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Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Management - SB Projects

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  1. Ankush shaw justin bieber fan

    Ankush shaw justin bieber fan

    2 ore fa

    Plz support plz support me as I also sing justin bieber song..

  2. Ankush shaw justin bieber fan

    Ankush shaw justin bieber fan

    2 ore fa

    Plz support me as I also sing justin bieber song

  3. Ankush shaw justin bieber fan

    Ankush shaw justin bieber fan

    2 ore fa

    Plz support me as I also sing justin bieber song but didn't added music..

  4. Edward Nicolas

    Edward Nicolas

    2 ore fa

    @Justin Bieber next song with haily

  5. Nawab Singh

    Nawab Singh

    2 ore fa

    That kiss was unecessary

  6. duplicate BRAXY

    duplicate BRAXY

    2 ore fa

    "If it's not you its not anyone"

  7. Danyele


    2 ore fa

    Hailey been real quiet since this video

  8. سعد القرني

    سعد القرني

    2 ore fa


  9. Elaine Mulenga

    Elaine Mulenga

    2 ore fa

    I thought the girl was selena 💀her hair cut is almost like selenas in the "back to you" song. Why didn't he use someone that looks more like Hailey? 💀😂🤣🤣🤣

  10. jas min

    jas min

    2 ore fa

    I thought it was similar to Why Don't We's style. I also like this calm feeling.

  11. rahul laikhuram

    rahul laikhuram

    2 ore fa

    Please stay like this

  12. Taekwondo fighter

    Taekwondo fighter

    3 ore fa

    Love from India ( northeast) Mizoram. Anyone from india, espicially northeast.

  13. Spyro1


    3 ore fa

    What happened to his tatoos?

  14. Lunching Khuptong

    Lunching Khuptong

    3 ore fa

    Am proud of Hailey

  15. Frances Caranguian

    Frances Caranguian

    3 ore fa

    archie and veronica?

  16. Anuj Kumar

    Anuj Kumar

    4 ore fa

    I love Justin Bieber . Who else love Justin Bieber like here👇👇

  17. Tuan Duong

    Tuan Duong

    4 ore fa

    Zoey Deutch aka “meet madison” ur my Crush

  18. Andre Davidsson

    Andre Davidsson

    4 ore fa

    Awesome vocals packed with reverb

  19. vijay kadyan

    vijay kadyan

    4 ore fa

    🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 wale like kro ਪੰਜਾਬ ਆਲੇ ਕਮੈਂਟਸ ਕਰੋ 💪💪

  20. IGP Imira Gaming Pro

    IGP Imira Gaming Pro

    4 ore fa

    Love you JB❤️❤️❤️

  21. ALi Garcia

    ALi Garcia

    4 ore fa

    I love his songs 😍 Exelent singer. 😍

  22. Keet de Gier

    Keet de Gier

    4 ore fa

    you ar so cool and i am not

  23. Brad Murray

    Brad Murray

    4 ore fa

    Waiting for Jake Paul to call out biebs now 😂

  24. Martin Opuni

    Martin Opuni

    4 ore fa

    We move be yourself,you will be great. God promise

  25. Imnuksungla lkr

    Imnuksungla lkr

    4 ore fa

    This guy is the only one I've ever loved

  26. Bini Eldhose

    Bini Eldhose

    4 ore fa

    I think this is about Selena

  27. Bini Eldhose

    Bini Eldhose

    4 ore fa

    He is shading selena 😜

  28. Bini Eldhose

    Bini Eldhose

    4 ore fa

    We love Selena ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Zerep Zerep

    Zerep Zerep

    4 ore fa

    Happy early Valentine's day 😢😢😭💔

  30. I Am Noob

    I Am Noob

    5 ore fa

    Justin Bieber V/S Aiyan Walker .Hmm...... Yaah Yaah I am Noob.

  31. I Am Noob

    I Am Noob

    5 ore fa

    No TaTTo ................ ...... ................... Nice I know I am Noob.

  32. Graciela Gómez

    Graciela Gómez

    5 ore fa

    Busco en tu contenido un vídeo q no está es de uno de los conciertos que hiciste el de argentina cuando limpiaste el escenario con la remera del seleccionado argentino y me dio mucha pena por vos verte disfrutarlo pero se q todo vuelve y se paga todo regresa lo siento en el alma por vos qué dio te perdone salí de la suscripción adiós

  33. smallbee1234


    5 ore fa

    He's got the look of a good hard working midwesterner.

  34. Jahiiirah CarLoS

    Jahiiirah CarLoS

    5 ore fa

    Go Up North .... I have a NeW direcTioN 4 NoT Only TheM .... BuT Us * We goNNa ThroW SuM MommyS OuT There 2

  35. Kstar


    5 ore fa

    My Dream To Become The Famous English Singer Like Justin Bieber ✨✨

  36. Kstar


    5 ore fa

    I Maked Justin Bieber Anyone Song Cover but listen in 🎧 because I don't have setup,it is why I maked this in broken smartphone,if you like Please Subscribe ✨



    5 ore fa

  38. YBz Official

    YBz Official

    5 ore fa

    How many times I may put like in this Vídeo? I Love that Song! 💖💖

  39. Josephine Kharumnuid

    Josephine Kharumnuid

    5 ore fa

    For my ex. If its not you its not anyone.

  40. stathis 14

    stathis 14

    6 ore fa

    4:16 nice wrap .xD

  41. RKH Animations

    RKH Animations

    6 ore fa

    weeknd beat this guy in views and likes

  42. Glen Schroeder

    Glen Schroeder

    6 ore fa


  43. amal omer

    amal omer

    6 ore fa

    I love you justin and I can’t get over it 😭❤️❤️❤️

  44. Dolly Yolly

    Dolly Yolly

    6 ore fa


  45. DeN Official

    DeN Official

    7 ore fa

    I've always wanted to see you Broo's Gym ... that's so cool😁🔥🔥🔥👍

  46. Sanjay


    7 ore fa

    The world has changed but not his voice ❤️

  47. Jahiiirah CarLoS

    Jahiiirah CarLoS

    7 ore fa

    See you goT *chewy “ . ThE STaTe . “ * gud

  48. Tanuj Daryani

    Tanuj Daryani

    7 ore fa

    Pov: this is the first time we have seen Jb run in his own music video.

  49. Monica arellan

    Monica arellan

    7 ore fa

    ª el beso 0_0

  50. Sabrina Spelman

    Sabrina Spelman

    7 ore fa


  51. Jahiiirah CarLoS

    Jahiiirah CarLoS

    7 ore fa

    WeLL , We will be MiSSed * Thr33 StrikeS and your OuT ..... Could’ve F00LeD m3 * Dirty Money 💵

  52. Spark Pug

    Spark Pug

    7 ore fa

    Justin bieber is starting to make inspirational songs instead. No drugs, sex, greed, violence etc. This guy's character development is a wholesome.

  53. Sourav Nath

    Sourav Nath

    7 ore fa

    Lagend 🔥🔥🔥

  54. sexy girl

    sexy girl

    7 ore fa


  55. Connie Flores

    Connie Flores

    7 ore fa


  56. ariana grande

    ariana grande

    8 ore fa

    Do you like de una vez by selena gomez. Or do you like anyone by justin bieber.

  57. Md.Motiur Rahman

    Md.Motiur Rahman

    8 ore fa

    I like your voice

  58. thunderboy


    8 ore fa

    Justin are you cracked at fortnite my guy?

  59. ganesh sirimalle

    ganesh sirimalle

    8 ore fa

    I'm belieber forever

  60. Sehajpreet Chahal

    Sehajpreet Chahal

    8 ore fa

    Notice this 3:45. He looks like big foot here.

  61. Md Zaid

    Md Zaid

    8 ore fa

    After a very long time ,perfect song with emotions ...

  62. Kadek Widhiani

    Kadek Widhiani

    8 ore fa


  63. Roachiii Winans

    Roachiii Winans

    8 ore fa

    this song actually means a lot to me, makes me tear up a little

  64. Bijoy Kunnappillil

    Bijoy Kunnappillil

    8 ore fa

    I guess Jake Paul will soon call out Justin Bieber for a fight🙄

  65. EGH vlogs

    EGH vlogs

    8 ore fa

    I wonder where all the tattoos went 🤣

  66. Marcus Klassen

    Marcus Klassen

    8 ore fa

    This song makes me want to exercise

  67. hamdan 120

    hamdan 120

    8 ore fa

    Hi everyone will you be my friend, please..

  68. Marta Buffett

    Marta Buffett

    8 ore fa

    I am Proud of Mr Justin Bieber he has come along way and everyone should know how he has grown into a beautiful man .

  69. hamdan 120

    hamdan 120

    8 ore fa

    Hi everyone will you be my friend, please..

  70. Rogelio Caladiao Jr

    Rogelio Caladiao Jr

    8 ore fa

    I wish they hire Manny Pacquiao

  71. Bryana 231

    Bryana 231

    9 ore fa

    Some of the lyrics sound like they’re about Selena

  72. saborichiwa mandarikun

    saborichiwa mandarikun

    9 ore fa

    Happy 60m subscribers man😊 fan from Canada🇨🇦

  73. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat

    9 ore fa

    Omg I love this song

  74. Shaeel Mohammed

    Shaeel Mohammed

    10 ore fa

    That’s a powerful line. If it’s not you it’s not anyone.

  75. gracetheday


    10 ore fa

    Beautiful love song!

  76. Lívia Lí

    Lívia Lí

    10 ore fa

    Maravilhoso!!! Voltou com tudo , fico muito muito Feliz! Sucesso merecido 🇧🇷👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💞

  77. Lívia Lí

    Lívia Lí

    10 ore fa


  78. Jahiiirah CarLoS

    Jahiiirah CarLoS

    10 ore fa

    JoN *B Dead MaN WalkiN ..... - CoVer m3

  79. Neto Souzass

    Neto Souzass

    10 ore fa

    Justin sem as tatuagens o clipe está tão intenso, que percebi ele sem as tatuagens no final kkkkk

  80. Dance Workout by Sagas18

    Dance Workout by Sagas18

    10 ore fa


  81. Felipe García

    Felipe García

    11 ore fa

    Estupid Justin biber

  82. Ofelia


    11 ore fa


  83. ibr bk

    ibr bk

    11 ore fa


  84. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez

    11 ore fa

    Love this song, I wish I could relate to it, but besides that looks like he’s getting ready to beat jake Paul:)

  85. haha


    11 ore fa

    JB l love you

  86. Mora Morales

    Mora Morales

    12 ore fa

    Te apoyamos fuerzas justin

  87. Miss Cocomo

    Miss Cocomo

    12 ore fa


  88. rager gamer

    rager gamer

    12 ore fa

    Great song 👍

  89. Harvey Official

    Harvey Official

    12 ore fa

    Until the End always be a believer.🖤 One of the best singer i’ve ever met. 2021 but still listening to your songs. Keep it up Men always got ur back!! Hands up believer’s.😍✋🏻💗

  90. Ricardo De la Rosa

    Ricardo De la Rosa

    12 ore fa


  91. Luana Diaz

    Luana Diaz

    12 ore fa


  92. elJoaqgacha


    12 ore fa

    Alguien de latinoamerica viendo este video saludos desde perú :v 2021

  93. Tanya Kidd

    Tanya Kidd

    12 ore fa

    His wife has definitely brought the best out in him... I cried the 1st time I actually really listened to this. Shows his insecure side... and we can all relate.

  94. juh edits

    juh edits

    12 ore fa


  95. tvtime2121


    12 ore fa

    This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..

  96. Amaia Vazquez

    Amaia Vazquez

    12 ore fa

    Wowwww. I am soooo happy and proud of you. You made such a growth!!!! You sound really really good!

  97. Caleb Edgington

    Caleb Edgington

    13 ore fa

    Anyone else thinks he regrets getting his tattoos?

  98. Scott Mcgregor

    Scott Mcgregor

    13 ore fa

    One of your better ones beebs!!!!!! Stay true to actual songs. God music sucks today

  99. Jahiiirah CarLoS

    Jahiiirah CarLoS

    13 ore fa

    You are a Warrior oF Honor 🥇 * Uuuu aLoNe CaN FiX ThiS ...... {{ . 🧔🏼 }} Be kind 2 One another &* GudneSS shall follow

  100. - ̗̀ೃ. bxngtxnbiased

    - ̗̀ೃ. bxngtxnbiased

    13 ore fa

    stop, it's so beautiful

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