If a Ghost Impostor Could Enter Mini Crewmate's Body

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  1. PG Studios - Progame Studios

    PG Studios - Progame Studios

    24 minuti fa

    How is it possible that the mini crewmate kills dark blue 2 times???

  2. nurul amila

    nurul amila

    37 minuti fa

    If impostor dead crewmate will win but why crewmate not win yet???there 2 impostor???



    59 minuti fa

    I liked that videos....

  4. communist cheesy

    communist cheesy

    Ora fa

    green: gets split in half me: visible confusion

  5. Kenn Minion

    Kenn Minion

    2 ore fa

    How did blue was killed 2 times?



    2 ore fa

    Killed his baba 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Christian Arlet

    Christian Arlet

    2 ore fa

    Blue really died twice 1:03 and 1:14 F F



    4 ore fa

    2 blues Hmm sus

  9. Kaijugamerviews


    4 ore fa


  10. Gigi The Ant

    Gigi The Ant

    7 ore fa

    How Did The Child Suddenly Get Weapons

  11. sarah Dj

    sarah Dj

    9 ore fa

    Mini crewmate:Stabs blue and then shoots blue a different time. Me:Visible confusion

  12. Rayyan Ahmed

    Rayyan Ahmed

    11 ore fa

    Imposter died so crewmate should win lol

  13. Kartik Singh

    Kartik Singh

    11 ore fa

    Yellow father - peacefully doing tasks Yellow child I am Inventable

  14. Roblox Boy99

    Roblox Boy99

    13 ore fa

    Sus you mean SOS?

  15. Jenny Jiménez Murillo

    Jenny Jiménez Murillo

    14 ore fa


  16. Dinki Brown

    Dinki Brown

    16 ore fa

    Getted stabbed 5 times

  17. Gabriela Salazar

    Gabriela Salazar

    17 ore fa


  18. Eevee’s den

    Eevee’s den

    18 ore fa

    Dark green:I always come back

  19. Elva Arreola

    Elva Arreola

    19 ore fa

    Poor yellow 0:39

  20. Divakar Barman

    Divakar Barman

    22 ore fa

    322 subscribe 😮😮😮😱😱👍👍 bast subscribe 👍👍

  21. Die Flamingo

    Die Flamingo

    22 ore fa

    Mini crewmate is cuteeee even if it is killing 😈🖤🔪🔪🖤😈🔪😈🔪🖤 keep up the good killing work 🖤🖤🖤

  22. Michelle Faria

    Michelle Faria

    22 ore fa


  23. HasanBasri Özdemir

    HasanBasri Özdemir

    22 ore fa


  24. Laura Quaye

    Laura Quaye

    23 ore fa

    1:03 kills blue 1:13 kills blue again

  25. kitty man

    kitty man

    23 ore fa

    I like how he was green but killed green and why did he shoot blue h was dead already😂

  26. Finlay Swann

    Finlay Swann

    Giorno fa

    Did anyone else not notice how he killed blue twice

  27. Luka Kresojevic

    Luka Kresojevic

    Giorno fa

    2 kill blue

  28. Amirul ameen Bin khairul azizan

    Amirul ameen Bin khairul azizan

    Giorno fa


  29. Private Games

    Private Games

    Giorno fa

    Yellow has really dissapoinded to his son its pretty sad

  30. Cool Arts

    Cool Arts

    Giorno fa

    did anyone else notice that the small possessed imposter murdered dark blue 2 times?

  31. Jocelyn Sumarno

    Jocelyn Sumarno

    Giorno fa

    This is so stupid vid

  32. Monika Sharma

    Monika Sharma

    Giorno fa

    Flash In Rahul op

  33. evelyn aringoy yare

    evelyn aringoy yare

    Giorno fa

    that dead 0:05

  34. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora

    Giorno fa

    This basically happened in my AU except the impostor possessed his own son and it was years after he died

  35. mangos


    Giorno fa

    How did little yellow get a knife AND get a mouth. I didnt mean the mouth on the inside I meant outside. Like imposters.

  36. Golden Eagle

    Golden Eagle

    Giorno fa

    That is the worst way to die as a imposter

  37. TMNT Episodes YouTube Channel

    TMNT Episodes YouTube Channel

    Giorno fa

    Poor kid got possessed

  38. TMNT Episodes YouTube Channel

    TMNT Episodes YouTube Channel

    Giorno fa

    The killer got killed by a door

  39. Adam


    Giorno fa

    Weird, wherever yellow goes, people seem to die

  40. Ezic


    Giorno fa

    Among us is a dick

  41. Jude Mabunga

    Jude Mabunga

    Giorno fa

    Poor red just got stabbed in the back while standing.

  42. caleb leach

    caleb leach

    Giorno fa

    anyone else notice blue died twice

  43. Rainbow/fungirl/legend seeker

    Rainbow/fungirl/legend seeker

    Giorno fa

    This video: (exists) Literally any Delirious viewer that sees a vid like this, but it’s custom kills: *(WAR FLASHBACKS)*

  44. Thomas Hamner

    Thomas Hamner

    Giorno fa

    1:25 betrayal

  45. Fire Comma

    Fire Comma

    Giorno fa

    1:21 Quadruple kill

  46. Killua Zoldyck HxH

    Killua Zoldyck HxH

    Giorno fa

    Mini crewmate: Kills blue at 1:02 Mini crewmate: Kills blue at 1:14 Me: *Visible Confusion*

  47. Mr MakeShft

    Mr MakeShft

    Giorno fa

    Are you on TikTok

  48. AEZZ Simon

    AEZZ Simon

    Giorno fa

    Why mini crew mates

  49. Ghostface Asesino 2020

    Ghostface Asesino 2020

    Giorno fa

    Piche weon

  50. Game Hayoub

    Game Hayoub

    Giorno fa


  51. Yo Yo Get Trolled Bro

    Yo Yo Get Trolled Bro

    Giorno fa

    Lol mini cremate killed blue 2 times

  52. somerandomgamer


    Giorno fa

    You should have made it say defeat with the mini crewmate at the end

  53. Yellow crewmate in your recommendations

    Yellow crewmate in your recommendations

    Giorno fa

    0:02 how did red get pockets?

  54. Saidgamer2011


    Giorno fa

    WOW my love animation

  55. Tommy music

    Tommy music

    Giorno fa

    Red: DIED green: *trip* *dies* HOW THE HELL DID I TRIP *awesome* *mini crewmate* *enter*

  56. Elizabeth Ramos

    Elizabeth Ramos

    Giorno fa

    At the end your son murders you, I thought it was cool or funny tbh

  57. Yousef Fatani

    Yousef Fatani

    Giorno fa

    Red: stabbed 3-6 times Me: heard and sees 4 kmife wounds Also me: what? How? STILL me: maybe the imposter hit him in the same wound? Edit: wow i wrote kmife sorry corrected (knife)

  58. PheonixGaming


    2 giorni fa

    lol brawl refrence

  59. its my creation

    its my creation

    2 giorni fa

    l love your animations love you

  60. Dante Wingo

    Dante Wingo

    2 giorni fa

    Red gets stabbed Me: 28 STAB WOUNDS

  61. deb stupid

    deb stupid

    2 giorni fa

    Alright man, subscribed. No need to change mind. U r doing pretty well. Keep up

  62. Vraz


    2 giorni fa

    Mini crewmate attac Mini crewmate protec Most important is Mini Crewmate got beam out by imposter ghost.

  63. Fret N

    Fret N

    2 giorni fa


  64. Thenife44


    2 giorni fa

    0:13 dark green be like: ouch wait the door is going shut my head!... Dark green: *trys get up* oh no!! It’s to late *door closed* Dark green: *gets his head cut off*

  65. Johann Xavier David

    Johann Xavier David

    2 giorni fa

    Son of a gun

  66. Kim Yatco

    Kim Yatco

    2 giorni fa

    I wish that a update in among us

  67. Christ3rz


    2 giorni fa

    Dark blue died 2x times

  68. Nataly Cisneros

    Nataly Cisneros

    2 giorni fa

    You have the best vids love ya😍❤️

  69. JoaCocoso


    2 giorni fa

    oh no

  70. the gamingdoge :D

    the gamingdoge :D

    2 giorni fa

    Crewmates: decktive Imposter: MaSsAcRE

  71. Sumanta Khanal

    Sumanta Khanal

    2 giorni fa

    You get imposter : 🤗 You are playing free play mode : 😩

  72. Jacob Escobar

    Jacob Escobar

    2 giorni fa

    No one get the mini crewmate then

  73. Becky Bonato

    Becky Bonato

    2 giorni fa


  74. Benjamin Tidwell

    Benjamin Tidwell

    2 giorni fa

    Green, tell me how you did that.

  75. Destiny_¿


    2 giorni fa

    How did yellow not hear blue get shot by the mini crew mate

  76. Cristy Magdaraog

    Cristy Magdaraog

    2 giorni fa

    but now his buddy yellow is also an imposter he is helping green

  77. Cristy Magdaraog

    Cristy Magdaraog

    2 giorni fa

    oh n green the imposter died

  78. Domenic Petrucci

    Domenic Petrucci

    2 giorni fa

    I once broke the system by possessing my dead body when I died in DnD

  79. Rylie Barker

    Rylie Barker

    2 giorni fa

    Reds just hanging on to his jiggle stick and it made my day

  80. giovanni d'onofrio

    giovanni d'onofrio

    2 giorni fa

    B...BaBY stAnDo!!!

  81. Mr_Waffle


    2 giorni fa

    Wait green/mini crewmate killed blue twise



    2 giorni fa

    This isn't a happy ending at all. Oh well at least the mini crew mate pet is safe

  83. S7Nツ


    2 giorni fa

    A good work

  84. Animals Gaming

    Animals Gaming

    2 giorni fa

    Animation: kills blue with a knife and a gun* Me: *visible confusion*

  85. Anne


    2 giorni fa

    I love the part where the mini crewmate entered medbay, sat on the bed, and swing his feet back and forth. So cute. 😍💖✨

  86. Zz samurai Servant shogun

    Zz samurai Servant shogun

    2 giorni fa

    Poor blue he died twice karma where you at cause you know I didn’t deserve that

  87. MaxEpic


    2 giorni fa

    what's red doing in his pants...

  88. RuвinGamer1


    2 giorni fa

    One word: Creepy

  89. paata nadashvili

    paata nadashvili

    2 giorni fa

    Facts : *No one would buy a pet.*

  90. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku

    2 giorni fa

    Blue: I'm immortalize

  91. Digna Dela roca

    Digna Dela roca

    2 giorni fa

    My theory on what happened off camera: Yellow's son avenges his dad then came back to the lobby, then the host started the game but this time, green is the impostor with someone else. Then was running around killing people and faking task, when he suddenly saw yellow with his son, green remembered in the last round yellow's son killed the impostor (aka red) then he went after the two but then suddenly tripped through the storage door and died. Then he became a ghost, and followed yellow and his son Yellow's son waited for his dad to finish scanning, then green possesed yellow's son and yellow did not even know about it until.. Yellow's son (aka green) started killing everyone until yellow turned around and saw the bodies, then yellow's son (aka green again) killed his dad then won as an impostor

  92. Александр Кондратьев

    Александр Кондратьев

    3 giorni fa

    Как малыш убил синего 2 раза

  93. William Afton

    William Afton

    3 giorni fa

    wait how did the mini imposter kill blue two times???????

  94. Lord TRex

    Lord TRex

    3 giorni fa

    oh shit

  95. Chandrahas reddy

    Chandrahas reddy

    3 giorni fa

    Indians entered the game Ghost left the game 😂

  96. Dusk’s Oracle

    Dusk’s Oracle

    3 giorni fa


  97. Lina Hamdi

    Lina Hamdi

    3 giorni fa


  98. Radmilo Carević

    Radmilo Carević

    3 giorni fa

    That'd be cool to add in Among Us!

  99. Henry Stickmin

    Henry Stickmin

    3 giorni fa

    Never become imposter and enter a mini crewmate's body again

  100. Jyothi Gollapalli

    Jyothi Gollapalli

    3 giorni fa

    Hey bro how does the door closes, when no one sabotaged the doors?

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