Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - No Holds Barred Match: SmackDown, Nov. 13, 2020

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio agree to a match that will be the final chapter in their intensely personal and often barbaric rivalry. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. The_Anouncer Official

    The_Anouncer Official

    3 ore fa

    wait ronda rousey??

  2. The_Anouncer Official

    The_Anouncer Official

    3 ore fa

    i dont feel good seeing how they threaten they live for entertainment

  3. misterio 619

    misterio 619

    4 ore fa

    Rey mistério infinit

  4. Jaguarlibre 7

    Jaguarlibre 7

    Giorno fa

    Mexican across the stomach think nothing of it but love it

  5. Lasha Zasokhashvili

    Lasha Zasokhashvili

    Giorno fa

    Rey. Mysterio has both eyes?

  6. Mauriest John M Herrera

    Mauriest John M Herrera

    Giorno fa

    Rey for the win

  7. Dani Mejia

    Dani Mejia

    Giorno fa

    Honest opinion do you think it’s wrong for Alayah dating Murphy Yes or No comment back if not it’s offical

  8. brawl stars

    brawl stars

    2 giorni fa


  9. Leona Heidern`

    Leona Heidern`

    2 giorni fa

    watching them makes me want to cry lmao. . .

  10. ールフィモンキーd


    2 giorni fa

    Rey mysterioooooooo👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  11. Taran Sanger

    Taran Sanger

    2 giorni fa

    Thats what u get seth rollins

  12. Frida Anduaga Medina

    Frida Anduaga Medina

    3 giorni fa


  13. Abby Tanabe

    Abby Tanabe

    3 giorni fa

    Does anyone know the age difference between Aalyah and Murphy? Murphy's in his 40s and Aalyah is in her late teens. Like WHAT?!

  14. KiLLJOY


    3 giorni fa

    Its much better with the fake cheering noise in the background lol

  15. Andy Martinez

    Andy Martinez

    3 giorni fa

    What an ending

  16. Milan Graham

    Milan Graham

    3 giorni fa

    Dominik is the cutes thing



    4 giorni fa


  18. Samuel Iordan

    Samuel Iordan

    4 giorni fa

    Foarte frumos îl preferam pe Roman reigns

  19. PARS


    4 giorni fa

    O yes Rey Mysterio

  20. James Randle

    James Randle

    4 giorni fa

    Will Murphy going the mysterios

  21. 735 Ryo Lodewijk Ketting Olivier

    735 Ryo Lodewijk Ketting Olivier

    4 giorni fa

    o rey mysterios eye is ok

  22. 1st Gen Recordz

    1st Gen Recordz

    4 giorni fa

    I think that’s the 1st time I’ve ever seen Rey botch the 619.

  23. Fire 2nd Channel

    Fire 2nd Channel

    4 giorni fa

    Eddie Mysterio??

  24. Abdallah Adel

    Abdallah Adel

    5 giorni fa

    I always love watching this match, Paying tribute to Eddie is so beautiful.. I think if people were there in this match it would of been something else.

  25. Falcon 9 VR75

    Falcon 9 VR75

    5 giorni fa

    Bravo Mr Rey Mysterio ça fait Longtemps que je vous Suis Fière que Votre Fils suis Votre Chemin a Là WWE Respect a votre famille

  26. Wesley C

    Wesley C

    5 giorni fa

    I'm so good for Rey's drafting for Smackdown, he's still a legend, hope his right eye's doing so better.

  27. кекс_ бро

    кекс_ бро

    5 giorni fa


  28. pilar nzang nguema mangue

    pilar nzang nguema mangue

    6 giorni fa

    oohh looking murphy,he`s so handsome that he drives me crazy

  29. Ashlee Kaspar

    Ashlee Kaspar

    6 giorni fa


  30. Syrenity Lowe

    Syrenity Lowe

    6 giorni fa

    No one is going to talk about how Murphy's career has been rising and Aleister just faded to black

    • Gravelord Nito

      Gravelord Nito

      Giorno fa

      Yes, the guy with more than 1k likes did

  31. Chuck Pike

    Chuck Pike

    6 giorni fa

    All thanks to *Alex* *Flip* on *FB* . He helped changed my financial situation.

  32. King Skull

    King Skull

    6 giorni fa

    Mysterio dance😂😂

  33. Enes Ünal

    Enes Ünal

    6 giorni fa

    Rey Mysterio 1000 everybody else is zero

  34. T3rryyy__


    7 giorni fa

    Haw many times we going to see this match

  35. Timothy Robinson

    Timothy Robinson

    7 giorni fa

    May the Mysterio dynasty live forever! ¡Viva México! You are doing a fantastic job! Dominik is doing fantastic, too! I am so glad that Buddy Murphy has your back. Keep 619ing, Rey!

  36. Vipes


    7 giorni fa

    Damn mysterio still wrestling

  37. xpxtreme


    7 giorni fa

    Looks like Ray's eye Grew back

  38. Aris Fauzi

    Aris Fauzi

    7 giorni fa

    rey misterio

  39. Agus_Esther


    8 giorni fa

    I have always wanted murphy to be apart of the mysterio family (if you know what i am saying)

  40. Tygryse Q

    Tygryse Q

    8 giorni fa

    1:11 can someone tell me why rollin always want to blind rey?

  41. Daniel Navarro

    Daniel Navarro

    8 giorni fa

    It’s gonna be a very sad day when mysterio retires.

  42. Jakepage 1919

    Jakepage 1919

    8 giorni fa

    On my wwe2k19 and 2k20 the mystery family rey Dominic and murphy vs seth rollins

  43. Dr.Kermit


    8 giorni fa

    Guys that wasn't a botch at 2:36 Rey was simply also paying tribute to his old tag partner Sin Cara

  44. Doccter


    9 giorni fa

    I can just imagine someone flashing on one of their webcams

  45. Lets play Fnaf !

    Lets play Fnaf !

    9 giorni fa

    3:27 Rey's eye is fine...Magic? Nah..Just fake eye in ,,Eye for an eye match"

  46. sheldog g

    sheldog g

    9 giorni fa

    I love how Murphy set rolins up

  47. ام مهمد البياتي

    ام مهمد البياتي

    9 giorni fa


  48. Arced C1n3mA

    Arced C1n3mA

    9 giorni fa

    this guy can slay a beast but cant beat a migets child XD

  49. BanTh3Und3ad


    9 giorni fa

    Murphy got his payback for when Seth slapped him like if u remember---->

  50. Marcelo Vasconceelos

    Marcelo Vasconceelos

    9 giorni fa

    Muito fake kkkk Salve Br.

  51. Idk Idkerson

    Idk Idkerson

    10 giorni fa

    Plot twist: Murphy punches her

  52. MrREZZA Gameplay

    MrREZZA Gameplay

    10 giorni fa

    Is a love story in wwe

  53. Timothy cereghino

    Timothy cereghino

    10 giorni fa

    Rey mysterio how can you 619

  54. rommel Sarmiento

    rommel Sarmiento

    10 giorni fa

    So seth can beat brock but can't beat rey i mean seriously?

  55. nash lobley

    nash lobley

    10 giorni fa

    murphy and reys son team up and be tag team partners

  56. Derek G TJR

    Derek G TJR

    10 giorni fa

    No que le faltaba un ojo xd

  57. Rafi Alfajri

    Rafi Alfajri

    10 giorni fa

    a levo you aalyah 😍

  58. Lankyboxfan I'm a fan of lankybox

    Lankyboxfan I'm a fan of lankybox

    10 giorni fa

    I like Rey's family watch him fight but why his assistant kicked him is he helping him OK good

  59. Tiffany Thomas

    Tiffany Thomas

    10 giorni fa

    Don’t you just love how protective Dominik is of aalyah and his mom🥺

  60. Jokie231playz


    10 giorni fa

    everyone is a giant to Rey Mysterio like if you agree LOL

  61. Mxsty YT

    Mxsty YT

    10 giorni fa

    murphy is 33 what the she is 19



    11 giorni fa

    Kımav 619

  63. Диар Даулулы

    Диар Даулулы

    11 giorni fa

    бейбу дәу

  64. BabyMario1130


    11 giorni fa

    My Top 5 Unexpected Face Turns Of 2020: 5. Auska [5/11/20] 4. Mandy Rose [4/4/20] 3. Damien Priest [6/10/20] 2. Drew McIntyre [1/6/20] 1. Murphy [11/13/20]

  65. Tonia Parks

    Tonia Parks

    11 giorni fa

    Seth didn’t know what hit him 2:14

  66. Jamiya's Life

    Jamiya's Life

    12 giorni fa

    2:16 (Murphy Knees Seth Rollins) Me:HE PLAYED YA SUCKER!!

  67. Jet stone and King jet

    Jet stone and King jet

    12 giorni fa

    I hope Seth loses an eye before the final chapter ends

  68. Quinton J

    Quinton J

    12 giorni fa

    Finally this feud is over

  69. Quinton J

    Quinton J

    12 giorni fa

    Eddie tribute was nice.

  70. ryan richardson

    ryan richardson

    12 giorni fa

    What a horrible time to botch the 619

  71. k z

    k z

    12 giorni fa

    What happened to wwe It looks so fake now

  72. Elizabeth Alcivar

    Elizabeth Alcivar

    12 giorni fa

    Al puro estilo Eddie guerrero 😊😊 viva la raza 😉😉

  73. Sierra Donahoe

    Sierra Donahoe

    12 giorni fa

    Murphy and Aaliyah are finally together. Now Murphy is a part of the Mysterio family he and aaliyah will be even happier.

  74. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed Mahmoud

    12 giorni fa

    Rey and Dominic as a tag team would be a positive among the horrible mistakes wwe did to the tag division

  75. Blaze Bladez

    Blaze Bladez

    12 giorni fa

    Is no one going to know that they mysterio still has his right eye and we thought he lost it

  76. Andrej Balenović

    Andrej Balenović

    12 giorni fa

    the audience reminds me of black mirror episode s1e3

  77. Ivan Antonio

    Ivan Antonio

    12 giorni fa

    Rey misterio es mi favorito en wwe yo quiero asear como el 👍👍🙂😀😄

  78. Omega Plays

    Omega Plays

    12 giorni fa

    So fake i can't even

  79. kewii_YT


    13 giorni fa

    rey with eddie ediie that was amazing tribute

  80. Steven Dean

    Steven Dean

    13 giorni fa

    Every time I see a wrestler pay tribute to Eddie it always makes me cry but I know that Eddie would be proud of everything each and everyone of these wrestlers do to honor him

  81. Oscar Aguilar

    Oscar Aguilar

    13 giorni fa

    Que risa jaja 😱😱😳😳😅😅😂😂

  82. Oscar Aguilar

    Oscar Aguilar

    13 giorni fa

    Seth roliling vc rey mysterio the winers is murphy🐼😅😅

  83. Gil Aponte

    Gil Aponte

    13 giorni fa

    if Buddy Murthy and Seth Rollins have a match today night smack down and Murthy gets a beaten by Seth I wonther if the mysterio will save him and Murthy would win let’s hope this will happen🙏

  84. Brian Curry

    Brian Curry

    13 giorni fa


  85. London Campbell

    London Campbell

    13 giorni fa

    Murphy is cool as hell

  86. Binh Tran

    Binh Tran

    13 giorni fa

    Murphy will become Rey's son-in-law 😘😁

  87. Kranthi Krishnan

    Kranthi Krishnan

    13 giorni fa

    Hardcore action, Dramatic, cinematic, romantic.... 🤩

  88. 11 Tips

    11 Tips

    13 giorni fa

    Rollins VS CM Punk

  89. David Parker

    David Parker

    13 giorni fa

    Viva La Raza 🖤❤️

  90. Jared Land

    Jared Land

    13 giorni fa

    a personal follower of Jesus during his life, especially one of the twelve Apostles is a Disciple.

  91. Jan Rusk

    Jan Rusk

    13 giorni fa

    Rey mysterio is my favorite wwe Wrestler

  92. Ur bad 38

    Ur bad 38

    13 giorni fa

    Theory: This is all a plan. Murphy is gonna act like he’s friends with all of them and then one day he will betray all of them and go back to rollins

  93. Milan Graham

    Milan Graham

    13 giorni fa

    I love how there all working together now

  94. Miguel Juarez

    Miguel Juarez

    13 giorni fa


  95. Polat Alemdar

    Polat Alemdar

    13 giorni fa

    When he paid tribute to Eddie that sent shivers down my spine

  96. WNF Jo

    WNF Jo

    14 giorni fa

    We gotta admit Buddy Murphy knows how to hit a knee, did y’all the Noise when he hit that move

  97. Gary Hunter

    Gary Hunter

    14 giorni fa

    Does anyone understand what Seth Rollins said to Murphy at 1:30? I understood the word "chick", likely referencing Aalyah.

  98. ARESXY1986


    14 giorni fa

    This whole feud needs to stop already it has been months

  99. Durdu Igde

    Durdu Igde

    14 giorni fa

    Rey misteriyao adamdir

  100. Atirangi Tahana

    Atirangi Tahana

    14 giorni fa

    She is 19 he is 32😐😐😐

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