Machine Gun Kelly - drunk face/all I know/bloody valentine (Jimmy Kimmel Live 2021/Medley)

Machine Gun Kelly performs drunk face, all I know & bloody valentine on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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  1. Jonathan Owai

    Jonathan Owai

    Ora fa

    Now I see he's got all the Marshall without Dre. Producing him. Rap 😈 Devil forever!

  2. Campie 55

    Campie 55

    2 ore fa

    Album of 2020 end of story.

  3. Josh Rebel

    Josh Rebel

    3 ore fa

    It's funny remembering when I was a kid bumping you and nobody around me liked it but I did It was something I vibed/ even when everyone doubted and said oh mgk is bad blah blah blah I said no boy EST 4 LIFE lol

  4. Meg Giera

    Meg Giera

    3 ore fa

    I felt my heart beat for the first time...I have never in my 36years posted any sort of comment on anything! To be straight up hitting that subscribe button was also a first, excuse? Fresh outta em its just not my style... MGkels I heart you for your talent but before all that your unwillingness to allow your soul to be bound by the weight of regret, YOU trusted what your mind was telling you to do regardless if it's what people want or not that shit dont matter you have proven yourself is all u have here and not being anything but true to thy self is only a waste of time. I hate this world but I love this life ..

  5. Xxx Mr. Clean xxX

    Xxx Mr. Clean xxX

    10 ore fa

    Ah yes now I can see and copy exactly how he plays

  6. Jacob Huttner

    Jacob Huttner

    15 ore fa

    Where is my hip hip icon? I miss him so much.

  7. Veronica Dugan

    Veronica Dugan

    15 ore fa

    Pleaseeeee put this on Spotify!!

  8. Riki Sugilar

    Riki Sugilar

    17 ore fa

    shit why dont download you my versi orisginal ofisial video performa feat traviss

  9. 9B GOERS

    9B GOERS

    17 ore fa

    same chords for 3 different songs? wow. so creative

  10. Darren Kellman

    Darren Kellman

    18 ore fa

    I feel like that eminem battle was a setup to bring him to this music he is aa 100% better at this music

  11. D33ds


    19 ore fa

    Sounds like a real rap star

  12. xlifewritex


    21 ora fa

    Damn good. He took a page out of the ed Sheeran machine. Nice work.

  13. J Mac

    J Mac

    Giorno fa

    Repin from Canton ohio. Mgk do more vids raw like this. One of your best hands down.

  14. Marco Scardino

    Marco Scardino

    Giorno fa


  15. BZDownload


    Giorno fa

    half of the clicks was me 🤷‍♂️

  16. fLaSh 490

    fLaSh 490

    Giorno fa

    „Tickets to my Downfall was the Best of 2020“

  17. R S

    R S

    Giorno fa

    I just don't dig it man, I remember when he was a local hero in Ohio during the Lace Up days. Hanging upside down from the rafters in Toledo and rapping "wild boy".. Back when he was actually exciting. I know that was like 8 years ago and I know people change, but this Emo MGK is just suuuuper corny to me. Eminem killed his rap career and he had to do a 180 to even stay somewhat relevant. Its really lame to be honest. But glad you guys think its "amazing" or whatever

    • Half Shell Studios

      Half Shell Studios

      19 ore fa


  18. Josh Rebel

    Josh Rebel

    Giorno fa

    You've evolved so much 🖤🖤

  19. Josh Rebel

    Josh Rebel

    Giorno fa

    I fucking love you dude

  20. Game camera video

    Game camera video

    Giorno fa

    I love mgk

  21. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall

    Giorno fa

    Ok you win me over I like it

  22. Elime


    Giorno fa

    Tramis barfert is absent

  23. Libra DoesntMiss

    Libra DoesntMiss

    Giorno fa

    throw them panties up there

  24. Graydon Campbell

    Graydon Campbell

    Giorno fa

    Damn, Eminem kicked the rap out of him

    • Half Shell Studios

      Half Shell Studios

      19 ore fa


  25. Ezio auditore legend

    Ezio auditore legend

    Giorno fa

    Mgk is talented but fool too

  26. TiredSoul _

    TiredSoul _

    Giorno fa

    Ok you’ve got my respect back, Eminem may be the GOAT of rap but he could never do this. Keep going bro 🔥

  27. s u

    s u

    2 giorni fa

    he's trying too hard to sound like blink-182 when he sings, its pathetic.

    • Half Shell Studios

      Half Shell Studios

      19 ore fa


  28. sabina rajhelova

    sabina rajhelova

    2 giorni fa

  29. noel annette

    noel annette

    2 giorni fa

    if this album doesn’t win a grammy i’m gonna lose my mind

  30. no wtf

    no wtf

    2 giorni fa

    this is a cool song

  31. Sidemen


    2 giorni fa

    Does anyone know that name of the DJ pad thing he was using?

  32. Mari Rice

    Mari Rice

    2 giorni fa

    Talented beyond reasoning. Literally blown away with this

  33. Ariel Hicks

    Ariel Hicks

    2 giorni fa

    He def ain't playing guitar at the end.

    • Ariel Hicks

      Ariel Hicks

      Giorno fa

      @Riley Wright all i was speaking on is the guitar @ the end, which he is obviously not playing whatsoever

    • Riley Wright

      Riley Wright

      2 giorni fa

      He’s not playing anything impressive,they’re power chords,it’s just the fact he’s doing it

  34. Abimael ochoa

    Abimael ochoa

    2 giorni fa

    This went directly mainstream for his downfall alright..... was trash the first tome I heard it, along with all his songs that are on the radio

  35. Sam Bahari

    Sam Bahari

    2 giorni fa

    That was impressive 👍🏾

  36. Pete Monaghan

    Pete Monaghan

    2 giorni fa

    I’d love a version without Jimmy Kimmel.

  37. Sofia Yukimura

    Sofia Yukimura

    2 giorni fa

    Mgk really doing it all he's playing the piano the guitar and the beep boop thingy doing splits the spread eagle and spinning plates

  38. Mike Winmill

    Mike Winmill

    2 giorni fa

    Love it but his guitar tone is garbage

  39. Jordan Thistle

    Jordan Thistle

    2 giorni fa

    You know you took the biggest L when you quit the music you got that L in, turn emo and play on a pink piano with nail polish.

  40. Cassidy Taylor

    Cassidy Taylor

    2 giorni fa

    and my mom is singal

  41. Cassidy Taylor

    Cassidy Taylor

    2 giorni fa

    you are so cute i love you you are 30 my mom is 32

  42. Kazine Kelly

    Kazine Kelly

    2 giorni fa

    Lol man switch up on the culture lol

  43. King Crawf

    King Crawf

    3 giorni fa

  44. Jjdjsjsbab


    3 giorni fa

    That "I'm still young, wasting my youth" just hit so hard.

  45. Bradie Thomson

    Bradie Thomson

    3 giorni fa

    All I know is I know I know nothing.... What the hell is this trash lmao

  46. Matt McConaha

    Matt McConaha

    3 giorni fa

    The camera work is interesting here. The robotic camera control almost makes it seem like the video isn't real, these are the types of camera movements that we normally see in animation rather than live action video. At times it seemed a bit over the top, with the panning dolly zooms and whatnot, but overall it was neat.

  47. Joe Foelker

    Joe Foelker

    3 giorni fa

    😆 this is terrible, Eminem really did kill his hip hop carrer.

    • JordanVandy


      Giorno fa

      @Joe Foelker Imagine simping so hard for your Marshall that you need to make sure to line up at the premier of MGK videos just to talk shit and mention Em. If you don't like it, move on. Go pleasure yourself to the 50yo has-been instead. He just came out with a new video just waiting for your spank bank. Have fun, kiddo.

    • Joe Foelker

      Joe Foelker

      Giorno fa

      @JordanVandy i don't need to cry to anything, I didn't even know I had 26 subs 🙃 just stating an opinion. Sorry I hurt the fan boy. Was that insult supposed to hurt ha?

    • JordanVandy


      3 giorni fa

      Go cry to your 26 subs. We don't do that shit here.

  48. Uncle Nature

    Uncle Nature

    3 giorni fa

    No way only 900 people know this is ass

  49. Raul J. Luciano

    Raul J. Luciano

    3 giorni fa


  50. Edward Hiller

    Edward Hiller

    3 giorni fa

    This is my 4 year olds favorite video she just likes to sing all I know and then hums the rest of it lol

  51. kevin tran

    kevin tran

    3 giorni fa

    Where’s that I’m the best rapper energy at ...rap devil ....? 😂

  52. PIZZA RICKK !!!


    3 giorni fa

    in 5 or 6 years, we'll come back to this vid and feel its nostalgic vibes, such frustrating facts ....

  53. george sharp

    george sharp

    3 giorni fa


  54. Pawket Rawket

    Pawket Rawket

    3 giorni fa


  55. Killer Chiefu

    Killer Chiefu

    3 giorni fa

    Sheeeeeewwwww, gave me the chills!!

  56. Zariah Lambert GM 2025

    Zariah Lambert GM 2025

    3 giorni fa

    i love this combo of songs mgk i love you

  57. crazydog


    3 giorni fa

    Spotify pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase

  58. Admin Admin

    Admin Admin

    3 giorni fa

    Does he still rap?

  59. Megan Quick

    Megan Quick

    3 giorni fa

    That is the best song

  60. Ki To

    Ki To

    4 giorni fa

    When he made the diss vs Em... i thought that man sucks. Now i love him for his Muisc, he brings me back the Punkrock sound love it. Never judge to early! =)

  61. MoTivierT SeinVater

    MoTivierT SeinVater

    4 giorni fa

    M G K TILL I DiE

  62. Pranjal Vaishnav

    Pranjal Vaishnav

    4 giorni fa


  63. Alas Davies

    Alas Davies

    4 giorni fa

    This should be available on Apple Music or some 💯

  64. JounkD


    4 giorni fa

    One man band tho

  65. L3WDLemon


    4 giorni fa

    Use that deep voice more buddy. Deep voice is the new wave trust me🔥

    • L3WDLemon


      4 giorni fa

      Also it's good. You sound nervous when you attempt it but you're doing fine buddy

  66. Baby Blue

    Baby Blue

    4 giorni fa

    What's his obsession with pink? What a lil bitch. Thanks Em for taking him out of a game he had no business being in. Now he just looks like the chick we all knew he was. Still sucks

  67. Cartney84 Ian

    Cartney84 Ian

    4 giorni fa

    so creative no one did like this before nice combination between all equipment nice lyrics too! I'm love it 🤘🏻



    4 giorni fa


  69. Sus


    4 giorni fa

    MGK was MADE for pop/punk. seriously this shit is amazing

  70. Gravy


    4 giorni fa

    "rockstars gotta have that tough look or theyre not a rockstar!" proceeds to look like jeffrey star on adderall

    • Gravy


      4 giorni fa

      @Daniel Saladbar no shit i wasnt born yesterday, at least steven tyler doesnt look like a disney princess

    • Daniel Saladbar

      Daniel Saladbar

      4 giorni fa

      do u know who steven tyler is?

  71. john schearer

    john schearer

    4 giorni fa

    so, like, what happend? eminem whoop this guys ass so hard he switched genres?

  72. gospyl


    4 giorni fa

    please put this on spotify omg

  73. The Golden Goddess

    The Golden Goddess

    4 giorni fa

    Hair is fly 🔥

  74. Hayley Sowards

    Hayley Sowards

    4 giorni fa

    He’s always been so incredibly talented and it’s kind of upsetting that it took so long for him to get his due.

  75. Lovre Zekanović

    Lovre Zekanović

    4 giorni fa

    I think the Ramones are spinning in the grave

  76. Cody Majuc

    Cody Majuc

    4 giorni fa

    So talented probably my fav artist

  77. Drew


    4 giorni fa

    Those opening deep vocals 😳🥺

  78. Cef Grima

    Cef Grima

    4 giorni fa

    Still doubtin'? Anyone?

  79. christian smith

    christian smith

    4 giorni fa

    I’m overcompensating for heartbreak 💕

  80. Space V

    Space V

    4 giorni fa

    cant lie i was hating on him but im happy hes helping bringing this sound back, as im working hard making this kind of music too

  81. Eric Holthaus

    Eric Holthaus

    4 giorni fa


  82. Savvier


    4 giorni fa

    2015: I'm eastside till i die 2020: I'm still young wasting my youth

  83. Antony Hopkins

    Antony Hopkins

    4 giorni fa

    the first chorus -I'll be there when you heart stop beating)) plus 44

  84. Nathan Lehn

    Nathan Lehn

    4 giorni fa


  85. Metalicious


    4 giorni fa

    That guitar playing puts John Petrucci to shame

  86. MuscleCarJ


    4 giorni fa


  87. Kin


    4 giorni fa

    What’s the chords he’s playing?

  88. RMJ RMJ


    5 giorni fa

    Is this the same guy who made a diss song about eminem

  89. GeronimO


    5 giorni fa

    I just like him as an Artist.

  90. Jacob McCluskey

    Jacob McCluskey

    5 giorni fa

    Amazing song rock 😎

  91. Crystal Svoboda

    Crystal Svoboda

    5 giorni fa

    my life on the outside is fun to them. on the inside im crumblin. - me everyday while I isolate mad because of it 😒😆

  92. Rehan Roshan Officiall

    Rehan Roshan Officiall

    5 giorni fa


  93. Miguel Osorio

    Miguel Osorio

    5 giorni fa

    Yup, rock is a dead as dead is. Awful.

    • Yoke •

      Yoke •

      4 giorni fa

      Well I mean it’s just not though, I mean 13 year olds listen to rap because its “edgy” so that’s why raps is the biggest genre now. But it’s the biggest pile of shit anyone can like

  94. LizDrools


    5 giorni fa

    It’s songs like this that keep me living. My life is complicated but I try to sort out personal issues while listening to your words. What happened.. lets make it right

  95. austin schochet

    austin schochet

    5 giorni fa

    Sad that Eminem really turned him into a punk.

    • Lucifer's Hell

      Lucifer's Hell

      3 giorni fa

      @OI which was some of the most mehh shit I ever listened

    • OI


      4 giorni fa

      he made 2 rap albums after the eminem beef........

  96. James Perry

    James Perry

    5 giorni fa

    Fan for LIFE!

  97. James Perry

    James Perry

    5 giorni fa

    Absolutely Amazing MGK!!

  98. Lindsay Mick

    Lindsay Mick

    5 giorni fa

    Please make this just one song!! This is amazing!! I have listened to this over and over again!!

  99. warchild channel

    warchild channel

    5 giorni fa

    This is fucking amazing

  100. Thomas Zumpetta

    Thomas Zumpetta

    5 giorni fa

    MGK now looks like wolf from future man after he started shooting coke up his butt.

    • Barak Wangler

      Barak Wangler

      4 giorni fa

      Omg yes 😂 I’m dying and so happy that I’m not the only one who watched future man.

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