A mother and her son try to get out of Among Us ship alive, but they meet the impostor and he wants to kill them both.
Can they get out of this mission alive?
Can they finish all their tasks and repair the ship?
This may be one of the saddest stories in Among Us
Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space-themed setting in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors.

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  1. Hornstromp Games

    Hornstromp Games

    11 giorni fa

    Did you cry with this animation of Among Us? Is the impostor to blame for this? Do you think pink is a good crewmate? And a good mom?

    • DriK - котенок Боря

      DriK - котенок Боря

      2 giorni fa

      So sad

    • Sana Amber

      Sana Amber

      2 giorni fa

      Pink is the good crewmate and mine pink crewmate is the good too but I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Sabaahat Fatimah

      Sabaahat Fatimah

      2 giorni fa


    • Viðar Ingi

      Viðar Ingi

      2 giorni fa

      Yes I did cry so sed

    • 블링크는영원할래


      3 giorni fa

      Poilce officer blue,Why were you sacrificed?😭😭😭😭

  2. •Denzel Jiménez• Fans del Among Us

    •Denzel Jiménez• Fans del Among Us

    5 minuti fa

    1:59 no se que le pasó a los ojos del rosa mini crewmate

  3. Nathan Jacob

    Nathan Jacob

    6 minuti fa

    i-i this is so sad I was crying 😢 😭 😞 😪 😔💔



    Ora fa

    I cry

  5. Замира Мектепбаева

    Замира Мектепбаева

    Ora fa

    No pink

  6. Fatih Ihsanul

    Fatih Ihsanul

    Ora fa


  7. FOO VJER Moe

    FOO VJER Moe

    2 ore fa

    Don't cry Foo Vjer

  8. Batata Voadora

    Batata Voadora

    2 ore fa

    Bring more animations in this style

  9. Batata Voadora

    Batata Voadora

    2 ore fa

    I really enjoyed this style of animation

  10. Tultul Tanha

    Tultul Tanha

    3 ore fa


  11. Paulo Dybala y Oriana Sabatini

    Paulo Dybala y Oriana Sabatini

    4 ore fa

    mí vida pobre sito

  12. sksksksk djekkekeks

    sksksksk djekkekeks

    4 ore fa

    stop making these among us’s cute and sad ;( i cried-

  13. Arely Banuelos

    Arely Banuelos

    6 ore fa

    so sad

  14. Umamah Khan

    Umamah Khan

    7 ore fa


  15. Santi Brenes

    Santi Brenes

    9 ore fa

    Los odio porque siempre terminan o los bebés tratando de alludar al tripulante porque se cae

  16. Santi Brenes

    Santi Brenes

    9 ore fa

    Odio tus videos no tienen sentido

  17. Lesly Chan

    Lesly Chan

    9 ore fa


  18. •txnzqniite•


    9 ore fa

    This is so emotional this remember me everything that my mom do to save me😪

  19. Familia Perez Martínez

    Familia Perez Martínez

    10 ore fa


  20. Lautaro Morales

    Lautaro Morales

    10 ore fa

    Mas likes para que hornstromp siga subiendo más animaciones

  21. Joni Osborne

    Joni Osborne

    11 ore fa

    So wait everyone dies.

  22. Billy Voyles

    Billy Voyles

    13 ore fa


  23. En Blanco

    En Blanco

    13 ore fa


  24. Ericrich2625 Roblox

    Ericrich2625 Roblox

    14 ore fa

    Blue is a Darkness inside od him

  25. Ericrich2625 Roblox

    Ericrich2625 Roblox

    14 ore fa

    Blue is Mad someTimes and sus

  26. Баян Кажымурат

    Баян Кажымурат

    14 ore fa


  27. Kharman idris

    Kharman idris

    15 ore fa

    I feel sad when the mom let her girl alone😢

  28. Jumapi Dea

    Jumapi Dea

    15 ore fa

    And what happened to the girl since she is alone in the ship

  29. mujtaba omar

    mujtaba omar

    15 ore fa

    Ngl that was unexpected

  30. Femke van Leeuwen

    Femke van Leeuwen

    15 ore fa

    Try not too cry 😭

  31. Fawad Waheed

    Fawad Waheed

    15 ore fa

    wtf why u are making very crying full videos

  32. Raulyn Gamer

    Raulyn Gamer

    16 ore fa

    me iso llorar ;(

  33. Isabela Ortiz

    Isabela Ortiz

    17 ore fa

    Me encantan estos videos de among us me dio tristeza la parte de que el capitán le rompe la pelotita y también cuando le quitan a sus bebés

  34. Mariola Jurków

    Mariola Jurków

    18 ore fa


  35. Ann Kagechu

    Ann Kagechu

    18 ore fa

    I am crying

  36. Family Aug

    Family Aug

    18 ore fa

    LOVE IT!!!

  37. Ирина Орлова

    Ирина Орлова

    20 ore fa

    Русская онлайн

  38. patinha mym

    patinha mym

    21 ora fa


  39. Prabhu Nayak

    Prabhu Nayak

    22 ore fa

    That's why we say 'Don't Judge a book by his cover'

  40. Aydin Piercy

    Aydin Piercy

    22 ore fa


  41. gamer sweaimer

    gamer sweaimer

    23 ore fa


  42. Zida Maria Angela Miranda

    Zida Maria Angela Miranda

    23 ore fa

    yes i cry

  43. H Jan

    H Jan

    Giorno fa


  44. edgar negreros

    edgar negreros

    Giorno fa

    Black guy is back

  45. Suseno Haji

    Suseno Haji

    Giorno fa

    Is a bad police among us

  46. raj gamer yt 211 211

    raj gamer yt 211 211

    Giorno fa

    So good story and sad

  47. Maria Virginia Piccinetti

    Maria Virginia Piccinetti

    Giorno fa

    One no sad plss

  48. Taylor Panozo Castro

    Taylor Panozo Castro

    Giorno fa


  49. hizam adel

    hizam adel

    Giorno fa

    Happy 1ml subscribers ;)

  50. TONNY FF


    Giorno fa

    Dad 😔

  51. Gendy Fazbear

    Gendy Fazbear

    Giorno fa

    Siempre me hago el macho pero no aguanto llorar

  52. Miguel Gonçalves

    Miguel Gonçalves

    Giorno fa


  53. RavenRBLXPlayz


    Giorno fa

    Bro I'm crying rn

  54. Leo


    Giorno fa

    Tus vídeos me hacen llorar o termino odiando a alguien :v

  55. ツoLa QuE hAce

    ツoLa QuE hAce

    Giorno fa

    Que sad está animación me encantó UwU

  56. Marisol Aguilar aguilar

    Marisol Aguilar aguilar

    Giorno fa


  57. •°~lą chīcã kâūäii12~°•

    •°~lą chīcã kâūäii12~°•

    Giorno fa


  58. Peralta Madden Clark

    Peralta Madden Clark

    Giorno fa


  59. Alyha Stoll

    Alyha Stoll

    Giorno fa

    So sad 😢

  60. Liliana Alejo

    Liliana Alejo

    Giorno fa

    Killed a baby pink pls >:)

  61. Sevde ceren Önal

    Sevde ceren Önal

    Giorno fa

    Çok güzel

  62. Mariajose Ruiz

    Mariajose Ruiz

    Giorno fa


  63. kakashi love

    kakashi love

    Giorno fa


  64. Casa Boito Guzman

    Casa Boito Guzman

    Giorno fa

    De nada

  65. Sham Grady

    Sham Grady

    Giorno fa


  66. Yasep Gaos

    Yasep Gaos

    Giorno fa


  67. Yasep Gaos

    Yasep Gaos

    Giorno fa


  68. Yasep Gaos

    Yasep Gaos

    Giorno fa


  69. Christopher Castro

    Christopher Castro

    Giorno fa


  70. Blacpink ve BTS kpop Park

    Blacpink ve BTS kpop Park

    Giorno fa

    I love

  71. Yulissa del Carmen Ibarra Gaete

    Yulissa del Carmen Ibarra Gaete

    Giorno fa

    En todos los vídeos de among us que as subido no me e aguantado el yanto 😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭

  72. Miranda Hernández Vázquez

    Miranda Hernández Vázquez

    Giorno fa


  73. Майкл не известный

    Майкл не известный

    Giorno fa

    Блииин, это так грустно(((

  74. Şennur Ateş

    Şennur Ateş

    Giorno fa


  75. Luna Gonzalez

    Luna Gonzalez

    Giorno fa

    Es grasioso por q cuando nos toca impostor ni pelota les damos

  76. Papa Damia

    Papa Damia

    Giorno fa


  77. Rahadian Adelard

    Rahadian Adelard

    Giorno fa

    I thought that Blue is Impostor and White is Crewmate

  78. Milena monserrat Soto lopez

    Milena monserrat Soto lopez

    Giorno fa

    No no babys

  79. Yana Tez

    Yana Tez

    Giorno fa

    Ou no no no no no 😪😢😭😢😢😢😪😪😪😪

  80. Argenis Leal

    Argenis Leal

    Giorno fa


  81. mr koteika11

    mr koteika11

    Giorno fa

    This 2 ?

  82. Kleydson & Hadassa knhks

    Kleydson & Hadassa knhks

    Giorno fa

    E muito triste esses vídeos

  83. Kleydson & Hadassa knhks

    Kleydson & Hadassa knhks

    Giorno fa

    Mano eu choro com esses vídeos 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  84. Bambie Jimeno

    Bambie Jimeno

    Giorno fa

    Wait i i wait wut white impo

  85. Junella Miranda

    Junella Miranda

    Giorno fa

    Who will adopted him 😢

  86. kitty moon Nightmare

    kitty moon Nightmare

    Giorno fa

    In real I am so cry waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  87. Κωνσταντίνος Διαμαντης

    Κωνσταντίνος Διαμαντης

    Giorno fa

    4:16 μόνο εγώ άκουσα το βλάκα ;

  88. Avie Yuzon

    Avie Yuzon

    Giorno fa

    Poor all among us sad animation

  89. Samuel Son Gabriel Bisuk

    Samuel Son Gabriel Bisuk

    Giorno fa

    Breh dark blue gay

  90. Altuğ Reis

    Altuğ Reis

    Giorno fa


  91. Cody Kent

    Cody Kent

    Giorno fa

    Wait why was white why did he have a scratch on his body if he is a imposter to?

    • Andrei Millanes

      Andrei Millanes

      Giorno fa

      Pink palopqlo him a Metal

  92. Ankush datta

    Ankush datta

    Giorno fa

    i dont want to be an impostor

  93. Ghen Biu

    Ghen Biu

    Giorno fa

    its good to ITput

  94. Екатерина Антоненко

    Екатерина Антоненко

    Giorno fa

    5:20 ...

  95. Naaf Mohamed Faris

    Naaf Mohamed Faris

    Giorno fa


  96. Екатерина Антоненко

    Екатерина Антоненко

    Giorno fa

    1:18 Oh no...

  97. Piggy Willows Son 2

    Piggy Willows Son 2

    Giorno fa

    What really would happen Child has killed monster/impostor Or unkillable mini crewmates

  98. ютуб смерти

    ютуб смерти

    Giorno fa


  99. Scary Garry

    Scary Garry

    Giorno fa


  100. Chloe Rafael

    Chloe Rafael

    Giorno fa

    It's white to

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