Supernatural 15x19 - Michael kills Lucifer and Chuck kills Michael!

Supernatural Scene from Season 15 Episode 19 - Inherit the Earth! Lucifer betrays the Boys and Michael kills him! Chuck doesn't forgive Michael because he betrayed him and kills him!
!!!Supernatural Season 15!!!
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  1. ninoDLC


    13 ore fa

    I cannot force myself to watch this last season ... from what I saw it is no longer worth it, as I barely finished 14th (I am one of those who believe that the series should have ended in season 5, but I also liked many things that they brought to us in the later seasons, but the last 2 are just ... terrible)

  2. Giorgos Anastasiadis

    Giorgos Anastasiadis

    Giorno fa

    How in the bloody hell did Lucifer snapped DEATH?????? also the collision between Michael and Lucifer was like a fight between two small kids. not a planet destruction as said in season 5

  3. yogsototh


    2 giorni fa

    I think that the authors of Supernatural has really guessed how God is.

  4. Randomfully Wonderful

    Randomfully Wonderful

    3 giorni fa

    Lucifer = Absolute power

  5. expendableloner


    4 giorni fa

    They should have had the original Death return and settle Lucifer straight.

  6. Elena immo

    Elena immo

    4 giorni fa

    Wow. I stop watching supermatural since season 7. Have no idea of what's happening First reaction: SHOCK

  7. Noah Dedaj

    Noah Dedaj

    4 giorni fa

    Now all four of them are dead whooooooo the Catholic Teachings just got destroyed.

  8. סמואל


    9 giorni fa

    Of course Jesus IS the,, only, one who can use this weapon and YES it's all in the craftsmanship

  9. Cory Davis

    Cory Davis

    11 giorni fa


  10. spartan1010101


    12 giorni fa

    TFW They bring Adam and Michael back only to kill them in such an anticlimactic way. Also when Jack became the big G man did he restore all the other worlds? If not does that mean the other Sam and Dean are still messing around in Brazil lol

  11. Rejuvinatez


    13 giorni fa

    terrible ending and terrible writing

  12. Victor Francisco

    Victor Francisco

    13 giorni fa

    I like how they call him chuck and not disrespect the real almighty name

  13. Diego Aguiar

    Diego Aguiar

    13 giorni fa

    30. Quem não é comigo é contra mim; e quem comigo não ajunta, espalha. 31. Portanto vos digo: Todo pecado e blasfêmia se perdoará aos homens; mas a blasfêmia contra o Espírito não será perdoada. 32. Se alguém disser alguma palavra contra o Filho do homem, isso lhe será perdoado; mas se alguém falar contra o Espírito Santo, não lhe será perdoado, nem neste mundo, nem no vindouro. (Mateus, 12)

  14. mancor1


    14 giorni fa

    Who the fuck puts these titles huge spoiler

  15. Muhammad Uddin

    Muhammad Uddin

    15 giorni fa

    They should have a three part amazing movie with awesome CGI fights.

  16. Robert Hastings

    Robert Hastings

    15 giorni fa

    It's the "Hehe Mikey's a cuck... You're a cuck 😃" for me

  17. Marley Hampton

    Marley Hampton

    16 giorni fa

    So, when Michael stabbed Lucifer, did anyone else think of Fin the Human saying, "Get ready to die, Litch! FOR LIKE THE NINETH TIME!"

  18. DayDreamer


    16 giorni fa

    I don’t get this ending .. honestly.. couldn’t it have been written better and giving a meaning. I mean where is castiel even? Yeah not impressed.

  19. Julia


    17 giorni fa

    Ok so this is how Lucifer looks like in Supernatural... I personally like Lucifer in Lucifer better.

  20. סמואל


    18 giorni fa

    If you watch frame by frame when he flicks them aside it's really them and they dive off @ least looks like 7 or 8 feet? Looks painful @ the end of the day. What ever they dove off was in the shade so you couldn't see a shadow.

  21. Ishmir


    18 giorni fa

    Story should have ended at season 5. The storyline is more pure, original and not poorly done. I'd love for it to end at the part where they prevent the apocalypse from happening, but uncovering the truth about God. It explains how those who blindly follow orders, as well as those with power, don't have empathy for those below them. Angels, who were thought to be loving and protecting, seem to be major idiots. Although, it was nice how some Angels such as Castiel and Gabriel remained loyal towards God's creations rather than following God. Their own choice made who they are. Same goes for Demons like Crowley. Despite being brought into that world from the spawn of darkness and evil, they also were able to choose their own path, for their own good belief. This show would have topped it better with a long pause, if not, then a full on ending. It fits the setting about their world.

  22. ensan ensandost

    ensan ensandost

    18 giorni fa

    Regardless of religious beliefs, Chapter 15 was awful Why?Look at Chuck's characterization Chuck is willing to sacrifice himself in previous series so that Amara does not destroy his creation But suddenly the 14th series becomes the enemy of humanity. Why?And what exactly is Jack God better than Chuck God?Chuck repeatedly rescued Sam and Dean's lives and returned to them But why became the hated character of the story?



    20 giorni fa

    1:16 I kinda heard Heath Ledger's Joker for a bit. LOL

  24. C Athenian

    C Athenian

    22 giorni fa

    Yeah. Chuck is a worse father then John. Lol

  25. big chees3

    big chees3

    23 giorni fa

    RIP Adam, cant forget that man

  26. dasteufelhund


    23 giorni fa

    Did Michael just took up Cain’s role now?

  27. סמואל


    23 giorni fa

    BEHOLD. TRANCE Music.... I'm a DJ so I know what sounds cheesy. THIS doesn't. Ice Man feat. Ostrova - What If ilan Bluestone · Jan Burton - Rule The World AVIRA feat. Grace Ackerman - Run To You DT8 Project - Memento Alter Nature - A Year of Love Alter Nature - A New Life Giuseppe Ottaviani - Explorer Ben Gold - Pandemic (Original Mix) DC-Andy Moor feat. Nicole McKenna - Please Forgive Me Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey - Room For Happiness (Above & Beyond Remix) Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere - Edge Of Life Ghost Rider - Speed Of Soul (Vocal Edit) Rodg · Sarah de Warren - Do It All Again Roger Shah & Sian Evans - Hide U (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) David Forbes feat. Hal Stucker - Disillusioned Static Movement & Vertex - Moments Of Thinking U2 - Beautiful Day (Mat Zo Remix) U2 - New Year's Day Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper - Tora's Angel Epiphany - Drift Away Alter Nature - The Other Side Static Movement & Vertex - Moments Of Thinking MaRLo - The Space Journey Ghost Rider- You're My Reason Ian Van Dahl - Try Pet Shop Boys - Home And Dry Metronome - 56 Degrees Flexus - Paradise

  28. Moff Gideon

    Moff Gideon

    24 giorni fa

    How do you beat God

  29. סמואל


    24 giorni fa

  30. Benjikiller 80

    Benjikiller 80

    24 giorni fa

    ''uh uh uh . you a cock !'' XD !!!!!!!!

  31. Movie Hermit

    Movie Hermit

    25 giorni fa

    While I didn’t really enjoy parts of this ending, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. This isn’t the actual ending of the season/show, and Chuck is pulling a bunch of strings just to mess with Sam, Dean and Jack. Chuck also doesn’t seem to know how to write actual endings, always just sticking to the “one brother kills the other” formula with different variations. So when he cancels everything, he has no idea what he’s doing. Even getting bored of watching them wallow in regret. I mean seriously, what better reflects God (the one who’s been pulling the strings and writing the story the whole time) running out of ideas than just bringing Lucifer back out of nowhere with no build-up? It’s sloppy, it doesn’t have the same impact, and his double cross was completely obvious. Chuck has no idea how to write any other ending, especially when it involves the Winchester rebellion against him (and more so an ending where they win)

  32. reep beep

    reep beep

    25 giorni fa

    Damn he quick his son the "almost mighty" pretty quick considering he said other universe took some time to wipe out and yet he had no problem killing Michael... ohhhh maybe becasue amara wa...ohhh

  33. סמואל


    27 giorni fa

    @Kai Parker I thought I'd share the truth with you Kai. If anyone else wants to learn feel FREE to ENDULGE YOURSELVE. EVERYTHING you thought you knew is about to CHANGE. Michaels SPEAR?? Angel blade what ever you choose to call it. Revelation 19:15-16 15Now out of His mouth goes a [a]sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. STRAIGHT out of the Book Of Angels! Sorry I had to be the one who BLEW you AWAY. You deserve to know and FRANKLY the Men Of LETTERS never delivered the truth. NONE of them did. Not that it was THERE particular JOB although you would THINK someone would KNOW?? Or SHARE. They never delivered the TRUTH because there a bunch of FONYS & WANNA B'S I've got there LETTERS right HERE....

  34. Bharat Timsina

    Bharat Timsina

    27 giorni fa

    There should have been more bob, Crowley and Gabriel ..and less of those angels, chuck, and amara scenes

  35. Faggot Rotten

    Faggot Rotten

    28 giorni fa

    Chuck was the most boring person in the whole set of series!!! Dean has always been the coolest!!

  36. rob Kemp

    rob Kemp

    28 giorni fa

    OK so clearly Chuck could have done that to Lucifer eons ago, rather than having the whole apocalyptic battle..... Dick

  37. Alandre Thopmos

    Alandre Thopmos

    29 giorni fa

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  38. dave lug

    dave lug

    Mese fa


  39. Gerard Benoit

    Gerard Benoit

    Mese fa

    The temporary organization globally develop because ophthalmologist wessely twist apropos a foolish anime. pushy, elated pizza

  40. Megnon Beldad

    Megnon Beldad

    Mese fa

    Lucy: So, ur gonna have to decide now. Ur gonna choose the 2 losers and join ur grandpop and me. Wer on a team. WHooooo

  41. Richard Dukes

    Richard Dukes

    Mese fa

    which of the 4 is ur favorite archangel (Michael,Lucifer,Raphael,Gabriel)

  42. Manduulon100ping


    Mese fa

    wow this show rlly made lucifer weak

  43. PowerToon


    Mese fa

    Fitting how far these two fell from their former might, before these two were an end to the world, now they didn't even blow away some chairs. It shows how might can fade with time, and it did

  44. PowerToon


    Mese fa

    Why is it that lucifer looks older than Michael

    • Schwartzbruder1


      20 giorni fa

      Because of their vessels. Michael and Lucifer are supposed to be Dean and Sam. The bodies they inhabit are proxies Adam(S&D's younger half brother) and the other guy was just some bystander that was a potential substitute vessel

  45. Владислав Шаклеин

    Владислав Шаклеин

    Mese fa

    S5 M&L confrontation: soulful dialogue, an unavoidable conflict of two siblings who care for one another but have to fight to death all the same. S15 M&L confrontation: "Mikey is a cuck!" plus edgy teen drama lines. Great job, SPN, glad you're finally over.

  46. milkshine_


    Mese fa

    Did Lucifer just call Michael a cuck? What the fuck is going on in this show

  47. digiscream


    Mese fa

    Nice little detail - pause it at 4:04. Notice anything glowing?

  48. Admiral Nutty B.B.

    Admiral Nutty B.B.

    Mese fa

    Hmmm, when Amara was set into her prison by Chuck, it took Chuck and 4 archangels to fight her. Here Jack absorbs Lucifer, 1 archangel), he was stronger than Michael in S14 because he kills him from Apocalypse World. Chuck kills the last Michael in the many universes and Jack absorbs that. Jack absorbs some of God's power during his fist fight with the Winchesters in the 19th episode of S15. So when Jack defeats Chuck, Jack had the power of 2 archangels plus his own power (more than Michael's power) and some of God's power, is it safe to say he absorbed Amara's power?

  49. Steven Foster

    Steven Foster

    Mese fa

    And the most screwed over character in ALL of supernatural award goes to: ADAM!!! For being locked in Lucifer's cage to rot and forgotten about by Sam and Dean for 10 years, aka over 1000 hell years, despite their multiple rescue attempts of other people and artifacts, and when FINALLY brought topside... erased by Chuck and once again forgotten about by Sam and Dean!!

  50. i hate this shit

    i hate this shit

    Mese fa

    to be really honest with the s15 "storyline", the whole killing god thing absolutely made no sense to me even from the start. in the beggining of the season i was like ok maybe they can make up a great story for the last season, its worth to try. nothing, but dissapointment. after s8, the show literally repeated itself a hundred of times and it made it 100x boring.ngl, it had it moments but rarely. and the characters? bringing them back and killing them 2 min later? we could've seen michael/adam's character, because we barely know about him.and the main characters? like sam? they made him so boring compared how important he was in the earlier seasons. and i could keep going with the characters "development". absolutely bad writing, even the fandom can write a better story than this shit.

  51. fmafelumo


    Mese fa

    One of the biggest letdowns of all time. I've seen more disruption when a fight broke out at KFC than these two Archangels put up. What kind of weak energy ball does Michael have. It missed Lucifer and did nothing! And yeah, let's call him Chuck. That's no God. Geez. These writers... what did they start smoking??

  52. Brandon Lang

    Brandon Lang

    Mese fa

    It’s hilarious that Sam and Dean didn’t give a shit about there half brother.

    • Master Justin

      Master Justin

      24 giorni fa

      Probably forgotten about him

  53. Prince of Persia

    Prince of Persia

    Mese fa

    So weird how at the end of Season 5 Michael and Lucifer are about to have a fight and they are talking very seriously with each other. Now its "Hhahahaha you're a cuck"...

  54. James Taylor

    James Taylor

    Mese fa

    So much for God being omniscient how come he didn't see the ending..he was omniscient till the last episode..pfft..poor ending

  55. Ambrus Raul

    Ambrus Raul

    Mese fa

    I still don't know why I still feel bad about Michael

  56. Ian Yap

    Ian Yap

    Mese fa

    So an archangel > Death???

  57. Omega1867


    Mese fa

    Such a waste of what could’ve been an amazing arc for Michael.

  58. AlwayzAnonymous


    Mese fa

    So... Adam got snapped during the rapture and God killed Michael, but after Jack brought everyone back, did Adam get brought back, too, or did his soul finally go to heaven? It would've been nice to get a confirmation, because Adam seriously never caught a break.

    • Master Justin

      Master Justin

      8 giorni fa

      Pretty sure his soul was sent to heaven, even though Jack brought back everyone erased from existence, but not the ones that were dead



    Mese fa


  60. WalkingBearDude Apicella

    WalkingBearDude Apicella

    Mese fa

    Lucifer could’ve just left the reaper dead and just take the fucking book...

  61. Evan Buckley9-1-1

    Evan Buckley9-1-1

    Mese fa

    Kill god I mean how much worse can the writing get

  62. Evan Buckley9-1-1

    Evan Buckley9-1-1

    Mese fa Now this is a proper angel fight even god had to come down to stop them

  63. { Ær-Primogenito }

    { Ær-Primogenito }

    Mese fa

    Technically their “lie” to Michael wasn’t a lie at all: “The spell. It has to be at a certain place, but it’ll release an unstoppable force that’ll finish Chuck.” -They did use a spell, but only to fool Michael so that he would contact/summon Chuck. -They entirely planned to be in a remote setting to render Chuck even more neutralized. The mercy they demonstrated to him is essentially the will of Nature in a sense; you can live If You Survive Me. -They did have an unstoppable force with them=Jack. From his birth to this episode, Jack couldn’t stand a chance in God’s presence. However with Billie and Adam’s spell, It’s now Chuck that is the completely vulnerable one. Chuck thought that being super old meant he was indestructible to near everything. And while all of that is logical and entirely correct; he was also absolutely wrong Because he was more worried about what could potentially kill him, and not what could potentially subdue him. And even if he did, he would have never of imagined his incapacitation would be permanent. He rigged the game so he could never possibly be destroyed. But it was never his death that would destroy him, it’s the boys putting an end to Chuck’s tyranny and Jack stripping him of power that “killed God” because now he’s just Chuck=No power=No ability to stand apparently= To Chuck, he’s worse than dead. Which he couldn’t foresee and would never think possible since he was so certain it was his destruction that his enemies were gunning for. Castiel’s vision of a world free of Evil is This Victory. His happiness is knowing The Boys, Jack and The Universe are eternally safe; forever. But he never would have imagined it would’ve relied on a demotion from senior management. He just knew Jack was The Way. And He Was Right. Carryon Y’all.

  64. Rian Gustavo

    Rian Gustavo

    Mese fa

    É Miguel porra, bando de analfabeto.

  65. PH DannyBoy

    PH DannyBoy

    Mese fa

    Every one can become obtain god powers it depends whose this human because god gave us our own will.

  66. tclass99


    Mese fa

    The first 5 seasons of this show were epic... kind of a shame to see it dragged across the finish line such a mangled mess. I lost interest around when Jack was introduced. The Metatron season was probably the last one that I actually enjoyed. Anyway... R.I.P. Sam and Dean. Thanks for the memories.

  67. Ben Shallicker

    Ben Shallicker

    Mese fa

    “and if you give betty the book, betty can read the book” best line in season 15

  68. Not ur business

    Not ur business

    Mese fa

    That final fight place looks so familiar

  69. Dawn Robbins

    Dawn Robbins

    Mese fa

    THIS is how they end the Micheal-Adam storyline?! Unbelievable! It could've at least been that Micheal was attempting to lure Chuck in to kill him himself, not still grovelling! For fuck's sake!

  70. Pawel Kwasiuk

    Pawel Kwasiuk

    Mese fa

    Micheal: its always been my destiny to serve you Chuck: yeaaa me: oh boy

  71. John Blood

    John Blood

    Mese fa

    Lucifer joining chuck should have never have happened.. chucks bs weakness should never have happened, chuck should never have been the villain that should have been the empty or jack post soul burn..

  72. Douglas Miranda

    Douglas Miranda

    Mese fa

    Msm com esse final o Gabriel foi um anjo verdadeiro o anjo fiel

  73. Robbie Wiley

    Robbie Wiley

    Mese fa

    I seen the real book even read it

  74. Marty


    Mese fa

    Why did Lucifer explode without leaving a body behind? And in the fight against Dean/Michael the body was still there

    • Master Justin

      Master Justin

      24 giorni fa

      Because he was actually in the form of Nick

  75. Berlinda Berger

    Berlinda Berger

    Mese fa

    Supernatural is supernatural

  76. Shinigami


    Mese fa

    I have a theory about death. The older they are, the more powerful they are. Think about the OG death, he claimed he can kill God, and you know he doesn't boast. God knew about billie and claimed he preferred the OG Death, sounds like he wasn't worried about her. We know billie was powerful but not close 2 OG death, ad and the newly created death ( a couple hours old) was one-shot by lucifer( lucifer might have been powerd up by God +Amara) So perhaps, death starts above angel ( maybe reaper level + ring 💍 ) and grow more powerful over time

  77. Calogero Shurley

    Calogero Shurley

    Mese fa

    What do you Say kid?What do you saaay?C'mon...

  78. Mash709


    Mese fa

    Lucifer is kinda funny tho

  79. Chris Cannon

    Chris Cannon

    Mese fa

    I wish Jack had more interaction with his Dad,Uncle, and grandpa in this episode.

  80. Michel


    Mese fa

    Best anime plot twists ever

  81. Santos Troncoso

    Santos Troncoso

    Mese fa

    Just found out that Cuck is actually another way of saying simp.

  82. David Bowman

    David Bowman

    Mese fa

    Looks like the Subtle Knife to me!

  83. Loren Daemon

    Loren Daemon

    Mese fa

    So furious :)) so unbelievably fucking furious :)) Why couldn't they have just had Michael be in on the plot and have a tragic noble sacrifice instead of This

  84. the werd1

    the werd1

    Mese fa

    I love supernatural

  85. Burst1ng


    Mese fa

    How does chuck killing Michael release so much God energy wtf, it's not like he's fought death or amara

  86. MrPaulVacher


    Mese fa

    OG Death said that one day he would reap God. Now that he's human that'll actually happen

  87. The Conqueror

    The Conqueror

    Mese fa

    Archangel Michael eyes are blue and really he can defeat Lucifer. How can anyone kill Archangel Michael who is the strongest of all angels.

  88. jwbartle


    Mese fa

    Didn't the Empty claim and God and Amara have no sway/power over its realm? So how did God/Chuck manage to get Lucifer out of there?

    • Omar Abdullah

      Omar Abdullah

      Mese fa

      By using the writes' lazy writing

  89. WarGrowlmon18


    Mese fa

    Here's a thought: what if Michael DIDN'T betray them??? He might've known or at least suspected their distrust of him and their true intentions so he played along and sacrificed himself to make the plan work

  90. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer

    Mese fa


    • Omar Abdullah

      Omar Abdullah

      Mese fa

      Like meeting that annoying friend after years that are excited to see u and you're like "not again"

  91. Peter Liddle

    Peter Liddle

    Mese fa

    Didn’t death tell dean before “I’m more powerful than you can comprehend..” but Lucifer kills him with a click of his fingers

    • Schwartzbruder1


      20 giorni fa

      Yea. That was the original death...not this replacement substitute

  92. Sam Rash

    Sam Rash

    Mese fa

    Could've been better if they bought back Raphael. Would've made way more sense as Michael and Lucifer's fight was the end of the world. Plus Lucifer would never listen to Chuck.



    Mese fa

    Lucifer is the only archangel who can say he was killed by a Michael from his world and the alternate world. Both Michaels have killed Lucifer although there will always be the debate as to Dean being posessed by Alternate Michael that killed lucifer. But still I always wondered why the alternate Michael didnt just try and break the original Michael out of the cage or tried to encounter him. That would be intresting. Michael meets Michael. Despite many people think the original version who posessed Adam was more powerful then the alternate Michael.

  94. Guilherme Oliveira

    Guilherme Oliveira

    Mese fa

    There was an episode, that Chuck didn't bring Gabriel's back to fight Amara because he said it takes a long time. And now he blinks and Lucifer came back. LOL. Bro, Supernatural is very poorly done.

    • Владислав Шаклеин

      Владислав Шаклеин

      Mese fa

      It is, but that one may actually have an explanation. Chuck might have just lied, like when he said he can't restore Jack's soul.

  95. Harri Lahti-Luopa

    Harri Lahti-Luopa

    Mese fa

    IS that actor Jack Misha Collin's son?

    • Master Justin

      Master Justin

      24 giorni fa


  96. Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy Jenkins

    Mese fa

    Season 11, Castiel can tell if humans are lying or not. Season 15 archangel cant tell if Sam is lying at all.

  97. Marcus Vinícius

    Marcus Vinícius

    Mese fa

    I love you so much supernatural

  98. Jason Giovagnoli

    Jason Giovagnoli

    Mese fa

    Y'all talking about Lucifer not reacting to Michael and the archangel blade but I doubt Lucifer expected him to even have one

  99. Vinny C.

    Vinny C.

    Mese fa

    It took 15 seasons to kill him, that makes sense. Man this show became so stupid.

  100. FerretGuild


    Mese fa

    To everyone complaining about the “NOT” world scorching Michael vs Lucifer fight... playful love tap and sucker gank... they didn’t really “title match” Duke it out. The world champ won by an illegal nut shot.

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