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  1. Raiyuden


    16 giorni fa

    I won't be able to respond to everyone today! I'm late for work ):! I hope you guys enjoy, thank you so much for taking the time to watch these videos. I do not think it's worth Zenkai'ing these units right away. Wait until we get news on the Black Friday banner. This guy's Zenkai banner will be up until December so there's plenty of time to decide!

    • eugenio


      16 giorni fa

      you are the best :)

    • Normal f2p

      Normal f2p

      16 giorni fa

      Now you can quad zenkai boost vegeta bro!!!!!

    • IHateEggplant


      16 giorni fa

      9:53 play this song with Ui goku when he comes out

    • street noodle

      street noodle

      16 giorni fa

      Hey do you think you can try him out on a son family team with z7 gohan and z7 ssj3?

    • Doge Of The World

      Doge Of The World

      16 giorni fa

      I have a spare 1k just in case for Black Friday

  2. Davin bishop

    Davin bishop

    2 giorni fa

    what the hell merge zumasu has 3 mil health that's insane

  3. ThœtSłæÿêr


    6 giorni fa

    Titty tots

  4. Chris Dunne

    Chris Dunne

    8 giorni fa

    Lf ssj3 zenkai when?

  5. Ramadhany Ramadhany

    Ramadhany Ramadhany

    9 giorni fa

    Tbh I like when raiyuden goes focused mode

  6. Freddy Palacios

    Freddy Palacios

    13 giorni fa

    Yay more zenkai blues, so original

  7. Mr sus 2443

    Mr sus 2443

    13 giorni fa

    8:22 This screwed me up too many times it is not even funny.

  8. ‘Amoo 127

    ‘Amoo 127

    13 giorni fa

    8:30 love using vb just for this

  9. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon

    13 giorni fa

    Well you forgot that zamasus ult becomes stronger if the opponents are lesser and not if teammates are lesser

  10. Spectaa a

    Spectaa a

    14 giorni fa

    They need to drop 4 zenkais at the same time. I wanna see Goresh break through his shell.

  11. Black Man

    Black Man

    15 giorni fa

    Yo raiyuden can we plz fight in legends

  12. Emerald Saiyan

    Emerald Saiyan

    15 giorni fa

    I just realised i wasnt subbed all this time, oof in the chat

  13. The Irishman

    The Irishman

    15 giorni fa

    Now i ONLY watch ur vids to see JayJapan lmfao

  14. Devansh singh Bhadauria

    Devansh singh Bhadauria

    15 giorni fa

    10:26 The comeback was fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. isahme


    15 giorni fa

    Is it just me or these units arnt as OP as we thought they were gonna be? Like don’t get me wrong im happy lmao!

    • isahme


      15 giorni fa

      Ahhh, I see I see Thank you!

    • The Book Of Corey

      The Book Of Corey

      15 giorni fa

      No they are, he just didnt zenkai soul them but ssgss is op

  16. Virus


    15 giorni fa

    I love the fact you said "Alright . . . fine" and proceeding to clutch the fucking match xD. You holding back some unknown power Raiyuden? 👀

  17. Danny Foo

    Danny Foo

    15 giorni fa

    Man, I love moments like 9:50 - it's when Raiyuden goes full SSJ3 and beat up every last one of em.

  18. Seething


    15 giorni fa

    He's here....

  19. stipe123


    15 giorni fa

    Blueberry boyz revisited? Nostalgia kicks in

  20. Gogeta YT

    Gogeta YT

    15 giorni fa

    6:28 ????

    • Gogeta YT

      Gogeta YT

      15 giorni fa

      im not sure that i see a purple Vegito i see a purple Vegeta To be honest *hmmmmmmmm.*

  21. Ashley plays

    Ashley plays

    15 giorni fa

    *9:50** you don't mess with Raiyuden silent mode as always*

  22. Ethn __

    Ethn __

    15 giorni fa

    In my opinion future banners that arrive are cool but the units won’t perform as good compared to the meta teams what I would do is stick to one team that has a zenkai in it

  23. Boyjay24


    15 giorni fa

    Bruh no cap this dude needs more subscribers and support like Fr tho he deserves more theses video are good ass fuck ngl

  24. TheRussian Asian

    TheRussian Asian

    15 giorni fa

    Raiyden, try ssjb kk goku, red ssjb gold, and the zenkai ssjb gold. Ever since the new champa I always wondering if the ssjb kk goku would not be used anymore. So try with him please?

  25. abejep


    15 giorni fa

    JayJapan is actually Raiyuden's eternal rival XD

  26. offical kid trunks

    offical kid trunks

    15 giorni fa

    Lol i dont understand japenese



    15 giorni fa

    I didn't knew he was Zenkai Awakenable... 😅

  28. N.A.K


    15 giorni fa

    I honestly thought that when your rising get guessed u go neutral, I didn’t know on clash u go neutral as well.

  29. Ramona Williams

    Ramona Williams

    15 giorni fa

    His time gates are the same length. It just became none cancelable and h gives himself more Ki recovery.

  30. Mr San Fierro

    Mr San Fierro

    15 giorni fa

    Triple zenkai buff vegito blue XD

  31. Phoenix Raroa

    Phoenix Raroa

    15 giorni fa

    You should do a unlimited green card with zenkai ssj3 goku cause you can stack his green cards forever and it has 25% strike damage



    15 giorni fa

    10:00 the freaking clutch

  33. Father Blue

    Father Blue

    15 giorni fa

    This game Is actually broken zenkai charachter are too op

  34. Sun Junior

    Sun Junior

    15 giorni fa

    This​ is​ one​ of​ the​ most​ my​ favorite​ Goku​ in​ the​ game.​ He​ is​ really​ so​ cool.😎

  35. Hound XD

    Hound XD

    15 giorni fa

    im bout to go all in on him F broly lol

  36. Cake Mix

    Cake Mix

    15 giorni fa

    One day JayJapan will triumph over you and Goresh. And that day will be so legendary, they'll make an anime out of it.

  37. Cake Mix

    Cake Mix

    15 giorni fa

    Anyone else get super hyped when the boss music plays?

  38. Nolimitzz Kiddd

    Nolimitzz Kiddd

    15 giorni fa

    Z7 are rlly annoying atp you can hardly even run regular units

  39. Sean Williams

    Sean Williams

    15 giorni fa

    These zenskai are getting out of hand and they've spoiling the game

  40. fly-lucky619 Perales

    fly-lucky619 Perales

    15 giorni fa

    Next lf is lf toshi

  41. Herman Reyna

    Herman Reyna

    15 giorni fa

    19:17 “Coronavirus”

  42. Brokenray652


    15 giorni fa

    Zenkai 7 broly, namek goku, and this guy buffing vegito blue or transforming blue vegeta

  43. Herman Reyna

    Herman Reyna

    15 giorni fa

    Jay totally forgot we go neutral now... I’ve already trained myself

  44. Sumedh Shetty

    Sumedh Shetty

    15 giorni fa

    Everyone gangsta until raiyuden ups the music

  45. Bao Phan

    Bao Phan

    15 giorni fa

    How about x4 zenkai buff Vegito blue ? :)

  46. chris xix

    chris xix

    15 giorni fa

    Who knows when we’re gonna get zenkai revisits at max 1400% with all these zenkais dropping out of nowhere

  47. Beta Cool

    Beta Cool

    15 giorni fa

    When intense music plays its 100% win for Raiyuden

  48. Karim A.

    Karim A.

    16 giorni fa

    Right when I heard the intense music I knew what was about to go down

  49. Timmy Debunks

    Timmy Debunks

    16 giorni fa

    1:00 theres nothing wrong with double zenkaing.

  50. gabriel colima

    gabriel colima

    16 giorni fa

    R.I.P jay japan

  51. Hyper Dmc

    Hyper Dmc

    16 giorni fa

    Goku dont need Zenkai he is strong

  52. Eric Montoya-Sandoval

    Eric Montoya-Sandoval

    16 giorni fa

    *me seeing the title* *also me sitting with a three star ssb goku*

  53. Sir Netflix

    Sir Netflix

    16 giorni fa

    Always nice to hear some PokeMixr music in the mix (no pun intended)

  54. World Gamer

    World Gamer

    16 giorni fa

    Cool vegito blue gets triple zenkai boost that’s fair

  55. Chuco Martinez

    Chuco Martinez

    16 giorni fa

    Man my favorite character vegito blue is a joke now. F

  56. Kuroitsugi Arataka

    Kuroitsugi Arataka

    16 giorni fa

    Me tryna grind in legends pvp to become better in pvp Legends lag: *nah*

  57. Ihavenoname Stilldonthaveone

    Ihavenoname Stilldonthaveone

    16 giorni fa

    Im from the future. We're gonna hate Black Friday. Trust me.

  58. Ausu


    16 giorni fa

    Can't wait for the quadruple zenkai boosted vegito blue

  59. DBL NZ Elite

    DBL NZ Elite

    16 giorni fa

    JayJapan is my favourite Raiyuden DBL Antagonist.

  60. Anakin On Here

    Anakin On Here

    16 giorni fa

    The only thing stopping me from having the best god ki squad is the newer vegeta blue and the red bluku

  61. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha

    16 giorni fa

    It's also a free zenkai because in the new missions they give you a freek 3k z power of the SSB blue boku

  62. Adam Bf

    Adam Bf

    16 giorni fa

    Jay boy is here

  63. Damon Jones

    Damon Jones

    16 giorni fa

    Legends is causing the community to suffer ;(

  64. TiredCoffee


    16 giorni fa

    We can buff blue movies god Vegeta with four zenkai buffs now. neat.

  65. Kyle Terry

    Kyle Terry

    16 giorni fa

    The only non f2p unit that I have already at 14 stars thank the lord 😭

  66. Alberto Aguila

    Alberto Aguila

    16 giorni fa

    What it's the song name in the min 3:30? it's so good!

  67. karuta


    16 giorni fa

    I fucking appreciate this, I've waited a while for this

  68. siranthonyrocks


    16 giorni fa

    Idk how people gather enough resources to max out zenkai 7s.. I’m over here struggling with resources

  69. Kelvin Soo

    Kelvin Soo

    16 giorni fa

    Raiyudun goes quietly.... "I am the STORM that is approaching "

  70. wweawesome789


    16 giorni fa

    How can we join your Guild?

  71. Hydran


    16 giorni fa

    All the zenkai buffs vegito blue can have...

  72. Arsene


    16 giorni fa

    Shoutout to everyone else who fought jayjapan and especially you bro

  73. Zeke Zurita - Zekke

    Zeke Zurita - Zekke

    16 giorni fa

    Not even gonna lie, I lost my shit when Raiyuden said "ughh.. fine" and proceeded to hand the opponent a royal ass whooping with hype music playing on top

  74. Swee Sage

    Swee Sage

    16 giorni fa

    **Important Thing Everyone needs to do!** Step 1:Sub to Raiyuden Step 2:Like His Video and comment this video Step 3:Dont hate Because he is a good person And he never did anything to you Step 4:Comment a nice comment Step 5:Have a great day and enjoy the video!

  75. Legend Of Legends

    Legend Of Legends

    16 giorni fa

    PLEASE do a triple zenkai buffed SSB Goku

  76. Muhammad Farid

    Muhammad Farid

    16 giorni fa

    Victory Song !!

  77. kevin karthik

    kevin karthik

    16 giorni fa

    Is he better than z7 ssj3?

  78. Nightmare


    16 giorni fa

    Goresh also fought jay in his goku showcase

  79. Capt Cookie

    Capt Cookie

    16 giorni fa

    Quadruple Zenkai buffed Transforming Vegeta from the broly movie.

  80. 007Rang1


    16 giorni fa

    GOGETA BLUE IS COMING! They're buffing movie (where Gogeta blue is in) and god ki (where he also would be in) and than this equipment with blue Goku. How are u supposed to tell me he isn't coming

  81. 685 LENZ

    685 LENZ

    16 giorni fa

    You can x4 zenkai boost vegito blue now😳

  82. DeletoBlue AKA DEKU

    DeletoBlue AKA DEKU

    16 giorni fa

    Man really went ultra instinct again

  83. Mr.NiceGuy


    16 giorni fa

    @Raiyuden please respond i need help what do u stream on and how cuz ive been strugging

  84. MagicZoid


    16 giorni fa

    iam pissed cuz iam grounded and i have been waiting for this and now i cant zenkai him :(

  85. Brag Seven

    Brag Seven

    16 giorni fa

    That orchesta UI Goku dokkan OST tho

  86. christian figueredo

    christian figueredo

    16 giorni fa

    Bruh zenkai 7 ssb goku? Are u serious ? Ima just delete this game smh.

  87. Kodmaniac


    16 giorni fa

    That sound effect when your prayers were answered..... did you pray to Riku the Best?

  88. Campalampin


    16 giorni fa

    I'm calling it now. This zoom out means LF SSJ3 DRAGON FIST AND HIRUDEGARN. All of the missions even the festival ones are movie related. It's coming for ya boy Raiyuden.

  89. SKYSUPA 14

    SKYSUPA 14

    16 giorni fa

    Plz do a 4 zenkai buff transforming ssg vegeta plzz!!!

  90. Leon quennedy Gamer

    Leon quennedy Gamer

    16 giorni fa

    Omgggg that power of the music : 0

  91. RamenDog


    16 giorni fa

    Who is ready for triple Zenkai buffed Vegito Blue

  92. LinkGamer369


    16 giorni fa

    10:25 you are literally cracked 😂😂👍

  93. Jump


    16 giorni fa

    77.7k subs!

  94. Iron Mike Tyson

    Iron Mike Tyson

    16 giorni fa

    *Is this zenkai Blue Goku better than Z7 broly ( green) , Z7 bardock , Zenkai 7 Super Saiyan 3 goku and zenkai Android 18?* because then I ma gonna zenkai him

    • Iron Mike Tyson

      Iron Mike Tyson

      14 giorni fa

      @Im behind u yeah but now i m hyped for UI goku and Jiren. I saved about 9 k

    • Im behind u

      Im behind u

      15 giorni fa

      @Iron Mike Tyson then I don’t really think you need to zenkai the goku. Unless you want some defensive measures. Lf gohan can just run through the units you have, and from what I’ve seen, ssb goku tanks exceptionally well. But really, I think 4 star vb is good enough. Plus, the banner is up until December, so you have plenty of time to decide.

    • Iron Mike Tyson

      Iron Mike Tyson

      15 giorni fa

      @Im behind u my god ki team: Green tf Rosè ( 6 stars), Vb (4stars), red Rose (10 Stars) , vados ( 6 Stars) ,{ purple Zamasu (8 stars ) or purple vegeta blue ( 7 stars ) }

    • Im behind u

      Im behind u

      15 giorni fa

      @Iron Mike Tyson how many stars does your vb have? And what is your godki team?

    • Iron Mike Tyson

      Iron Mike Tyson

      15 giorni fa

      @Im behind u i'd say that Androids and Godki are my best teams. But in Godki i have Vegito blue , and he is probably better than Z7 ssj blue goku right?

  95. Klein Moretti

    Klein Moretti

    16 giorni fa

    What does he mean by neutral after RR?

  96. senju mix

    senju mix

    16 giorni fa

    I can’t find the words to explain how bad I feel for jayjapan

  97. Ale ilcela

    Ale ilcela

    16 giorni fa

    Can he play on Saiyan with goku ssj3 z7, nappa z7, kid goku z7 and shallot?

  98. Rabea Butto

    Rabea Butto

    16 giorni fa

    rai, just tell the truth, is he worth 4k hardworking patience induring, 4 weeks cc?

  99. Kacper Kulka

    Kacper Kulka

    16 giorni fa

    Well z7 blue goku z7 bardock and z7 namek goku all buff up vegetoo WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA ?!

  100. Carson Lujan

    Carson Lujan

    16 giorni fa

    Could've used the rising rush at the last fight. Since if they guessed it, you'd still have a chance of winning.

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