Khabib Nurmagomedov Announces Retirement | UFC 254

After defeating Justin Gaethje and improving to 29-0 at UFC 254, Khabib Nurmagomedov announced the performance would be the last time he fought in the Octagon. The lightweight champion won 13 contests while with the UFC.
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  1. Christian Lanning

    Christian Lanning

    Ora fa

    Wtf is up with that ugly hair lol

  2. electronic bloody mary

    electronic bloody mary

    Ora fa


  3. ً


    Ora fa


  4. anass mouradi

    anass mouradi

    Ora fa

    That s it..the cursed match : khabib vs ferguson will never take place

  5. Sh S

    Sh S

    Ora fa


  6. Fitri Nur Hidayah

    Fitri Nur Hidayah

    Ora fa


  7. Tarique Aziz

    Tarique Aziz

    Ora fa

    love from india

  8. Dominik


    Ora fa

    Anyone tell me what happened to his father?

  9. HaszanAsy'ari 03

    HaszanAsy'ari 03

    Ora fa

    Khabib!!! Very proud of you We love You So Much,bravooo

  10. Bille


    Ora fa

    He started fighting for his father, and stopped fighting for his mother. What a legend!!

  11. Farhang Farasat

    Farhang Farasat

    Ora fa

    حبیب نورمحمدی

  12. Rob Santos

    Rob Santos

    Ora fa

    GSP fight still needs to be done. This guy’s a clown.

  13. Filip Ivezić

    Filip Ivezić

    Ora fa

    Just the amount of respect between these two.. It’s very rare to have such class act men in sports like this. You are proper gentlemen, wish people look up to this act as an everyday “must” thing.

  14. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay

    Ora fa

    Conor lasted 4 round just saying...

  15. Yassin Hani

    Yassin Hani

    Ora fa

    May Allah swt reward him and us all



    Ora fa

    I'm from Malaysia. Congrate KHABIB. Proud to be a Muslim. Allah with us always

  17. Baby Ma Reality

    Baby Ma Reality

    Ora fa

    Congratulations 👏

  18. Ben Hooper

    Ben Hooper

    Ora fa

    Miss you bro and love you

  19. Jalaal Mohammed

    Jalaal Mohammed

    Ora fa

    May Allah S.W.T bless you for all the great things you have been doing. Ameen Lots of love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  20. 1995


    Ora fa


  21. Richard Cahill

    Richard Cahill

    Ora fa

    Hardcore scrap "aryan vs DC black"

  22. haji balum heee

    haji balum heee

    Ora fa

    semua terdiam ,,, mantap Khabib,

  23. Khabib Shaikh

    Khabib Shaikh

    Ora fa


  24. F Jama

    F Jama

    Ora fa

    Welldone brother masha allah

  25. Andres Salinas

    Andres Salinas

    Ora fa

    If anyone ever asks why he didn't retire 30-0 just tell them " there was no one around he couldnt make out in 3 rounds"

  26. Tariq zk

    Tariq zk

    Ora fa

    He was the only reason i got into watching ufc

  27. the planet Australia channel

    the planet Australia channel

    Ora fa

    Good luck farewell great Warrior may you live a long and strong life

  28. Richard Cahill

    Richard Cahill

    Ora fa

    Watch......"aryan vs DC black"

  29. Sami Daniel

    Sami Daniel

    Ora fa

    Alhamdulillah,good job brother

  30. XamL TV

    XamL TV

    Ora fa


  31. sal


    Ora fa

    This man is a Legend.

  32. Richard Prindle

    Richard Prindle

    Ora fa

    A shining example for all those after him to follow. Congratulations you are simply the best.

  33. ALI OP

    ALI OP

    Ora fa

    Who want lesnar vs khabib

  34. Eric k

    Eric k

    Ora fa

  35. haroon hussain

    haroon hussain

    Ora fa

    GOAT, alhamduillah

  36. IMODN2


    Ora fa

    Always humble ... Well done Khabib!

  37. المسلم لله وحده لاشريك له

    المسلم لله وحده لاشريك له

    Ora fa

    اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم : يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّاسُ إِنَّ وَعۡدَ ٱللَّهِ حَقّٞۖ فَلَا تَغُرَّنَّكُمُ ٱلۡحَيَوٰةُ ٱلدُّنۡيَا وَلَا يَغُرَّنَّكُم بِٱللَّهِ ٱلۡغَرُورُ (٥) هذه الدُنيا دار العمل ليست دار خلود مهما بلغ عمرك ستموت ولكن هل فكرت في ساعة الموت عندما تموت لا رجوع لماذا لاتعمل الأن الأخرة لايوجد فيها موت ستخسر ان كانت منزلتك نار وعذاب هل تخيلت معي انه لاموت العذاب نار نار ليست كنار الدُنيا المُعذِب ليس رئيس دولة او مدير شرطة المُعذِب هو إله هذا الكون لماذا لاتعمل ؟ ماذا تنتظر ؟

  38. lula love beauty

    lula love beauty

    Ora fa

    Congrats 👍👍

  39. M. Fadin Nur Pratama

    M. Fadin Nur Pratama

    Ora fa


    • Luthfi mnh

      Luthfi mnh

      Ora fa

      Lu kalau ngomong jangan sembarangan

  40. alfaj Yt

    alfaj Yt

    Ora fa


  41. herman Suherman

    herman Suherman

    Ora fa

    Luar biasa

  42. Ka Bongski

    Ka Bongski

    Ora fa

    Khabib vs Pacquiao

  43. Keenan Moore

    Keenan Moore

    Ora fa

    Anyone know what he said in the other language?

  44. Vitta Khairun Nissa

    Vitta Khairun Nissa

    Ora fa

  45. Vitta Khairun Nissa

    Vitta Khairun Nissa

    Ora fa

  46. JeezyFizzle Gaming

    JeezyFizzle Gaming

    Ora fa

    a wild GSP appears

  47. Miguel D

    Miguel D

    Ora fa

    Salvation is a free gift. When you believed you were sealed until the day of redemption. Jesus died for our past, present , and future sins on the cross , was buried , and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done.

  48. CriminalIntent89


    Ora fa


  49. Iwan Aja

    Iwan Aja

    Ora fa

    Khabib sangat santun ...sangat menghargai lawannya .... Tidak ada yg kuat slain Allah ....alhamdulilah...

  50. suro dadi

    suro dadi

    Ora fa


  51. Sajid Rahman

    Sajid Rahman

    Ora fa

    The world needs more people like this man 🦅

  52. BoxyTheSpaceDog


    Ora fa

    Very weird from Khabib.Before the fight talking about Justin,like a new challenge,there was hope he would continue fighting and suddenly retires?

  53. falaknaz ejtemayi

    falaknaz ejtemayi

    Ora fa

    the will of God and hard work of the legend of sports abdulmanap nurmagomedov .. created such a unique champion .. from the legend a legend is born .

  54. Nur Laela

    Nur Laela

    Ora fa

    Indo hadir

  55. Nevin


    Ora fa

    I love this man🤍

  56. Norz0r


    Ora fa

    2020 just got sadder

    • BoxyTheSpaceDog


      Ora fa

      I know,this guy made fighting look effortless

  57. Yıldız Kurt

    Yıldız Kurt

    Ora fa

    Allahına kurban ya khabib. Türkiye seninle🇹🇷💙

  58. Leo Zabo

    Leo Zabo

    Ora fa

    Why are we talking about what if, what could of versus what actually happened. We're overlooking that khabib, with a broken foot brought the pressure and gave justin so much to think about, that it overwhelmed him. Let's be greatful for what we have seen from this man, it's not often we get to witness this level of greatness mixed with a very humble persona. A man who cherishes everything he has because he has found out it can be taken away in a blink of an eye. Im excited to see what happens with this division, and to see what AKA and Khabib will bring to the game with new prospects.

  59. Burak Atilla

    Burak Atilla

    Ora fa

    khabib couple years back : i came here not to make money fights. i came here to make a legacy.

  60. jiwa brandal ingat ilahi

    jiwa brandal ingat ilahi

    Ora fa

    King UFC khabib alhamdulillah

  61. DanR714


    Ora fa

    His next fight should be against Floyd in the boxing ring 29-0 vs. 50-0

  62. Jahmere Sherman

    Jahmere Sherman

    Ora fa

    One of if not the greatest! Much respect to you.

  63. Alan Cosens

    Alan Cosens

    Ora fa

    I hate to see champions leave the sport, but I hate even more seeing champions drag it out too long and lose their way into retirement. Never really saw anyone even give him a challenge.

  64. sx wx

    sx wx

    Ora fa

    Smart man and someone who knows the meaning of "blood is thicker than water". A class act and the type of man you wish you could meet and show mom. **tips hat**

  65. Andrew G-man

    Andrew G-man

    Ora fa

    No disrespect to the eagle, I think this a play to leverage a high pay return. Dana take note in 2 years.

    • Andrew G-man

      Andrew G-man

      Ora fa

      @Kamal el orch that’s his branding and probably genuine, it’s always about money..

    • Kamal el orch

      Kamal el orch

      Ora fa

      he just got the highest pay to show in ufc history in his last two fights, it's not a question of money dude

  66. polini009


    Ora fa

    What is the value of man’s “word” ? Thank you Khabib for being an example for all the MMA

  67. Naterbug3000


    Ora fa

    hi im trying to post a comment on every yt video ever i need a therapist B)

  68. ali bro

    ali bro

    Ora fa


  69. Talha Eesa

    Talha Eesa

    Ora fa

    Rip last fight

  70. - eFr ゃ

    - eFr ゃ

    Ora fa

    Khabib 😍🥇💪🏼

  71. Talha Eesa

    Talha Eesa

    Ora fa

    Respect to khabib and his father its cute when he said that he want to spend time with his mother

  72. Lantis Madrigal

    Lantis Madrigal

    Ora fa

    This is not one of the GOATs of the MMA, he is the GOAT.

  73. Michelle Raphael

    Michelle Raphael

    Ora fa

    Is that dudes hair a wig?

  74. Muhamad Taufik

    Muhamad Taufik

    Ora fa

    God damn it.. Gaethje made him retired..

  75. tajikbay


    Ora fa

    Wow. This is #1 trending video in the 🌎

  76. The_Hawk_ 98

    The_Hawk_ 98

    Ora fa

    29-0 in ufc will never be re created or bested mans a legend

  77. Buck* Shot

    Buck* Shot

    Ora fa

    Beware of channels impersonating others, such as JCS, be sure they're official! Respect🥊

  78. masum hosen

    masum hosen

    Ora fa

    Alhamdulillah khabib

  79. ger1617


    Ora fa

    Jesus christ this place is popping!

  80. Reset Printer

    Reset Printer

    Ora fa


  81. Dimas Dwi

    Dimas Dwi

    Ora fa

    Khabib on another level

  82. Chandra Muchan

    Chandra Muchan

    Ora fa


  83. Damian Golik

    Damian Golik

    Ora fa

    Respect Khabib.

  84. Jamie Moll

    Jamie Moll

    Ora fa


  85. اكرم حسن

    اكرم حسن

    Ora fa

    معلم إبن معلم في أوج نشاطك الرياضي إنتصار باهر واعتزال نعم هكذا هم الرجال

  86. Guess Who This Is

    Guess Who This Is

    Ora fa

    who the f is this

    • King Of Chad

      King Of Chad

      Ora fa

      The man, the champion with honor in a brutal sport

  87. Hafizh Tohary

    Hafizh Tohary

    Ora fa

    Way to go champ! Your father must be proud of you

  88. Surah & Aya سورة و اية

    Surah & Aya سورة و اية

    Ora fa

    السلام عليكم 👋👋 انا اختكم من لبنان🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧 هداني الله الى الاسلام حديتا.💋💞💕💕💚💚💚💞💛 انشأة قناة للقرأن الكريم، هدفي نشر أيات الله. المرجو الاشتراك و الدعم💕💞💕🧡💛

  89. Ciaran


    Ora fa

    So everyone wears masks except the dumb guy with the mic who can get within a ft of your face?

  90. liu min

    liu min

    Ora fa

    On May 8, 2019, the German Bundestag’s Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid held a public hearing on the persecution of religious minorities in China. More than 20 Members of the Bundestag (MdB) attended the hearing, which included experts from NGOs, representatives of minority groups, and scholars. David Li, a researcher with China Organ Harvest Research Center (COHRC), was invited to introduce the center’s findings. Mr. Li relayed, “Unlike the black market organ trafficking in other countries in the world, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) on-demand forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience is sanctioned by the government, industrialized, and implemented by the military and local government agencies. “It is one of the most hideous human rights disasters of the 21st century,” he said. A hearing on the human rights situation of religious minorities in China was held on May 8 by the German Bundestag’s Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid. David Li from the China Organ Harvest Research Center introduces the center’s investigation results. During the hearing, Falun Gong practitioners from Germany held activities outside the Reichstag building to inform people about the persecution in China.

  91. Rudi Dos

    Rudi Dos

    Ora fa


  92. YouTube user

    YouTube user

    Ora fa

    Khabib"THE LEGEND"Nurmagomedov

  93. Princess LiL Chief

    Princess LiL Chief

    Ora fa

    Hello world, I lost my home & my job can some1 spare $1 thanks $BabyCakestheBookWorm 💛

  94. PROVSЁ


    Ora fa

  95. LV JJ

    LV JJ

    Ora fa

    *Im not crying you are!*

  96. Blade Kick

    Blade Kick

    Ora fa

    He is a good man.

  97. The Dream

    The Dream

    Ora fa

    What a #$%^&* Champ!

  98. Bayern -M

    Bayern -M

    Ora fa

    The best man UFC ever had is Khabib “TheEagle”. We will miss those beautiful take downs from Khabib.

  99. Alexander Alex

    Alexander Alex

    Ora fa


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