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I Like Girls - JoCat Animation

based on "Boys" by Lizzo
monster hunter 8 bit theme used:
In order of appearance:
Lady Dimitrescu - Resident Evil the Village
Zarya - Overwatch
She-Hulk - Marvel Comics
Felicia - Darkstalkers
Captain Amelia - Treasure Planet
GLaDOS - Portal
Velma Dinkley - Scooby Doo
Red - Transistor
Lohse - Divinity: Original Sin 2
2B - NieR: Automata
Chun Li - Street Fighter
Nyanners - VSHOJO
Ironmouse - VSHOJO
Veibae - VTuber
Silvervale - VSHOJO
Great Fairy - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Melony - Pokemon Sword and Shield
Noi - Dorohedoro
Rinkah - Fire Emblem: Fates
Korra - Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Urbosa - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Merlwyb - Final Fantasy XIV
Bayonetta - Bayonetta
Midna - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Rouge the Bat - Sonic the Hedgehog
Olivia - Fire Emblem: Awakening
Dusa - Hades
Tali'Zorah - Mass Effect
Jessie - Pokemon
Manuela - Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Bowsette - Super Mario
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  1. XELI


    6 minuti fa

    So you like girls huh? Name every type of girl...

  2. Michael Ashford

    Michael Ashford

    18 minuti fa

    Have Luz Noceda sing both this and I like big boys.

    • Michael Ashford

      Michael Ashford

      17 minuti fa

      oo and even show the Blight twins when she switches from song to song.

  3. Shark Lover

    Shark Lover

    23 minuti fa

    I’m Non-bianary but, i was born a girl so i take the compliment.

  4. Propelled Bus

    Propelled Bus

    23 minuti fa

    Perfect song to sing when people think you’re gay

  5. Owen Foy

    Owen Foy

    Ora fa

    I Can change that...

  6. rileyfriend


    Ora fa

    Dude wtf I dislike and this shit still pops up in my recommended

  7. Vlad Alexandru

    Vlad Alexandru

    Ora fa

    Did you made Captain Claw a woman ?!!!

  8. 《RustiPaw》


    Ora fa

    the fact that i reconaized just 4 characters(ಠ⌣ಠ)

  9. RSAdriano


    Ora fa

    Female friend: go on draw ur dream girl My dream girl:

  10. Food Devil

    Food Devil

    2 ore fa

    Ok we all love Gladis she is kinda cute even in her game form

  11. Aidan Trent

    Aidan Trent

    3 ore fa

    A man of culture.

  12. RequiemBrother


    3 ore fa

    at least we know that he no homo for sure

  13. lokenn _

    lokenn _

    3 ore fa

    cute and nice animation, good job mate!

  14. Natal de Krampus

    Natal de Krampus

    4 ore fa

    I've watched this an unhealthy amound of times and I'm not stopping any time soon

  15. Lord of The gnomes

    Lord of The gnomes

    4 ore fa

    I think this guy might not be gay

  16. Martin Stich

    Martin Stich

    4 ore fa

    that´s one form of straight expression I can get behind. You go, champ!

  17. PabloBro


    4 ore fa

    some random guy on the internet: im straight 3 228 003 people: *hmmm interesting*

  18. LexsDragon


    4 ore fa

    He is not gay we get it

  19. apostrophe catastrophe

    apostrophe catastrophe

    6 ore fa


  20. huddy vlogs

    huddy vlogs

    7 ore fa

    this reminds me of that one clip from the animaniacs where yacko says everything reminds him of girls

  21. ya boi

    ya boi

    7 ore fa

    is nobody talking about the star wars pun at the end of the videos chat

  22. Kay Sea

    Kay Sea

    8 ore fa

    Don't mind me. I just watched I Want To Eat Your Pancreas for the first time and now need a smile...

  23. Mitchell FORD

    Mitchell FORD

    9 ore fa


  24. Althayyr


    9 ore fa

    Can i just point out that he drew human ears and cat ears...

  25. Denika Hyslop

    Denika Hyslop

    9 ore fa

    stuff like this makes me feel happy about being chubby with short legs

  26. Shyblade


    9 ore fa

    Jocats a furry confirmed

  27. doodlemyster


    9 ore fa

    I am sorta offended that Alita isnt in here =(

  28. Headcrab Gamer

    Headcrab Gamer

    10 ore fa


  29. Lucas


    10 ore fa

    Average dude animated

  30. Verick VonBuskirk

    Verick VonBuskirk

    10 ore fa

    Yes my man. Yes.

  31. Magnapanther


    11 ore fa

    no way that was improvised

  32. Tyler George

    Tyler George

    12 ore fa

    Most relatable thing Ive seen today

  33. Bunnie Lily

    Bunnie Lily

    13 ore fa


  34. BakaBoiis UwU

    BakaBoiis UwU

    13 ore fa


  35. P5YCH0L


    13 ore fa


  36. Tamiris Gaelzer

    Tamiris Gaelzer

    13 ore fa

    Me tbh

  37. wednesdayz and weekendz

    wednesdayz and weekendz

    13 ore fa

    ironically this pretty gay

  38. Dulyar Khalil

    Dulyar Khalil

    13 ore fa

    Random guy: "what kind of girls do you like ?" Jocat: "yes"

  39. N - Aera

    N - Aera

    13 ore fa

    I've witnessed the straightest man alive

  40. Hâ King

    Hâ King

    14 ore fa

    0:16 from any anime the left girl in

  41. Jeremy Tester

    Jeremy Tester

    14 ore fa

    I came from nyanners stream

  42. Dusk Faded

    Dusk Faded

    14 ore fa

    Me in a nutshell:

  43. CaptainLooks


    14 ore fa


  44. Rumble Star

    Rumble Star

    14 ore fa

    I also like them. Too bad they don't like me Help this is not a joke comment :(

  45. Joseph Simone

    Joseph Simone

    15 ore fa

    Don't get distracted rom how cute JoCat is

  46. KILLRAIN42


    15 ore fa

    I hope I'm not the only one who saw Captain Amelia and got way too excited.

  47. Bruised Turtle

    Bruised Turtle

    16 ore fa


  48. Nameless Shadow

    Nameless Shadow

    16 ore fa

    thank you this actually made me fill better about myself

  49. gamerkev30


    16 ore fa

    anyone from the Vshojo gang?

  50. Viikaa - Chan

    Viikaa - Chan

    16 ore fa

    what the fuck glados

  51. Party Dave

    Party Dave

    17 ore fa

    Same dude.... same.... I mean yeah there are certain types of girls I really atteacted to.... But it all comes down to taste..... some people like different flavours and therefore may be attracted to different pretty faces and/or personalities....

  52. cami_9A


    17 ore fa

    0:18 ironmouse? xd genial

  53. AcridCrowd


    17 ore fa

    I see Jocat is also a man of culture and refined taste

  54. te0nani


    17 ore fa

    That's what I'm f-ing talking about!

  55. WigglyWoo


    18 ore fa

    Almost missed my daily watch today

  56. Avi Maru

    Avi Maru

    18 ore fa

    this is what superstraight should mean

  57. Achilles no baka

    Achilles no baka

    18 ore fa


  58. Diego Sigua

    Diego Sigua

    18 ore fa

    "I like a good chest, no matter what size" YOU SIR JUST EARNED MY DEEPEST, DOWN TO THE CORE, RESPECT

  59. Michael Saint Gregory

    Michael Saint Gregory

    19 ore fa

    3.1 million people, as of this comment posting, now know how much you like girls. The internet is amazing.

  60. Minecraft memes

    Minecraft memes

    19 ore fa


  61. pixi’s catboy

    pixi’s catboy

    19 ore fa

    nobody: lesbians:

    • Paradox Edge

      Paradox Edge

      5 ore fa

      Not about lesbianism.

  62. Viva el Betis

    Viva el Betis

    19 ore fa

    nah dawg u gay af

  63. Ibrahim Said

    Ibrahim Said

    20 ore fa

    imagine....animating.. THIS.

  64. Maximiliano Alcaraz

    Maximiliano Alcaraz

    21 ora fa

    not only girls apparently...I mean bowsette... :v

  65. Glitchy M

    Glitchy M

    21 ora fa

    Darthvader likes his coffee LukeWarm

  66. Rob Fus

    Rob Fus

    21 ora fa

    me too

  67. Goku x Sephiroth

    Goku x Sephiroth

    21 ora fa


  68. StreakOne111


    21 ora fa

    YOu look Gay as hell

  69. Tha Double A P YT

    Tha Double A P YT

    21 ora fa

    Same, man

  70. Derrik Stouffer

    Derrik Stouffer

    22 ore fa

    I thought he was gay how wrong i was.

  71. Jad3n


    22 ore fa

    Dude, Korra could smash a truck on each arm... And It´s great

  72. efe


    22 ore fa

    Letra en español Me gustaaaaan... Las altas y las chaparritas Las flacas, las gordas y las chiquititas Solteras y viudas y divorciaditas Me encantan las chatas de caras bonitas

  73. Gilbert Gottfried

    Gilbert Gottfried

    22 ore fa

    Man this is gay

  74. Kuso, Protogen

    Kuso, Protogen

    22 ore fa


  75. Reelos


    23 ore fa

    Everytime I see this in my feed for the first time a day, I need to click it. I just need to. What is this sorcery?

  76. i hate myself

    i hate myself

    23 ore fa

    I need to see this everyday for my parents to think im not gay

  77. Autistic Rush

    Autistic Rush

    Giorno fa

    The middle schooler after you call him "Gay":

  78. SHINanimates


    Giorno fa

    Me:* has the same taste in girls as JoCat* OwO I am a jocat now

  79. benjamin sande

    benjamin sande

    Giorno fa

    This is my exact taste in women

  80. Suryavarman


    Giorno fa

    Nice simp anthem xD

  81. Cadium


    Giorno fa


  82. Isekai Otaku

    Isekai Otaku

    Giorno fa

    isn't Jesse married to James

  83. S P I R A L S P I K E S

    S P I R A L S P I K E S

    Giorno fa


  84. Beas sao

    Beas sao

    Giorno fa

    This is awesome

  85. Meme biology

    Meme biology

    Giorno fa

    When this is cringy but you like the animator who made this..... it is.... acceptable

  86. Anja Zickafoose

    Anja Zickafoose

    Giorno fa

    I just noticed jessie from team rocket lol

  87. Tom Yorke

    Tom Yorke

    Giorno fa

    Not going to lie I thought you where gay

  88. Sinno Wito

    Sinno Wito

    Giorno fa

    He's almost crossing that simp border

  89. PseudoEmpathy


    Giorno fa

    We get it you're straight.

  90. Blood Raven

    Blood Raven

    Giorno fa

    Okay who noticed that ear flick at the last transition there. Now that's attention to detail.

  91. That Fellow Over There

    That Fellow Over There

    Giorno fa

    "I'm not gay I swear" the song.

  92. husky19864


    Giorno fa

    jocat is sooo cute and gay~

  93. Toasty Toast

    Toasty Toast

    Giorno fa

    "i like all type of girls" The FBI: "go ahead and sing that song again"

  94. digiboy


    Giorno fa

    Thanks for putting the names of the girls on the description, I need to do some......research

  95. das wuffi

    das wuffi

    Giorno fa

    The combination of cringe and being ucomfortable is undiscribable

  96. Luciano Mordelt

    Luciano Mordelt

    Giorno fa

    I like wild girls and 6 pack

  97. ANGELA BenedSu

    ANGELA BenedSu

    Giorno fa

    Speaking on the behalf of girls, we like you too.

  98. Keeks


    Giorno fa

    This Brought A Smile To My Face

  99. ༄Kɪᴅ Sᴀsʜᴀ Bʀᴀᴜs!༄

    ༄Kɪᴅ Sᴀsʜᴀ Bʀᴀᴜs!༄

    Giorno fa

  100. Liam Carter

    Liam Carter

    Giorno fa

    Why. Can’t. We. Like. A. Video. More. Than. Once.

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