Minecraft, But Every Enchant Is Level 1,000,000...

Minecraft, But Every Enchant Is Level 1,000,000... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every time you enchant an item, it becomes LEVEL ONE MILLION! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This is a super weird one.
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  1. Wisp


    13 giorni fa

    Bionic did this with level 100,000! I got inspiration from him :D Check his video out:

    • Karen Lind Lúðvíksdóttir

      Karen Lind Lúðvíksdóttir

      2 ore fa

      @clark the shark yes I am

    • Karen Lind Lúðvíksdóttir

      Karen Lind Lúðvíksdóttir

      2 ore fa

      He ll O

    • Gunther Burger

      Gunther Burger

      12 ore fa

      Could have used lava or flint and steel to burn the multiplied stuff

    • Anna Montell

      Anna Montell

      17 ore fa

      Wisp is cool

    • Marguret Wohlrab

      Marguret Wohlrab

      18 ore fa


  2. Redman


    12 minuti fa

    Wooden sword is now lit



    16 minuti fa

    How ? Its a mod?

  4. PayPal os

    PayPal os

    25 minuti fa

    That is a stupid idea but I subscribed

  5. Collin Johnson

    Collin Johnson

    Ora fa

    My favorite is the silk touch 100000000🤣😂

  6. Alonzo Sarmiento

    Alonzo Sarmiento

    Ora fa




    Ora fa

    Tutorial?? How do you get this?

  8. JUsT


    2 ore fa


  9. Enel Kuka

    Enel Kuka

    2 ore fa

    5:06 is fake

  10. Enel Kuka

    Enel Kuka

    2 ore fa

    4:47 is fake

  11. KINGZ


    2 ore fa

    The coal dropped massively

  12. Sarah Blundy

    Sarah Blundy

    2 ore fa

    How do I do this?

  13. Jamie Hughes

    Jamie Hughes

    2 ore fa


  14. Xavier Harrison

    Xavier Harrison

    3 ore fa

    God Netherite Armor: Protection 1,000,000 Fire Protection 1,000,000 Blast Protection 1,000,000 Projectile Protection 1,000,000 Unbreaking 1,000,000 Mending 1,000,000 Thorns 1,000,000 Respiration 1,000,000 (Netherite Helmet) Aqua Affinity 1,000,000 (Netherite Helmet) Depth Strider 1,000,000 (Netherite Boots) Feather Falling 1,000,000 (Netherite Boots) Soul Speed 1,000,000 (Netherite Boots) 1,000,000+ Armor Knockback Resistance 1,000,000 God Sword Sharpness 1,000,000 Fire Aspect 1,000,000 Knockback 1,000,000 Unbreaking 1,000,000 Mending 1,000,000 Looting 1,000,000 1,000,000+Attack Damage God Tools Efficiency 1,000,000 Fortune 1,000,000 Unbreaking 1,000,000 Mending 1,000,000 God Bows Power 1,000,000 (Bow) Punch 1,000,000 (Bow) Flame 1,000,000 (Bow) Infinity 1,000,000 (Bow) Multishot 1,000,000 (Crossbow) 1,000,000+ Attack Damage God Trident Loyalty 1,000,000 Riptide 1,000,000 Impaling 1,000,000 Channeling 1,000,000 1,000,000+ Attack Damage

  15. Daniel Castelluccio

    Daniel Castelluccio

    4 ore fa

    Bro this is crazy!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Sindre Hitland Bækken

    Sindre Hitland Bækken

    4 ore fa

    Yes instent healf og healing

  17. genji shimada

    genji shimada

    5 ore fa

    But how did you do it because I wanna do this

  18. SwimmingStar


    5 ore fa

    6:48 2x fast

  19. Daniel white

    Daniel white

    5 ore fa

    These videos make me confused because of how lucky he gets

  20. David Evans

    David Evans

    6 ore fa

    I love you

  21. Pablo Coronel

    Pablo Coronel

    6 ore fa

    Wow i wish i that would happen to me

  22. Menno Lamme

    Menno Lamme

    6 ore fa

    FUN FACT: in normal minecraft it just breaks after 3496 levels.



    6 ore fa

    He is afrid of 100 fps Me 10 fps

  24. BigBro0509


    6 ore fa

    Dude I play with normally 10 fps (I use a laptop not a gaming PC)

  25. macfjr11!


    6 ore fa

    Wisp I dare you to make the ender dragon have family and make mobs tamable plus netherlands biome

  26. Shane Mount

    Shane Mount

    7 ore fa

    Graystillplays would be proud!

  27. GAMERBTWlol


    7 ore fa

    Can you show me some anvil to combined all of them

  28. bAbIcKa


    7 ore fa

    Silk tuuch makes fortune worse...

  29. DiamondDragon Channel

    DiamondDragon Channel

    7 ore fa

    0:13 he is Mr diamond

  30. cylops mii

    cylops mii

    7 ore fa

    "100 fps is so bad" me playing with 60 and 15 with shaders 😢

  31. Tobias Mac

    Tobias Mac

    7 ore fa

    How to win without attacking: thorns 1 million

  32. Austin Robertson

    Austin Robertson

    8 ore fa

    It's over 9000!!!!!

  33. Rumbzie Ndudzo

    Rumbzie Ndudzo

    8 ore fa

    Why does he never take a sunflower or daisy to the nether with him

  34. Elias Meza

    Elias Meza

    8 ore fa

    This dudes luck is on another level

  35. Aidan Butthole

    Aidan Butthole

    8 ore fa

    That's over 9000

  36. Sulochana Kambe

    Sulochana Kambe

    8 ore fa


  37. Paddy Robbo

    Paddy Robbo

    8 ore fa

    13:54 destroyed the stone with the diamond block lmao 😂

  38. Privatkonto


    8 ore fa

    You are the best ITputr

  39. Owen Fertig

    Owen Fertig

    9 ore fa

    he's at half health and he says it doesn't damage me at all XD

  40. BillyShotgun


    9 ore fa

    I saw a part of your vid on tiktok, I love your vids keep it up bro

  41. Damian Alex Stefan

    Damian Alex Stefan

    9 ore fa

    17:03 That was so great

  42. Stratifyz


    10 ore fa

    here from a tiktok vid

  43. Novice Ezell

    Novice Ezell

    10 ore fa

    Hmm 1 like? How bout 100 wait no 1,000 WAIT NO 10,000 Wait NO 100k perfect

  44. assassins mp9

    assassins mp9

    10 ore fa

    Dharpnes million

  45. Ezz Matahen

    Ezz Matahen

    10 ore fa

    I’m subscribed to you

  46. Ethan Shelley

    Ethan Shelley

    11 ore fa

    i didnt know i was subscribed but i am which is great

  47. op banda

    op banda

    11 ore fa

    how to download this mod

  48. Dionny Garcia

    Dionny Garcia

    11 ore fa

    And a entity for all life just dies.

  49. Dionny Garcia

    Dionny Garcia

    11 ore fa

    Also, every item drop count is too many.

  50. Amani Turk

    Amani Turk

    11 ore fa

    I like ya cut g-

  51. Amani Turk

    Amani Turk

    11 ore fa


  52. NickTV


    12 ore fa

    Pls make a Video and take all the mods you have already reviewed this far.

  53. Drmisbah Naseer

    Drmisbah Naseer

    13 ore fa

    You misk them sowad and picks

  54. Sunburn Sun

    Sunburn Sun

    13 ore fa

    You could burn the items with fire

  55. Celtic Vibes

    Celtic Vibes

    13 ore fa

    No one: Wisp at the start of all of his op mc videos: OOOOOOOHHH!

  56. Zero two Disigner

    Zero two Disigner

    13 ore fa

    I like the intro xD

  57. Knight 6666

    Knight 6666

    14 ore fa

    Bruh you Put fortunę and silk touch on miniaturę :0

  58. Velma Elizabeth Rebbavarapu

    Velma Elizabeth Rebbavarapu

    14 ore fa

    Fun fact : the blue was 64 but after getting 100000 it should be at 63 lol

  59. Christian STAIB

    Christian STAIB

    15 ore fa

    What is seed

  60. Christian STAIB

    Christian STAIB

    15 ore fa

    You only need diamonds for the enchant table but you just use wooden tools

  61. w0lf


    15 ore fa


  62. Степан Левиков

    Степан Левиков

    15 ore fa

    Can U tell me seed pls?

  63. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones

    16 ore fa


  64. Master kenyér

    Master kenyér

    16 ore fa

    Hey Wisp! I'm watching your videos (and I was subscibed) and I wanna ask you where did you download these mods?

  65. Juice WRLD

    Juice WRLD

    16 ore fa

    10:30 1,2,3,4 how manny n- word are in my store

  66. The Devil

    The Devil

    16 ore fa

    Experience 69

  67. High fl0w

    High fl0w

    16 ore fa

    what mod?

  68. Sigit Wardana

    Sigit Wardana

    17 ore fa

    Wisp please you multiply

  69. * bUtTeRfLy *

    * bUtTeRfLy *

    17 ore fa

    Wisp:”I am playing on a McDonald’s laptop” Me:XDDDDDD

  70. Anna Montell

    Anna Montell

    17 ore fa

    Wisp i love you

  71. Mieszko Yihong Zhao

    Mieszko Yihong Zhao

    17 ore fa

    You should do this on hardcore

  72. DaBob Himself

    DaBob Himself

    17 ore fa

    Why again does he ask “can I do it___?” When he literally just said _______(cliche god term of Minecraft)_____.... I’m not saying I don’t like this vid, I just don’t understand his questioning for obvious answers, I’m sure this just sounds like me being a d**k about it but_ oh what the hell, it’s a funny gig that my dipsh*t mind thinks is cool to comment disrespectfully, I’m sorry I’ll just stop

  73. Dark Univers

    Dark Univers

    17 ore fa

    wisp 2021: YES!! YES, I knew I could do it in a fancy way where I fall down

  74. Roshan Adel

    Roshan Adel

    17 ore fa

    You got one million items

  75. Aden Heim

    Aden Heim

    18 ore fa

    Pickaxe is named "this is how you break minecraft" has fortune 999,999,999

  76. Christina Lebrocq

    Christina Lebrocq

    18 ore fa

    This is great pls do more mods wisp

  77. D C

    D C

    18 ore fa

    What is this seed my dude

  78. Jaysan Clitus

    Jaysan Clitus

    19 ore fa

    Very f****** daddy I need a few videos and yeah and I and you how to make a video for like so long and so that's why I was just want to watch this one to see if it's new and yeah I just watch I just read it and yeah I just know j

    • Jaysan Clitus

      Jaysan Clitus

      19 ore fa

      I'll give ideas tomorrow and yeah I'll just loving you like I just wish you I just wish you were just going to do one block challenge you want to unlock it just turn it back p value

    • Jaysan Clitus

      Jaysan Clitus

      19 ore fa

      I just love you so much I can't just stop calling about you I just love your like videos I love doing I love this and now I just know when the second one is like so stupid



    20 ore fa

    If you used Fortune 1,000,000 on lapis. You would have infinite enchants on full diamond armor and diamond tools. You would be so stacked with stuff.

  80. Meyeet


    21 ora fa

    i.... I wow

  81. Sunita Bhattarai

    Sunita Bhattarai

    21 ora fa

    Today my son fell down

  82. Farell Aric

    Farell Aric

    21 ora fa


  83. oompahloompah


    21 ora fa

    Wisp: Let’s get one like! It’s a lot but I think we can do it! Me: Hell yeah Wisp, Hell yeah!

  84. Terry Moore

    Terry Moore

    21 ora fa

    I know

  85. Tinisha Gibbs

    Tinisha Gibbs

    21 ora fa

    OMG BONIC!!!

  86. poupo mami

    poupo mami

    22 ore fa

    J'ai eu les larmes pour le youtubeur = hacher gaming C'est vraiment triste il était très mignon et très courageux

  87. Gabriel Basso

    Gabriel Basso

    23 ore fa

    Dream speedruns be like:

  88. Paul Ng

    Paul Ng

    23 ore fa

    How did you even get this

  89. Paul Ng

    Paul Ng

    23 ore fa

    Does it work on the Ender Dragon

  90. Riley Miller

    Riley Miller

    Giorno fa

    you think 117 fps is bad? my fps used to be 30.

  91. crishona mae cano

    crishona mae cano

    Giorno fa

    Ur super pro in minecraft AND COOOOLLL

  92. Meera Singh

    Meera Singh

    Giorno fa

    Very very much good

  93. tamer anwer

    tamer anwer

    Giorno fa

    Pain yela hloras pialue STED PLESU ERO Perove

  94. tamer anwer

    tamer anwer

    Giorno fa

    Usiejoru points yole adwa popo

  95. TimmyTatorTot


    Giorno fa

    Wisp: my fps is so bad (115 fps) Me in the corner with 30 fps max

  96. Zorck Alex

    Zorck Alex

    Giorno fa

    I think i saw this in tik tok....

  97. Ninja jedi jr Jr

    Ninja jedi jr Jr

    Giorno fa

    where did you get the plug in

  98. Brady Nguyen

    Brady Nguyen

    Giorno fa


  99. Clare Winsor

    Clare Winsor

    Giorno fa

    Did anybody realise at the end of the video he was level 69...

  100. Raphaël Botras

    Raphaël Botras

    Giorno fa

    I absolutely love the fact that you ended up with 69 xp levels

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