Tate McRae x Ali Gatie - lie to me

SO UM ALI GATIE AND I FINALLY COLLABED!!!! GUYS i hope you enjoy this music video. it was such a great time to film. we filmed it from 7pm-6am! love you guys sooo much! this is 'lie to me':)
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you don’t understand
i’m not ever like this
i can hold breath
say ill be alright
but kinda hard to think
when i can’t feel a thing
so tell me to my face
already heard it last week
driving me insane
it’s hitting real badly
tell me what’s her name

said you’d never, why’d you ever
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
said you’d never, why’d you ever
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me

After everything we been through you come crying to me
You said you’d never lie so why you lying to me?
I gave you my trust my heart and everything inside of me
Tell me how’d you pay me back? You made a fool out of me

Can’t you see what your doing? Left me, Broken In pieces
Got me feeling so stupid ; guess I needed a reason
To let go,
I don’t wanna hear lies anymore

said you’d never, why’d you ever
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
said you’d never, why’d you ever
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
i’ve been tryna collect all my thoughts
it’s all said and done
just don’t feel the same
Don’t try to tell me that I was wrong
You was the one lying all along
I think you just want somebody else to take the blame
said you’d never, why’d you ever
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
said you’d never, why’d you ever
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
lie to me baby lie, lie to me
Directed by Christo & Glenn Michael
Producer: Vince Tran
PM: Brock Mitchell
Cinematographer: Cole Graham
1st AD: Stephen Kievit
Choreographer: Michelle Dawley
Stunt Coordinator: Adrian Young
Editor: Red Barbaza
Assistant Editor: Mikka Quinsac
Sound Design: Liam Crossley
VFX: Evan Langley
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Ethos Studio
Ethos Studio Producer: Brittany Carson
Creative Director: Eddie Mandell
Commissioner: Sabrina Rivera
Production Company: Kid. Studio
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  1. TateMcRaeVEVO


    12 giorni fa

    this is so exciting for me. i can't wait for this piece to finally be released. love you all so much. enjoy!”

    • Kitz Katz

      Kitz Katz

      10 ore fa

      My friend and I found our #1 song!

    • Nabiha Kaleem

      Nabiha Kaleem

      17 ore fa

      Lyn lapid tooo

    • Claire Moffatt

      Claire Moffatt

      Giorno fa

      You really need to make a dancing video!

    • Fun Reborns

      Fun Reborns

      Giorno fa

      ILYSM your amazing tate you inspire people i now you do you inspire me

    • BT S

      BT S

      Giorno fa Merhaba

  2. p sk

    p sk

    13 minuti fa

    a bop

  3. ylvasisland


    58 minuti fa

    I read a news article in a Norwegian newspaper about the songwriters who are from Norway and that's how I got here. I think it's kinda cool that Norwegian songwriters can write for people in the states. Just shows how, in a sense, we're part of one global society.

  4. Yeet Y

    Yeet Y

    Ora fa

    Norske studenter

  5. Ayush Vaghasiya

    Ayush Vaghasiya

    2 ore fa

    I can feel her songs ♥️.

  6. Xouxia


    3 ore fa

    Follow me on ig 12.73pm ❤️



    3 ore fa

    Wow this song is good and good dancing skills Tate McRae you are so talented



      3 ore fa

      And of course Iove ali gatie to



    5 ore fa

    Billie eilish lol

  9. Keziah Mandalupe

    Keziah Mandalupe

    5 ore fa

    i love tate's expressions.. damn!

  10. Denise Smith

    Denise Smith

    7 ore fa

    by the ways i love your music videos

  11. Denise Smith

    Denise Smith

    7 ore fa

    hi im ricky and i am 9 years old im on my moms youtube account and im your biggest fen and i live in calgary and i would like to have a meet and greet. are you sill in calgary?

  12. Paytenian Ï

    Paytenian Ï

    7 ore fa

    She gave me “no scrubs” by TLC vibes when she was dancing

  13. Mary Chroninger

    Mary Chroninger

    9 ore fa

    Only ppl that were one of her first thousand subscribers can like this🥺 She's not our little secret anymore

  14. The3mpress Brittney ash The real one

    The3mpress Brittney ash The real one

    9 ore fa

    I’m here for it ima spin the block play it back

  15. Shia Castello

    Shia Castello

    10 ore fa

    Who knew they would do a collaboration

    • Shia Castello

      Shia Castello

      10 ore fa

      2 great singers

  16. Emily H.G

    Emily H.G

    10 ore fa

    For some reason i almost thought this video was about AMONG US😵 WAS IT ONLY ME?

  17. Addison Estey

    Addison Estey

    11 ore fa

    Love you

  18. Raisya Salsabilla

    Raisya Salsabilla

    11 ore fa

    In the same time, someone lie to me too.

  19. Genesis Vlogs

    Genesis Vlogs

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  20. Bradley Nicholas

    Bradley Nicholas

    12 ore fa

    Mcrae is the shit... Straight real...

  21. fatxi henna

    fatxi henna

    13 ore fa

    Amaizing!!! how can dey dislike such a song

  22. Luke Gorbutt

    Luke Gorbutt

    14 ore fa

    love this song

  23. ;-;;-;


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  24. The Groovy Guitar Dude

    The Groovy Guitar Dude

    15 ore fa

    For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how :) - Standard Tuning - No Capo - - Picking Pattern That Repeats Through The ENTIRE Song - E| A| 3 33 7 77 5 55 3 D| G| B| 5 55 8 88 7 77 5 e| *Repeat over and over again through the WHOLE SONG!* Hope this helps you out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just posted a video lesson for this on my channel :)

  25. XxLolli MiaxX

    XxLolli MiaxX

    16 ore fa

    Yes go queen! You are growing up to fast! Look at you now! Your so pretty and you sound so amazing!

  26. Fan page

    Fan page

    16 ore fa

    Been here since 200k

  27. Skin Craft

    Skin Craft

    17 ore fa

    I think I fell in love with this song

  28. Lio


    17 ore fa

    Found this song today and absolutly fell in love with it ❤ i may have listened to it 50 times, but this is the kinda song i can listen to waaaay more

  29. Blackrose Alory

    Blackrose Alory

    17 ore fa

    Tate i love the way she rising

  30. stace jay

    stace jay

    18 ore fa

    only the people that have been here before she hit 1 mil subs can like this.

  31. always.cxnfused


    18 ore fa

    ok but this Collab yes.

  32. a a

    a a

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    Two of my favssss in a project aaahghhhhh😭❤️

  33. sUBtOPeWDiEPi Ë

    sUBtOPeWDiEPi Ë

    19 ore fa

    I’ve been here since ex-best friend and she has grown so much...I’m proud but not surprised ❤️

  34. שיר-אל פרידמן

    שיר-אל פרידמן

    19 ore fa

    That song is underrated

  35. Lisa Holland

    Lisa Holland

    19 ore fa

    Wow I loved her on so you think you can dance , I never knew she could sing like this , so impressed

  36. maria eduarda

    maria eduarda

    19 ore fa

    lie to me baby, lie, lie to me

  37. maria eduarda

    maria eduarda

    19 ore fa


  38. Maureen


    20 ore fa

    I remember watching her "I wrote a song" videos. she was my little secret. but now she's singing with ali gatie and she's not our little secret anymore 😭 SO PROUD 💞✨

  39. strivy


    21 ora fa

    on my head was like "pls dont lie to me baby pls"

  40. chile anyways

    chile anyways

    22 ore fa

    remember when she was ''our little secret'' i'm so proud🥺

  41. Anushka Singh

    Anushka Singh

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  42. Gemini Land

    Gemini Land

    22 ore fa

    Tate deserves to be a huge star

  43. b h r i

    b h r i

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  44. Moustafa Jawhari

    Moustafa Jawhari

    23 ore fa

    Its a perfecp song

  45. Moustafa Jawhari

    Moustafa Jawhari

    23 ore fa

    Ali gatie is nambre 1

  46. GAMER x

    GAMER x

    23 ore fa

    that moves no words

  47. Zuleika


    Giorno fa

    The ones who disliked got blinded by Ali and Tate's amazingness and accidentally hit the dislike button.

  48. Sarah Bawarith

    Sarah Bawarith

    Giorno fa

    Said you’d never, why’d you ever lie to me baby, lie to me lie to me baby lie, lie to me this part hits hard

  49. amy terry

    amy terry

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    Love them together!! Love this song.

  50. Home Sweet

    Home Sweet

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    I like the sound

  51. Home Sweet

    Home Sweet

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    Nice song

  52. ShocKAYaW


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    Who r they?

  53. Alyssa


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    who can say they were here before 1k

  54. Natalyxoxo


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    Tate’s voice at 1:19 gives me chills

  55. Mackenzie Scapanski

    Mackenzie Scapanski

    Giorno fa

    I think tate is the next ariana grande like im serious. She is so amazing

  56. cha relle

    cha relle

    Giorno fa

    Hoping that tate and billie sang a song together. I guarantee u guys it would be a great hit

  57. cha relle

    cha relle

    Giorno fa

    Almost billie

  58. Yuriel Leyva

    Yuriel Leyva

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    Yeah so good I love her she is the best

  59. IR3M /

    IR3M /

    Giorno fa

    i feel bad because i’m the one that is lying. i hate myself so much

    • { M A K E N Z I E }

      { M A K E N Z I E }

      6 ore fa

      So why’re do doing it

  60. Victoria Omosebi

    Victoria Omosebi

    Giorno fa

    yesssssss we've been waiting its so good

  61. Mar khlf

    Mar khlf

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    It's one of my favorite song 🤩🤩🤩

  62. Jenina Williams

    Jenina Williams

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    This song is so fire the beat is so fire stay blessed🙏🙏🙏🙏

  63. Riana Grace

    Riana Grace

    Giorno fa

    Wow this song so perfect every song he in 🧦🔥🔥🔥🔥⭐🌟🌬 this was awesome guys💖⭐😞👑👑 keep it up!!!

  64. xhuli Balliu

    xhuli Balliu

    Giorno fa

    Oh she can dance 🤔 nice 😌

  65. Yura young

    Yura young

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    My best song 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  66. Medina


    Giorno fa

    Your so Good ♥️

  67. Nowshin


    Giorno fa

    I always forget that she's from Calgary, seeing Central Library had me tripped out hahaha

    • Nowshin


      Giorno fa

      @hnny bnny Ayyy, Calgary Squad :)))

    • hnny bnny

      hnny bnny

      Giorno fa

      Haha sameee

  68. Cory Chapdelaine

    Cory Chapdelaine

    Giorno fa

    I'm 98% sure this was shot in the downtown library in Calgary!!! Another great song Tate!

  69. Aigberaodion Alicia

    Aigberaodion Alicia

    Giorno fa


  70. •A e s t h e t i c P o t a t o e s•

    •A e s t h e t i c P o t a t o e s•

    Giorno fa

    Please check out my cover of this song! It would really be appreciated as I'm only 10 and I spent so long trying to edit it!! P.s. it's really ..wierd? And cringe...-

  71. maya rexha

    maya rexha

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    Love this song by the best singers😢

  72. Yaso Yehya

    Yaso Yehya

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    I love how they sing together great 👍 make more songs if u agree like

  73. Audrey Franklin

    Audrey Franklin

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    Lol this a slowed remixed emo version of Queen N version of lie to me

  74. Payam Aziz

    Payam Aziz

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    is it just me or.... does she look like Dixie D'amilio?

  75. Muhd Hafiz

    Muhd Hafiz

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    Why keep repeat listen to this song?? Im realised im love this song 🥺🤍🤍

  76. Jiri Tana

    Jiri Tana

    Giorno fa

    Just Both my Fav Singers here, what else can I ever ask for? Been listening to Tate And Ali for 3 years now ❤️❤️

  77. Sarah Ghani

    Sarah Ghani

    Giorno fa

    Two broken souls collab in one song .. This wut u get ❤

  78. ndrea


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  79. vishnu MP

    vishnu MP

    Giorno fa

    It's gonna over 1 billion views?? I think,may be

  80. Amanda Allen

    Amanda Allen

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    Her and NF should collab

  81. Mariyah Motala

    Mariyah Motala

    Giorno fa

    Wow it's amazingly beautiful keep on going guys! Press a like here

  82. QUE MIRAS.?ミ

    QUE MIRAS.?ミ

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  83. Cara Jones

    Cara Jones

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    who’s here from tiktok

  84. Adventures with Atcha

    Adventures with Atcha

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    This song is AWESOME I love it and I listen to it like everyday even during class I LOVE IT SO MUCH

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    mansi jain

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    Amith A K

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    Best Beats !!

  88. Hannah Hines

    Hannah Hines

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    If I get 1k like on my comment Tate we need to sing together :)

  89. Alex Rider

    Alex Rider

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    the voice of tate feel like a bilie eilish voice

  90. brithney rossi

    brithney rossi

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    3 weeks ago and 3.1M viewers 😳

  91. Alice Rosen

    Alice Rosen

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    Anyone from the tiktok duet??

  92. Sharlene Shark

    Sharlene Shark

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    Nothing, just broken because of liars around me💔 And what about you?

  93. Larry Stylinson

    Larry Stylinson

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    Love this song and the combo 😍

  94. Arief Rajagum

    Arief Rajagum

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    I have no clue who these guys is but damn thank god i found their music.

  95. Sabrine Mussa

    Sabrine Mussa

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    I know this is old but the people who disliked meant. dis I liked :)

  96. Sabrine Mussa

    Sabrine Mussa

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    tate never fails to impress me.

  97. BT S

    BT S

    Giorno fa 🌸💐

  98. david Wright2017

    david Wright2017

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    I love it so much

  99. Maria Choreva

    Maria Choreva

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    Why is it so fucking good man. This combination is fire

  100. Daniela O

    Daniela O

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    No way she’s grown so much omg

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