Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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  1. GoldenMustache


    3 minuti fa

    Seems like morty was paid to do this by rick even tho he likes xbox...

  2. Joycelyn Antwi

    Joycelyn Antwi

    4 minuti fa

    Playstation 5: Play has no limits.... Me: THEN WHY THE F*** ARE THEY ALWAYS SOLD OUT! ITS BLACK FRIDAY SOON COME ONN (I'm not that pressed, but the amount of ads for something that is never available is kinda ridiculous lol)

  3. nope justnope

    nope justnope

    4 minuti fa

    How are they still making anything? I thought rick and morty was perma-banned from any network because of the old video the creator made in the past?

  4. Tony Talks Back

    Tony Talks Back

    4 minuti fa

    Sony: play has no limits Also Sony: if you say something we don't like in a private party we're going to delete your entire existence from our servers

  5. Jesse Millan

    Jesse Millan

    10 minuti fa

    Ugh, I don't know what to do about that!!!!!

  6. T Lo

    T Lo

    12 minuti fa

    is this becomming a rick and morty thing, to advertise things that are extremely rare and almost not possible to obtain, like mc donalds szechuan sauce and sony playstation 5? like they want to shove their balls into our everyones face. "hey yeah look buy xzy, cause.... you can't... !!!"

  7. revelaciones del nuevo siglo

    revelaciones del nuevo siglo

    14 minuti fa

    Woowww geniall!!!!!

  8. billy loman

    billy loman

    15 minuti fa

    "You looked into the bleeding jaws of capitalism and said 'Yes daddy please'"

  9. Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

    Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

    20 minuti fa

    genius marketing

  10. Emmanuel Caballero

    Emmanuel Caballero

    22 minuti fa

    Best Commercial Ever! 🙌🏻

  11. Brendan Chapman

    Brendan Chapman

    22 minuti fa

    Meh, I've boycotted the China owned platform.

  12. l Redeemer

    l Redeemer

    24 minuti fa

    I wonder if Rick and Morty creators did this just to get a PS5 and then shit on their concept for the commercial by just doing it Rick's way lol

  13. Peren barn

    Peren barn

    24 minuti fa

    play has a lot of limits with shitty hardware you can't upgrade.

  14. Paweł Dec

    Paweł Dec

    24 minuti fa

    Ps5+Rick And Morty=:):):):):):):):):):)

  15. AirForce 2023

    AirForce 2023

    24 minuti fa

    0:26 “F**k my A$$!!!”

  16. Burak Tunçalp

    Burak Tunçalp

    25 minuti fa

    Don’t worry guys, y’all can buy in Turkey. Stocked as hell here nobody affording it

  17. Jay Akki

    Jay Akki

    28 minuti fa

    You know, I wanted an Xbox but now...

  18. Sebastian Bondoc

    Sebastian Bondoc

    29 minuti fa


  19. Cripower


    30 minuti fa

    Pls do another season of RICK AND MORTY I LOVE THEM❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. Lia S.

    Lia S.

    30 minuti fa

    love it

  21. MR. memes

    MR. memes

    32 minuti fa

    We lit 🔥

  22. J Truong

    J Truong

    35 minuti fa

    We would if there was any. Also i will murder the people who dares steal it mid-delivery.

  23. hotdog sauce

    hotdog sauce

    37 minuti fa

    buys ps5 to watch rick and morty 4K

  24. Generic McName

    Generic McName

    37 minuti fa

    Fuck this is bad.

  25. CrazyGoat


    39 minuti fa


  26. Not Gary Oldman

    Not Gary Oldman

    41 minuto fa

    Meanwhile there's loads of XBOX Series W(hatever) and nobody cares.

  27. RaNdOm GaMeR

    RaNdOm GaMeR

    44 minuti fa


  28. Orange Crewmate

    Orange Crewmate

    48 minuti fa

    yeah i’m getting an ps5 now

  29. Connor Tollit

    Connor Tollit

    53 minuti fa

    Ricks attitude tells me he wanted an Xbox.

  30. Nico Zurita

    Nico Zurita

    55 minuti fa

    Si hay algo en lo que nadie puede superar a Sony es en el marketing. Son los totales y absolutos reyes!

  31. John Wick

    John Wick

    58 minuti fa

    No money Ricky..

  32. Alexander Lock

    Alexander Lock

    Ora fa

    jeebus. i mean get that money, but seriously. rick and morty releases more crap and comercials than actual episodes.

  33. KMB


    Ora fa

    There are no limits... where sold out we have limits

  34. David


    Ora fa

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Rick and Morty

  35. Chad Nationalism

    Chad Nationalism

    Ora fa


  36. NoobGyver


    Ora fa

    this is like the best commerical i've ever seen.

  37. Benji


    Ora fa


  38. BLU_ SAGE


    Ora fa

    Rick is counting the money 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Eddie in Trouble

    Eddie in Trouble

    Ora fa

    Where? Nowhere to be found... this maybe on purpose, I am one step to get the Xbox instead.

  40. Benjamín Andrade Osses

    Benjamín Andrade Osses

    Ora fa


  41. Martin Raupach

    Martin Raupach

    Ora fa

    The only times I willingly watch ads is Rick and morty, they got me good

  42. imbutters 2

    imbutters 2

    Ora fa

    Rick and Morty are the best I hope there on for at least 30 seasons

  43. Shiroyasha


    Ora fa

    Maybe we could buy a PS5. If someone don't make it expensive

  44. Gato manchuno

    Gato manchuno

    Ora fa


  45. Wow gg

    Wow gg

    Ora fa

    i thought it was cap

  46. Timothy Doerr

    Timothy Doerr

    Ora fa

    Genious Marketing. I went and selected the ad when usually i try avoiding ads. I already have a way more positive attitude towards the ps5

  47. MagmortalZx


    Ora fa

    What about producing more PS5 before telling people to buy

  48. Eric Spratling

    Eric Spratling

    Ora fa

    Hey maybe some of that ad money could have been spent ensuring you actually had something remotely approaching an adequate number of consoles to sell. Just a thought

  49. Di-loc Tha OG

    Di-loc Tha OG

    Ora fa

    Stock has no limit, unless you’re buying a ps5, then you’re ***** in the ****.

  50. Edgar Thekid

    Edgar Thekid

    Ora fa

    I’m convinced 😂😂😂

  51. soulassassin0g


    Ora fa

    "Play has no limits." I'm going to have to stop you there.

  52. From the Hollow

    From the Hollow

    Ora fa

    Can’t buy them Sony

  53. Thomas Thomas

    Thomas Thomas

    Ora fa

    I will not buy it

  54. Young Apollo

    Young Apollo

    Ora fa

    Lemme buy

  55. Cristóbal _cc

    Cristóbal _cc

    Ora fa

    Pongan subtítulos en español en sus videos, los verían más

  56. MR nadie

    MR nadie

    Ora fa

    q bueno tengo un riñón de sobra

  57. Naruto uzumaki

    Naruto uzumaki

    Ora fa

    Even fictional characters got it before I could

  58. Kujo _20_

    Kujo _20_

    Ora fa

    I thought the ps5 was a myth

  59. Benjamin Picon

    Benjamin Picon

    Ora fa

    But they didn't specify in what dimension they sell them?

  60. Cam9Cam9Cam9


    2 ore fa

    I'd buy anything if rick and morty advertised it

  61. deku and pika

    deku and pika

    2 ore fa


  62. deku and pika

    deku and pika

    2 ore fa


  63. deku and pika

    deku and pika

    2 ore fa


  64. deku and pika

    deku and pika

    2 ore fa


  65. deku and pika

    deku and pika

    2 ore fa


  66. deku and pika

    deku and pika

    2 ore fa

    I love morty😘😘😚😚😍😍

  67. MOSTAFA abo El-EZZ

    MOSTAFA abo El-EZZ

    2 ore fa

    Ps5 is boring you know what isn't? season 5

  68. josh cordes

    josh cordes

    2 ore fa

    This is how every ad should be..

  69. T Dawg Dawgonson

    T Dawg Dawgonson

    2 ore fa

    We are out of PS5 consoles? AGAIN? Marketing team! Contact Justin Roiland and Dan Harmor and get an expensive advertising deal with them! That will help!

  70. Nmz


    2 ore fa

    All I have to say to this is yes

  71. Cooldown Reduction

    Cooldown Reduction

    2 ore fa

    And just saying. I got one here

  72. Breeze


    2 ore fa

    Sony's different division does not seem to be on the same page. Their ad department is in full swing but their manufacturing is behind, and the c suite underestimated demand and thus you have a perfect recipe for $1k USD PS5s.

  73. kW4CK


    2 ore fa

    Is Rick is counting all the money he made from scalping PS5s?

  74. آراد نیک فام

    آراد نیک فام

    2 ore fa

    Ok, but they actually need an Xbox to play Minecraft :))))

  75. MineBusterJosh Phelps

    MineBusterJosh Phelps

    2 ore fa

    Morty saying it's a boring ad meanwhile I'm dieing from laughter

  76. Adelin Sandu

    Adelin Sandu

    2 ore fa


  77. Vini Sampaio

    Vini Sampaio

    2 ore fa

    Guess that's ricky and morty was aways about: sweety sweety nerd money

  78. Thifmaster


    2 ore fa

    PC players look disturbet

  79. Danilo Di Marco

    Danilo Di Marco

    2 ore fa

    Posso fare una domanda? Nell'episodio dove c'è il gatto che parla e non vuole spiegare il motivo di come faccia a parlare, cosa hanno visto Ricky e Morti a fine episodio di così scandaloso da vomitare e di volersi addirittura togliersi la vita? Comunque adoro la serie Rick and Morty, è la mia serie preferita, quando la 5° stagione?

  80. Svn Hsib

    Svn Hsib

    2 ore fa

    This was really smart marketing! Whoever came up with the idea should be promoted.

  81. hunter hammit

    hunter hammit

    3 ore fa

    The Xbox would have been cooler

  82. Farhad Samadov

    Farhad Samadov

    3 ore fa

    Best ad in my life

  83. VGMStudios33


    3 ore fa

    The PS V-agina

  84. Matt Theoboldt

    Matt Theoboldt

    3 ore fa

    Feel bad for all the folks that are dying to get one (I don't have one either) It'll be okay yall, there will be more and that wait is going to make the unboxing that much fuckin better

  85. Gamekiller Productions

    Gamekiller Productions

    3 ore fa

    They have stock limits

  86. Ryan Sims

    Ryan Sims

    3 ore fa

    this commercial can't fool me. rick's real love is limited edition zelda 3ds'

  87. Señor Tiz

    Señor Tiz

    3 ore fa

    "Play has no limits".....except trying to find one.

  88. Sir Real

    Sir Real

    3 ore fa

    Came here thinking this would convince me to buy a PS5. Was convinced not to instead.

  89. gabe pagan

    gabe pagan

    3 ore fa

    Tryna tell us to buy them when the ceo literally came out and said they’re basically scrambling to make more because of the high demand which is literally just the scalpers buying 50 at a time

  90. Sunny Gold

    Sunny Gold

    3 ore fa

    Sony: Play has no limits The delivery guy: I know but my back has

  91. MSF Lord Irish

    MSF Lord Irish

    3 ore fa

    And under the terms of service Communist China can remove your account or band you because it is run by Communist China so don’t buy the PlayStation five if you value freedom in America.

  92. Morty smith

    Morty smith

    3 ore fa

    Buy it

  93. Latifcan Fortnite

    Latifcan Fortnite

    3 ore fa

    I'm not money

  94. Randal Skefingtonidis

    Randal Skefingtonidis

    3 ore fa

    Buy PS5! The controller is better... ... and... it's fast... and. ... .. well ... that's it! Oh! you also can't buy it cause we are creating artificial scarcity to make you think it's valuable.. you know.. like diamonds...

  95. WakeUpMrYe


    3 ore fa

    Sony: Buy PS5 Me: Gimmy the money to buy it

  96. JDH


    3 ore fa

    There's literally nothing R&M won't advertise.

  97. David Guzman

    David Guzman

    3 ore fa

    Rick and morty bonafide sellouts lol. PS5 is basically ps4.5 lol limited hard drive space and next gen games that aren't next-gen were officially living in a dumb capitalistic system LMFAO.

  98. Emirgenius Xd Nehin

    Emirgenius Xd Nehin

    3 ore fa

    Take all my money Sony , ¡¡TAKE ALL MY F*KING MONEY!!

  99. Tobias Ramsing

    Tobias Ramsing

    3 ore fa


  100. Decky


    3 ore fa

    I feel the sudden urge to buy the play station 5....I wonder does it have limits?

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