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Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstacles

Testing a Lego car against different obstacles and improving it until it becomes a capable climber.
Demonstrates what you need to consider: wheel diameter, gear ratio, 4-wheel drive, tire grip, breakover angle, weight distribution. Enjoy!
Base rules for all builds:
-4 wheels
-no steering (to simplify the builds)
-only Lego parts used
Remote control:
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller


  1. Klonter77 von Planet77

    Klonter77 von Planet77

    12 minuti fa

    400€ from lego = this car

  2. Mohammed Asif

    Mohammed Asif

    54 minuti fa

    The car is op

  3. Professor D'aggZ

    Professor D'aggZ

    Ora fa

    I feel smarter just watching this

  4. Just A Gamer

    Just A Gamer

    Ora fa

    Obstacle7 was most impressive

  5. William Estell

    William Estell

    2 ore fa

    How do you hook up the ps4 controller

  6. Nock Nock

    Nock Nock

    2 ore fa

    this was very satisfying

  7. ボレロOxy


    2 ore fa

    I was so go dam amazed

  8. GTAndre


    4 ore fa

    Can we just respect how much work he put into this. Also the fact that my guy is using a fricking PS4 CONTROLLER!!!

  9. Ben Palezza

    Ben Palezza

    4 ore fa

    B is for bruh

  10. Lazaro Gomes De Moura

    Lazaro Gomes De Moura

    5 ore fa


  11. Jellyfish


    6 ore fa


  12. Diego Gadelha

    Diego Gadelha

    7 ore fa

    Make a fight of lego machines

  13. Duatte :D

    Duatte :D

    7 ore fa

    That's a nice car design that can be used for a sport

  14. Philipp Hochscheid

    Philipp Hochscheid

    7 ore fa

    Du hast mir mit deinem Video geholfen meiner Crawler in Sachen Bodenfreiheit deutlich zu verbessern

  15. Jorge David Erazo

    Jorge David Erazo

    7 ore fa

    Merece estar en un video de un poco de todo

  16. Garu The Ghost

    Garu The Ghost

    7 ore fa

    5:30 that's bc it's too dummy THICC

  17. Jake Olinger

    Jake Olinger

    8 ore fa

    That would make a great piece of military equipment

  18. Kris Fischer

    Kris Fischer

    9 ore fa

    brilliant, impressive :)

  19. Mike crystal robert

    Mike crystal robert

    9 ore fa

    You should do a lego Christmas nut cracker lol

  20. Mike crystal robert

    Mike crystal robert

    9 ore fa

    I clicked expecting something dumb ended up watching the whole thing and subscribed lol

  21. Spideyy.


    10 ore fa

    5:23 am i the only one who hears grubub ad?

  22. Jose Carias

    Jose Carias

    10 ore fa


  23. Kid Banana

    Kid Banana

    10 ore fa

    Now all we need to do is enlarge this and pow u making kash

  24. Random Guys

    Random Guys

    11 ore fa

    Make it big

  25. Lil jamezZz

    Lil jamezZz

    11 ore fa


  26. Bipulbivab Mohapatra

    Bipulbivab Mohapatra

    11 ore fa

    Inter galactic rover

  27. Madhav Meena

    Madhav Meena

    12 ore fa

    Spiderman made those tire who disagree

  28. Fernando


    12 ore fa


  29. Phoenix_Diego


    12 ore fa

    I really LOVE your videos

  30. Among Sus

    Among Sus

    12 ore fa

    Is this the new ps4 game?

  31. Saketh Gupta

    Saketh Gupta

    12 ore fa

    Alternate title: Making a legovo yoga car

    • Alok Op

      Alok Op

      45 minuti fa

  32. Sobat Kutu Buku

    Sobat Kutu Buku

    12 ore fa

    may i gift this car name i'm gonna gift it name CLIMBER

  33. TheOfficial Conflict_YT

    TheOfficial Conflict_YT

    13 ore fa

    3:39 is he making it hump the books or making it climb 🤔🤔🤔

  34. Samuel Blair

    Samuel Blair

    13 ore fa

    my guy be loving his lego

  35. Talha The Shadow

    Talha The Shadow

    13 ore fa

    This felt like 10 min.

  36. Ali ferdi Özşahin

    Ali ferdi Özşahin

    13 ore fa

    Oha abi

  37. Talha The Shadow

    Talha The Shadow

    13 ore fa

    How R u using ps4 controller?

  38. MARKmaster 567 bg

    MARKmaster 567 bg

    13 ore fa

    Future car

  39. Parth Vasoya

    Parth Vasoya

    15 ore fa

    The real definition of genius

  40. Engineer Gaming

    Engineer Gaming

    15 ore fa

    Now this is pod racing

  41. SSR BRO


    15 ore fa

    Please tell where can i buy a kit like this one.please tell me..😯😁❤️❤️

  42. ไพวรรณ สุทธิกวด

    ไพวรรณ สุทธิกวด

    16 ore fa


  43. RC Knockout

    RC Knockout

    16 ore fa

    This is truly impressive!!

  44. Gunnerx75


    16 ore fa

    The 7.6k dislikes are parents who were asked to build this for their child

    • Alok Op

      Alok Op

      45 minuti fa

  45. Emine Demir

    Emine Demir

    16 ore fa


  46. Hedge


    17 ore fa

    Don't forget to subscribe people!

    • Hedge


      16 ore fa

      And like the video!

  47. JUHA GOD


    17 ore fa

    Nice climber robot! I was impressed by the point that you use a joystick to move the front and back of the climber. I`d thinked that it was impossible to climb a steep cliff(which is made of book) with a climber which is made of LEGO. So I thought about it what if the climber have four legs to climb so it can climb up the last level in your test.I think it is possible to climb it.Anyway it was awesome and it impressed me.It completely blown up my mind.

  48. funny tommy

    funny tommy

    17 ore fa

    My friend somebody is copying you

  49. shinee usuhuu

    shinee usuhuu

    17 ore fa

    Omg you pro nice nice

  50. Josua Alfian

    Josua Alfian

    18 ore fa

    Very smart

  51. I Know

    I Know

    18 ore fa

    I can't understand what he does, but this looks smart.

    • Alok Op

      Alok Op

      46 minuti fa

  52. Ruhaan Reddy

    Ruhaan Reddy

    18 ore fa

    which set is this



    19 ore fa




    20 ore fa

    Dammn!! i love Lego now..!!

  55. Muhammed Said Has

    Muhammed Said Has

    20 ore fa


  56. a Bar off 75

    a Bar off 75

    20 ore fa

    Now I am sure lego will replace Ai

  57. IceArcher


    21 ora fa

    Its so satisfying

  58. Rose Biswas

    Rose Biswas

    21 ora fa

    This channel owner is a 2nd world maker

  59. J's Guide to

    J's Guide to

    23 ore fa

    That so SICK

  60. otaku


    23 ore fa

    da pra fazer qualquer coisa com lego, melhor brinquedo do mundo

  61. 강건우


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  62. Neo James Peroy

    Neo James Peroy

    Giorno fa

    How you build that?

  63. Craft


    Giorno fa

    4:56 I want candy i want candy

  64. Sakthybaalan Santhanakumaran

    Sakthybaalan Santhanakumaran

    Giorno fa

    Every piece is clearly explained, thanks much

  65. Juan Franco Tibay

    Juan Franco Tibay

    Giorno fa

    ok can you make a tutorial

  66. Pedro Oropesa

    Pedro Oropesa

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  67. todoroki


    Giorno fa

    Pls tell me how I rlly want this

  68. todoroki


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    Where can I buy this?

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  71. d4req.54


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  72. Darki Fox

    Darki Fox

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  73. BIBLE


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  74. Jose Vargas

    Jose Vargas

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    You so talent

  75. Ajmer Singh

    Ajmer Singh

    Giorno fa

    Made car battery scotter use light wight carbon fiber or

  76. Shad Awat

    Shad Awat

    Giorno fa

    this is the joy of physics not the one we study at schools

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    Giorno fa



    Giorno fa


  79. Melba Cariño

    Melba Cariño

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    Waw the new Albert Ainstie 😂

  80. Hubert Grzelak

    Hubert Grzelak

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    you play a (lego in real life) on ps4

  81. Siddharth Ramesh

    Siddharth Ramesh

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    He’s gonna end up with need for speed 30: 3D

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  82. Pawel Szczyrek

    Pawel Szczyrek

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  83. CaChua TV

    CaChua TV

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    Awsome climb, very interesting

  84. No Internet

    No Internet

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    Nice hobby !!

  85. Blakapare


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    I cannot understand

  86. Mihajlo Gramić

    Mihajlo Gramić

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    4:23 i laughed a little bit cuz i thought he made the perfect machine but he failed but then.....

  87. TheRt 7

    TheRt 7

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  88. М{}е{}Д{}в{}Е{}д


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    *Hello, I'm an FBI agent, we're very interested in your development, we ask you to get in the car.*

  89. М{}е{}Д{}в{}Е{}д


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    who, too, constantly writhed faces of surprise?)))

  90. Purist Intellect Sdn Bhd

    Purist Intellect Sdn Bhd

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  91. Venamii


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  92. gamerkid 232134

    gamerkid 232134

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    1:34 my anxiety hit me hard

  93. Amine Ragueb

    Amine Ragueb

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    راح ححغخففش

  94. IbRaGiM KaRiMoV

    IbRaGiM KaRiMoV

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  95. YouTube Videos

    YouTube Videos

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    `\(♡¿♡)_ ,

  96. Maxime Peeters

    Maxime Peeters

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    Hey comment as-tu fait pour contrôler avec la manette ps4?

  97. catlover IS_Awesome

    catlover IS_Awesome

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    3:14 rage

  98. Yash Pal Goyal

    Yash Pal Goyal

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    3:50 omgggggg, aweseommmme



    Giorno fa

    People watching doctor who: why dont they just go up stairs, the daleks cant climb stairs. The daleks:

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