Rescue Poor Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off, Now He Is So Happy To Run Again

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It was raining heavily, the poor injured dog was lying on the side of the road. A few kind villagers brought umbrella to cover the rain and food for him. The dog's both legs were chopped off, one leg was rotten and swollen with maggots. He was so scared and nervous, the poor dog has lost all faith in humans. Why Are Human Beings So Cruel?, How the poor dog could endure such pain.
In order to save him, the doctors had to amputate his legs. We named him Shanxin, we had to approach Shanxin slowly in trying to build his trust again.
Shanxin did not give up. He so fought hard to save his life. Having two legs didn't slow him down at all.
Rescue Poor Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off, Now He Is So Happy To Run Again
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  1. Jyoti patil

    Jyoti patil

    39 secondi fa


  2. Hailey Marie grande

    Hailey Marie grande

    Minuto fa

    How on earth can people even fix themselves to do these kind of things, this is sick & truly disgusting! So glad someone helped the poor animal 🥺

  3. AnAn liu

    AnAn liu

    3 minuti fa


  4. Sarah Staley

    Sarah Staley

    11 minuti fa

    Good to know their are good Animal loving people . The world loves to see positive..we need more.. God bless

  5. HappyFamily& FitLife

    HappyFamily& FitLife

    15 minuti fa

    Thank you for helping this poor dog

  6. MathPapai เมธพาไป

    MathPapai เมธพาไป

    15 minuti fa




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  9. rustytr


    40 minuti fa

    I hate humans

  10. James Armitage

    James Armitage

    45 minuti fa

    This is the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. Words cannot describe what the poor dog is thinging/going through. I only hope the evil scum who did this rot in hell!!

  11. Kerstin Hellwig

    Kerstin Hellwig

    53 minuti fa

    I hate humanity with my whole being.

  12. music playlists

    music playlists

    54 minuti fa

    Just think what a great world animals would have without humans in it I used to wonder what the most dangerous and cruel predator in the world was not anymore

  13. in my world

    in my world

    55 minuti fa

    جزاكم الله خيرا.

  14. samantha kirby

    samantha kirby

    Ora fa

    Crying my eyes out that was so sad so cruel nd evil who ever done that to the dog they should be locked up for years .

  15. Annemarie HESS

    Annemarie HESS

    Ora fa


  16. maira braga

    maira braga

    Ora fa

    a pessoa que fez isso merece ir pro inferno the person who did this deserves to go to hell

  17. Lu Silva

    Lu Silva

    Ora fa


  18. Andre Pires

    Andre Pires

    Ora fa


  19. Cauli Flowerz

    Cauli Flowerz

    Ora fa

    I'm glad he's cool now but I can't shake the ill feeling I got knowing someone did that.

  20. Eduardo Concha Tello

    Eduardo Concha Tello

    Ora fa


  21. vicio cap

    vicio cap

    Ora fa


  22. Jomari Balitos

    Jomari Balitos

    Ora fa

    Treat dog like human to dogs are man's best friend they will never leave us alone

  23. animalgamesforyou 03

    animalgamesforyou 03

    Ora fa

    Aw sad :(

  24. cam8.0 YTB

    cam8.0 YTB

    Ora fa

    Pauvre toutou

  25. Nose Sabe

    Nose Sabe

    2 ore fa

    Que me digan a mi quien hizo eso que le voy hacer yo lo mismo a el 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  26. Anelise Pinto

    Anelise Pinto

    2 ore fa

    Quanta maldade SENHOR!!! Mas o bem é muito maior que o mal.



    2 ore fa

    Humans, life's worst enemy.

  28. Aleks Stark

    Aleks Stark

    2 ore fa

    Бедненький 😢😢😢

  29. Hasan Khafipour

    Hasan Khafipour

    2 ore fa

    Love u guys .

  30. Илья


    2 ore fa

    Это явно сделал маньяк. Будьте там осторожны.

  31. Святослав Косьяненко

    Святослав Косьяненко

    2 ore fa

    Теперь этот пес может открывать собачий сезон по дрифту)

    • Святослав Косьяненко

      Святослав Косьяненко

      2 ore fa

      Пошло-поехало так сказать)

  32. thesaintduntduntdaaa


    2 ore fa

    What the fuck is wrong with human beings? Why are we so cruel ?

  33. henrique ramirez

    henrique ramirez

    2 ore fa

    Que lindo a atitude dessa pessoa que cuidou desse cãozinho um herói por salvar a vida de um ser tão indefeso .Realmente o ser humano é muito cruel. Deus que nos livre de pessoas assim da até nojo

  34. Teddy Dsouza

    Teddy Dsouza

    2 ore fa

    Neega laam romba years happy ya irrukanum.. Nalla irrunga may God bless the team big heart from chennai Tamilnadu love u 👫👬👭 team efforts

  35. W.B. MISDRA


    2 ore fa

    I beg in my life one day to find one of those people doing this to dog's god will not save him they will burn in hell

  36. maren mongsta

    maren mongsta

    2 ore fa

    If can't be rescued better cook for dog meat lover or give to crocodile farm

  37. Алик Грек

    Алик Грек

    3 ore fa

    Молодцы я заплакала

  38. ابو عمرو الجهمي

    ابو عمرو الجهمي

    3 ore fa

    قمه الرحمه والإنسانية اللهم اكرم من كان في قلبه رحمه واين وعفو .واهلك كل من مات قلبه ولم يبقي فيه إلا الانانيه وحب النفس

  39. diamond heart Raju Goudar

    diamond heart Raju Goudar

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  40. Шынар Искалиева

    Шынар Искалиева

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  41. Асема Ашимова

    Асема Ашимова

    3 ore fa

    Счастья всем Вам и низкий поклон Рай Вам обеспечен !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Maycon Bras

    Maycon Bras

    3 ore fa

    Tem. Gue. Corta. As. Perna. De. Gue. Corto. A. Dele



    3 ore fa

    Love you bro

  44. yohans _3 _kL 29

    yohans _3 _kL 29

    3 ore fa


  45. Olga Pavlova

    Olga Pavlova

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  46. Asilbek Qidirbaev

    Asilbek Qidirbaev

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  47. vvdg25


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    저거 중국인걸로 봐서 다리달란놓소 주작일 가능성 99퍼

  48. Hacker


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    You are very good man

  49. Hacker


    3 ore fa

    You was hurt animals..... You are hack

  50. zaki8


    3 ore fa

    Omg 😱 means oh my good I don't know what do I say

  51. Christien Brookshaw

    Christien Brookshaw

    3 ore fa

    Why were his legs amputated? They were already gone?

  52. jaki chang

    jaki chang

    4 ore fa

    It's toooooo sad 😢😭😞🥺

  53. Shanmugam Natesan

    Shanmugam Natesan

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  54. Yamuna Rajapaksha

    Yamuna Rajapaksha

    4 ore fa

    Good work

  55. FellowDan Barber

    FellowDan Barber

    4 ore fa

    Why are we all assuming a human did this? It could have very well been another animal or a freak accident.

  56. Марина Руднева

    Марина Руднева

    4 ore fa

    Храни вас, господь.

  57. Emanuela Fava

    Emanuela Fava

    4 ore fa

    Bravo fai così con la natura, lei farà lo stesso

  58. Галина Суркова

    Галина Суркова

    4 ore fa

    Господи вразуми людей. Дай бог здоровья тем кто спасает животных и людей

  59. s br

    s br

    5 ore fa

    Salute those men who rescued the poor furry friend

  60. Sudha Senthil Velan

    Sudha Senthil Velan

    5 ore fa

    Super sir you or a good man

  61. s br

    s br

    5 ore fa

    Coidnt see man....heart wrenching 😭

  62. Michael Kuis

    Michael Kuis

    5 ore fa

    There is hope in this ugly world. Thank you for this.

  63. Максат Жамакеев

    Максат Жамакеев

    5 ore fa


  64. Uditha


    5 ore fa

    you are a good man

  65. Mel Andaya

    Mel Andaya

    5 ore fa

    Need more ppl in this world like this guy 👍🙏👏

  66. Mel Andaya

    Mel Andaya

    5 ore fa

    I hate humans 😑

  67. 一边玩去!!


    5 ore fa

    Don't forget that what you do, good or bad, will always come back to you. Thank you very much to the kind people who helped this dog. Sincerely thank.

  68. Lisa Krieger

    Lisa Krieger

    5 ore fa

    If I ever catch anyone doing harm to an animal! Cops will be called.

  69. hannelore markiewiez

    hannelore markiewiez

    5 ore fa

    sorry guter Mann sehr gut das du den geschändeten und gequält Seelen hilfst wenn der Hund sich wert dann nur weil er furchtbare schmerzen und angst hat also greif zu ohne selbst angst zu haben ok

  70. D B

    D B

    5 ore fa

    Some people deserve death. How can anybody do that to an animal 😪

  71. Rexdidacool


    5 ore fa

    Please put ads on your videos as another revenue stream.

  72. Rhianne Moll

    Rhianne Moll

    5 ore fa

    I hate humans.

  73. jeremy chacon

    jeremy chacon

    6 ore fa

    Les traduzco lo que decían Señores hoy se come, solo haya ido revisar que la carne no esté contaminada para asegurarnos que no nos enferme, umm perro una delicia :v

  74. Галина Поскребышева

    Галина Поскребышева

    6 ore fa

    До слез.Это что за садисты такие.На себе это не пробовали?Себя то жалко.Правда?

  75. Алексей Chekis

    Алексей Chekis

    6 ore fa

    Пусть ваше здоровье будет крепким как алмаз! Люди забравшие собаку, Спасибо!

  76. сергибус пиканович

    сергибус пиканович

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    Настоящий человек с большой буквы!

  77. dani xgam

    dani xgam

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  78. Blossz Yeeah

    Blossz Yeeah

    6 ore fa

    Самые опасные звери- люди.С каждым разом убеждаюсь все больше,как бы было хорошо Земле без людей.

  79. Sasha Lou

    Sasha Lou

    6 ore fa

    It's illegal to put your old dog down..yet abortion is legal It's all drama and fake news

  80. GaRaZh 28 ru.

    GaRaZh 28 ru.

    6 ore fa

    Этим нелюдям ноги отрубить и бросить в грязь которые позволили себе такое отношение к бедной собаки, добра всем не равнодушным.

  81. YouKnowWhoIAm


    6 ore fa

    whata is the piano music in the end

  82. jamon 1418

    jamon 1418

    6 ore fa

    Gracias de parte del perrito

  83. Neil Lorenz P. Navio

    Neil Lorenz P. Navio

    6 ore fa

    God: You have one wish Me: i wish all the evil people on this world will turn to good people

  84. Mısra Solmaz

    Mısra Solmaz

    6 ore fa

    You're a wonderful person🙏I can't spare you, our animal friends, they're precious.

  85. Sassy Dielaus

    Sassy Dielaus

    6 ore fa

    Whoever did that sh*t please get their karma

  86. Prabhha Raju

    Prabhha Raju

    6 ore fa

    Humans turning much cruel then we think animals are , that Indicates the world will end in hard way . Where feelings are dead pain increase. Humans will suffer in much hard way by nature n time.

  87. Centurion XVIII

    Centurion XVIII

    6 ore fa

    Poor thing! Watching this broke my hart

  88. Julieta B. Ferolino

    Julieta B. Ferolino

    6 ore fa

    Thank you for saving the dog, God bless you more, sometimes humans are more cruel than animals.

  89. janecleide de brito

    janecleide de brito

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  90. Action Film

    Action Film

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  91. Zamira Bumblebee

    Zamira Bumblebee

    6 ore fa

    Из за таких нелюдей, Аллах накажет нас всех,концом света. Как же больно смотреть на это.

  92. Azam Buzung

    Azam Buzung

    6 ore fa

    oowwwww amazing brooo

  93. Кирилл Овсянников

    Кирилл Овсянников

    6 ore fa

    Дай бог вам здоровья ребята, которые помогают животным!

  94. Rayjin Gaming

    Rayjin Gaming

    6 ore fa

    human will never change.. how cruel we are we will never change.. but the good thing is.. there are people who cares.. I just hope people will do things like this saving poor animala and give them a chance to have a better life..

  95. Ринат Хакимов

    Ринат Хакимов

    6 ore fa

    Сам отрубил лапы собаке и сам приделал эту коляску вместо лап!!!ради просмотров и рекламы!

  96. Ayşe'nin Hobi Kanalı

    Ayşe'nin Hobi Kanalı

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    Aman allahım bu nasıl acımasızlık.. Anasayfama neden nasıl düştün bilmiyorum ama bu köpeğe bunu yalanların ramazan ramazan bedduamı aldı..

  97. NOZEL


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  98. Adhil Popzz

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    𝙸 𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚙𝚎𝚘𝚙𝚕𝚎 𝙸 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚌𝚛𝚞𝚎𝚕

  99. Angel


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    Побольше бы таких людей в нашем мире. 👍

  100. Riki Tangiiau Opuariki

    Riki Tangiiau Opuariki

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    God Bless you so sad You should Cut the two legs of the owner Thanks for saving this beautiful 🐶 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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