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  1. Mv Ryhan

    Mv Ryhan

    15 giorni fa

    Hi guys I recommend watching👀

    • Сабина Шахбанова

      Сабина Шахбанова

      12 minuti fa


    • Сабина Шахбанова

      Сабина Шахбанова

      12 minuti fa


    • Josimar74 Matias

      Josimar74 Matias

      3 ore fa


    • Americus Thompson

      Americus Thompson

      3 ore fa

      No midland I'm jumping to 💕😘

    • Americus Thompson

      Americus Thompson

      3 ore fa

      Is go cheesemonger 8 kkkkppó lol o BB I'll khhjjg

  2. Juani Sushi

    Juani Sushi

    9 minuti fa

    La cara de la niña cuando el padre gana un regalo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. jouberdornelas


    10 minuti fa

    So stupid

  4. Remedios Juárez Villegas

    Remedios Juárez Villegas

    12 minuti fa

    Niña pero que pases ya pero qué paciencia 😚😚😚

  5. Steven Ramos

    Steven Ramos

    29 minuti fa

    Got that “ just fuck up my hair”

  6. Alejandro Camargo

    Alejandro Camargo

    35 minuti fa

    Ist gril My love in escul

  7. htutkhaung lin

    htutkhaung lin

    55 minuti fa

    You Family😊😊😊😊😊



    Ora fa

    wheres Junya1gou

  9. Jesica Ramirez

    Jesica Ramirez

    Ora fa


  10. Jesica Ramirez

    Jesica Ramirez

    Ora fa


  11. anime gamez 101

    anime gamez 101

    Ora fa

    Gotta love how these are “funny videos” I’d let you say wholesome and at least watch a bit

  12. nana games

    nana games

    Ora fa

    Jurava que os comentarioa so tinha os BR mano;-;

  13. Bad boys Arellano

    Bad boys Arellano

    2 ore fa


  14. Amie Calumay-De la Cruz

    Amie Calumay-De la Cruz

    2 ore fa

    A always want to play this game I love it.🥰🥰🥰😉

  15. Joanne Huggins

    Joanne Huggins

    2 ore fa

    Gringy pupils😏😏

  16. W.D. GASTER


    2 ore fa

    Are you guys German?

  17. Ian Santos

    Ian Santos

    2 ore fa

    Que merda

  18. Mckayla Johnson

    Mckayla Johnson

    3 ore fa

    She kinda looks p.o. when she didn't get the ball in the cup

  19. Dada_Game 15

    Dada_Game 15

    3 ore fa

    *Eu* : usando técnicas dos Hokages e calculations do Sasuke *ADULTA* : erra todas e reclama *Homem* : quase acerta *Menina* : RESPEITAAAA A MÃE TA ON👁️👄👁️💅✨

  20. o canal é de Tik Tok

    o canal é de Tik Tok

    3 ore fa

    Essa criança só pode tá de hack

  21. Jeffrey Chickenlover

    Jeffrey Chickenlover

    3 ore fa

    That woman is doing it too hard I'm cringeing

  22. slightly toasted roasted bread

    slightly toasted roasted bread

    3 ore fa


  23. Psonic Angel

    Psonic Angel

    3 ore fa

    💙💙💙 awww!!!

  24. suger


    3 ore fa

    And how is this funny??

  25. Oplitz


    3 ore fa

    Of all the videos of this guy. This was the most non cringe and it was kinda cute tho.

  26. Angelica Conceição Nogueira

    Angelica Conceição Nogueira

    3 ore fa


  27. Daniel Panek1

    Daniel Panek1

    4 ore fa

    I hate kids

  28. Alivia Robinson

    Alivia Robinson

    4 ore fa

    If I did this on my birthday the prizes would be only cash 💵

  29. canceled


    4 ore fa

    Why is this on me recomended

  30. Coleveloper


    4 ore fa

    ahahaha so funny CHANGE THE FUCKING TITLE

  31. Emily Cast

    Emily Cast

    4 ore fa


  32. Green Family

    Green Family

    4 ore fa

    This is what me and my family should start doing

  33. Devonn D.

    Devonn D.

    4 ore fa


  34. Maricela Rodriguez

    Maricela Rodriguez

    4 ore fa

    Emily 🤩🤩😙😙😙😗😚😚😍

  35. Gacha_Weeb


    4 ore fa


  36. Gacha_Weeb


    4 ore fa


  37. Rose Carvalho

    Rose Carvalho

    4 ore fa

    Sorry hello

  38. Cheyla Lynn

    Cheyla Lynn

    4 ore fa

    These people are bored.

  39. 舛田瑞葵


    4 ore fa

    It is a very wonderful family

  40. Matsumoto Catherine

    Matsumoto Catherine

    4 ore fa


  41. Jonghyun An

    Jonghyun An

    5 ore fa

    This content is absolute shit

  42. Max Madan

    Max Madan

    5 ore fa


  43. RichardBlunts


    5 ore fa

    How is this funny?

  44. jurgens coetzee

    jurgens coetzee

    5 ore fa

    ah yeah the girl who treated her man as trash

  45. Mohammed Mohammed

    Mohammed Mohammed

    5 ore fa

    Yo how did you get your hand back

  46. Fishy Poonz

    Fishy Poonz

    5 ore fa

    ANOTHER EPISODE OFFFFF “why is this on my recommended”

  47. Hana G

    Hana G

    5 ore fa


  48. Error. exe

    Error. exe

    5 ore fa

    """""funny""""" I dont think so

  49. cartoon gat

    cartoon gat

    5 ore fa

    Yeengo que aser eso com mi ermano paber quien se gana el juego de fanf el nuebo

  50. Mark Omoruyi

    Mark Omoruyi

    5 ore fa

    How tf is this bullsh*t funny

  51. tlf


    5 ore fa

    I see parents actually playing with and spending positive time with their child! Something many parents do not do. Many if not 90% of comments on here are so negative!! It's a child for heaven's sakes...did you "adults" on here never get upset if things didn't always go your way as a child? Shame on you negative meanies!! Way to go parents!!

  52. Crystal Tekk

    Crystal Tekk

    5 ore fa

    Ihr opfer

  53. Sandra Sandoval

    Sandra Sandoval

    6 ore fa

    The girl cheats she had 4 balls she makes the game unfair

  54. Domenica Cobos

    Domenica Cobos

    6 ore fa


  55. Hessneg


    6 ore fa

    Answer in face define the word of funny

  56. rebwar kanisefy

    rebwar kanisefy

    6 ore fa


  57. hawa k

    hawa k

    6 ore fa


  58. Mariana Afonso

    Mariana Afonso

    7 ore fa


  59. carmen Maria

    carmen Maria

    7 ore fa

    I don't know because the father helps the daughter 😡

  60. Lord moon

    Lord moon

    7 ore fa

    Lil girl using aim bot and forgot to turn it on once in the video

  61. Manuel Sanchez

    Manuel Sanchez

    7 ore fa

    Se ve bien actuado wey xD

  62. Hand over the Beans

    Hand over the Beans

    7 ore fa

    *Guide to teaching your child how to play beer pong*

  63. นุสรา จอมแปลง

    นุสรา จอมแปลง

    7 ore fa


  64. Ксенія Падецька

    Ксенія Падецька

    7 ore fa

    я залипла

  65. Olga Siwek

    Olga Siwek

    7 ore fa

    Fajna rodzinna gra

  66. ItzJustComfyPanda


    8 ore fa

    The kid is an actual god

  67. Pietro Lucas d jesus

    Pietro Lucas d jesus

    8 ore fa

    Que bom

  68. Tânia Moreira

    Tânia Moreira

    8 ore fa

    Es boa

  69. Miyagi Do Karate X Cobra Kai

    Miyagi Do Karate X Cobra Kai

    8 ore fa

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  70. lolkedsw


    8 ore fa

    Stop saying funny in the title that's clickbait

  71. Anticey Kikochi

    Anticey Kikochi

    8 ore fa


  72. Davy Antonio

    Davy Antonio

    8 ore fa

    Oi tudo bem

  73. Davy Antonio

    Davy Antonio

    8 ore fa


  74. Imię Nazwisko

    Imię Nazwisko

    8 ore fa


    • Imię Nazwisko

      Imię Nazwisko

      8 ore fa


  75. Parikshit Gupta

    Parikshit Gupta

    8 ore fa

    Very nice game for birthdays or childrens parties

  76. Booter Anime

    Booter Anime

    8 ore fa

    Omggg Schoko Bananen!!! Wer ist auch alles Deutsch?!

  77. The Afton_gamer

    The Afton_gamer

    8 ore fa

    This is so cringe

  78. Ana Ocampo

    Ana Ocampo

    8 ore fa

    Naaaaaa buuuuuuuu manipulado

  79. Eugenia Ortiz

    Eugenia Ortiz

    8 ore fa


  80. João Victor Santos Andrade

    João Victor Santos Andrade

    8 ore fa


  81. Adam White

    Adam White

    8 ore fa

    Aww (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡

  82. Eugenia Ortiz

    Eugenia Ortiz

    8 ore fa


  83. هيا شواقفه

    هيا شواقفه

    9 ore fa

    جيت بقرا التعليقات بس مافهمت شئ والله

  84. Catherine Belvaux

    Catherine Belvaux

    9 ore fa


  85. Sabrina Chang

    Sabrina Chang

    9 ore fa

    What a happy family❤

  86. Dog Moskva

    Dog Moskva

    9 ore fa


  87. Aude OLEN

    Aude OLEN

    9 ore fa

    Du talent la petite

  88. Ksenia Villa

    Ksenia Villa

    9 ore fa

    I like the first girl's reaction. She was so excited and happy!



    9 ore fa

    Family of course



    9 ore fa

    Café com leite ela pode usa 4 pra tentar acertar

  91. Cookie Princess

    Cookie Princess

    9 ore fa

  92. Js Eswhar

    Js Eswhar

    9 ore fa

    Otha. Ponda. Polle

  93. jayalaxmi kunapalli

    jayalaxmi kunapalli

    9 ore fa

    Seru Paley adipenda naingley ena win pannalum ungaluku thana

  94. Icy roblox

    Icy roblox

    10 ore fa

    Them: gets balls in Also them:pausing the recording and gets stuff from there house then gets back to the video

  95. Gianella B

    Gianella B

    10 ore fa

    This is the kind of stuff you do with your family when your in quarantine 🤣🤣

  96. Σταματια Καστανη

    Σταματια Καστανη

    10 ore fa


  97. Icy roblox

    Icy roblox

    10 ore fa

    The hell what is 5this?!??!

  98. Tauro Sanchez G

    Tauro Sanchez G

    10 ore fa

    Que lindo pasar tiempo en familia

  99. Guisela Martinez Alarcon

    Guisela Martinez Alarcon

    10 ore fa

    Que que lindo

  100. Mirna Flores

    Mirna Flores

    10 ore fa


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