Strange cats 🐾

Lots and lots of strange cats!
No worries, they are ultra friendly :3
Cat is chat in french :D
The song is Mario paint- Gnat attack!


  1. Loretta Richards

    Loretta Richards

    7 minuti fa

    1:13 boogiecat 1:32 spider cat 1:35 dancer 1:38 floater 1:43 ¢@+

  2. Daniel Olmos Pliego

    Daniel Olmos Pliego

    8 minuti fa

    First time I saw the first cat,I though it was an owl xd

  3. Sans Burh

    Sans Burh

    40 minuti fa

    It’s so funny 😂

  4. Epicenter


    54 minuti fa

    1:35 AMOGUS

  5. adrian mojzes

    adrian mojzes

    Ora fa

    1:44 thats a pokemon

  6. Daniela Castro

    Daniela Castro

    2 ore fa

    Why u made so many strong wons lol

  7. youzombie


    2 ore fa

    this video scared my cat

  8. Claudia Regina

    Claudia Regina

    3 ore fa

    And those are pretty good

  9. Claudia Regina

    Claudia Regina

    3 ore fa

    Jesus I like the merge the black cat monster thing and I like the shadow cat flying

  10. Zarna Karna

    Zarna Karna

    3 ore fa

    1:34 Black is kinda sus

  11. Raul Teles

    Raul Teles

    4 ore fa

    I love cat

  12. qwerty 228 games

    qwerty 228 games

    4 ore fa

    Now wait video strange dogs

  13. The robux noob

    The robux noob

    4 ore fa

    0:02 lookin sus!1!1!!1!1!

  14. The Green Guardian

    The Green Guardian

    4 ore fa

    Cat has left the Chat

  15. TheOneKid


    4 ore fa

    Person: Oh dogs are too chaotic, get a cat instead! *Cats:*

  16. Pepp Ino

    Pepp Ino

    5 ore fa

    Mario paint???

  17. PabloGamingRC


    5 ore fa

    1:28 anime be like

  18. ANIKA Meneghel

    ANIKA Meneghel

    5 ore fa


  19. Eggplanto Purple

    Eggplanto Purple

    5 ore fa

    Thank you

  20. DanaeSant Diaz

    DanaeSant Diaz

    6 ore fa


  21. Steaven Jacinto

    Steaven Jacinto

    6 ore fa

    I have questions how do you get these images? do they just go to peoples house and do this? I don’t know?

    • Steaven Jacinto

      Steaven Jacinto

      5 minuti fa

      And how are There buff cats 💪😼

  22. Кот из видео

    Кот из видео

    6 ore fa

    0:25 omg

  23. S H

    S H

    6 ore fa

    🎶Water and long they’re really good friends they’re really good friends and they are both cats🎵

  24. Lucy Gerrard

    Lucy Gerrard

    7 ore fa

    My favourite has got to be the one doing sit-ups!

  25. ä ä

    ä ä

    7 ore fa

    1:36 can we have a 10 hours version of this cat dancing?

    • Muhammad Aly mashour

      Muhammad Aly mashour

      2 ore fa


  26. Fluf :3

    Fluf :3

    7 ore fa

    Cats are liquid

  27. ꧁с͜͡А͜͡л͜͡А͜͡т͜͡И͜͡к͜͡꧂


    8 ore fa


  28. Rachel Johnson

    Rachel Johnson

    8 ore fa


  29. Daniella Sanchez silva

    Daniella Sanchez silva

    8 ore fa


  30. irritated 8 year-old

    irritated 8 year-old

    8 ore fa

    Funy cat

  31. Apple Juice

    Apple Juice

    8 ore fa

    1:36 Me playing on the wii

  32. Reisha Pagsisihan

    Reisha Pagsisihan

    8 ore fa

    Me: (see’s a weird cat) THAT IS NOT A CAT!

  33. Retrodank


    8 ore fa

    Best 2 minutes of my life

  34. miss strawberry

    miss strawberry

    9 ore fa

    Chonky cat

  35. ꧁Keimy Juega꧂

    ꧁Keimy Juega꧂

    9 ore fa

    What rE tUrBio 🤡👊💅

  36. Cat in da shop UwU

    Cat in da shop UwU

    9 ore fa

    Do strange dogs next

  37. SoupTimeCatz


    9 ore fa

    i should've been here at the end shooting people

  38. Necroceine


    10 ore fa

    1:40 Khoshekh!

  39. Sobs Cutely

    Sobs Cutely

    11 ore fa

    This video makes me giggle in an unknown amount of joy of seeing this during ramadan

  40. Rayleigh Dwayne Bastero

    Rayleigh Dwayne Bastero

    11 ore fa


  41. Sippin tea

    Sippin tea

    13 ore fa

    I desperately need a part 2

  42. * S t r a n g e * Cat *

    * S t r a n g e * Cat *

    13 ore fa

    I’m another strange cat! :)

  43. Barnabasr snags

    Barnabasr snags

    13 ore fa


  44. *-Madison Loves fidgets-*

    *-Madison Loves fidgets-*

    14 ore fa

    Imagine seeing 1:36 at the end of your bed and it’s walking up to you like that- *I am scared*

  45. Sam Flame King

    Sam Flame King

    15 ore fa

    1:40 This void cat is amazingly coool

  46. Trash Panda

    Trash Panda

    16 ore fa

    Me after eating dads funny sugar:

  47. Selin Emerald

    Selin Emerald

    16 ore fa

    DUDE İTS NOT A CAT İTS A.. uuuuuuuuuhhh yeah its a cat w-w-w wait WHAT İS THİS 1:36

  48. Soviet Rail

    Soviet Rail

    16 ore fa

    Tom after he went to the gym: 0:08

  49. KIPSEL2


    16 ore fa

    Pls part2

  50. Randomowe Filmy

    Randomowe Filmy

    16 ore fa

    I swear cats are the glitchiest animals on earth

  51. DarkMaffiGalaxy


    17 ore fa

    Main 3 types of cats: - Liquid - V O I D - *S T R Ö N G*

  52. Sus


    17 ore fa

    cutest things ive ever seen

  53. Jean Carla Barbadillo

    Jean Carla Barbadillo

    18 ore fa

    amog usssssss

  54. Baggy


    18 ore fa

    This was recommended to me right when my cat layed on me



    18 ore fa


  56. Spider Love V

    Spider Love V

    18 ore fa

    What happens if we put them all together 🤔 🧐

  57. randomcardgame


    19 ore fa

    Cats have no sense of anatomy

  58. Not an Alt

    Not an Alt

    19 ore fa

    cats are liquid

  59. mini


    19 ore fa


  60. Early Kirana

    Early Kirana

    19 ore fa


  61. Early Kirana

    Early Kirana

    19 ore fa


  62. Early Kirana

    Early Kirana

    19 ore fa


  63. Early Kirana

    Early Kirana

    20 ore fa


  64. Artifex Histori

    Artifex Histori

    20 ore fa

    Catthulhu isn't real, he can't hurt you... Catthulhu: 1:45

  65. Canadian Mapping

    Canadian Mapping

    20 ore fa

    everyone gangsta till 1:30 to 1:44

  66. ꕥhello friendѕ ꕥ

    ꕥhello friendѕ ꕥ

    20 ore fa

    Luve it 💅

  67. Old Sport

    Old Sport

    21 ora fa

    1:35 Cat name: Beast Purpose: crush Identified: big 2 legged horror Location: around dark areas Quote: CRUSH THERE, CRUSH HERE, CRUSH ANYWHERE

  68. Old Sport

    Old Sport

    21 ora fa

    1:32 Cat name: Cookie Purpose: swims and sinks fishing boats Identified: biggest tentacle creature than Jasmin Location: The oceans Quote: **squirt**

  69. Old Sport

    Old Sport

    21 ora fa

    1:13 Cat name: Davy Purpose: eat Identified: killing creature Location: ANYWHERE Quote: GIVE ME YOUR FLESH

  70. A


    21 ora fa


  71. Fydelic


    21 ora fa

    These are the cats from the parallel universes.

  72. Jethro A Sánchez Hernández

    Jethro A Sánchez Hernández

    21 ora fa

    among us

  73. Shinobi Studios

    Shinobi Studios

    21 ora fa

    Nobody: The chair in the bedroom at 3:00 am: 1:34

  74. BallonEEE


    23 ore fa

    They’re quite odd

  75. 寿司一巻ゲームお絵かき!sushi꧂


    23 ore fa


  76. Allan Roberto Macedo

    Allan Roberto Macedo

    23 ore fa


  77. Pedro The best the aksgsoaysoausososya7

    Pedro The best the aksgsoaysoausososya7

    23 ore fa

    1:29 i thinked that the large cat was washing hand on the bathroom but it was looking the outside

  78. Pedro The best the aksgsoaysoausososya7

    Pedro The best the aksgsoaysoausososya7

    23 ore fa

    1:12 and 1:20 this is not ultra friendy IT'S HOSTILE Edit: is 1:42 too

  79. Katharine Fonseca

    Katharine Fonseca

    23 ore fa

    Me: what the cats

  80. caquinhagame 11

    caquinhagame 11

    Giorno fa

    1:35 Amogus?

  81. Hu Tao

    Hu Tao

    Giorno fa

    mmmm strange

  82. Niamh Wilding

    Niamh Wilding

    Giorno fa

    I quite like the V O I D B O I

  83. Pudd1ngYT


    Giorno fa

    Oh God

  84. CARTON CAT قط الكرتون

    CARTON CAT قط الكرتون

    Giorno fa


  85. DrFoxter


    Giorno fa

    This sparkles joy

  86. GachaBun Rabbit

    GachaBun Rabbit

    Giorno fa

    1:13 is cursed

  87. Creeper Salvadoreño

    Creeper Salvadoreño

    Giorno fa

    1:43 biblical acurrated angel cat

  88. herrabanani


    Giorno fa

    saddest part about this video is the part where it ends :(

  89. Dr Oofinsmirts

    Dr Oofinsmirts

    Giorno fa

    Why is this so good

  90. Petruta Buta

    Petruta Buta

    Giorno fa


  91. Ian The Hedgehog

    Ian The Hedgehog

    Giorno fa

    1:27 Okay, I want a movie with these two as partners. The small cat is the brain, and the big one is the brawn.

  92. Jacob Ponce Barrera

    Jacob Ponce Barrera

    Giorno fa

    well i only see half cat

  93. N1c0ll4s


    Giorno fa

    To much *serotonin*

  94. Athestic Clouds

    Athestic Clouds

    Giorno fa

    This is so cute

  95. Jonathan Matias Pérez Rodríguez

    Jonathan Matias Pérez Rodríguez

    Giorno fa

    Too many honk bois

  96. Matilde Pérez Del Puerto

    Matilde Pérez Del Puerto

    Giorno fa

    0:02 *_sinko peso_*

  97. Chase in da base cochrane

    Chase in da base cochrane

    Giorno fa

    We need a vid where these cats fight against all villians video game villains comic villains movie villains

  98. hourglass dog

    hourglass dog

    Giorno fa

    What app/game do you use to draw these?

  99. Ridmi Tries

    Ridmi Tries

    Giorno fa

    Fun fact : even the ad is about cats

  100. Vlada Rya

    Vlada Rya

    Giorno fa

    I like this part: 1:28 :)

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