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SCP-990 Dream Man (SCP Animation)

TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-990 Animation.
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SCP 990, also known as Dream Man, is generally a human male dressed in a Cold War era business suit who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams.
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  1. Im the world changer

    Im the world changer

    46 minuti fa

    Can you made a video about scp - 9999 please

  2. Alex O'Drsicoll

    Alex O'Drsicoll

    49 minuti fa

    do scp 420-J

  3. Sky Bolt 85

    Sky Bolt 85

    Ora fa

    Have not seen such a lies and bullshit



    Ora fa

    I‘ve got a Question: Is Doctor Bright allowed to send a researcher Team to SCP-4217 or [Data Expunged]?

  5. Holak Fun

    Holak Fun

    2 ore fa

    So a discount good freddie krueger



    2 ore fa

    SCP video with COD background

  7. ทนงศักดิ์ ทองปลื้ม

    ทนงศักดิ์ ทองปลื้ม

    2 ore fa

    what are the chaos insurgencys?

  8. Razor - Back

    Razor - Back

    2 ore fa

    She hasn't been born yet that foking jelly is evil

  9. RBX Agent

    RBX Agent

    3 ore fa




    3 ore fa

    Congrats u are about to reach 1 m

  11. KNYV R

    KNYV R

    4 ore fa

    SCP 990 said we are out of 001 means. SCP 001 is "reality".

  12. Edward Martinez

    Edward Martinez

    4 ore fa

    Tickle slime, site relocation, and O5-2 makes an essential sitrep and order. Yikes...

  13. LiK


    6 ore fa

    What a cool ass SCP

  14. jieqiang luo

    jieqiang luo

    6 ore fa

    9:44 Stand user: TheRubber Stand name: [REDACTED]

  15. Rosalyn Sacramento

    Rosalyn Sacramento

    6 ore fa

    Can u do a new video of SCP 2764 pls

  16. tired • aiko

    tired • aiko

    7 ore fa

    So hes a good guy , hiding from 001 , because of the things he knows

  17. Arfah Radzi

    Arfah Radzi

    7 ore fa

    Do SCP 999!!!

  18. Kakisi


    7 ore fa

    Scp-4666 plss

  19. Anthony Craazy show

    Anthony Craazy show

    8 ore fa

    do 258 next

  20. Rxsy_duckz


    8 ore fa

    omg yayyy I always watch you before I sleep

  21. Zynos GD

    Zynos GD

    8 ore fa

    He's actually somewhat beneficial so I think it should be classified as Thaumiel

  22. jacob griffiths

    jacob griffiths

    8 ore fa

    Do you still want ghost stories that are true

  23. Hyper Elemental

    Hyper Elemental

    9 ore fa

    Do a vid on 914

  24. Fox Fox

    Fox Fox

    9 ore fa

    So he is snitch 🤣

  25. LDWS YT


    9 ore fa u think scp 999 could cure the shy guy from his depression?

  26. AMONG US


    9 ore fa

    scp 001 and scp 999 the safe class scp and keter class scp

  27. My Maxis

    My Maxis

    9 ore fa

    SCP 001

  28. Cosgrove Piddy

    Cosgrove Piddy

    9 ore fa

    Do scp xxx I think it is called

  29. The Snatcher

    The Snatcher

    10 ore fa

    It all makes sense now.

  30. Drake Salvador

    Drake Salvador

    10 ore fa

    Alright, so OBVIOUSLY, Mr. Rubber... your next project (after the one you're working on currently, if you are), must be on SCP-439.



    10 ore fa

    why does he look like muzan or micheal jackson

  32. Nova破太透


    10 ore fa

    Plot twist: 990 is the baby's stand when he grew up from jojo

  33. Minn Thu Aung

    Minn Thu Aung

    11 ore fa

    Scp 1 and scp 2 came my dream and they are skeletons(writer-13 years old and my name is Khant Zin Win

  34. Roblox Roblox

    Roblox Roblox

    12 ore fa

    Scp 990 is a spy who captures your intelegence and steal plans and a time traveller dream watcher or something

  35. SCP UNKNOWN unknown

    SCP UNKNOWN unknown

    12 ore fa

    Please Do scp 2521 pls

  36. makulit pero mabait naruto

    makulit pero mabait naruto

    12 ore fa

    do scp 343

  37. shan ronquillo

    shan ronquillo

    12 ore fa

    Nice video about among us

  38. Tommy Luczywo

    Tommy Luczywo

    12 ore fa

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  39. Death Panther

    Death Panther

    12 ore fa

    More like 'I need sleep, I need answers'.

  40. Powerlol 89

    Powerlol 89

    13 ore fa

    i sometimes have this dreams where i just see normal stuff in the real world then like in the future it happens like how my new house (where i live now) where all the furniture and stuff are "you had a 95% chance of it looking like this before "now u have a 5% chance now" (heh i was lucky it was 5%) (but let me tell u this everything was like the 5% but here one problem it was blurry because of the text thingy man i have the most weirdest future things.+



      8 ore fa

      Yep that’s me on my other account and my dream is true trust me

  41. Mc Pro Haiyan

    Mc Pro Haiyan

    13 ore fa

    Who is scp ???

  42. Fray Bird

    Fray Bird

    13 ore fa

    Goth Freddy Krueger

  43. Yukio dev_Animation

    Yukio dev_Animation

    14 ore fa

    Make an video of the scp-087

  44. Furry


    14 ore fa

    Kinda reminds me of the distortionist

  45. Sujit Erlambang

    Sujit Erlambang

    14 ore fa

    Is anyone having a vibe about him making an episode about 999?

  46. Gay Moo

    Gay Moo

    15 ore fa

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  47. NotImpostor


    15 ore fa

    Maje a video about 5140, there isnt much info about it

  48. Yolanda Ann Santillan

    Yolanda Ann Santillan

    16 ore fa

    Because 008 is it an infection

  49. Military Commander Torcher

    Military Commander Torcher

    16 ore fa

    My soldiers were coughing from some sort of.. infection Mr. P made it

  50. Stagier Fool

    Stagier Fool

    16 ore fa

    Do we know which 001 he is referring too? The gate guardian, when day breaks, the children?

  51. King Plays

    King Plays

    16 ore fa

    why this kinda like wonder of you from jojo

  52. Yolanda Ann Santillan

    Yolanda Ann Santillan

    16 ore fa


  53. Yolanda Ann Santillan

    Yolanda Ann Santillan

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    Yolanda Ann Santillan

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  55. [ Splashie SplashPelt ]

    [ Splashie SplashPelt ]

    16 ore fa

    Hmmm it may be Dream? XD (Minecrafter if someone dont know)

  56. Sterling Kohl

    Sterling Kohl

    16 ore fa

    Scp 990 I'm going to frat in coffee

  57. Charlie The Shiba Inu

    Charlie The Shiba Inu

    16 ore fa

    wonder is he gonna explain about the staff and mtf units also including d class and chaos insurgency

  58. Nether lord

    Nether lord

    17 ore fa

    I have had a theory. The only SCPs to be 'born' are one of the seven children of the Scarlet King through SCP 231-A through G. So my theory is that one or more entities like SCP 231 are going to be created and this thing or these things are going to be more children of the Scarlet King and one of these children will cause an XK-class-end-of-the-world scenario or the birth of one of these children will cause the Scarlet King to come to our dimension.

  59. Angela Viassy

    Angela Viassy

    17 ore fa

    Rubber make a video on scp 250!!!

  60. IBlowDemo


    17 ore fa

    Do SCP-2427-3 please

  61. har ki

    har ki

    17 ore fa

    Freddy kogur

  62. Ms. Understood

    Ms. Understood

    18 ore fa

    Please do the gate guardian scp-001

  63. Cheese Boi

    Cheese Boi

    18 ore fa

    Do scp 3700 tides of war or something it is really cool and would do a good video

  64. Rukas


    18 ore fa

    This is such a bad video :/

  65. Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd

    Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd

    18 ore fa

    we need scp 999

  66. Arturo Cruz

    Arturo Cruz

    18 ore fa

    I scp-990 have a dream

  67. Luke Wilson

    Luke Wilson

    18 ore fa


  68. Luke Wilson

    Luke Wilson

    18 ore fa

    im here

  69. Pavel Mihai

    Pavel Mihai

    18 ore fa

    Can you do a video about SCP-1504(Joe Schmo)?

  70. aki Muric

    aki Muric

    19 ore fa

    Scp 1529

  71. annus ahmer

    annus ahmer

    19 ore fa

    This looks the incognito man busting foundation's anominity

  72. youtuber 109

    youtuber 109

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    Do scp have scp 109

  73. A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    19 ore fa

    8:13 Better ending than Mass Effect 3. Lol

  74. ABO_SAMAR _h2

    ABO_SAMAR _h2

    19 ore fa

    Talk about scp-001 please 🙏

  75. A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    19 ore fa

    I mean, everybody knows about the SCP foundation, as well as a plethora of there SCP's. Only information that would be useful would be all the redacted data.

  76. Amy Heikkinen

    Amy Heikkinen

    19 ore fa

    Have you heard of the SCP The extra slide

  77. tenga cunt

    tenga cunt

    19 ore fa

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    tenga cunt

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    scp 334 please :(

  79. Magma Cabbage 293

    Magma Cabbage 293

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    Keaton Shoffit

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    Layla Ibarra

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    Benjamin Johansson

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  83. John boe

    John boe

    20 ore fa

    Hey rubber do you know that scp foundation is fake you do you think that it is real

  84. عبد الرحمن و ‏نجاة العطاس

    عبد الرحمن و ‏نجاة العطاس

    20 ore fa

    Holy shit that was a fuckingBest animation I sarh

  85. hektorforever


    20 ore fa

    Deus Caritas Est. Of course SCP 001 would be primarily moved by love, then.

  86. pistol breath

    pistol breath

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  87. D.H.R


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    Ye Jin Kim

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    Rex MAG

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    Chaos: Galaxy

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    Pringel Man

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    ThatOneWeird Kid

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  94. Luxarion


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    Kurt Tite

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    Debbie Marunde

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    U.G Productions

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    Yami Ryu

    23 ore fa

    Some people say SCP-001 is a multi multiverses evil god who’s seventh child is SCP-999 also known as the “tickle monster”. Aka the third revolution will partake with this info.

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