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Linda Bilque | Coffeehouse Concert Series

Coffeehouse Concerts showcases local and regional talent with an emphasis on original music. The virtual music series is hosted by local singer/songwriter Jo Berger and features a variety of acoustic, contemporary, and traditional styles of music. This month enjoy Linda Bilque's unique "Low Country Lonesome" sound. Linda has released five commercial albums, each one telling stories of life on the road; of having loved and lost, and those who were left behind. CoffeeHouse Concerts are presented with funding from the Friends of the Prescott Public Library.
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  1. Ric TV #23

    Ric TV #23

    Mese fa

    You are great singer and a guitarist i think.Thank you for sharing and the other singers who played thier guitars too.Please stay safe.Godbless.

    • Prescott Public Library

      Prescott Public Library

      Mese fa

      Thanks for watching. We'll have another Coffeehouse Concert next month with a new artist.

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