My Friends Draw My Makeup Looks!

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I DM'd a few friends and asked them to draw me a makeup look! Millie Bobby Brown, Sienna Mae Gomez, Doja Cat, Emma Chamberlain, NikkieTutorials, Logan Paul, Valkyrae, Bella Poarch, & more all sent crazy drawings, watch and find out which ones I bring to life! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. Sienna Gomez

    Sienna Gomez

    13 giorni fa

    YESSSS u killed it !!!!! so much better than my drawing BAHAHAH

    • Chardix Xsnowy

      Chardix Xsnowy

      7 giorni fa

      Hii SIENNA I’m a big fan of u could u reply and say hi🥺🥺🥺

    • Kaitlyn Siksnius

      Kaitlyn Siksnius

      12 giorni fa

      Tell me why I read your name as Selena Gomez

    • Lara Turtle squad

      Lara Turtle squad

      12 giorni fa


    • Danielle Leeman

      Danielle Leeman

      12 giorni fa

      @Chillin' with Rachel 💛 zsZfq

    • Danielle Leeman

      Danielle Leeman

      12 giorni fa

      @Chillin' with Rachel 💛 x//do XxZxx

  2. Aubrie and makenlie

    Aubrie and makenlie

    9 minuti fa

    That was so cool and I think that millie Bobby brown should be in a part 3

  3. nayeli c

    nayeli c

    15 minuti fa

    i was waiting for him to say oh let me do corpse but then i realized he cant take a pic 😭😭🤚 im so slow

  4. Kimi Stafford

    Kimi Stafford

    23 minuti fa

    Anyone else wish he had included Rae's look 😭 these all look so amazing though

  5. Jane R-Luck

    Jane R-Luck

    36 minuti fa

    That makeup is hit I love it show me saying things can you do anymore Among Us videos cuz I love mangas and I still owe the high pass because I want to say hi to Charlie

  6. Jada Wellman

    Jada Wellman

    50 minuti fa

    ask corpse and sykkuno next 🥺

  7. Kathy Simon

    Kathy Simon

    Ora fa


  8. Tahira Turkmani

    Tahira Turkmani

    Ora fa

    That's so. Goooooooodd

  9. Cauane C

    Cauane C

    Ora fa

    fico muito orgulhosa de mim mesmo quando eu entendo tudo o q o James fala mesmo eu não sendo fluente em inglês

  10. felix from stray kids

    felix from stray kids

    Ora fa

    Bella ?!

  11. hey vine'x

    hey vine'x

    Ora fa

    Mano ele conhece a Milli Bobby Brown , surtoooo

  12. Maggie Gauthier

    Maggie Gauthier

    2 ore fa

    yooo this came out on my birthdayyyy

  13. gracie


    2 ore fa

    I clicked lightning speed when I seen Mille on the thumbnail

  14. Marina darkhigh

    Marina darkhigh

    2 ore fa

    JAMES! Next time send bare picture to a faceless man's like Corpse and Dream too! I think they can be really creative!! But they just cant show make up on themselves (dream can on a smile face) so yeah maybe you will like idea idk

  15. Athena Barcelos

    Athena Barcelos

    2 ore fa

    For drumroll please........................................ AN ADD

  16. Aeva Saucedo

    Aeva Saucedo

    2 ore fa

    NO! i love the uwu look! imagine if you did a makeup look based on an aesthetics like soft girl,grunge,cottagecore

  17. Valeria Dávila González

    Valeria Dávila González

    3 ore fa

    someone else is waiting for nikki's comment? lol

  18. doris lytle

    doris lytle

    3 ore fa

    Love. you. 💓🌷💕⚘🙋😍😍😍🌷💓💓💓💓💓too

  19. Avryl Rosette Dolor

    Avryl Rosette Dolor

    3 ore fa

    Millie is beautiful ❤️

  20. Katelyn Aguirre

    Katelyn Aguirre

    3 ore fa

    You should do sienna’s makeup

  21. Zaira AZ

    Zaira AZ

    3 ore fa

    omg encontraste un comentario en español

  22. Guinea pig Lover3

    Guinea pig Lover3

    3 ore fa

    Me: here for Millie Also me: ends up binging all James vids

  23. Maddie White

    Maddie White

    3 ore fa

    Yesssss u definitely need do to a collar with Millie

  24. María Reyes

    María Reyes

    3 ore fa

    the roof in the video cam: im getting sponsored

  25. Selina Dib

    Selina Dib

    4 ore fa

    have you ever pocked your eye?

  26. Malia's World

    Malia's World

    4 ore fa

    Love it!!

  27. scar2070 scar2070

    scar2070 scar2070

    4 ore fa

    um in the next vid can u do it with ariana grande

  28. abire kssiba

    abire kssiba

    5 ore fa

    wait and bella

  29. Sam C

    Sam C

    5 ore fa

    I cant be the only one that thought doja's makeup look had red not orange RIGHT? like i didnt see orange HUH?

  30. Sasha Herzog

    Sasha Herzog

    6 ore fa

    You are talented and creative!!!🙂



    6 ore fa

    yes i killed the flower look it was very nice and uwu and just the flowers on it omgg 🔥💯

  32. forthwife


    6 ore fa

    Bruh I wish I new Millie Bobby Brown I wish I was famous ;-; lol

  33. Gary


    6 ore fa

    I love her to

  34. Pablo gaming

    Pablo gaming

    7 ore fa

    Yes plz do it with millie i love millie😍😍

  35. Amber John

    Amber John

    7 ore fa


  36. olive garden

    olive garden

    7 ore fa

    You should do a ig it would be pt.3 since this is pt.2 but anyways you should do a pt.3 and use the people’s looks who you didn’t include in the video

  37. Lucy Goellner

    Lucy Goellner

    7 ore fa

    For Doja cat one the liner was red in the photo and then he did orange like bruh 💀🤚🏼

  38. Lucy Goellner

    Lucy Goellner

    7 ore fa

    I’m sorry... did he just put crystals in his hair💀🤚🏼

  39. aesthetic_pinkcats :3

    aesthetic_pinkcats :3

    7 ore fa

    Who here is obsessed with millie

  40. hi lmao

    hi lmao

    7 ore fa

    Wait isn't James Charles a guy? Guy's: oh no I think I'm catching feelings

  41. Aurelio Rosas Avila

    Aurelio Rosas Avila

    7 ore fa

    love the results of the makeups

  42. RobloxGirl2021


    8 ore fa

    The first one i give it a 9/10:)))) next i give the second one a 6/10 and for the last one 10/10 AWSOME JOB.

  43. Taylor Marrow

    Taylor Marrow

    8 ore fa


  44. Sude Naz Özbay

    Sude Naz Özbay

    8 ore fa

    Merhaba ben Türk'üm ne dediğinizi tam anlamıyorum ama makyaj için tebrikler.

  45. Ethreal Sina

    Ethreal Sina

    8 ore fa

    Imagine having 79 close friends 🥲

  46. Minka Dimitrova

    Minka Dimitrova

    8 ore fa


  47. love love

    love love

    8 ore fa

    He is friends with every single celebrity

  48. Yvanna Suazo

    Yvanna Suazo

    9 ore fa

    Was he being fr with the dojo cat one I can’t tell💀💀

  49. Aerika Aerika

    Aerika Aerika

    9 ore fa

    Lol me waiting for bella and bret man...

  50. Princess Z

    Princess Z

    9 ore fa

    you didnt do valkyrae at the end like you said you would :/

  51. sunxbby


    10 ore fa

    same shirt? is it just me or did the shirt say off before???

  52. Sunny Lee

    Sunny Lee

    10 ore fa

    am i thw only one who saw Doja holding a vape??

  53. paydog


    10 ore fa

    i am in NEED of a james charles x Gottmik video. please james, make it happen 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  54. The_power_puff _girls

    The_power_puff _girls

    10 ore fa

    *Me scrolling true my inbox sees James new vid look at thumbnail "wait is that Jeffrey star" looks again* 🤦🏾‍♀️ how can I disrespect her like that 😂

  55. Lucy Faulkner

    Lucy Faulkner

    10 ore fa

    That picture of Doja cat

  56. Lucy Faulkner

    Lucy Faulkner

    10 ore fa

    I wish James liked my comments :(

  57. vip qatar8989

    vip qatar8989

    10 ore fa

    Jams I love the perpol makeup

  58. Berre Ece ARIĞ

    Berre Ece ARIĞ

    10 ore fa

    You Boy???



    11 ore fa

    The last look. Snapchat filterrr

  60. Kharia Richardson

    Kharia Richardson

    11 ore fa

    Do a challenge where you ask 3 or 4 people for a makeup look and try to put them all on your face but make them go together...Get it ?

  61. Nyccxlx


    11 ore fa

    mano do céu, ele fala rápido demais hahahaha

  62. Preetha P.K.

    Preetha P.K.

    12 ore fa

    pls can you make a vid with millie bobby brown.if u can

  63. Nylah's funny world of laughter

    Nylah's funny world of laughter

    13 ore fa

    I'm 9 and am begging! My parents to give me make-up but they keep saying no today I got to use my mom's make-up and my wing was amazing 😍😍😍😍 to me 😂

  64. Unknown#187


    13 ore fa

    Why is he wearing a clothes pin?

  65. Riley Roberts

    Riley Roberts

    13 ore fa

    Please make a stranger things look with mille bobby brown please

  66. That’s So Sofia

    That’s So Sofia

    13 ore fa

    You should do a makeup look based off your insta message requests (you would read the message and the vids you get you would put on your face)

  67. Karolina Stefundova

    Karolina Stefundova

    13 ore fa

    I love Millie and i love you too❤️🥰😅💜

  68. Natalie Mellor

    Natalie Mellor

    13 ore fa

    XD it looks to me like James total well not totally hates the look just like he didn't want to do it ME:BRUH ⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️ I like dojo cats look but like JAMES NIKKIE'S WAS BETTER no offence dojo cat wait is it even dojo cat agin sos if not then sorry but JAMES HAVE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE!

  69. Natalie Mellor

    Natalie Mellor

    13 ore fa


  70. Gwendalyne Bronson

    Gwendalyne Bronson

    13 ore fa

    Would love you to do the nikki look

  71. Lien Amelia

    Lien Amelia

    14 ore fa

    from this video, I realize HOW PRETTYY JAMES IS

  72. millieons things

    millieons things

    14 ore fa

    millie 🥺

  73. sophie murray

    sophie murray

    14 ore fa

    Wow I love ❤️ this video I love watching this

  74. Megankalialy


    14 ore fa

    “A pinky red- nude👁👄👁”

  75. Natascha Zwagerman

    Natascha Zwagerman

    14 ore fa

    Can you ask the norris nuts to make a make-up look for you plsssss

  76. Lavínia Vieira

    Lavínia Vieira

    15 ore fa


  77. Mah Mah

    Mah Mah

    15 ore fa

    Highly incorrect

  78. itstiaa


    15 ore fa

    Yess million and James's pleaseeee

  79. Komal Jha

    Komal Jha

    15 ore fa

    These are so perfect ❤

  80. Daniela Antonette Placido

    Daniela Antonette Placido

    15 ore fa

    Aww is that Millie?

  81. JustineBrentParayan


    15 ore fa

    Do corpse Next!!!

  82. maggie uwu

    maggie uwu

    15 ore fa

    Imagine: Jules Leblanc and James ahhhh I can’t

  83. Hoan Nhi

    Hoan Nhi

    15 ore fa


  84. Eszter F

    Eszter F

    15 ore fa

    can you make a ful feca florence makerup? for millie

  85. Jelka Hoogenkamp

    Jelka Hoogenkamp

    16 ore fa

    NIKKIEE! 🇳🇱

  86. Natalia Deakin

    Natalia Deakin

    16 ore fa

    YESS sister slay god be like (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  87. Jaweria Umar - 81107/TCHR/BNDHAL

    Jaweria Umar - 81107/TCHR/BNDHAL

    16 ore fa

    are you a girl or a boy

  88. Zeynep Akın

    Zeynep Akın

    17 ore fa

    I was so sad and just gonna cry, but i get a Coffee and open your video and now i am happy Tysm James 💗🥺

  89. Lollypops


    17 ore fa

    Ur so good I love you!!! 💖❤️

  90. Laura Vesel

    Laura Vesel

    17 ore fa

    Charli :8.5B likes and 107.0M🌿🌺 followers Me:781likes and 31 followers 😭

  91. Jory alhewishel

    Jory alhewishel

    17 ore fa

    Millis it’s the best😭💞💞

  92. Alexandria Efthimiadis

    Alexandria Efthimiadis

    17 ore fa

    go james

  93. Alexandria Efthimiadis

    Alexandria Efthimiadis

    17 ore fa

    yass love it

  94. Frag Stars

    Frag Stars

    17 ore fa

    I'm here for first time but your skill is really amazing 😍😍I love it , a new subscriber here

  95. bat DC

    bat DC

    18 ore fa

    Im i the only boi whatching this

    • Ross Anderson

      Ross Anderson

      16 ore fa

      Not a boi a girl

  96. Noura Alkaabi

    Noura Alkaabi

    19 ore fa

    Can you please do a make up for Millie and you are soo talented thank you for being you love you💕💕



    19 ore fa

    Argh!!!!!! wish i had this talent

  98. Arely Villalobos

    Arely Villalobos

    20 ore fa

    Don’t say that you are going to re-create the looks when you are not doing that you are doing your own makeup looks and not there’s

  99. BuryMeAlive1


    20 ore fa

    Do one from Danielle Cohn :P

  100. IAm Charlie

    IAm Charlie

    20 ore fa

    "gorilla gru"

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