slowthai, A$AP Rocky - MAZZA

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Produced by slowthai and SAMO
Additional Production: Kwes Darko
Directors: THE REST
Producer: Andy Picton
DOP: Pieter Snyman
1st AC: Josh Tue
2nd AC: Kitt Sullivan
Trainee: Ishraq Baig
Gaffer: James Duffy
Spark: Sam Crook
Steadicam: Tommy McMahon
Stylist: Daniel Pacitti
Costume Design: Hollie Peck
Prod Design: Froude Studio & Analogue Space
Hotel Porter: Nathaniel Williams
Casting: Bardha Krasniqi @ Road Casting
Post Producer: Athene Xenia Aristocleous
Grade: Jonny Thorpe
VFX: Jeremy Ngatho Cole
Motion GFX: Sifagul Keser
3D Artist: Spirit.View
Producer: Jeffrey Shroeder
Coordinator: Evan Lane
DOP: Ben Carey
1st AD: Mecca
1st AC: Carey Hu
2nd AC: Jade Alexia
Stylist: Matthew Henson
Steadicam: Austin Castelo
Gaffer: Rome Petersson
Spark: Alex Felder
Spark: Swing Daniella
Spark: Carmel Berg
Tech Coordinator: Joshua Douglas
Production design: Izzy Garcia
Leadman: Malcolm A Davis II
Art Direction: @xjermsx
Set Dresser: @milena
Set Dresser: Dena Winter
Set Dresser: Mario Alonso
Set Dresser: @bank.roll34
Set Carpenter: Chris Toro
PA: Ben Wiseman
PA: Andie Rapavy
Casting Director: Jonny Problem
On Set Stylist asst: Crsytal Geller
Special thanks: Sean Whalen, Konduit NYC & Be Electric Studios
Executive Producer: Rik Green
Production Company: Pulse Films


  1. Ot Ta

    Ot Ta

    30 minuti fa

    Mazza fanipojut tehny laulun tossaja

  2. Marco Az

    Marco Az

    Ora fa

    Nyc like pop smoke ❤️

  3. Chino Juarez

    Chino Juarez

    4 ore fa

    “Agenda 21 becoming a bigger topic?” At 1:06 ish

  4. LeAhxDreAMeRx NAvAsïe

    LeAhxDreAMeRx NAvAsïe

    8 ore fa


  5. Fre Bart

    Fre Bart

    11 ore fa

    the music video is inspired from fear and loathing in las vegas

  6. tensaimo


    14 ore fa

    Is this what being on acid feels like? If yes then I can see the appeal 🤔

  7. Владимир Лукин

    Владимир Лукин

    16 ore fa


  8. Tone


    19 ore fa

    This is gonna he a classic in 5 years

  9. Martix


    20 ore fa

    hard as fuck

  10. Cr1mson news

    Cr1mson news

    20 ore fa




    21 ora fa

    panic and loathing in las vegas

  12. S T A R

    S T A R

    22 ore fa

  13. Lustige Videos

    Lustige Videos

    Giorno fa

    So Catty

  14. Nails by Andie Marie

    Nails by Andie Marie

    Giorno fa

    Slowthai here your part go ✊🏼🤟💜

  15. Kacz mar

    Kacz mar

    Giorno fa

    u can skip to 1:30

  16. EliDatBoi


    Giorno fa

    I’m watching this higher than a fuckin kite, bruh wtf

  17. Relax Your Mind

    Relax Your Mind

    Giorno fa

    Leading all ur kids on the slave boat for Satan sad kids don't do drugs

  18. Azoozi OGz

    Azoozi OGz

    Giorno fa

    This brownie ain’t shit 5 minutes later:

  19. Егор Райчук

    Егор Райчук

    Giorno fa

    Why is he so disgusting?

  20. Download musiC

    Download musiC

    Giorno fa

    Rocky carried

  21. Spaff On Ur Mum

    Spaff On Ur Mum

    Giorno fa

    Think I’m the only person who doesn’t like this, T’s older classic grime sound was better than this, feel like he’s selling out to a more America audience 😐

  22. Tumz Mhlanga

    Tumz Mhlanga

    Giorno fa

    Only here to see rocky

  23. Abu_Belarus


    Giorno fa

    y mans look like choppa reed

  24. Wattivika


    Giorno fa

    so many memories

    • Wattivika


      21 ora fa

      @Igomorgan _ About ACID

    • Igomorgan _

      Igomorgan _

      Giorno fa

      How old is the song?

  25. Liam Gurnham

    Liam Gurnham

    Giorno fa

    I feel That synth in my toes to my face This track does things internally...

  26. Jaycob


    Giorno fa

    he clapping Fenty cheeks now. Long live ASAP fr fr

  27. Andrew Riches

    Andrew Riches

    Giorno fa

    Very good.

  28. ADIN


    Giorno fa


  29. MackMurder


    Giorno fa

    Big ups to rocky for collabing with European artists. I've been bumpin UK grime for decades. The second him do a track with skepta and speak out against BLM I knew mans was an artist with actual wisdom. Not just street logic.

  30. g-reg


    2 giorni fa

    Slowthai is shit really lol

  31. mo alawadi

    mo alawadi

    2 giorni fa

    im prettty sure i gave dis 100views easy. western syd

  32. Nathan Reid

    Nathan Reid

    2 giorni fa

    Playboi Carti went super saiyan???👀

  33. Lil Draco

    Lil Draco

    2 giorni fa

    This tunes grow on me

  34. Haley Morast

    Haley Morast

    2 giorni fa

    This on acid is amazing

  35. Heyyofryman


    2 giorni fa

    the prod tho



    2 giorni fa

    New York 🗽 Like I’m Pop Smoke 💨 Woooooo 💫💫💫

  37. Ladi Dadi Da

    Ladi Dadi Da

    2 giorni fa

    Can someone plz tell me what this samples plz I feel like its a M.I.A song

  38. Joel Malligan

    Joel Malligan

    2 giorni fa

    This beat is something else

  39. Netan V prod

    Netan V prod

    2 giorni fa


  40. Nasta Kh

    Nasta Kh

    2 giorni fa

    I like it

  41. nimrot danien

    nimrot danien

    2 giorni fa


  42. Iced Træs

    Iced Træs

    2 giorni fa

    This whole video make me feel an emotion that don’t exist

  43. billbojoe1


    2 giorni fa

    Is it just me or does anyone else want the Rocky and slowthai portraits that are on the wall

  44. DineroDaHero


    2 giorni fa

    ASAP’s new cornrows look way too fresh I hope he stick with this one.

    • A Total Bastard

      A Total Bastard

      2 giorni fa

      Rocky always looks fresh

  45. A.Ffirmative


    2 giorni fa

    this man has bad teeth

  46. vieda z.

    vieda z.

    2 giorni fa

    this kinda reminds me of trainspotting

    • giannis psillias

      giannis psillias

      13 ore fa

      I think trainspotting is one of his bigger inspirations in general

  47. Spaggetboi


    2 giorni fa

    This song 🔥

  48. Davis Wilson

    Davis Wilson

    2 giorni fa💚

  49. Disturbed Shaggy

    Disturbed Shaggy

    2 giorni fa

    This song trash

    • A Total Bastard

      A Total Bastard

      2 giorni fa


  50. mo alawadi

    mo alawadi

    2 giorni fa

    That white boy good

  51. human no. four

    human no. four

    2 giorni fa


  52. Steve Empire Videos

    Steve Empire Videos

    2 giorni fa

    idk what's going on but I dig it

  53. Xander Wolf

    Xander Wolf

    2 giorni fa

    Rocky the champ

  54. Napoleon 2X

    Napoleon 2X

    2 giorni fa

    Asap dnt play boi is 🔥

  55. JDMEXforme


    2 giorni fa

    That thumbnail look suspect

  56. FOX


    2 giorni fa

    omg a asap rocky upload

  57. dreamaster ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    dreamaster ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    2 giorni fa

    rocky should of got a different feat. slowthai sounds whack

  58. David Dantes

    David Dantes

    2 giorni fa

    *Heavy Fear and Loathing Vibes*

  59. jensen


    2 giorni fa

    UK and US collab always heat 🔥

  60. Jakub J

    Jakub J

    2 giorni fa


  61. cS_ Kool-aid

    cS_ Kool-aid

    2 giorni fa

    I’m sorry but I SEE THE LIGHT

  62. Quinton Cornelius

    Quinton Cornelius

    3 giorni fa

    Homie got cornrows now lol

  63. Jon Doch

    Jon Doch

    3 giorni fa

    This is shockingly shizer.

  64. Sonam Dendup

    Sonam Dendup

    3 giorni fa




    3 giorni fa

    This is how I feel when I have to many skittles.



    3 giorni fa

    Language: Slowthai

  67. Badluck 7

    Badluck 7

    3 giorni fa

    Go Check out the music video i just dropped and show love in the comments if you like it.

  68. The life called Nym

    The life called Nym

    3 giorni fa

    Very Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  69. paintthepicture


    3 giorni fa


  70. paintthepicture


    3 giorni fa

    when kil some 1 in 48

  71. Vlad Makaveli

    Vlad Makaveli

    3 giorni fa

    I just want another long live album with just rocky no features 🤷

  72. Rodriguez Villegas Luis Josue

    Rodriguez Villegas Luis Josue

    3 giorni fa

    O L I V E !!

  73. lisiskrr


    3 giorni fa

    this seems like fear and loathing in las vegas typa music video

  74. lisiskrr


    3 giorni fa

    the trainspotting reverence’s go fckn hard

  75. R Scott

    R Scott

    3 giorni fa

    How I feel when I'm off the sheet

  76. Miko Ziko

    Miko Ziko

    3 giorni fa

    Someone: Are u guys high? They: Hii 🤤

  77. x c

    x c

    3 giorni fa

    Thought trey songz was in the thumbnail 😭

  78. Paweł Beiger

    Paweł Beiger

    3 giorni fa


  79. Graham Sweeting

    Graham Sweeting

    3 giorni fa

    Mans a fucking rockstar.

  80. rasheed sobo

    rasheed sobo

    3 giorni fa

    yo why is rocky so fucking drippy like tf?

  81. maguel polson

    maguel polson

    3 giorni fa

    Damn ASAP rocky caring around these weak rappers. Do ur thing ig

  82. Red Kills

    Red Kills

    3 giorni fa

    Rocky better drop a Album this year



    3 giorni fa

    this goes hard but fucking funny too

  84. Isaac Mili

    Isaac Mili

    3 giorni fa

    He took carti's style n did it better 😂😂

  85. spacecoupe panda

    spacecoupe panda

    3 giorni fa


  86. shyne


    4 giorni fa

    trainspotting references

  87. Balthazar Greer

    Balthazar Greer

    4 giorni fa

    fear & loathing in Las Vegas? hotel room? trip? room service?

  88. Majisugoi Gameplays

    Majisugoi Gameplays

    4 giorni fa

    "Mother yeet"

  89. Gaki


    4 giorni fa

    trainspotting/fear and loathing in las vegas

  90. Slow Ly

    Slow Ly

    4 giorni fa

    Slow ( Thai ) What Thai ? (Thailand)

  91. Noah Kalman

    Noah Kalman

    4 giorni fa

    This is weird

  92. atlasdrum


    4 giorni fa

    Looks like a sequel to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  93. Sir Spegeta

    Sir Spegeta

    4 giorni fa

    I never felt love before the drugs.

  94. Phil


    4 giorni fa

    They woke up and chose to make a masterpiece

  95. wren


    4 giorni fa

    why does slowthai sound like a gnome on cocaine

  96. Cipher


    4 giorni fa

    Wow! :)

  97. Aathish Vinoj

    Aathish Vinoj

    4 giorni fa

    The man does not let down

  98. Tristian Devereaux

    Tristian Devereaux

    4 giorni fa

    I never felt love before the drugs. Facts

  99. LightningXG


    4 giorni fa

    Wth did I just watch??

  100. African Girl

    African Girl

    4 giorni fa


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