I restored this $7 Junk Playstation 2 Slim - Retro Console Restoration & Repair

In this episode I restore a Playstation 2 (PS2) slim which I got for $7 as part of a junk lot of consoles. Low end price for working device is typically around $50. Black consoles can be cheaper because there are more of them available. As a bonus I got a free game, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi, it's quite common game and even in good condition not very valuable. But it's a nice addition to my collection, here is a link to my video of repairing the disc: itput.info/zone/video/h4WHaqR7yrnaino
I started the restoration by testing the console. I was able to power it on. I think it wasn't supposed to work but the descriptions for these consoles are quite often inaccurate. However it was not reading games.
After opening the console I tried to see if I could repair the disc drive. The Playstation 2 disc drive is known for breaking quite easily. The laser just stops working. I decided to replace the whole disc drive. Only the laser part can also be changed. After replacing the laser I still had to do a little adjusting on the screws I show on the video.
After replacing the drive I continued to disassemble the console. I cleaned everything with compressed air, soapy water and isopropyl alcohol and removed a little yellowing with UV-light and hydrogen peroxide. Tutorial to the process here: itput.info/zone/video/nZuIhaqh0ripZqQ&
The original model sticker was in bad condition so I copied it in photoshop and printed a new one.
Thanks for watching!
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  1. Lil Yeet

    Lil Yeet

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  2. Lil Yeet

    Lil Yeet

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  3. ballad's


    18 minuti fa

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  4. Hamonion


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    As a huge fan of the DBZ BT trilogy it made me sad seeing the damage on that disc the console came with

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    irmãos gamer

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    Moustafs Ahmad

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  9. BotLegend


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  10. Rebecca Fisk

    Rebecca Fisk

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    You’re a Finnish Renaissance Man. Bravo!! Love your work!!! P.s. can we see your face in a face reveal video? Lol!

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    F0x Tv

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  16. ThePS3Master333


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    After That cleaning this ps2 Can Play Games at 4K/60 FPS

  17. GamingTime


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  18. Elizabeth


    7 ore fa

    Love the videos so relaxing and helpful. 😊

  19. Tip Top Spider

    Tip Top Spider

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    I love it when the Ducktor appears :)

  20. lumh


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    If he gives me a shout out next video he cares about his fans. Also amazing video

  21. Jungle Lee

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  22. Tweek Ludwig

    Tweek Ludwig

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  23. ReYn


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    Ni u

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    Clown Souls

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  38. passing gas

    passing gas

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  39. Marcel Mojžíš

    Marcel Mojžíš

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    Isopropyl alcohol is worst for lens cleaning (if it is plastic and with an anti-reflective layer and they have been all since 2000). The anti-reflective layer is destroyed.

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    clicking on rocks

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    • Tweek Ludwig

      Tweek Ludwig

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    JoJoeh Play

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    Alvaro Javier Aguilar

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      Spencer Lemay

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      Nobody is going to care about restoring an xbox series x. They will probably just be told to stop working my Sony and Microsoft. New consoles are identical to computers. Last generation was the most forgettable one of all time. PS3 and 360 were the last time the consoles actually had substantive differences between them. Everything is now just a PC.

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    毛利 蘭

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    Sunnyside Mashups

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    Bruce Axl Muñoz Osorio

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