Korn - Finally Free (Official Video)

We’ve teamed up with World of Tanks Blitz, and traveled to the Burning Games in our new official video for "Finally Free." Experience it now through October 31 in the World of Tanks Blitz free-to-play game. Download it here:
Listen to The Nothing 🔲

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  1. Luke Crompton

    Luke Crompton

    40 minuti fa

    Sounds like something that wouldve been on "See You on the Other Side"

  2. forsner


    47 minuti fa

    Best song on The Nothing!

  3. MrAdammassacre


    2 ore fa

    nobody is free from bending over and taking a shit pushing from World of Tanks advertising hahaha

  4. Parker Van De Spiegle

    Parker Van De Spiegle

    2 ore fa

    Korn is the best band in existence. Change my mind. I DARE you.

  5. Nidia Villatoro

    Nidia Villatoro

    3 ore fa

    ¿Qué paso con tu pedestal?

  6. Wang McPeepee

    Wang McPeepee

    4 ore fa

    this looks and sounds like shit . lol

  7. มั่งคั่งร่ํารวย ทรัพย์สินเงินทอง

    มั่งคั่งร่ํารวย ทรัพย์สินเงินทอง

    5 ore fa


  8. Di


    5 ore fa

    I don't get what this Rubbish song is about

  9. MrJakedsb777


    6 ore fa

    thought id accidentally clicked on a simply red video

  10. moto toad

    moto toad

    6 ore fa

    Is this about Jon's wife?! Lyrics make me think so..

  11. whatever whatever

    whatever whatever

    8 ore fa

    Love this song ..

  12. Anthony Elder

    Anthony Elder

    9 ore fa

    Meh. Unimpressed.

  13. TheRealAlgeria


    12 ore fa

    Naaah not that interesting

  14. Michael Basili

    Michael Basili

    12 ore fa

    What happened to Korn omg

  15. Karim Benabdelwallet

    Karim Benabdelwallet

    12 ore fa

    Toujours aussi lourd ... J'ecoute ca depuis que je suis gosse . On retrouve toujours cette empreinte et la voix du pere Davis. Indémodable

  16. Никита Рзянин

    Никита Рзянин

    14 ore fa

    Кто из блитц?

  17. Alfredo Mundarain

    Alfredo Mundarain

    15 ore fa

    Korn´s back! Excellent news for 2020!

  18. katie rae

    katie rae

    17 ore fa

    Im not as good as I once was



    17 ore fa

    Im not satisfied with high amount fingers down.. where is problem ? Korn in past made collaborating with hip hop and dubstep , it was something different but it was still Korn , long live to this band

  20. David Rand

    David Rand

    17 ore fa

    Straight up killer fn jam

  21. Katarzyna Piotrowska

    Katarzyna Piotrowska

    19 ore fa

    Powinni grac ze starym perkusistą! Trochę to za gładkie...nie wstrząsa mną, nie zatrzymuje oddechu.

  22. ElectroWench


    19 ore fa

    If Fieldy played bass inside the octagon hed be DQed for 12-6 elbows

  23. Mojito_Riko


    21 ora fa

    Esta banda no cree ni en Covid ni en 2020 ni 2021 ni lo que venga!! Temazooo!!

  24. Igor Phantom

    Igor Phantom

    Giorno fa


  25. kisamachio


    Giorno fa

    Korn is my life 🇯🇵

  26. Neal Maxwell

    Neal Maxwell

    Giorno fa

    Korn: AKA the only white guys over 50 to look good in dead locks

  27. คุณไชโย โกมินทร์

    คุณไชโย โกมินทร์

    Giorno fa

    I really like this song

  28. jerry jon

    jerry jon

    Giorno fa

    1 word awful

  29. Mike Medema

    Mike Medema

    Giorno fa

    I almost have both of these tanks in world of tanks blitz.

  30. Mathew Gassen

    Mathew Gassen

    Giorno fa

    Raid shadow legends is the next sponsor

  31. Christian Padilla Plaza

    Christian Padilla Plaza

    Giorno fa

    I'm glad I was high when I first watched this...

  32. Onibyron


    Giorno fa

    Yep I can sense their style is still there. See you in 10 years.

  33. Vincent Jay Suing

    Vincent Jay Suing

    Giorno fa

    Great song, but I really don't get why they didn't edit the last part of this song, it's a bit out of tempo.

  34. Mustafa Berke Güreltöl

    Mustafa Berke Güreltöl

    Giorno fa

    Tank you

  35. Ester Passos

    Ester Passos

    Giorno fa

    Incrível essa música triste e ao mesmo tempo inpactante, a voz do Jonathan Davis é incrível. ❤💙💚💛💜



    Giorno fa

    Que loucura que viagem que nostalgia... Tenho um sonho de ir no show de korn

  37. Darren McMackin

    Darren McMackin

    Giorno fa

    This song is wicked

  38. Serhii Kozak

    Serhii Kozak

    Giorno fa

    Mad Max 5 trailer?

  39. hygor silva

    hygor silva

    Giorno fa

    Como eu amo esses caras

  40. Richard Richard

    Richard Richard

    Giorno fa

    Money must be hard to come by if your teaming Blitz mobile game eh guys?

  41. Włodzimierz Ratajczak

    Włodzimierz Ratajczak

    Giorno fa

    Wideo polecam

  42. Leatherface123


    Giorno fa

    World of tanks blitz

  43. Albert Dunisch

    Albert Dunisch

    Giorno fa

    where am i? free.

  44. Nicola W.

    Nicola W.

    Giorno fa

    What a noob the Annihilator😂 lol

  45. Jean Leandro

    Jean Leandro

    Giorno fa

    Só eu senti falta do pedestal do Jonathan Davis?

  46. strykeroc


    Giorno fa

    Where is his mic stand..?? It's not the same...😢



    Giorno fa


  48. Amon Ra

    Amon Ra

    Giorno fa


  49. Dellage TV

    Dellage TV

    Giorno fa

    Зачётный клип и песня качает



    Giorno fa

    Free at last. Are u sure? Take a look in the wirror

  51. Jakub Tallee

    Jakub Tallee

    Giorno fa

    The silent cartographer

  52. BWISEPIC28


    Giorno fa

    This is the best music video/song of 2020

  53. Кирилл Кортушов

    Кирилл Кортушов

    Giorno fa

    Кто после wot blitz?

  54. Wayfarer


    Giorno fa

    Где микрофон в форме голой дамы? Рекломадатель не разрешил?)

  55. ZiKrOcKbY


    Giorno fa

    korn es su maxima exprecion

  56. Kahlkopf HR

    Kahlkopf HR

    Giorno fa

    Sau fett.Korn ist immer sau fett🤘🤘🤘🤜🤛🇩🇪

  57. Diego Castillo

    Diego Castillo

    Giorno fa

    👹🤘🏻👹🤘🏻 BRUTAL

  58. Rainey Nauyac

    Rainey Nauyac

    Giorno fa

    im here because of WOT Blitz its the only game I dont get sick of playing every after work. Great choice choosing Korn, theyre one of my favorite bands from highschool, worshipped their song "coming undone". Sad to say now that I have my own family it doesn't spark the same spirit as before.

  59. Robert Wąchala

    Robert Wąchala

    Giorno fa

    Mad max

  60. DeathTwinky


    Giorno fa

    Yo, the mic as change :O !

  61. Henrique Aliens

    Henrique Aliens

    Giorno fa

    Undoubtedly one of the best bands in the world.

  62. rmngrnk


    Giorno fa


  63. rexdamage


    Giorno fa

    Where's the Giger mic????

  64. Danil Nikitenko

    Danil Nikitenko

    Giorno fa

    Кто из World of Tanks?

  65. skieinc


    Giorno fa

    Trilobites were aquatic.

  66. Bichakorn


    Giorno fa

    Y el pie de micro???

  67. Ranz-Zero


    2 giorni fa


  68. Максим Сорокет

    Максим Сорокет

    2 giorni fa

    Да уж... корн крутая группа. Но танчики меня просто пистец О_о

  69. Ilya Shar

    Ilya Shar

    2 giorni fa

    Самая лучшая реклама WOT из всех, что я видел! Dear KoЯn, guys, we're waiting for you to come to Russia again and rock the hell out of it

  70. Si Jaid

    Si Jaid

    2 giorni fa

    Hello all players World of Tanks Blitz

  71. Никита Дворецких

    Никита Дворецких

    2 giorni fa

    I'll start and finish in one sentence ... No, I can't. What the heck?!?!? Didn't you want money? I know you, I listen to you! From your very foundation! Yes, I'm a fan of yours. But, I really blame you for meeting the game WOT! KORN is KORN! And another thing from you, your fans are not expecting! What you did ... It's a shame! Didn't expect ... Fan, or not from Kazakhstan.

  72. CyPha SaRin

    CyPha SaRin

    2 giorni fa

    Lazy, predictable, typical, uninspired. just like most the shit you guys do now, starting to feel real hack like.

  73. HoosYaNicka


    2 giorni fa

    I miss those days when korn was good... sooooooo long ago.. oh well.. I guess people still like them. That’s good I guess.

  74. slamdeathgrindmachine


    2 giorni fa

    this is good to hear that Korn did a great breakdown

  75. Adam Miller

    Adam Miller

    2 giorni fa

    These guys are awesome live when they brought out the bag pipes I lost my shit being super stoned best birthday ever

  76. Ben1967


    2 giorni fa

    Damn, Ray got some grooves

  77. rooster thingie

    rooster thingie

    2 giorni fa

    They've sure come a long way from singing nursery rhymes.

  78. Patrick Huskey

    Patrick Huskey

    2 giorni fa

    It feels like korn might be running out of ideas. Probably should pair up with Gemini syndrome and pyramaze? Maybe even soilwork and demon hunter

  79. Nom De Plume

    Nom De Plume

    2 giorni fa

    I lost my dad to suicide 14 yrs ago... for 20+ years KoRn has consistently come out with music that perfectly relates to my life. I can honestly say I would also be at the end of a noose without them. JDs lyrics have been my therapy.

    • katie rae

      katie rae

      17 ore fa

      Ur father doesn't want what happened to him to happen to you

  80. Nom De Plume

    Nom De Plume

    2 giorni fa


  81. DaRthHueS


    2 giorni fa

    I used to love these guys - felt every word, every note in my soul ... sigh. Now, I can't even here a difference in the songs, they all the sound the same, like they've stopped pushing boundaries and are just making albums these days. Bring back the musical art that used to be KoRn!

  82. vintage6string1


    2 giorni fa

    I miss Jonathan’s old mike stand. Ray Luzier: awesome drummer, bad haircut. The song is pretty decent. That is all.

    • Jeremiah Atillano

      Jeremiah Atillano

      16 ore fa

      That mike stand actually has a name and it's called 'Her Majesty's Voice' Jon calls it 'The Bitch'

    • Jon Brock

      Jon Brock

      18 ore fa

      He still has it just doesnt use it for videos

    • Evan Butt

      Evan Butt

      18 ore fa

      I bet his mic stand is pretty sentimental to him after all those years,maybe not !?

  83. Howdy


    2 giorni fa

    not what i expected. good though

  84. Jennifer West

    Jennifer West

    2 giorni fa

    I love that i grew up listenin to Korns Music, shit helped me out alot. They juss keep getting better with age. 😩🙌🏽

  85. Lars Kidd

    Lars Kidd

    2 giorni fa

    Not for me

  86. monica Loka

    monica Loka

    2 giorni fa

    Weird seeing Jonathan Davis without his iconic HR Giger microphone stand

  87. Václav Raitmajer

    Václav Raitmajer

    2 giorni fa


  88. Nafis Raihan

    Nafis Raihan

    2 giorni fa


  89. Andreas von Pock

    Andreas von Pock

    2 giorni fa

    !!! !! !!! !!! !! !!!

  90. Johann Jarno

    Johann Jarno

    2 giorni fa

    So... finally free guys??? So happy for you... all my love for the band

  91. Emir Arda

    Emir Arda

    2 giorni fa


  92. Cesar Peralta

    Cesar Peralta

    2 giorni fa

    Vaya buen rolon y más aún con el WoT Blitz ufff una belleza

  93. TheTazzy73


    2 giorni fa

    Love it

  94. Paweł Zieliński

    Paweł Zieliński

    2 giorni fa

    Every fan of KoRn must comment this video:

  95. Kristophi Gonçalves Dias

    Kristophi Gonçalves Dias

    2 giorni fa

    Korn is back! This song rocks!

  96. Артамир Секира

    Артамир Секира

    2 giorni fa

    Korn остался в прошлом как и WOT. Всему свое время. Не все продается за голду, время такое.

  97. Алексей Сверчков

    Алексей Сверчков

    2 giorni fa

    Пишу тем кто не понимает как пятка пробила и даже УНИЧТОЖИЛА семёрку ,всё очень просто: она (пятка) могла попасть на стык бронелистов и выбить двигло, после чего начался пожар и т.д. но главная версия что он попал в боеукладку-ОФ или БП ну или хотябы ББ и она сдитанировала приведя танк в полное уничтожение а в боеукладку легко взорвать ОФ (осколочно-фугасным) осколки через механизм поворота башни попали в боеукладку- то сдитанировала

  98. Alexander Pozniakov

    Alexander Pozniakov

    2 giorni fa

    я свободен словно птица в небесах!

  99. Алексей Сверчков

    Алексей Сверчков

    2 giorni fa

    Я один понял что 85% комментов это не русскоязычные? (Ты крутой если долистал до СЮДА!!!)

  100. Progamer 26 playz

    Progamer 26 playz

    2 giorni fa

    This looks SO real, but we know that the TANKS are all not real... Or are they?

    • Bob Bobby

      Bob Bobby

      2 ore fa

      The bt-7 could be

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