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PS5 How to Insert Disc (Easy to Get Wrong)

How to correctly insert a PS5 disc and correct the disc read error. There is for either vertical or horizontal mode, but the vertical mode is of course easier to get incorrect. #shorts
Confused about why people are getting this wrong? Part 2, along with a test putting it in the wrong way:


  1. Phone Battles

    Phone Battles

    7 giorni fa

    Want to see what happens if you put in the wrong way? Also, an explanation on why vertical mode works the opposite way. Part 2:

    • charley simmons

      charley simmons

      Giorno fa

      I know this video is just cashing in on ps5/next gen hype but at least you didn't act like one of those generic youtube channels that have a hella long intro telling you to like subscribe etc., and try to lengthen the video with filler just to get that extra ad revenue.

    • Champion Daruk

      Champion Daruk

      Giorno fa

      @Curtis Farrior shut up man

    • Champion Daruk

      Champion Daruk

      Giorno fa

      Links don’t work on stories

    • Bob Saget

      Bob Saget

      2 giorni fa

      Nothing happens. The disk gets spit back out. And disk drives are designed with the presumption that there’s bound to be some misuse. This is the such a non-issue lol

    • Alex Tai

      Alex Tai

      3 giorni fa

      I was here with lots of people who said they were here ✌🏻

  2. N0 Gimmicks

    N0 Gimmicks

    7 minuti fa

    Why does it look so ugly.. it makes the ps1 look modern. But thanks for the advice!

  3. Bobby Matthews

    Bobby Matthews

    36 minuti fa

    Obviously 🤦‍♂️

  4. Poep op je buik

    Poep op je buik

    Ora fa

    On the PS3 verticale stand caused major scratchen on the discs. How is IT now?

  5. wah


    Ora fa

    Lol I put my copy of Miles Morales in incorrectly like 3 times before trying to switch it the other way, before that, I thought my entire system was busted and wouldn't turn on because I was pressing the eject button instead of the power button

  6. GummySlayer


    Ora fa

    I love how some people need videos like this kinda makes me feel smart

  7. Dip Space

    Dip Space

    Ora fa

    Maybe if they didn’t shape it like a fucking opera house this would be easier

  8. Dan BG

    Dan BG

    2 ore fa

    Me seeing this even though I'll never get my hands on a PS5: *Thank you for explaining! :D*

  9. Emre Bal

    Emre Bal

    2 ore fa

    Nobody saw that short skip?

  10. Dingo


    2 ore fa

    Why don't they just give the a game in pendrive or sd card instead of a cd like Nintendo?

  11. Razvan The Fox

    Razvan The Fox

    3 ore fa

    Thx very much

  12. cheese farmer

    cheese farmer

    3 ore fa

    I thought he was taking the piss for a sec

  13. Rocox


    3 ore fa

    Sometimes my genius is almost frighting

  14. BLUE Rapid

    BLUE Rapid

    4 ore fa

    I love how he can't just show us which side to put it in. Also I dont have a ps5 sad boy

  15. Tomson


    4 ore fa

    This was still 50 seconds too long... just put the disc in, job done. Less is more sometimes 👍🏻

  16. Mynanic


    4 ore fa

    instructions unclear: inserted a ps5 game into a router

  17. downer 715

    downer 715

    4 ore fa

    Ive never seen ps5 horizontal look weirdly good

  18. Big boss Blog

    Big boss Blog

    5 ore fa

    This video is not for me, because I don’t have ps 5 and I don’t think I have money to buy soon, but I just wanted to know how to put it in 😂

  19. Conducive AQ3D

    Conducive AQ3D

    5 ore fa

    Instructions unclear, committed mass manslaughter

  20. Gcurg Gwidence

    Gcurg Gwidence

    5 ore fa

    Cowect, just pwess de buddon

  21. David Campbell

    David Campbell

    5 ore fa

    Someone at the design department had to be dyslexic.

  22. Dissonance Paradiddle

    Dissonance Paradiddle

    5 ore fa

    The PS5 on its side looks janky as shit

  23. SJ The DJ

    SJ The DJ

    6 ore fa

    Me casually still sitting on my PS3.

  24. NinjaSpecter7


    6 ore fa

    That’s gonna be so dumb when you wall mount it

  25. Mortal Knite

    Mortal Knite

    6 ore fa




    7 ore fa

    How can you get this wrong... Seriously...

  27. brandon chriswel

    brandon chriswel

    7 ore fa

    Took so long to tell us that your a waist of time

  28. XtremelyPlaysz Maximum

    XtremelyPlaysz Maximum

    7 ore fa

    Me casually watching this like I can afford a ps5

  29. Jonathan Palizwain

    Jonathan Palizwain

    7 ore fa

    am i the only one watching this without a PS5??

  30. Pengxue Hang

    Pengxue Hang

    8 ore fa

    Don't everyone that plays ps know about this

  31. Naruto Stromster

    Naruto Stromster

    8 ore fa


  32. Bluffzi


    8 ore fa

    Can you make a video on how to turn on the system

  33. RJ03 Gaming

    RJ03 Gaming

    9 ore fa

    Ok thanks but *where do i get the money for a PS5*

  34. josh sanjuan

    josh sanjuan

    9 ore fa

    Am I the only one who's watching this vid even though I don't have ps5?😂

  35. Ace


    9 ore fa

    Yea this would be useful if people actually had the ps5s

  36. Edwin


    9 ore fa

    If you have to explain how to insert a disc, the design team f’d up

  37. Homelesshobo123 _

    Homelesshobo123 _

    10 ore fa

    The ps5 sounds like a microwave lol.

  38. Beef Boss

    Beef Boss

    10 ore fa

    This some rich people how toos

  39. Pedro Santos

    Pedro Santos

    11 ore fa

    What idiot is messing this up?? You buy a video game system you better be smart enough to get the freaking disc right. What a waste of time.

  40. Walter


    11 ore fa

    Thats cool Now i just need the tutorial on how to get one

  41. darkkillerlol9


    11 ore fa

    That triggers me

  42. Fierce


    11 ore fa

    People who use discs in 2020 🤡 🤡

  43. VoltageLP


    11 ore fa

    Who uses discs in 2020? Last time I've used one was in 2015

  44. AvixK


    11 ore fa

    Excuse me what the fuck

  45. Fardhan Rafshanzani

    Fardhan Rafshanzani

    11 ore fa

    Step 1 : buy a ps5

  46. ethan wallen

    ethan wallen

    11 ore fa

    Reminds me of trying to put a disk in the wii .r.i.p 2006-2020

  47. Nebzzyy


    11 ore fa

    Whoever actually put there disc in the wrong way is actually a damn retard I’m sorry 😐

  48. jkb462


    12 ore fa

    Such a horrendous looking piece of hardware.

  49. I was bored so I picked up a bass.

    I was bored so I picked up a bass.

    12 ore fa

    This has to be a joke that is terrible design if it's not

  50. CDT NG

    CDT NG

    12 ore fa

    Common sense... always insert reading side of disc facing the thicker part of anything..

  51. uriNATE14


    12 ore fa

    That’s obvious I thought lol

  52. Will Comer

    Will Comer

    12 ore fa

    This is actually very helpful

  53. Tom Haigh

    Tom Haigh

    13 ore fa

    I think the design of the console is really bad ngl

  54. 6ix


    13 ore fa

    You got to have 10 iq if you actually find this video useful

  55. THE GERMANY!!!


    13 ore fa

    Ehy is there 2m views

  56. Caleb Hefner

    Caleb Hefner

    13 ore fa

    Did you really feel the need to make this video? Or are you just not that in tune with life to know what common sense is?

  57. Bird Spaghetti

    Bird Spaghetti

    13 ore fa

    Yeah on day one I thought the disc drive was image facing toward the top of the disc drive. I lowkey thought if you had the the console on the stand sideways the disc drive would be on top not the bottom. Its quite a funny looking console out of all the playstations.

  58. CPR


    14 ore fa

    Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary.

  59. Isbjørn


    14 ore fa

    This shows how braindead ps4 fanboys are, buys it at launch and dont even know how to use the damn thing lookin like a fucking boomer

  60. Jakob Miller

    Jakob Miller

    14 ore fa

    Shit sound like a jet engine



    14 ore fa

    What a badly designed console. Some people paid $1000 for this really?

  62. Sköll and Hati

    Sköll and Hati

    15 ore fa

    Bruh why would they do it like that?

  63. Luis Iribe

    Luis Iribe

    16 ore fa

    Does the fan still sounds too loud?

  64. Tacitus Kilgore

    Tacitus Kilgore

    16 ore fa

    No that’s fucking weird. Why Sony!!!!!!

  65. Zigor Doritos

    Zigor Doritos

    16 ore fa

    This console design is so fucking stupid omg

  66. Su Pep

    Su Pep

    16 ore fa

    Good attempt on the low key flex, but mega64 did a much better video

  67. Eric Staples

    Eric Staples

    16 ore fa

    I don't get the joke here.

  68. dru9ss


    16 ore fa

    Who is watching this but dont even have the PS5

  69. Champs Boogie2643

    Champs Boogie2643

    17 ore fa

    Now I just need to get a PS five

  70. Daniel Ogunleye

    Daniel Ogunleye

    17 ore fa

    It's Sony, obviously it's going to be a great console, but objectively seaking: the whole design is a MESS, the stand, the buttons, the orientation, the plastic, it's a whole confusion. The joystick is great tho

  71. Bush Sina

    Bush Sina

    17 ore fa

    Both Sony and Microsoft messed up the next generation gaming consoles design in my opinion.

  72. Lost in thoughts

    Lost in thoughts

    17 ore fa

    Does it matter which way it goes?

  73. Cameron Hendley

    Cameron Hendley

    17 ore fa

    It's ugly on it's side

  74. Eat_my_bullet


    18 ore fa

    Why does your voice sound like your gonna finish a sentence after every word😂

  75. Alex Kelly

    Alex Kelly

    18 ore fa

    I didn't know people was that stupid 😔



    19 ore fa

    Great way to showoff your stuff

  77. Justin


    19 ore fa

    So like my xbox 360 and xbox 1ni thought this was self explanatory if it doesn't work one way then flip it around no need to look up a video for it

  78. Edger Medrani

    Edger Medrani

    19 ore fa

    No way people can't get this right 🤦‍♂️

  79. Funny Clips

    Funny Clips

    19 ore fa

    Meanwhile me: looks interesting naaa i am going to buy the ps5 when ps6 get release

  80. Mth Clan Idk

    Mth Clan Idk

    19 ore fa

    How does assassins creed Valhalla look like an ps5?

    • Phone Battles

      Phone Battles

      19 ore fa

      Looks decent but nothing amazing. Pretty glitchy game.

  81. Sligtstep


    19 ore fa

    ..... dude had to make a video on how to insert a disc to the ps5 AND how to eject it...... Wow Just.... Wow

  82. shock wave

    shock wave

    19 ore fa

    What a shit design

  83. Tyrant Nemesis

    Tyrant Nemesis

    20 ore fa


  84. com edy

    com edy

    20 ore fa

    How did he do that !

  85. Hatred Full

    Hatred Full

    20 ore fa


  86. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    20 ore fa

    a lefties dream, a righties nightmare, got it.

  87. Nox1212


    21 ora fa

    Thought my PS5 was busted can't believe i had to look this up 😂

  88. SNZ summér_

    SNZ summér_

    21 ora fa

    Me watching this, knowing that I’m got gonna get it:👁👄👁

    • opzz xsin

      opzz xsin

      20 ore fa

      Six year old me would have figured this shit out without a video smh

  89. Yuri DeKhed

    Yuri DeKhed

    22 ore fa

    Really?.there's a need for a video of this?

  90. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

    22 ore fa

    Wow so I would have fucked that up

  91. Myles B

    Myles B

    22 ore fa

    Thanks 🙏 (when I don’t have one 👁👄👁)

    • Phone Battles

      Phone Battles

      19 ore fa

      Hopefully soon lol

  92. B.U.F.F G.O.A.T

    B.U.F.F G.O.A.T

    22 ore fa

    Thx I could have messed up my self

  93. NessKills


    22 ore fa

    Was this video really necessary or are you just bored af? 😂

    • Phone Battles

      Phone Battles

      19 ore fa


  94. MaNuVmD


    22 ore fa

    Nice modem bruh :)

  95. ВладTheGreat


    22 ore fa

    Me: very interesting Also me with a Nintendo switch

  96. Samy Savage

    Samy Savage

    23 ore fa

    When you don’t have a ps5:👁👄👁

    • Phone Battles

      Phone Battles

      19 ore fa

      Lol thanks for watching anyways

  97. Willy


    23 ore fa


  98. Little Jacob

    Little Jacob

    23 ore fa

    That’s so helpful it seems like a simple thing but because of the design of the console it’s possible some users would put it in incorrectly.



    23 ore fa

    Ps5 is shit

    • Phone Battles

      Phone Battles

      23 ore fa

      Lol it has good games but a poor design

  100. Anime Homie

    Anime Homie

    23 ore fa

    SAY *the last thing you want on your Burger King burger is foot lettuce*

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