Does anyone else with the XPS have a problem with color banding when using Premier Color?

  82. Enrico Maria Dal Compare

    Enrico Maria Dal Compare

    27 giorni fa

    Before lightining it up, I think it's time to change the dell logo

  83. Phil Conway

    Phil Conway

    27 giorni fa

    Just returned my XPS 15 9500 after two weeks. List of issues I had: - When charging it would almost be too hot to touch - Random task bar/app freezing that would only fix on restart - Brightness adjuster would slide up/down but brightness wouldn't change - Touchpad would register 2-3 clicks at once - Touchpad would randomly click links nowhere near the curser somehow - Touchpad wouldn't register clicks at all - Touchpad TOO sensitive even on lowest settings. A hair could graze the surface and a click would register. - Woke up to it idling at 97C, despite it being asleep with the lid closed. - Battery life would either be 4 hours or 13 hours, even when doing the same tasks with using battery performance at about 30% screen brightness. - Random screen 'hitching/freezing' (seemed like a gpu issue) Too bad. It was a frost white shell. Looked beautiful, but ran poorly. I'm genuinely disappointed I have to return it but the newer tiger lake XPS 13's released today look nice - might check one of those out.

    • rigbyme


      18 giorni fa

      Tip : use Nvidia optimus

    • David S

      David S

      21 giorno fa

      Thanks so much for the punch list, Phil! It's a real service to people like me - a born skeptic - I'll need to do thorough QA as soon as it's out of the box & before I even bother to fire up my favorite app

  84. Seppe Germaux

    Seppe Germaux

    28 giorni fa

    As a warning i received my XPS 15 3 days ago and yet in September they are still shipping XPS's with a wobbly touch pad! Dell Support has been extremely unprofessional towards me even claiming this "wobble " and random clicks where purposefully designed like that...

  85. Alex Mayer

    Alex Mayer

    28 giorni fa

    Thunderbolt is coming to AMD.., it’s been released from the cage by intel.

  86. lol iwin

    lol iwin

    28 giorni fa

    How many models of XPs laptops are there. And which suck now ?

  87. Ak Mikki

    Ak Mikki

    28 giorni fa

    Such blatant marketing

  88. G3M1N1


    29 giorni fa

    we're not even suing 4g to the fullest, 5g is totally unnecessary

  89. Nathaniel Banks

    Nathaniel Banks

    29 giorni fa

    One thing you didn't check is the microphone! I spent over $2400 on my XPS 15, and had to return it because the microphone hardware was so bad that no one could hear me on zoom. Normally, this wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, but as all of my meetings and lectures are now over zoom or teams, this made the laptop effectively unusable without an external mic (which the laptop oftentimes refused to connect to). As a general laptop, it has great performance and a slick design, but I do think it is pretty flawed for online meeting applications.

    • Yidian Liu

      Yidian Liu

      29 giorni fa

      100% True. Same thing happened to me.

  90. Yttrx Stein

    Yttrx Stein

    29 giorni fa

    Linus is lying about how good this laptop is. Kickbacks from dell, eh Linus?

  91. thefront


    29 giorni fa


  92. Lightning Film Productions

    Lightning Film Productions

    29 giorni fa

    I love you man

  93. Joe H.S

    Joe H.S

    29 giorni fa

    “Just like how I deliver the best sponsorship Segways on the market” Oversimplified: laughs in NordVPN

  94. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin

    Mese fa

    I have the XPS 9500 with the NVidia 1650 GTX with MaxQ and 32GB of RAM. I'm unhappy with this configuration for video editing in Videostudio 2020, and have applied for a return, possibly exchanging for the XPS 9700. Working directly with 4k 60fps video in Corel Videostudio 2020 is exceptionally jerky in the 9500--it's impossible. Working with Smart Proxy Files is better but still jerky and poor video quality. Another way to have a more smooth editing experience is to encode a low resolution Smart Proxy using H.264 (instead of H.265). The XPS 9700 seems to be better than the 9500 for several reasons: better cooling (reduced throttling), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q (better GPU, particularly for h.265 video). The 9700 also has an extra Thunderbolt 3 port, USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps), and DisplayPort 1.4 / HBR2 for better multi-display options. The facial recognition in the 9500 works maybe 1 out of 4 times, and it takes a long time... I'm intrigued with the ConceptD for content creation.

  95. ntDasH


    Mese fa

    can i manage bandwdith with glasswire like on netLimiter ?

  96. Hades Ian

    Hades Ian

    Mese fa

    to bad the touchpad sucks

  97. Aname Aname

    Aname Aname

    Mese fa

    THANK YOU♡ I am in the market for a new computer! Very helpful :) 🤜🏻👍🤛🏻♡♡♡

  98. Bel TOmp

    Bel TOmp

    Mese fa

    hello, if anyone can help me it be great! i bought the xps 9500 from best buy, certified refurbished from DCR. it was great except the wifi kept dropping. So i returned it and the second.. same thing, it was great except wifi kept disconnecting and sometimes after a minute or 2 it would automatically reconnect by itself, or i had to manually reconnect. (sometimes it had a hard time manually reconnecting too). I had the latest driver downloaded and did this step where you go through command prompt to fix some issues... nothing worked. even factory reseting didnt work. now im on my third replacement and again.. WIFI!!! im so frustrated that nothing is working. if you encountered this problem and found a solution PLEASE let me know! i absolutely love this laptop and wouldnt want any other. So if i could just get wifi to work.... sigh...

  99. Cal Malouin

    Cal Malouin

    Mese fa

    I just got mine a week ago. My trackpad has that wobble.

  100. William Wilson

    William Wilson

    Mese fa

    11:33.....What she said....

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