Male Lion Takes Out Wild Dog Pups

Cute wild dog pups that were left alone by parents for a few minutes have an unlucky encounter with an aggressive male lion!
This incredible, but unfortunate, turn of events was captured by 22-year-old junior actuarial analyst, Jared Wolf, while on his trip to the Lion Sands Game Reserve located within the Sabi Sands, Greater Kruger Park, with his family.
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Jared tells the story:
“We had told our ranger at the start of our stay that we were desperate to see a pack of wild dogs as they are my favourite animal.
Shortly after our first morning drive had started, our ranger said that another vehicle had found a pack of wild dogs with 16 pups, so, we immediately set off to join the other vehicle.”

“Our day started off with excitement and pure joy, but, ended with heartache and plenty of tears.”
“We spent a bit of time watching the wild dog pack interacting. The mother came every so often and regurgitated for them so that they could eat and stay strong. But, as the mother left the pups for a few minutes, probably in search of new food, all hell broke loose!”
“Out of nowhere, an aggressive male lion barged into the scene and unfortunately got hold of two wild dog pups. The aggressive lion was then joined by 3 other male lions. The same lion that caught the pups set off shortly after in the same direction as the pack of wild dog pups and adults that had escaped, and we started to fear the worst - perhaps he was after more pups.”
“Fortunately, our ranger then saw another pride of lions up ahead with 1 young male lion and a couple of females that were eating the remains of the impala carcass that the wild dogs had taken down an hour earlier.”
“The same lion that had caught the pups seemed to be on somewhat of an aggressive killing spree, as after spotting the young male lion from the other pride, he set off after that young male. Fortunately, the young male lion got away and the sighting ended with the lion along with his brothers vocalising out on an open plain, almost arrogantly announcing themselves as the sole kings of this new territory that they had taken over in a matter of minutes!”
“We saw, 2 different sightings of lion and 24 wild dogs all interacting within 100m of each other!”
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  1. ted evans

    ted evans

    22 minuti fa

    I am surprised the Lions don't just grab the people in the open jeeps , it seems strange that they walk right past them . I wonder if a Tiger would walk past them like that ?

  2. Peter


    2 ore fa

    That is life.

  3. Piyath


    4 ore fa

    Tourists think Lions eat Pizza Hut home delivery. Nope, they gotta hunt.

  4. JaRule Junior

    JaRule Junior

    4 ore fa

    These People are such idiots 😂

  5. angel queenシ

    angel queenシ

    6 ore fa

    The boss came strolling in and all hell brakes lose.

  6. IplayWolfQuestAndroblox


    9 ore fa

    That is the way of life its sad but there is nothing we can do

  7. klassic kingz

    klassic kingz

    11 ore fa

    What if the lion decides to jump in the vehicle and eat everyone would that be wrong or right? or maybe they asking for it. These people got no protection the jeep is open inviting any beast to jump in like an all you can eat buffet.

  8. dennis vradenburg

    dennis vradenburg

    11 ore fa

    Why is that lion not eating the slow fat humans chillin' in the truck photographing this tiny kill that three lions must share?

  9. Cloe Welson

    Cloe Welson

    11 ore fa

    Al pacino just cleaned up the gangsters and showed them who rules the streets.

  10. buster76246


    13 ore fa

    It amazes me the way those lions just ignore the tourists in there open jeeps, tigers would have the humans for lunch.

  11. Raj Kumar

    Raj Kumar

    14 ore fa


  12. Karen Mintuck

    Karen Mintuck

    15 ore fa

    I think the lions are learning that the tour jeep always leads them to food. They know as soon as they hear the click from the cameras that there is a an animal nearby and it’s time to attack.

  13. Demens Clay

    Demens Clay

    18 ore fa

    Why on earth are those guys driving in an open car???

  14. T Buss

    T Buss

    18 ore fa

    Cats always beat dogs.

  15. Riccardo Depaoli

    Riccardo Depaoli

    22 ore fa

    I like the guy holding his hands to his mouth like a little girl, oh my oh my Why don't you jump out of the truck and save them , you want to save the rest of the planet don't you. TRUMP 2021

  16. hola


    23 ore fa


  17. Рыцарь патриотский

    Рыцарь патриотский

    Giorno fa

    Can someone tell me why the lions dont attack the human in the car?

  18. Santino Morientus

    Santino Morientus

    Giorno fa

    Lion: Dog Meat, Back on the menu boys. (LOTR)

  19. thomas k

    thomas k

    Giorno fa

    At least the lion kills the puppy before he eats it, unlike wild dogs do. They eat there prey alive

  20. Johnyy


    Giorno fa

    When cat beats dogs 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Tarun Kumar

    Tarun Kumar

    Giorno fa

    Lion did the right thing This is how its done in wildlife

  22. Thoeun Kong

    Thoeun Kong

    Giorno fa

    How is it safe on these roofless tour vehicles? 🤔

  23. J S

    J S

    Giorno fa

    That white dude is horrified 😂🤣😂

  24. Caleb dejoun

    Caleb dejoun

    Giorno fa

    Cars without no protections yall most be crazy being that close to danger.

  25. AuAg Finder

    AuAg Finder

    Giorno fa

    Just a couple’a snacks.

  26. 너도 묻히고싶냐

    너도 묻히고싶냐

    Giorno fa

    "Oh~No~~~, Oh~No~~~" Hey, woman, What the hell did you expect from wild Africa ??

  27. Alex Crypto

    Alex Crypto

    Giorno fa

    Why didn't you get out and help

  28. Oso


    Giorno fa

    That is nature at the purest. Grow up people.

  29. Entwistle Lives

    Entwistle Lives

    Giorno fa

    I love how these tourists come to see the Lion King and are shocked to get American Psycho

  30. Aj Armstrong

    Aj Armstrong

    Giorno fa

    am I the only one who thinks these people are crazy for sitting in that open ass jeep in the middle of all this??

  31. Carl bigeasy

    Carl bigeasy

    Giorno fa

    Why do women even go on safari, what were they expecting the lion king!!!

  32. Rio De

    Rio De

    Giorno fa

    These idiots go to safari to see lions natural lifestyle but than are so sad and surprised because the lion hunt and eat other animals 🤔

  33. SimDad


    Giorno fa

    hotdogs anyone

  34. seafood wang

    seafood wang

    Giorno fa

    Seems the lion hunted a dog yet left it to other two lions rather than ate it.

  35. Polystyle Shaping

    Polystyle Shaping

    Giorno fa

    why are these tourists blatantly disturbing wild animals? The lion is trying to get food it is so annoying with a jeep riding beside him.

  36. Scott Morrow

    Scott Morrow

    2 giorni fa

    Does anybody have a video of lions attacking these pricks filming this?...that's what I'm waiting to see

  37. Scott Morrow

    Scott Morrow

    2 giorni fa

    You see that dumb broad acting like this is not supposed to happen?

  38. Ila GHOSH

    Ila GHOSH

    2 giorni fa

    Awesome hunt

  39. Arsh Husain khan

    Arsh Husain khan

    2 giorni fa

    Male lion say to human follow me I wanna show something new and my power also

  40. Mary Connie

    Mary Connie

    2 giorni fa

    Why are these people putting their lives in danger?

  41. Javier Flores

    Javier Flores

    2 giorni fa

    The guy here thinking he was gonna meet simba.

  42. john smith

    john smith

    2 giorni fa

    little dogs turn into big dogs

  43. Fisher


    2 giorni fa

    These guys must hate their lives, and air conditioning.

  44. Christopher Summers

    Christopher Summers

    2 giorni fa

    that pup was lucky to have died before being eaten

  45. Trolling for Fish

    Trolling for Fish

    2 giorni fa

    Wild dogs eat their prey alive. This fool is lamenting the lions doing their work.

  46. Toonarmy


    2 giorni fa

    them dogs are aweful things anyway, them and hyenas need thinning out by other predators.

  47. Boqor radio

    Boqor radio

    2 giorni fa

    I hate this stupid dogs, thanks to that aggressive young for reducing them

  48. Justin Ward

    Justin Ward

    2 giorni fa

    Isn't it rare for Male lions to hunt their own food?

  49. tazman572


    2 giorni fa

    Gotta love how people go on an African safari and then are shocked when they see a kill. What did they expect, a play date ?

  50. Jo Mansfield

    Jo Mansfield

    2 giorni fa

    Hey guess what cats and dogs don't act the same way as in your backyard, KAREN!! 😂

  51. Johannes Berg

    Johannes Berg

    2 giorni fa

    If you're going to whine and cry when nature does nature, then don't go out to see nature.

  52. Hutzman76


    2 giorni fa

    Those pups will grow up to be assholes.

  53. Shannon Lumley

    Shannon Lumley

    2 giorni fa

    Those dogs looks like hyenas

  54. Ready Player 01

    Ready Player 01

    2 giorni fa


  55. Halibut 1

    Halibut 1

    2 giorni fa

    I like the lion at 2:16 he gives a nod at the tourists "how goes it?" (the one freakin tourist looks aghast that African cats kill/eat other animals---did he think rangers left bowls of Purina cat chow out at night?)

  56. Б Б

    Б Б

    2 giorni fa


  57. percival23


    2 giorni fa

    lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten. This encounter will be ingrained in the memory of 2 dozen wild dogs. It may end up saving mores lives in the long run.

  58. raminder Singh

    raminder Singh

    2 giorni fa

    Wild dogs mercilessly year their preys.

  59. Thiago Queiroz

    Thiago Queiroz

    3 giorni fa

    Esse cachorrinho para 3 leões?!?! É só um tira-gosto...

  60. jesus alberto

    jesus alberto

    3 giorni fa

    fucking yeahh!!!!

  61. A Winter

    A Winter

    3 giorni fa

    These people have bricks for brains

  62. Fernando James

    Fernando James

    3 giorni fa

    Why Do You Go to a Safari Then ??? Why Do You Effing Go and Keep Moaning About ? Ahh, American People...They Go To Africa and They Don't Have a Clue Where Africa Is.. .

  63. momthegreatest


    3 giorni fa

    Lions: Let us follow where the Jeep goes behind them and we will get good food... That's how they hunted the cubs...Jeep people are responsible...

  64. Warren Blum

    Warren Blum

    3 giorni fa

    Republican lions fed up with scum demorat wild dogs. The patriot lions quickly kill and disperse those filthy demorat dogs from their autonomous zone set up in lion territory. Gutless shocked observer's stand motionless with fear

  65. amita gogia

    amita gogia

    3 giorni fa

    wild life eating e.other, proves no god thats why gunda bado patang wala too won



      10 ore fa

      ▪ Nah, this is just the way things had to be, because people started fukkin' devils WAY back in the day . Maraming salamat para sa yung isang generation . pangit mundo na . 🧊

  66. Chaostheoryrulz


    3 giorni fa

    Did that to get rid of the competition

  67. Alexander Underwood

    Alexander Underwood

    3 giorni fa

    2: 09 his left from paw is broke but healed over. Phenomenal!

  68. Mon Jovi

    Mon Jovi

    3 giorni fa

    Out of those 20 odd pups he caught, that's me!! ALWAYS the unlucky one!

  69. Winston Deocampo

    Winston Deocampo

    3 giorni fa

    She doesn’t want to see suffering and then goes to a safari. These Disney people unbelievable!

  70. The Spectator

    The Spectator

    3 giorni fa

    That lady tried to point to give them a heads up 😂😂

  71. Flutterby


    3 giorni fa

    the reaction was nauseating.

  72. Loicalex


    3 giorni fa

    taking out the competition. simple

  73. Waqaas mahmood

    Waqaas mahmood

    3 giorni fa

    Lmfao what did u expect the lion and dogs too do a dance for you

  74. Charles Foster

    Charles Foster

    3 giorni fa

    Modern day godless liberals are an unsustainable parasitic malady for the whole world that even our Creator can not remedy and must destroy as enemies of Truth who are awash in 2Thes2:9-11 delusion. Get with the program: Dt28

  75. Márcio Mar

    Márcio Mar

    3 giorni fa

    Bem feito estes cachorros são crueis

  76. SinaptiX


    3 giorni fa

    With these people just hanging there like fresh meat, why don’t the lions pounce? So odd

    • sam bou

      sam bou

      3 giorni fa

      Apparently, lions see jeeps (only jeeps, not other cars) as part of a natural landscape (as one block), if one of those human sandwich dare to step outta the jeep, it' s different story......

  77. Andi Watt

    Andi Watt

    3 giorni fa

    That third lion has one nasty looking hernia.

  78. Walter Arredondo

    Walter Arredondo

    3 giorni fa

    Wild life is cruel!

  79. shure46


    3 giorni fa

    This video shows a person who thinks Disney is real and and then experiences reality .... There's a lot of people like that nowdays , live in TV bubbles and think life is a cartoon

  80. shure46


    3 giorni fa

    what the hell did that person think they were going to see by following a Lion around ..... that's the kind of snowflake idiot who wants to pet Lions and Tigers and snuggle with wild animals

  81. عادل الشعلان الغامدي

    عادل الشعلان الغامدي

    3 giorni fa

    على العرش استوا ينزل الخنث . من المقلط الا المقلط ٢٠ سنه تقريبا هاذا كله رايح جاي على مستشفيات المجانين وانا متمسك بالعروه الوثقى ينزل الخنث أبغاه لو اني ابو لهب ولا من المشركين وش بيسوي ؟ ينزل الخنث هو مخانيثه الحمير الي مسميهم ملائكه ينزل الأن .

  82. Arie Fraiser

    Arie Fraiser

    3 giorni fa

    2:36. If that lion wanted to he could have taken a flying leap into that jeep in a blink of the eye.

  83. moxigen


    3 giorni fa

    always funny if ppl who know meat only from the supermarket see the butchering first time.

  84. Chris Terry

    Chris Terry

    3 giorni fa

    What a rip off! I’ve paid thousands and thousands of dollars to venture out here into the wild, and I expected to see lions, and hyenas, and wild dogs all playing together! I thought the lion was going to babysit those little pups, that’s what I see in cartoons. This is terrible!

  85. Alexandra Arguelles

    Alexandra Arguelles

    3 giorni fa

    Well its more brutal to see being eaten alive by a herd of wild dogs...

  86. brokenarrowez


    4 giorni fa

    I hope the lions eat the tourist.

  87. Casual Gaming & more by Kigama

    Casual Gaming & more by Kigama

    4 giorni fa

    2:28 why don't they attack the man in the seat?

  88. Dylan Looker

    Dylan Looker

    4 giorni fa

    So morbid that a human being can sit and witness a slaughter and enjoy it are the sick animals

    • basedful


      4 giorni fa

      Shut up

  89. Royce Peniston

    Royce Peniston

    4 giorni fa

    Was the whole snowflake bit necessary. Come on the world's a better place.

  90. Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez

    4 giorni fa

    Hate this people paying to watch animals killing each other Now you see that wild animals are better off in animal sanctuaries that in the wild It's sad how this people enjoy this bloody event

  91. Jason Calva

    Jason Calva

    4 giorni fa

    Master skywalker what are we going to do

  92. Dave S

    Dave S

    4 giorni fa

    I do not think I would leave my legs dangling from the vehicle as a lion walks by - too much temptation, for the lion.

  93. Juan Godoy

    Juan Godoy

    4 giorni fa

    Ciando le falte la comida a l leon comera perros asesinos

  94. slimchancetoo


    4 giorni fa

    "No animals or their environment were hurt during the making of this video"

    • slimchancetoo


      3 giorni fa

      @Derric 2 heavy Oh noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! How could they be so cruel ?????????????

    • Derric 2 heavy

      Derric 2 heavy

      3 giorni fa

      Wild dog pups were hurt

  95. Manny Del Bosque

    Manny Del Bosque

    4 giorni fa

    Why are they so "scared" and "surprised" and "upset"?? What they thought to find in Africa? Real Life or disney's shit? 🤔😔🤭

  96. Earth


    4 giorni fa

    What roars and has puppy breath?

  97. Earth


    4 giorni fa

    That's why you never name the animals you see on a safari. just saying.

  98. Beavis Was Here

    Beavis Was Here

    4 giorni fa

    A Lion ate my Dingo baby!!!!!

  99. Jeff Howard

    Jeff Howard

    4 giorni fa

    Nature in the raw lady,go see lion king if your squeamish

  100. SWITCH


    4 giorni fa

    the king had no mercy

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