studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande

positions out now:


  1. Dragonguy


    8 minuti fa

    Remember y’all, whenever in doubt, add a little y u h

  2. Cotton Candy Lover

    Cotton Candy Lover

    47 minuti fa

    I love Ariana grande so much, she gave me inspiration to try and become a famous singer when I get older I know everyone says that but because of her I got enough confidence to actually do it. Ty Ari, if I ever meet you just expect im going to scream for 3 hours strait



    54 minuti fa

    what's nice is shes able to find the harmonies so easily and know exactly what to tell her producer since shes doing everything herself

  4. ɐɹɐpɐuoɯsʇן


    Ora fa

    Love u ariana !!!

  5. ɐɹɐpɐuoɯsʇן


    Ora fa

    We support u till the end

  6. ɐɹɐpɐuoɯsʇן


    Ora fa

    She worked so hard

  7. ohhellothere25


    Ora fa

    That was so good

  8. Jace Owens-Moore

    Jace Owens-Moore

    2 ore fa

    Ari when are you gonna Make a new song PLEASE MAKE IT!

  9. anastasia Y.

    anastasia Y.

    2 ore fa

    Perfect 😍👌



    2 ore fa

    ariana recuerdas sam y cat tu hola yo del futuro jaja yo se por que siempre llevas una cola en el pelo

  11. Jax Boxx

    Jax Boxx

    3 ore fa

    I could honestly watch hours of this

  12. Arianator 4Ever

    Arianator 4Ever

    4 ore fa

    save your tears remix here we come🥳!

  13. Ivonie Rosas

    Ivonie Rosas

    4 ore fa

    please post a day in the life

  14. Roblox Is A Sport

    Roblox Is A Sport

    5 ore fa

    Either someone misclicked the dislike button or they thought the dislike button meant "dis I like"

    • Dulce Carmona

      Dulce Carmona

      4 ore fa

      That makes sense

  15. R


    6 ore fa

    These are just too many vocals. Lyrical clutter

  16. saminilla


    6 ore fa

    did i hear auto tune? 2:17

  17. Wangden Tamang

    Wangden Tamang

    6 ore fa

    I respect her a lot for her art and craftsmanship. 💗

  18. Gamer Top

    Gamer Top

    6 ore fa

    Sam & cat

  19. k a r m a

    k a r m a

    7 ore fa

    This is fun

  20. Mellynne M.

    Mellynne M.

    7 ore fa


  21. Ana Reis

    Ana Reis

    8 ore fa

    now that repair this video was made when i did years 😱😋😁

  22. Sara Fox

    Sara Fox

    9 ore fa

    i wish plenty of other artists had videos like this, they’re so interesting to watch

  23. Ari playlists

    Ari playlists

    9 ore fa

    ♡you are so good Ari♡

  24. Ari playlists

    Ari playlists

    9 ore fa

    ♡I love that♡

  25. *Sama Tv *

    *Sama Tv *

    10 ore fa

    I love you so much, Ariana, you are amazing and glorified as far as I love you so much ❤️ For the second time, your songs are beautiful You are so amazing 😍

  26. Dudue882 Wididx28e

    Dudue882 Wididx28e

    11 ore fa

  27. ayum don't hurt em

    ayum don't hurt em

    12 ore fa


  28. Stephen S

    Stephen S

    13 ore fa

    “Ok let’s double that. You can punch in a lil closer this time.” *me following along satisfied like I have any idea wut she’s talkin bout*

  29. Nia Nia

    Nia Nia

    13 ore fa

    Je t'aime Ariana Grande 💖

  30. Samkhele Ndhlovu

    Samkhele Ndhlovu

    13 ore fa

    i am watching this for the 1000th time, i know i am normal. 🤍

  31. Fritz Camarig

    Fritz Camarig

    14 ore fa

    It was already finished in hear head, she just need to do what exactly it is

  32. - SweetScale TV -

    - SweetScale TV -

    15 ore fa

    Work Ethic and Class... and She's literally the BEST Singer in the WORLD!

  33. Nukunuku Salad

    Nukunuku Salad

    16 ore fa

    I wanna watch amazing

  34. Lola Cao Rey

    Lola Cao Rey

    18 ore fa

    this is asmr fr

  35. MoveOn


    18 ore fa

    It looks so peaceful and comfortable working in that cozy studio listening to a beautiful voice all day

  36. mags moxy

    mags moxy

    18 ore fa

    such a talented human being 🥺

  37. Meghan Stevens

    Meghan Stevens

    19 ore fa

    I love you Ariana 😍 💗

  38. Selina Sarex

    Selina Sarex

    19 ore fa

    2:15 is this outotune hehe, dident know she used that, well why not. (when she says move) i think i hear it ? am i the only one

  39. Allan Tj

    Allan Tj

    20 ore fa

    I'm upset she didn't put yuh in the caption.. instead she put yeah..

  40. Shannon Heard

    Shannon Heard

    21 ora fa

    I got the Ariana Grande perfume today

  41. Courtney Walker

    Courtney Walker

    22 ore fa

    Old are post a new vid

  42. Natã Martins

    Natã Martins

    22 ore fa

    So professional

  43. Bisma s.

    Bisma s.

    22 ore fa


    • ariana's everything

      ariana's everything

      21 ora fa

      yuh 🤎

  44. Heidi Chen

    Heidi Chen

    23 ore fa

    Ariana: should I do two more?? Me: No Ariana it’s perfect!

  45. Another_animator


    Giorno fa


  46. Cookie Dynasty

    Cookie Dynasty

    Giorno fa

    Why every time she posts something like bts on her voice recordings, haters just flooood the comment sections saying she cant sing or sum. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

  47. Evelyn Rodríguez

    Evelyn Rodríguez

    Giorno fa

    Beautiful 💜

  48. Yasmim games it oficial

    Yasmim games it oficial

    Giorno fa

    how do you know the saying to the voter base you spoke to the surface at Ozy soybeans maize!!!

  49. Yasmim games it oficial

    Yasmim games it oficial

    Giorno fa

    idea on a close to her sales on this video?

  50. Yasmim games it oficial

    Yasmim games it oficial

    Giorno fa

    idea, I never said follow photo gays?

  51. Khumo Markham

    Khumo Markham

    Giorno fa

    I appreciate this song more ever since I saw how she made it 😍

  52. rarekidclan


    Giorno fa

    She should do the Numa Numa Song

  53. Kearstin Te

    Kearstin Te

    Giorno fa

    she's so sweet to them and really everyone she's sweet too! she sounds absolutely angelic!!!!!!!

  54. Agung Saputra

    Agung Saputra

    Giorno fa


  55. Hookers & Cocaine

    Hookers & Cocaine

    Giorno fa

    *no **-hate-** but...* *_is that autotune?_*

    • Jason Vo

      Jason Vo

      9 ore fa

      yes there is

    • Hookers & Cocaine

      Hookers & Cocaine

      16 ore fa

      @ปุ๊กก้า oh ok =)))

    • ปุ๊กก้า


      Giorno fa


  56. Chad Herry

    Chad Herry

    Giorno fa

    we need more of these

  57. Mari gamer

    Mari gamer

    Giorno fa

    hi ariana grande i hope to be noticed with a little heart pfv i love you very beautiful perfect ❤

  58. Lucas Pavanelli

    Lucas Pavanelli

    Giorno fa

    She’s a businesswoman

  59. shōto


    Giorno fa

    and ppl say theres auto tune in her microphone when she baby its all natrual

    • ปุ๊กก้า


      Giorno fa


  60. ernest Martinez

    ernest Martinez

    Giorno fa

    I love you so much

  61. Maria Lee

    Maria Lee

    Giorno fa


  62. Heidi Isabella

    Heidi Isabella

    Giorno fa

    she's so talented

  63. aka doey

    aka doey

    Giorno fa

    0:47 this part is 🥺👌 i wish they made it louder

  64. Lion Heart

    Lion Heart

    Giorno fa


  65. MingHung Yen

    MingHung Yen

    Giorno fa

    I always thought Ariana makes music. But HEYYYY She IS THE MUSIC!!!!



    Giorno fa


  67. Ana Edits

    Ana Edits

    Giorno fa


  68. Premium Cat in youtube

    Premium Cat in youtube

    Giorno fa

    She really love hitting us with _Yuh✨_

  69. Bukurie Seta

    Bukurie Seta

    Giorno fa

    im abonir you

  70. Humble is me

    Humble is me

    Giorno fa

    Dang she actually knows what she's doing??! That's a true perfectionist right there! Props Ariana! ✌️🌼

  71. Bukurie Seta

    Bukurie Seta

    Giorno fa

    i love you ari im fannnnnnnnnnnn

  72. Awaker ff

    Awaker ff

    Giorno fa

    Sam e cat

  73. Aamisha Dahari

    Aamisha Dahari

    Giorno fa

    she said AnOtHeR OnE

  74. Daniella Moreno

    Daniella Moreno

    Giorno fa


  75. amy jordan

    amy jordan

    Giorno fa

    if breathtaking was a person honestly

  76. Paulina Ryguła

    Paulina Ryguła

    Giorno fa

    I love you ariana

  77. AssaultedPeanutt


    Giorno fa

    Around 4:26 she says "yea!" and it's auto tuned 😂

  78. Abigail White

    Abigail White

    Giorno fa

    Post more behind the scenes! These are so amazingggggggggggg!

  79. Eugene de Torres

    Eugene de Torres

    Giorno fa

    Talent, dedication and hardwork.

  80. Stella Rae

    Stella Rae

    Giorno fa

    i feel like i just learned a million things from like one viewing of a single 4 minute video. ariana is such a fucking legend dude. thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

  81. S sb

    S sb

    Giorno fa

  82. Kikoy


    Giorno fa

    she use a little bit of autotune but she's so good



    Giorno fa

  84. oboraa Tube

    oboraa Tube

    Giorno fa

  85. ꜰᴀɴᴛᴀᴇꜱᴛɪᴄ


    Giorno fa


  86. Ryanna Bouka

    Ryanna Bouka

    Giorno fa

    The voice's coach 😍😍😍😍😍

  87. Amir Hisyam

    Amir Hisyam

    Giorno fa

    Did you guys hear 3.16 I mean like WOW

  88. Ömer Demirkıran

    Ömer Demirkıran

    Giorno fa

    We need worst beahviour

  89. AriAnastasia Grande

    AriAnastasia Grande

    Giorno fa

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  90. Princi Rawat

    Princi Rawat

    Giorno fa

    Her voice is autotune in itself...



    Giorno fa

    She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented 💙



    Giorno fa

    ariana : *yeAH* me : *dies*

  93. Maddie Graf

    Maddie Graf

    Giorno fa

    im in literal AWE

  94. Louis Mariano

    Louis Mariano

    Giorno fa

    come on Ms. Produce-HUH

  95. notavafn


    Giorno fa

    This was so entertaining for some reason... also Ariana has so much talent ❤️

  96. Shone Smickle

    Shone Smickle

    Giorno fa

    Ur vocals are SOOO 🔥🔥🔥Crazy I luv this Album My Favorite

  97. Refentse Kheswa

    Refentse Kheswa

    Giorno fa

    I legit watch this video everyday 😩😭😍

    • katherine lv milfs

      katherine lv milfs

      Giorno fa

      she's so talentedd

  98. dantetita marasigan

    dantetita marasigan

    Giorno fa

    They cannot get out of the line

  99. Sedi Pg

    Sedi Pg

    Giorno fa

    Am I the only one who felt the need to go watch the actual song after😂😂

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