[Play V] EXO - For Life (English Ver.) (Cover by. XIAOJUN)

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  1. lourdes enriquez

    lourdes enriquez

    27 minuti fa

    Beautiful Voice, i love it ❤️😍

  2. Intan Dsvi

    Intan Dsvi

    44 minuti fa

    I'm addicted

  3. sprout land

    sprout land

    58 minuti fa

    Xiaojun's voice is so beautiful

  4. v f

    v f

    Ora fa

    OJUN let's exchange vocal cords 😭

  5. Michi chen

    Michi chen

    2 ore fa

    he's just so talanted🚀 keep shining bright jun♡

    • Michi chen

      Michi chen

      2 ore fa


  6. Melani Yusi Aryanda

    Melani Yusi Aryanda

    2 ore fa

    i miss exo

  7. TangledAngle


    2 ore fa

    He's a special one this one. Give him his solo album. He's a singer's singer.

  8. ᄅᄌ


    3 ore fa

    in love with his vocal ♡♡

  9. M Mook

    M Mook

    4 ore fa


  10. luckiii liu

    luckiii liu

    4 ore fa

    He is beyond be an idol.

  11. bbu bu

    bbu bu

    4 ore fa

    god i came here errday

  12. H4NSEWOO


    5 ore fa

    este cover es de los más preciosos que escuché, la voz y sentimiento que pone xiaojun son completamente arte. ♡

  13. น้องเตนล์ TENLEE

    น้องเตนล์ TENLEE

    6 ore fa


  14. Love NaJaemin

    Love NaJaemin

    7 ore fa

    To the people who dislikes this masterpiece, I hope your food will never be delicious FOR LIFE!!

  15. 71roses


    8 ore fa

    i really love this!!

  16. 芳阴Fitri!


    8 ore fa


  17. Galuh Tamara

    Galuh Tamara

    9 ore fa

    Bless my ears

  18. Mi Aeri

    Mi Aeri

    10 ore fa


  19. Lavender Fields

    Lavender Fields

    10 ore fa

    I wish that he and D.O would make a duet of this song. And add the second verse

  20. tomatito ugu

    tomatito ugu

    11 ore fa

    wow, you are so talent I love u 💽

  21. EXO -L

    EXO -L

    11 ore fa

    He did an excellent job of covering this song! So proud!

  22. Rena Salatan

    Rena Salatan

    12 ore fa

    Can you please sing REWRITE THE STARS🥺😍😍

  23. swag


    12 ore fa

    this video is so relaxing

  24. Kajeerat Sukonthakasorn

    Kajeerat Sukonthakasorn

    12 ore fa

    Your voice is so amazing

  25. Normal Humam

    Normal Humam

    13 ore fa

    Xiaojun NCT U WAYV MY MAN

  26. Normal Humam

    Normal Humam

    13 ore fa

    My man

  27. Anisa Angraeni

    Anisa Angraeni

    14 ore fa

    enak parah suaranya

  28. Cellineee NA

    Cellineee NA

    18 ore fa

    xiaojun please cover more songs. when I first saw you on mv make a wish, i immediately fell in love with your voice and decided to support wayv and nct

  29. 5G phone and Tin Foil Hats

    5G phone and Tin Foil Hats

    18 ore fa

    really thank you for this song

  30. 5G phone and Tin Foil Hats

    5G phone and Tin Foil Hats

    18 ore fa

    It's so beautiful



    18 ore fa

    •Your voice makes me feel safe.🕊️ •Thank you for being a source of happiness for so many people. 🥺 •We will support you and stay with you forever. ☺️ •We love you.💚



    18 ore fa


  33. Momochi


    20 ore fa


  34. MrsMarcela


    20 ore fa

    he is such a charming man ...

  35. little monkey

    little monkey

    21 ora fa

    2:53 this remind me of jonghyun😭

  36. Bơ Ngân

    Bơ Ngân

    Giorno fa

    Disney should invite Xiaojun to sing for their next princess movie's ost

  37. انسيتي حارقين مكو**تكم

    انسيتي حارقين مكو**تكم

    Giorno fa

    Uh, damn, can you see how beautiful his voice is

  38. Eight Thoudand

    Eight Thoudand

    Giorno fa

    I'm falling love with him voice

  39. Wasia Sia

    Wasia Sia

    Giorno fa

    ku tunggu ngisi ost drama dejun, aminkan gess



    Giorno fa

    اااااااااااااااااااه اشدعوه هيج جمااااااااااااااااال الوجه والصوت

  41. EXO_L


    Giorno fa

    نزلتها عندي باچر انزل فلوگ وراح اخليها مسيقى ع الفلوگ

  42. EXO_L


    Giorno fa


  43. can i get a hoya??

    can i get a hoya??

    Giorno fa

    Extremely proud of Xiaojun!

  44. Ifa L.F

    Ifa L.F

    Giorno fa

    when you suddenly attract into Xiaojun due to NCT 2020 although know him since WayV debut.... seriously he is something... so funny...

  45. Nor Maulida Masruro

    Nor Maulida Masruro

    Giorno fa

    Then next exo promise please!!!🙏🤩

  46. 177hours daydreaming

    177hours daydreaming

    Giorno fa

    I listen to this everyday

  47. Alessandra Campolo

    Alessandra Campolo

    Giorno fa

    this is so good i can't stop listening to it



    Giorno fa

    I always cry when I watch this cover

  49. Andrew Im

    Andrew Im

    Giorno fa

    팬들에게 이런 절절한 사랑노래 부르는 ㅜ 우리 가수 ㅠ

  50. Ndxx MX

    Ndxx MX

    Giorno fa

    Keep content like this coming from wayv pls 😍

  51. cheol gf

    cheol gf

    Giorno fa

    my exolzen ass is crying

  52. Ariel C.

    Ariel C.

    Giorno fa

    vocal king 💚

  53. Nuralina Zarifah

    Nuralina Zarifah

    Giorno fa

    I want Xiaojun solo

  54. Nathania Chandra

    Nathania Chandra

    Giorno fa

    good damn!

  55. Intan Dsvi

    Intan Dsvi

    Giorno fa

    Xiajoun angel voice

  56. Baby Blue

    Baby Blue

    Giorno fa

    Udah suaranya adem liat orangnya tambah adem♡♡

  57. Echo Ini my mind

    Echo Ini my mind

    Giorno fa

    perfect voice🔥🔥🔥

  58. Gloria Ja

    Gloria Ja

    Giorno fa

    This was so sweet and beautiful. Xiaojun, your voice melted my heart.

  59. Thaty Harthaty

    Thaty Harthaty

    Giorno fa

    Your voice so beautiful

  60. Mint ice cream

    Mint ice cream

    Giorno fa

    OMG why is this song is so underrated!!! it is crazy how much I listen to it... such a powerful voiiice! everyone should stan Xiaojun

  61. MrsMarcela


    Giorno fa

    You're awesome

  62. MrsMarcela


    Giorno fa

    I fall in love with your voice. I can't if I don't listen like my daily routine.

  63. TaeilTime


    Giorno fa


  64. Duda Martins

    Duda Martins

    Giorno fa


  65. Duda Martins

    Duda Martins

    Giorno fa

    xiaojun's voice is the sweetest

  66. Duda Martins

    Duda Martins

    Giorno fa

    I'm obsessed with this cover

  67. Mint ice cream

    Mint ice cream

    Giorno fa

    He's just so PERFECT

  68. Marzena


    Giorno fa

    every time I watch mv WayV asks a question: why he is not in the visual line? I don’t really get why?

  69. Hiba Oumaima

    Hiba Oumaima

    Giorno fa

    Best vocalist xiaojun I love this song and this cover is amazing

  70. did you listen to the song Xiaojun For Life [Exo]?

    did you listen to the song Xiaojun For Life [Exo]?

    Giorno fa

    this song is very addictive😭

  71. Putri Jasmine

    Putri Jasmine

    Giorno fa

    Aww XIAOJUN my heart stunned💘💘

  72. Loeyal Artsy

    Loeyal Artsy

    Giorno fa

    I was waiting for Kyungsoo's studio version of For Life (English) but this cute guy did it for me. Another great voice🥺 Thank you for this. I'll get back here if I learn more about WayV.♥️

  73. ddzgdt


    Giorno fa

    I hope SM sees the amount of attention and love Xiaojun's been getting because of NCT 2020 and capitalizes on it

  74. Wynna Ariana

    Wynna Ariana

    Giorno fa

    Suddenly i think this song is belong to him😂😂

  75. Miss Mir

    Miss Mir

    Giorno fa

    This is beautiful

  76. chika fujiwara

    chika fujiwara

    Giorno fa

    Unbelievable.... ❤️

  77. Charline Laurent

    Charline Laurent

    Giorno fa

    he has such a beautiful voice i'm not crying

  78. Mohammad Rizky Zulkarnaen

    Mohammad Rizky Zulkarnaen

    2 giorni fa

    in spotify please 🥺

  79. Aprilia noona

    Aprilia noona

    2 giorni fa

    My babe xiaojun stay healthy and be happy okey, i am always support you and love u

  80. sweet baekkie

    sweet baekkie

    2 giorni fa

    It was two weeks ago, but how come I just found this masterpiece tonight?!

  81. İrem


    2 giorni fa

    I’m obsessed with play v intro

  82. stan loona

    stan loona

    2 giorni fa

    Everyone who disliked this masterpiece is either crying so much their vision is blurred from tears and they can't tell like and dislike apart or they're in Australia and mistook dislike for like.

  83. Minh anh đào

    Minh anh đào

    2 giorni fa

    My idol of my idol

  84. Sky Sơn Tùng MTP

    Sky Sơn Tùng MTP

    2 giorni fa

    Im a fan of exo and nct

  85. Đào Minh anh

    Đào Minh anh

    2 giorni fa

    Thank you for covering exo’s song

  86. 【CEPEDUCK】ヅ


    2 giorni fa

    Omg, my lil dino is singing for MY LIFE 😱😍

  87. Rury Pramesti

    Rury Pramesti

    2 giorni fa

    Xiaojun, you are the best boy. I miss you so much

  88. Seuli Sarkar

    Seuli Sarkar

    2 giorni fa

    His face and voice is soo addictive

  89. lee echan

    lee echan

    2 giorni fa

    Your voice so beautiful

  90. Virnalita S

    Virnalita S

    2 giorni fa

    I hope Xiaojun can collaborate with D.O someday Like if you agree!

  91. Snowball


    2 giorni fa

    I need more of xiaojun covering songs. Currently I'm repeating these few precious songs available on ITput.. Sighh

  92. wAe neOneUN nArEuL ManNaseO

    wAe neOneUN nArEuL ManNaseO

    2 giorni fa

    Glad my bias covers my bias' song

  93. Muflihatul Husna

    Muflihatul Husna

    2 giorni fa

    aaaa so cool :)

  94. sawdha hamid

    sawdha hamid

    2 giorni fa

    i come here everyday ,one of my favorite places to come

  95. Novayolanda Hariyanto

    Novayolanda Hariyanto

    2 giorni fa

    Lamar adek mas 😍

  96. Rayna Ariely

    Rayna Ariely

    2 giorni fa


  97. missisipi gonzales

    missisipi gonzales

    2 giorni fa

    It's like, I respect you if you prefer this version more than the original.

  98. vony olivia velisha

    vony olivia velisha

    2 giorni fa

    always cry when hear dejun sing sad songs

  99. dejun mintchocolate

    dejun mintchocolate

    2 giorni fa

    Happy 2nd anniversary Dejun!

  100. JINYOUNG진영


    2 giorni fa

    *happy second anniversary to wayv* ♡

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