Jaden - "I’m Ready" (From Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Official music video for “I’m Ready”, featuring gameplay from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This song was created for the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales soundtrack in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation. Tune in and witness Miles’ rise in becoming the latest Spider-Man in this immersive video experience.
Out now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
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  1. lucas gomes

    lucas gomes

    9 minuti fa


  2. Mauricio Santiago

    Mauricio Santiago

    17 minuti fa

    THIS IS AMAZING, NO ITS THE BEST SONG I'VE EVER HEARD )other than "this is my time" by lecrae)

  3. Sr. Co0kies

    Sr. Co0kies

    29 minuti fa

    this game is perfect

  4. bxby_p1ut0 _

    bxby_p1ut0 _

    36 minuti fa

    Who else miss the old jadan 😒



    39 minuti fa


  6. WhatShallEyeDo4U


    41 minuto fa

    I like the music... But I'm not a fan of what he decided to do with the vocals... He's better than this.

  7. SN1 Lazaro PN Allan

    SN1 Lazaro PN Allan

    43 minuti fa

    Nice one nice hair

  8. Jonas Florentino

    Jonas Florentino

    57 minuti fa

    That is facts

  9. Sayan khalua

    Sayan khalua

    Ora fa

    Dislike you dislikers

  10. сяува тв

    сяува тв

    Ora fa

    Игра белых про чёрных

  11. يوسف xr

    يوسف xr

    Ora fa


  12. メ-GeN 777

    メ-GeN 777

    2 ore fa

    Джейден: Я готов (I'm ready) Джеки чан: нет, ты не готов, а теперь снова возьми эту куртку.

  13. Guru Nayak

    Guru Nayak

    2 ore fa

    Should we get a hint that jaden is gonna be the miles morales of mcu

  14. Ryan Plays

    Ryan Plays

    2 ore fa

    watch a movie me: im ready after a dog died in the movie: im not ready

  15. Ali Abid

    Ali Abid

    2 ore fa

    Ayo someone tell me why jaden would make the perfect miles for the MCU

  16. Arsakenzie Adyaraka

    Arsakenzie Adyaraka

    3 ore fa

    2020 boring

  17. Gabriel Olegario

    Gabriel Olegario

    3 ore fa

    Jaden:I’m ready Jackie:pick up your jacket Also Jackie:and you Parker, give Mr.Ditkovich rent

  18. xXEvilKillerXx Gaming

    xXEvilKillerXx Gaming

    3 ore fa

    Lol this game I only play 2 day and done

  19. Kevin kasl

    Kevin kasl

    4 ore fa

    Something good in 2020 for once

  20. Aarunya Singh

    Aarunya Singh

    4 ore fa

    my fav song

  21. huh


    4 ore fa

    Ngl jaden would be a sick miles

  22. Almira Benitaridolova

    Almira Benitaridolova

    4 ore fa

    İni toh lagunya

  23. It's Me

    It's Me

    5 ore fa

    spiderman itsv : sunflower. spiderman miles morales : i'm ready. miles always has a good song tho

  24. lukasbukas dědič

    lukasbukas dědič

    5 ore fa

    nej song

  25. mpdltrr


    5 ore fa

    No One: Spider-Gwen: Born Ready (Marvel Rising) Miles: I'm Ready (Video Game)

  26. Jalen Ikezeue

    Jalen Ikezeue

    5 ore fa

    Be greater

  27. FadetaKreatif


    5 ore fa

    What if our world had spiderman !!

  28. Mayank Singh

    Mayank Singh

    5 ore fa

    So realistic that I forgot that the singers video is real recorded and not CGI



    7 ore fa

    I am ready

  30. ryan apriadi

    ryan apriadi

    7 ore fa

    NEXT live action movie Spiderman miles morales with Jaden as Miles

  31. Ninja zombie

    Ninja zombie

    7 ore fa

    “Don’t let the city go dark” this hit hard especially when it gave me memories in the original game when the city was in destruction by Otto

  32. Tiff


    8 ore fa


  33. Rafael Castro

    Rafael Castro

    8 ore fa

    Can I just say J.Smith is perfect for Miles Morales role in a live action film

  34. Joey Haske

    Joey Haske

    9 ore fa

    Sponge bob is straight fire on this record

  35. 20 Kirby Lewis Manalang

    20 Kirby Lewis Manalang

    9 ore fa

    bruh no cap this is awesome

  36. iQ gamer

    iQ gamer

    9 ore fa

    Subscribe my channel

  37. Zin Khant

    Zin Khant

    9 ore fa

    Your face was really druger face

  38. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel Garcia

    9 ore fa

    I loveeeeeeeeeed

  39. Zazza YT

    Zazza YT

    9 ore fa

    Legendary song for the new game

  40. JavIzuku


    9 ore fa

    "See you in few weeks, spiderman" "New yorks only spiderman"

    • Red blast gaming

      Red blast gaming

      3 ore fa

      Wait a minute your not spider or miles

  41. Super Cooliesta

    Super Cooliesta

    10 ore fa


  42. Spilled Soul

    Spilled Soul

    10 ore fa

    If we’re being honest, this is pretty bad.

    • Jack Buchanan

      Jack Buchanan

      10 ore fa

      It is a pretty basic song, but it sounds good.

  43. Jeldring Diaz

    Jeldring Diaz

    10 ore fa

    Qué asco de canción!!!!

  44. Carter Boyle

    Carter Boyle

    10 ore fa

    This song was acutally lit tho no cap 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Carter Boyle

    Carter Boyle

    10 ore fa

    “ I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready” to play the game when I get the ps5

  46. el fetypes

    el fetypes

    11 ore fa

    déjame ver si entendí, me estas mandando indirectas de que jaden podría ser miles morales?, ya que se va cuando suenan las patrullas de policía, ósea que el podría ser Spiderman? nah es broma, temazo

  47. Gulab Verma

    Gulab Verma

    11 ore fa

    Without iron man I will not see any movie of M.C.U

  48. Jellal 10

    Jellal 10

    11 ore fa

    Porque esa vos es mejor la otra un poco más acorde al tema de del juego

  49. Jellal 10

    Jellal 10

    11 ore fa


  50. Nelly Marreux

    Nelly Marreux

    11 ore fa

    He wouldn't be good, I like the kid. The role needs a kid that can bring some realness of NYC and afro Latino culture. He's not it at all.

  51. Ray Silva

    Ray Silva

    11 ore fa

    Holyyy!! I'm very excited for watch his movie! Someone knows about it?

  52. Joan Hernandez

    Joan Hernandez

    11 ore fa


  53. New_Meme_Format


    11 ore fa

    Spongebob be like:

  54. Moddyff


    12 ore fa


  55. Santiago Lujan

    Santiago Lujan

    12 ore fa

    Jaden looks much better than before

  56. The Gaming MedStudent

    The Gaming MedStudent

    12 ore fa

    Any of y’all think jaden would be a good Miles?

  57. Joaquin Benavides

    Joaquin Benavides

    13 ore fa

    I think in the mcu when he plays as miles he will just put the jacket in jacket out during a fight scene

  58. Wyatt Holbert

    Wyatt Holbert

    13 ore fa

    The last frame of peter and miles swinging together makes my heart warm

    • TayTenacity


      26 minuti fa

      seriously though 🙏🏾🔥

  59. Khian Galimba

    Khian Galimba

    13 ore fa

    Aye new fav song

  60. Fabian Fretel

    Fabian Fretel

    13 ore fa


  61. Jayden Becerra

    Jayden Becerra

    13 ore fa

    I’m ready Jayden perfect song 🎧 🔥🔥 I’m ready miles I’m ready 😉👍👍🏽 perfect song perfect 👌 Jayden smith Miles Ganke

  62. Luis


    13 ore fa

    Sony hizo grande a spider-man, Disney sólo lo hizo la perra de tony stark. Disney fanboy en 3,2,1,0......

  63. Jack Ancill

    Jack Ancill

    14 ore fa

    This is the best song I've heard this year! It's webbed into my head.

  64. DNAtion


    14 ore fa

    Miles: "I'm ready." *3 hours later* Me: "Annnnnnnd I'm done. What a short game."

    • DNAtion


      28 minuti fa

      @Francisco Cuéllar García If you just rush through the story then it is. But if you want to 100% everything , it took me about 19 hours to do that. lol

    • Diddly Sheep

      Diddly Sheep

      9 ore fa

      @Francisco Cuéllar García 6-12 hours long depending on your skill or the difficulity you choose. With around 3-6 hours of side quests and collecting collectables. The game also wants you to play "new game plus+" which is the same story mode, but you have access to all your skills and suits right at the start, and you unlock a new difficulty which you can try, all of that for 100% completion.

    • Francisco Cuéllar García

      Francisco Cuéllar García

      9 ore fa

      Is it really that short?

    • 1tachi_ Onyohead

      1tachi_ Onyohead

      11 ore fa


    • Diddly Sheep

      Diddly Sheep

      12 ore fa

      It's just a spin-off to introduce Miles for the actual 2021/2022 sequel

  65. fjdksla; jfkdls;a

    fjdksla; jfkdls;a

    14 ore fa

    he has the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

  66. LA GiDE

    LA GiDE

    14 ore fa

    Cade os BR AEEEEEE

  67. Jack Buck

    Jack Buck

    15 ore fa

    that roof is officially iconic.

  68. FiveM Expert

    FiveM Expert

    15 ore fa

    Bro Check my Channel if you wanna improve accuracy in FiveM!

  69. Rhov Rox

    Rhov Rox

    15 ore fa

    Wife: i love this. who's the artist? Me: jaden Wife: i like the music but not the artist. I love my wife.

  70. JeV Basketball World

    JeV Basketball World

    15 ore fa

    Jaden Smith looks more mitcher

  71. blank-vibes 100

    blank-vibes 100

    16 ore fa

    the fact that this guy is will smiths son

  72. Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Reeves

    16 ore fa

    Contrátenme perros

  73. V L

    V L

    16 ore fa

    Jaden is making that Marvel Money!

  74. Adam Bourezzak

    Adam Bourezzak

    16 ore fa


  75. kix


    16 ore fa

    yessir jaden

  76. Ramiro Reyes

    Ramiro Reyes

    17 ore fa

    This video is cheesy as hell

  77. S̶l̶o̶t̶h̶ E̶d̶i̶t̶s̶ ナマケモノ

    S̶l̶o̶t̶h̶ E̶d̶i̶t̶s̶ ナマケモノ

    17 ore fa

    Jaden had to be like the 2nd one to get this game all the music is him

  78. Saif سيف ا

    Saif سيف ا

    18 ore fa

    This song is addicting

  79. Chris Rivas

    Chris Rivas

    18 ore fa

    The amount of exaggerated swagger

  80. RANDOM Animation

    RANDOM Animation

    18 ore fa

    Is it just me or does he look a little drunk

  81. Dara MvReaction

    Dara MvReaction

    18 ore fa

    The best song for video game !

  82. Droopy


    18 ore fa

    Is this the exaggerated swagger of a black teen?

  83. Vivek Neymar

    Vivek Neymar

    18 ore fa

    got me groooovin

  84. Albert Sonn

    Albert Sonn

    19 ore fa

    Jaden is ready



    19 ore fa

    Now I can see jaden playing miles morales in the MCU

  86. scotty


    19 ore fa

    Maybe jaden is gonna be miles in mcu😱🥳

  87. ChAcHo 08

    ChAcHo 08

    19 ore fa

    Ese es el hijo de willy esmip

  88. Taidum Hodge

    Taidum Hodge

    19 ore fa


  89. BXB —101

    BXB —101

    19 ore fa

    Fun and real fact:Jayden created his own fame not just his dad is will🥸

    • when it rains it.pours.

      when it rains it.pours.

      3 ore fa

      Sure he did.



    20 ore fa

    Se miles morrales

  91. Zelto 95

    Zelto 95

    20 ore fa

    I like his moves...

  92. Noham M

    Noham M

    20 ore fa

    What an black teen swagger

  93. Cidokalana Cidokalana

    Cidokalana Cidokalana

    20 ore fa


  94. Luis Amilton

    Luis Amilton

    21 ora fa

    games better than movies

  95. Марина Шепель

    Марина Шепель

    21 ora fa

    Пацаны русские есть?

  96. Андрей Павлычев

    Андрей Павлычев

    21 ora fa

    Очень круто, эпично!

  97. Samuel Torres

    Samuel Torres

    21 ora fa

    Jaden es el actor perfecto para interpretar a Miles Morales

    • German


      14 ore fa

      No es actor

  98. YUTOX


    21 ora fa

    Jaden looks better

  99. Zalcry


    22 ore fa

    Dear god Jayden's voice sucks

  100. Noel García Martín

    Noel García Martín

    22 ore fa

    Im ready

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