ORIN or LEXA... who is the better anime skin in Fortnite! Well today we solve that with a kill race, whoever gets more elims is the victor... we hope you enjoy!
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  1. highperr. ¡

    highperr. ¡

    16 minuti fa

    its only jordan

  2. NoLife YT

    NoLife YT

    Giorno fa

    6:16 here’s the 1v1 enjoy and get some 🍿

  3. MADC


    Giorno fa

    die haben einfach @Braxic gekillt

  4. тaɴjɪʀᴏ


    2 giorni fa

    It's his sister x2twins

  5. selssy_FN


    2 giorni fa

    Why do they always do videos withe eachother? Not complainin tho.

  6. demonic rzxrr

    demonic rzxrr

    2 giorni fa

    4:17 when i remember they have a bounty on each other

  7. Anete Muceniece

    Anete Muceniece

    3 giorni fa

    brother siser mates

  8. Ghastly_ Gengar

    Ghastly_ Gengar

    4 giorni fa

    After all that Jordan just dies to fall damage.

  9. Xxpurple jakexx Lake

    Xxpurple jakexx Lake

    4 giorni fa

    Uhhh there siblings they don’t hate each other

  10. ExpLosiv_Blrt


    4 giorni fa

    Dude they are gf bf

  11. Starkgamer


    4 giorni fa

    i love your vids

  12. Draco y Master

    Draco y Master

    5 giorni fa

    8:30 we don’t talk about it: Jordan 2021

  13. felipazo26 nopro

    felipazo26 nopro

    6 giorni fa

    Comenta si hablas español

  14. Darian Sainz

    Darian Sainz

    13 giorni fa

    Orin is lexa,s twin brother

  15. xxxJOECRAFTxxx


    16 giorni fa


  16. Ali Al Sayed

    Ali Al Sayed

    16 giorni fa

    8:17 OMG BRUH

  17. Ali Al Sayed

    Ali Al Sayed

    16 giorni fa

    These are the nest you tubers in the universe

  18. Etien Kolenc

    Etien Kolenc

    18 giorni fa

    please gift one skin Etien14

  19. Saim Chaudhry

    Saim Chaudhry

    22 giorni fa

    The lively millennium neuroanatomically gather because mechanic habitually charge throughout a adamant ton. capable, wealthy table

  20. Easton Mills

    Easton Mills

    25 giorni fa

    U mean instead nated

  21. Georgianne Ruemann

    Georgianne Ruemann

    27 giorni fa

    The resolute nail consecutively deliver because waste anaerobically milk towards a level school. gainful, strange leek

  22. Chong Yun

    Chong Yun

    28 giorni fa

    0.03 when x2twins says lexa has an arch nemesis i thought he meant lexa has a twin Brother

  23. Ammar Asghar

    Ammar Asghar

    Mese fa

    Jesse *edits a build* "a LiTlE bIt Of PiEcE cOnTrOl"

  24. Gamer DYT

    Gamer DYT

    Mese fa

    Love your videos

  25. TheSnowLeopard


    Mese fa

    A blast from the past

  26. Noodle Soup

    Noodle Soup

    Mese fa

    They are both twins 😀

  27. Orin


    Mese fa

    Lexa doesn’t want too fight brother😰

  28. Jamie Johnson

    Jamie Johnson

    Mese fa

    Did he say Jordan I killed Alexa today?

  29. Jace Coletta

    Jace Coletta

    Mese fa

    Does Orin have a built in emote as well?

  30. Kayson Lewis

    Kayson Lewis

    Mese fa

    You did not get the kill so why did you get bonus points

  31. J Morrison

    J Morrison

    Mese fa


  32. J Morrison

    J Morrison

    Mese fa

    Jordan is way better than Jesse so start you’re own challenge it will be more popular maybe once in a while upload on x2 twins every once in a while so yeah

  33. Josh 112

    Josh 112

    Mese fa

    You know the gopher twins in looney tunes? These twins remind me of them.

  34. Lucas King

    Lucas King

    Mese fa

    why Jordan why!

  35. Andrei Sardaru

    Andrei Sardaru

    Mese fa

    boys win girls losse

  36. Jianwei Ma

    Jianwei Ma

    Mese fa

    lexi wins

  37. Luka Mardaleishvili

    Luka Mardaleishvili

    Mese fa

    Jesee didnt kill jirdan he doesnt deserve the 15 points

  38. Lorenz Baumann

    Lorenz Baumann

    Mese fa


  39. Ahmad ashraf

    Ahmad ashraf

    Mese fa

    these guys TEACH me how to actually play btw i am a no skin

  40. Angellano


    Mese fa

    you should do guff vs the new chicken from the battle pass

  41. Asher W.

    Asher W.

    Mese fa

    Jordan cheated

  42. Santiago Gasca

    Santiago Gasca

    Mese fa

    i just notice jordan had a bid pot at 6:10 and not a purple

  43. FaZe TFuee

    FaZe TFuee

    Mese fa

    This is cool

  44. FireBurger


    Mese fa

    Anime vs Anime

  45. khalid ahli

    khalid ahli

    Mese fa

    best fortnite strmears

    • FireBurger


      Mese fa


  46. ثلج channel

    ثلج channel

    Mese fa

    I lave you

  47. XDIsmar


    Mese fa

    Orin and Alexa look like siblings from Yosuga no Sora 🤣.Thats anime where siblings are smashin lol...

  48. Abdullah Mahmood

    Abdullah Mahmood

    Mese fa

    Only legends noticed Jordan didnt have a rainbow loadout

  49. Abdullah Mahmood

    Abdullah Mahmood

    Mese fa

    Only legends noticed Jordan said ''Now the final 2v2'' But it was a 1v1

    • Jason Bujalski

      Jason Bujalski

      12 giorni fa

      Only legends?

  50. Jayko Martinez

    Jayko Martinez

    Mese fa

    Who is the guy that said ooohhhhwwww

  51. shirley belk

    shirley belk

    Mese fa


  52. King otter Dream

    King otter Dream

    Mese fa

    I love lexa

  53. Hermione Fury

    Hermione Fury

    Mese fa

    They are sister and brother 😹😹😹😹😹😸😺

  54. Subnautica cuddle fish

    Subnautica cuddle fish

    Mese fa

    That’s her twin...

  55. Momentous tuber

    Momentous tuber

    Mese fa

    Jordan is a better player than jesse

  56. Truly Greg

    Truly Greg

    Mese fa

    Aren’t printed and Leda bf and gf

    • Truly Greg

      Truly Greg

      Mese fa

      Orin and lexa

  57. Oliver Alonso

    Oliver Alonso

    Mese fa

    jordan is smart

  58. Afoussatou Adam

    Afoussatou Adam

    Mese fa

    I love you guys

  59. Gabe Carrara

    Gabe Carrara

    Mese fa


  60. Jose Perez

    Jose Perez

    Mese fa

    Yee I’m the 44k person to like the vid

  61. Rebecca P

    Rebecca P

    Mese fa

    Who wants the x2 twins to get a skin in fortnite be honest

  62. Lety Mendoza

    Lety Mendoza

    Mese fa

    Like me or reply me if I’m right. Lexas brother was the her long lost twin

  63. Michael Delozier

    Michael Delozier

    Mese fa

    Why do they talk right after eachother?

  64. Kelly Barfoot

    Kelly Barfoot

    Mese fa

    x2 twin

  65. Louise Dovey

    Louise Dovey

    Mese fa

    Do it again

  66. aaron death wish

    aaron death wish

    Mese fa


  67. aaron death wish

    aaron death wish

    Mese fa

    Noticed how Jordans voice is so deas

  68. Xayn Kaufman

    Xayn Kaufman

    Mese fa

    Jordan did not have a purple weapon

  69. Katie Huerta

    Katie Huerta

    Mese fa

    My friend here Justine he's already taken and he's cracked at fortnite my guy ahh

  70. Jaylen Pippel

    Jaylen Pippel

    Mese fa

    Yo imagine being more cracked then Justin!!!

  71. The Goku Fam

    The Goku Fam

    Mese fa

    orin and alexa are twins

  72. Shreeya Singh

    Shreeya Singh

    Mese fa

    Jessi got a free win Jordan: we don't talk about it

  73. Jesper LIAUW

    Jesper LIAUW

    Mese fa


  74. Fishy Army

    Fishy Army

    Mese fa

    That ending was stupid

  75. Scent


    Mese fa

    I thought Orin was lexa’s brother



    Mese fa

    can u be my fortnite duo jesse



    Mese fa

    Open but your size Wolfie what’s up

  78. Debbie Johnson

    Debbie Johnson

    Mese fa

    You gOt everything right but Lexa and Orin are twins not archnemises



    Mese fa

    i say you are not funny like exploding tomato and place subscribed to hem

  80. Bruh


    Mese fa

    i cant beleive i didnt notice when they change screens the web cam moves right to left

  81. Avion Hill

    Avion Hill

    Mese fa


  82. Orin


    Mese fa

    Excuse me what does “arch nemesis” mean? We’re brother and sister

    • Francis Morrow

      Francis Morrow

      Mese fa

      C thatch

  83. NikeKing_122


    Mese fa

    Orin and Lexa are brother and sister

  84. Joyce Osei

    Joyce Osei

    Mese fa


  85. Joyce Osei

    Joyce Osei

    Mese fa

    Ultra fast

  86. Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz

    Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz

    Mese fa

    The dramatic protocol naively sin because pail electrophoretically discover underneath a willing dirt. far, anxious pain

  87. UwU Cat

    UwU Cat

    Mese fa

    Orin isn't lexa's enemy, hes her twin

  88. phantom_flax29


    Mese fa

    Orin is her brother not her nemesis

  89. Gameplayy


    Mese fa

    Its not arch nemases its twin

  90. OG purple skull trooper Expose my stats

    OG purple skull trooper Expose my stats

    Mese fa

    You killed me in season five

  91. Sergio De Leon Morales

    Sergio De Leon Morales

    Mese fa

    hello you speak english

  92. Gaming Pros

    Gaming Pros

    Mese fa

    U hardly show or in

  93. KandyKane


    Mese fa

    "we dont talk about it"

  94. Jack Dare

    Jack Dare

    Mese fa

    Title: Orin Vs Lexa Jordan: Lexa Vs Orin Me: Make up your mind

  95. Samuel Howells-Beale

    Samuel Howells-Beale

    Mese fa

    They are not enemies they are long lost siblings

  96. Ricardo Pereira

    Ricardo Pereira

    Mese fa

    i am stress

  97. Derty


    Mese fa

    for some reason your outro pisses me of great vid btw

  98. shashank venkatesh

    shashank venkatesh

    Mese fa

    Spectators be like (In the final 1v1)

  99. Fastpast93 Zzari Io

    Fastpast93 Zzari Io

    Mese fa


  100. CagyStarfish 311

    CagyStarfish 311

    Mese fa

    2:07 “how many points do you have” random kid:21

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