Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)

Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)
#shorts #Minecraft
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  1. Soccer god Goal

    Soccer god Goal

    17 minuti fa


  2. I ELOX I

    I ELOX I

    17 minuti fa


  3. 白い死神


    18 minuti fa


  4. gaming ham

    gaming ham

    21 minuto fa

    Bruh look at his glasses he s playing geometry dadh 🤣🤣🤣

  5. 6jv


    24 minuti fa

    You've got some crazy rng there mate

  6. AvocadoEggy


    30 minuti fa

    Nice fake vid g

  7. Дима Вей

    Дима Вей

    30 minuti fa

    Не честно!

  8. Kirstin Romero

    Kirstin Romero

    34 minuti fa


  9. Zofainsley


    38 minuti fa

    Ahhhh I remember watching the original premiere

  10. Mystin Flare

    Mystin Flare

    45 minuti fa


  11. Tax Evasion

    Tax Evasion

    46 minuti fa


  12. Hillbilly Duncan

    Hillbilly Duncan

    47 minuti fa

    Its fake

  13. Paola Jimenez

    Paola Jimenez

    47 minuti fa


  14. Yanni Giannakos

    Yanni Giannakos

    50 minuti fa

    Y he know we're the strong hold at why he already have the portal ready and why was there already a pearl there for him to get up with this dnt count

  15. joshua mcglynn

    joshua mcglynn

    57 minuti fa

    Okay so 100% staged

    • Foreus


      54 minuti fa

      okay so 100% satire.

  16. avant


    59 minuti fa

    npesta memes aren't fucking funny anymore

  17. hirngruetze1234 gaming

    hirngruetze1234 gaming

    Ora fa

    There are complete different movements in his glasses as in the vid

  18. galatice


    Ora fa

    Bruh npesta reaction

  19. Foxeye Gamer

    Foxeye Gamer

    Ora fa

    Woah calm down Jamal- 😂🤣

  20. vin matu

    vin matu

    Ora fa

    Whats happening? Can someone explain to me?

  21. Jay Fawdry

    Jay Fawdry

    Ora fa

    He almost died from a heart attack at the end

  22. Frank Caballero

    Frank Caballero

    Ora fa

    Look at glasses

  23. 12M43L


    Ora fa

    This man... Cringe virgin nerd... Wtf

  24. Iwona Kawula

    Iwona Kawula

    Ora fa

    This is scam

  25. racistmonkey


    Ora fa

    This is 100% legit

  26. aaron morgan

    aaron morgan

    Ora fa

    He's barely even human any more

  27. JERMY


    Ora fa


  28. JZ


    2 ore fa

    wow super real

  29. Gosha


    2 ore fa

    Minecraft payers

  30. Syafiq.m.e


    2 ore fa

    Gitu doank, ;(

  31. Travis Paquin

    Travis Paquin

    2 ore fa


    • Foreus


      53 minuti fa

      yo mama in a fridge

  32. Pp Man

    Pp Man

    2 ore fa

    Wait is 1.17 out now

  33. Ravel Almeida

    Ravel Almeida

    2 ore fa

    Entendi nada kk k só so um jogador de free fire kkkkkk

  34. Michael colon

    Michael colon

    2 ore fa

    Does he win anything in monetary value or just the satisfaction and waste his time?

  35. Lollipop Cxndy

    Lollipop Cxndy

    2 ore fa

    Can’t tell if this is meant to be a joke or not

  36. Edgar Arambula Santiago

    Edgar Arambula Santiago

    2 ore fa

    He put everything he knew that he would fall run into like 7 creeper and the portal in dungin was already open fake fake

  37. Copex klizturner

    Copex klizturner

    2 ore fa

    You need a hair cut

  38. salmon god

    salmon god

    2 ore fa

    Hes from another clip this is fake 😐

  39. Ismael Hernandez

    Ismael Hernandez

    2 ore fa

    Looks pretty fake lmao

  40. JellyBeansTasty


    2 ore fa

    Dont know fake, looks rick.

  41. Nate Grey

    Nate Grey

    2 ore fa

    $100 says he shat himself

  42. Maddog Dubs

    Maddog Dubs

    3 ore fa

    So fake

  43. ᗒJoadGamesjkas ᗕ

    ᗒJoadGamesjkas ᗕ

    3 ore fa

    Npesta moment

  44. Leonel GamePlay

    Leonel GamePlay

    3 ore fa

    The drogs a max

  45. Leonel Fernando Cano Choque

    Leonel Fernando Cano Choque

    3 ore fa

    Es un jugador de geometry dash -_- no me acuerdo bien como c llama

  46. wicked things

    wicked things

    3 ore fa

    This has to be fake

  47. Lucky Duck468

    Lucky Duck468

    3 ore fa

    Other people:*makes it to the end in 20 minutes*Me:*been in the same world for 20 and can’t find a stronghold*

  48. TartalamerD


    3 ore fa

    Fakeeee, look at his glasses

  49. Ailec Pablo

    Ailec Pablo

    3 ore fa

    😳😳😳 what is wrong with you😡😡

  50. madison mcpeak

    madison mcpeak

    3 ore fa

    When gaming everyday pays off

  51. Luciano GD

    Luciano GD

    3 ore fa

    Geometry dash reaction

  52. Wesley Lucas

    Wesley Lucas

    3 ore fa


  53. Anis_lawz


    3 ore fa

    S T A G E D M A P

  54. marius g

    marius g

    3 ore fa


  55. Ali JABER

    Ali JABER

    4 ore fa


  56. PeachyxRose


    4 ore fa

    Fun fact: our ears died at the end

  57. jacob the lazer and joseph the lazer

    jacob the lazer and joseph the lazer

    4 ore fa

    Fake not real

  58. Haseen Haseen

    Haseen Haseen

    4 ore fa

    /gamemode 1

  59. Lais Mussa

    Lais Mussa

    4 ore fa

    Vc deve ter percebido que o cara é pele e osso

  60. noureldin nabil

    noureldin nabil

    4 ore fa

    This is a wrong in Minecraft

  61. The Eclypse

    The Eclypse

    4 ore fa

    Poor kid, all he does is play videogames

  62. noureldin nabil

    noureldin nabil

    4 ore fa

    Oh my God

  63. CS HipHop

    CS HipHop

    4 ore fa

    He realised he had ascended to godhood, he no longer has any limits or boundaries. Reality can now bend to his will, time is out matched, he lives in a world of cardboard... and nothing can stop him...

  64. No Lives matter

    No Lives matter

    4 ore fa

    Thats so fucking cringe

  65. Flock


    4 ore fa

    it’s so crazy how fast that was, what a cool speed run 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  66. Goldy Games

    Goldy Games

    4 ore fa

    Asome reactoin

  67. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    4 ore fa

    When you forgot to stop the timer 👁💧👄💧👁

  68. nik rigisich

    nik rigisich

    4 ore fa

    Buddy needs to go find out what girls are😭😭

  69. The Premium

    The Premium

    4 ore fa

    Lol I would have been... meh I’ve done this before big deal 😏

  70. Venom Wolf

    Venom Wolf

    5 ore fa


  71. Ya boi Iggy

    Ya boi Iggy

    5 ore fa

    geometry dash players when get 2% kn bloodlust

  72. Jah Bless

    Jah Bless

    5 ore fa

    Et comment tu explique que le portails soit déjà ouvert ?

  73. Julisa cookie

    Julisa cookie

    5 ore fa

    Squeak toy

  74. Gen Blox

    Gen Blox

    5 ore fa

    I can see kenos on his eyes

  75. zabithar


    5 ore fa

    Npesta jajaj

  76. vicente de la barra parada

    vicente de la barra parada

    6 ore fa

    Gente , aquí se puede ver a un pobre weón sin vida 😂

  77. Red_Hood41 ife

    Red_Hood41 ife

    6 ore fa

    That’s fake the health

  78. awesome Facts

    awesome Facts

    6 ore fa


  79. Le eL

    Le eL

    6 ore fa

    FAKE 💯🙂

    • Le eL

      Le eL

      3 ore fa

      I don't care 🙂

    • Im Dove

      Im Dove

      5 ore fa

      Bet ur fun at parties bud

    • Holy Crusader

      Holy Crusader

      6 ore fa

      Wow... you seem like a really fun person

  80. darkz


    6 ore fa


  81. darkz


    6 ore fa


  82. Ga1ile0


    6 ore fa


  83. shaolyn matador de porco

    shaolyn matador de porco

    6 ore fa


  84. Tracy Shaw

    Tracy Shaw

    7 ore fa

    I bet it's fake because he had no weapons, the end portal was open and the ender dragon was almost dead

    • Im Dove

      Im Dove

      5 ore fa

      Nah its real, its just abit buggy and looks a little fake.

  85. Nooper'z: Marcelo de Guerra

    Nooper'z: Marcelo de Guerra

    7 ore fa

    Dream's speedrun

  86. Divino_Game


    7 ore fa

    Entendi desgraça nenhuma

  87. Nicolás Filipovich

    Nicolás Filipovich

    7 ore fa

    Dream cheats be like

  88. Phoenix /\ /\ /\

    Phoenix /\ /\ /\

    7 ore fa


  89. Qian老jun


    7 ore fa


  90. Jossiah Lucas

    Jossiah Lucas

    7 ore fa

    Wow He's clearly playing geometry dash. This meme is boring.

  91. LAM WEI LIAM Moe


    7 ore fa

    Fake speedrun👎👎👎

    • Im Dove

      Im Dove

      5 ore fa

      Ur fun at parties i bet :)

  92. ilovepuertorico


    7 ore fa

    Fake cause how can you be so calm when there is creepers and the ended dragon is at 3 hits it’s fake

  93. Elvis


    7 ore fa

    This is not real he is a noob

  94. SealVilla _

    SealVilla _

    8 ore fa


  95. Speed Bump Kelly

    Speed Bump Kelly

    8 ore fa

    Stop the cap you didn’t even get to destroy those towers and you didn’t have any blocks

  96. ChargeGamer Gaming Party

    ChargeGamer Gaming Party

    8 ore fa

    Its great but you edicted it badly😧 Stop play like this or you became mad😞😞

  97. Little Mr. Me

    Little Mr. Me

    8 ore fa

    Considering the lack of emotion, knowledge of where to use the creeper, the obviously finished portal, and lack of showing the seed creation (which would get this immediately rejected), I'm going to believe this is a shitpost

  98. JäcksöniTV


    8 ore fa

    Just little set up

  99. Eric Melo

    Eric Melo

    8 ore fa

    the guy after win: 🦧

  100. Jeremy Folder

    Jeremy Folder

    8 ore fa

    Ооо повезло повезло

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