Reekado Banks & Tiwa Savage - Speak To Me (Official Video)

Watch the Official Video for Speak To Me by Reekado Banks and Tiwa Savage from the EP, Off The Record, Directed by Adasa Cookey and Starring Bright O and Wathoni.
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Speak to me
I’m ready for you
Swear down honey
I’m ready for you
You know you my type
Steady on my mind
Forget Laide
Sade na scam
I am never go lie
I’ve been with many other girls But make we leave am behind oo
Jeka ma go on soun eh ah Ka ma go on soun eh ah Karaye ma soro wa (X2)
Verse 2
Tiwa Savage:
Baby mi Dakun sama Rora
Olo mi baby faya bomi
If u mean it baby spend the dollar make e no long
Olomi baby faya bomi
You know type
Steady on my mind
Forget Tunde
The Bobo na scam
I am never gonna lie
You ain’t like the other guys Make we leave am behind
Jeka ma go on soun eh ah Ka ma go on soun eh ah Karaye ma soro wa (X2)
Verse 3
Kowole ko wo le (2xce) Baby mi jo wo tun gbe de Ko wo le ko wo le
Ka celebrate
Ko wole ko wole
K’olorun yo wa nu gbege
Speak to me
I’m ready for you Swear down honey I’m ready for you
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  1. eesha ry

    eesha ry

    15 ore fa

    Wathoni is so pretty😍😍😍😍😍



    21 ora fa

    I'm here for reekado I'm particular. ...much love to every star in this video



    21 ora fa

    Your grand testimony is next

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    EuroAfro BigTime

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    Gloria Akrofi

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  6. Yankee Jay

    Yankee Jay

    2 giorni fa

    Wait ooo, na brighto and wathoni pay for the video? Why reeky and tiwa face no show? Well if na brighto and wathoni pay for the video no wahala but if na reeky pay mr producer go and return back reeky's money, because I no fit pay for my video u come to de show another people face who does that?

  7. Ndinelago Sh

    Ndinelago Sh

    3 giorni fa

    This is so well done! Reekado and Tiwa killing it! Brighto and Wathoni did amazing!🔥🔥 We love our sailor Brightoooo #BrightsArmy❤️

  8. Sadia Abdi

    Sadia Abdi

    4 giorni fa

    I Luv these two so much can they be together Pliz. I Luv u brithoni

  9. franklin offordile

    franklin offordile

    7 giorni fa

    This video deserves a million views

  10. BeatsbySV


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    Energy energy! 🌊🌊

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  11. Finesse Kevoh

    Finesse Kevoh

    8 giorni fa

    i just cant stop listening.. two of my fave nigerian artist.......... I am never go lie I’ve been with many other girls But make we leave am behind oo.... got me

  12. Obinna Egbule

    Obinna Egbule

    9 giorni fa

    Brighto and Wathoni really look cool together as a couple. Beautiful video

  13. Tony Suncon

    Tony Suncon

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  14. Olakunle James

    Olakunle James

    9 giorni fa

    I love Tiwa for her consistency....She is truly a diva Hit like for unlimited blessing this year

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    12 giorni fa

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