Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER: AMONG US HOUSE BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Animation

➜Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER Animation
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➜Download houses from my website:
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Called "Faithfull" at the texture pack menu.

➜Download My Shader pack:
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This video was inspirated by ManDooMiN who was the first builder who made among us minecraft houses i think..
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  1. WiederDude


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      Thank you 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      Henry Kidnee

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      Your absolutely insane

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      Sorry sorri

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      Noob vs pro vs hacker

  2. Diogo Ribeiro

    Diogo Ribeiro

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    Não gostei do nobb pq ele e ruim me poryuguese

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    Скрывайусь как вафелька с попугаем Попугай

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    Ryheyfyfteyf4ey xnt sysyx ssu ну канешно руский

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    1M LIKE XD



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    Я тебя love

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  10. Pokérocraft Pokérocraft

    Pokérocraft Pokérocraft

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    I kinda have a complaint which is they build too fast, especially when I try to build it in Minecraft.

  11. Wīnny


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    I found the noob's one is the cuter

  12. Faisal Saeed

    Faisal Saeed

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    Wiederdude how we can download this houses plz tell me and how do make video in computer

    • Faisal Saeed

      Faisal Saeed

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      And can you tell how we change the skins in minecraft

  13. Neville Xavier

    Neville Xavier

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    The hacker looks so awesome

  14. Neville Xavier

    Neville Xavier

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    Wow those look so cool

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    i like noop minicrew

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    1 like for hacker and pro

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    The hacker

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    Out of all,I think the noob one will be better for me

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  23. Jessica Marine Sharp

    Jessica Marine Sharp

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    this had to take atleast a month or more, congrats on such a amazing thing, i hope you get better and better every time you do this stuff. have a good day!

  24. Zorica Velinova

    Zorica Velinova

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    Haker whins Haker cool

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    This is the kind of content that makes minecraft community looks like trash

  26. Thorsten Tippmann

    Thorsten Tippmann

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    I didn't like the Hacker he is so perfekt

  27. Emine Yildirim

    Emine Yildirim

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    noob and pro and hacker winner

  28. Ashley Janes

    Ashley Janes

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    Did it take u forever hacker?

  29. Александр Гусев

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    Как интересно как хакер заходит в свой дом

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    قرف احمر

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    You mode a crazy among us house bro

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    Aşşırı iyiiiiiiiii!

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    Sorry omg

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    Imgg😲😲😱😱😱 hacker

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    Победитель професионал

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  41. Carl Allen Bautista

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    Mas maganda kay pro

  42. Renee Erwin

    Renee Erwin

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    Every morning I play minecraft with my brother and we made a wold called city And the hacker is the best and the noob house is cute and I wonder how long it took the hacker to make his house 😍🥰😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😶

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    Vc demora quantas horas

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    Hacker sould win

  45. Emiliana Godoy Galavis

    Emiliana Godoy Galavis

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    I vote hawker

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    All I can say is WOW

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    ITput 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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    Noob👎 pro👍hacker👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👏👏👏👏

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    Эээээээм, ты русский?!

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    👏👏 👇

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  57. BooGaLooFF


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    Hey pro I like your among us house and noobs but the one that I really like there's actually two of them actually a lot of them I like the baby one the blue one and the other one but I'm still watching your videos I think your videos are cool well good night

  58. scarlet paciteng

    scarlet paciteng

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    I like the pro she is good

  59. Amber Munce

    Amber Munce

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    Noob is a bad Builder

  60. beckabellaboo


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    Thanks for letting me know how to build

  61. ɪᴀʀᴀ ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪ

    ɪᴀʀᴀ ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪ

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    Aqui esta el comentario en español que buscabas, PD: Ni el noob me sale para mi el noob lo pongo en hacker:v

  62. Leandro david Salazar hernandez

    Leandro david Salazar hernandez

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  63. kyle icawat

    kyle icawat

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    Soundtrack Music for Pro: Cant Take my Crown/Ten feet

    • Guillpper


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      the for hacker plz.

  64. Mr.Ryback96


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    please do Tutorial how to build pro among us house

  65. Sharon Crane

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    Edsī0udr8r0🥲😔🥵😚☹😵🥵vrdyryru8rrjrbueidnejd8dkdd Ududmdid D8 D8dmdmduddjdind

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    What's "Among Us"?

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    hackers is the best

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    Я один русский

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    I love the hacker because he made the best

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    у про лутше всех

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    steve is pro

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    Ти ту пой

  80. Liza Busheva

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    Ти ту поц

  81. Костя


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    How do you do it? I'm shocked, especially a hacker. Teach and just like

  82. Dilbar Dilbaaar

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    Классные дома ребята

  83. Brighton McNaughton

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    Cool house guys

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    Wow, 1 000 000 likes?!

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    I love this Its sooooo coooool

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    3:40 toilet?

  91. samshine k , samama

    samshine k , samama

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    wow how mani blocks you have hacker thats so very very cool

  92. Hnik Rafan

    Hnik Rafan

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    Hecker paling bagus

  93. Sabita Mohapatra

    Sabita Mohapatra

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    I liked the pro ones if I would choose hacker then I would say No Coz its hurting my eyes

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    Победил птичек он крутой

  96. Tiger C. GUTIERREZ

    Tiger C. GUTIERREZ

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    hey wiederdude upload a tutorial of the among us hacker house!

  97. Shaniah Tyson

    Shaniah Tyson

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  98. annabelle lim

    annabelle lim

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    i wonder how long did it take to make the hacker's house ;-;

    • Aline E luiz Família

      Aline E luiz Família

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      Tava muito legal

    • Aline E luiz Família

      Aline E luiz Família

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      Dodjlskkexwiwjx de de um 9

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    Pro won

  100. Javier Adrián Chacon Roa

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    Pregunta por que al pro no le pones armadura de inframundita

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