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Humidifiers: Simpler is better?

The air. It holds water! And how much it holds matters! A lot, in fact. Sometimes we need to adjust it in the upwards persuasion. Learn why and how in this little ol’ video!
Are you looking for the follow-up where we take apart the Vicks thing?
And how ‘bout the video on the teeny tiny swamp cooler?
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  1. Technology Connections

    Technology Connections

    3 giorni fa

    “Did you just buy a humidifier and… turn that into content?” Guilty as charged! But also, it’s been a surprisingly large quality-of-life improvement for me and the topic turned out to be worthy of exploration. I look forward to all the weird towel contraptions you’ll no doubt devise! *On that note! Important extra info lies below!* I was trying to avoid describing one type of humidifier as universally better than another, but I'm not sure I succeeded. Which kind will work the best for you is very, very situational. What struck me most about the evaporative style is simply how effective it is for how simple it is. But, a thing that I totally didn't address (and I, for real, pinky-promise meant to but simply forgot) was the cooling effect of evaporative humidifiers. After all, if it's the same thing as a swamp cooler, doesn't that mean it cools a bit? Well.... kinda. It's complicated by the fact that the ability of swamp coolers to cool depends on how dry the air is, so once these things have brought the humidity up to anything appreciable, that cooling effect is very mild. But it is indeed true that the water "stole" some heat from the air in order to evaporate, so some cooling inevitably occurs. I'll talk about this more casually on Connextras:

    • Philip Eaton

      Philip Eaton

      2 ore fa

      i sometimes see my tape deck in the back ground

    • Colin Tomele

      Colin Tomele

      5 ore fa

      If you have asthma or breathing issues, a humidifier is also very important. I have an ultrasonic that I keep clean and use filtered water to fill.

    • Robert Szasz

      Robert Szasz

      7 ore fa

      You're missing the amount of power used by your heater to evaporate the water vs the water boiler.

    • Shawn Elliott

      Shawn Elliott

      10 ore fa

      I also have an AirCare humidifier -- two of them, in fact. Yes, the float switch is annoying. I propped mine up with an extra piece of styrofoam so the fan never shuts off as long as the lid is on the tank. The wicks have a tendency to sag with age, but that can be fixed by running a bead of hot-glue along both sides of the upper edge of the wick before using it for the first time. The wick doesn't need to be glued to the housing, it just needs to be reinforced with hot-glue. In fact, it _already is_ reinforced with hot-glue, just not in all the places it's needed. Anyway, mine is only slightly smaller than yours and I need it to run continuously until it's dry to keep the humidity above 35% in my 1900sqft house. Then again, I keep the fan running continuously in my furnace to circulate air through the 3 floors, so I don't end up with a hot top floor and a freezing bottom floor, so I'm sure that's part of the reason my air is so dry.

    • C X

      C X

      12 ore fa

      @NickShl all humidifier manufacturers recommend filtered water if not distilled

  2. Oliver Kurzweg

    Oliver Kurzweg

    2 ore fa

    If it is really a problem ... why not taking a hot shower and not open the window afterwards (like any sensible person)? In my household the problem is too humid air in the apartment. We have a large aquarium, tons of plants (gardener), and barely use the heaters (we are alright with 17°C). We used to run TEC/peltier dehumidifiers but they constantly broke down, took too much energy and were loud.

  3. Jeffrey


    2 ore fa

    few vids ago: "this a swamp cooler and it does an awful job" this vid: "this device works exactly the same as a swamp cooler and it does a great job"

  4. Bryon Pike

    Bryon Pike

    2 ore fa

    Ok, now do dehumidifiers.

  5. Kanti


    2 ore fa

    For your suggestions about the whole-house humifier, what if, rather than pumping the water up to the wick, the wick itself was sat on a float than floated upon the surface of the water. This would keep the base dipped in the water no matter what the water level was.

  6. ginger nut

    ginger nut

    2 ore fa

    The swamp coolers would use more energy when you take the energy in the room required to evaporate the water into consideration

  7. Fan Jerry

    Fan Jerry

    2 ore fa

    If you atomize the water without boiling it, won't it draw heat from the room to evaporate the droplets later? So energy to turn liquid to water to humidity should be the same, just whether it takes from your house heater or electricity socket?

  8. IANF126


    2 ore fa

    had a furnace/ac guy fixing something. we live in an area with hard water and he said that if we use humidifiers to use distilled water because having the minerals in the air running through the filter could mess with the systems. supposedly the newer furnaces and central air systems are more sensitive and at the very least it will help if you are seeing dust

  9. Jeffrey


    2 ore fa

    you said the vicks humodifier draws too much energy. but the energy for evaporating has to come from somewhere even for the passive evaporation devices. they will just cool down the air by that same margin so your radiator has to do the same work. arguably that probably is more cost effective since it runs on gas. but for people with electric heating it wouldnt make a difference

  10. usrevenge


    2 ore fa

    Could one simply make their own bracket and use towels in one of the 2 larger units?

  11. Bob Asbury

    Bob Asbury

    3 ore fa

    Quicklier. I like it. Gonna use it from now on. I wish I was younger so I could have the opportunity to use it more times.

  12. Mikael Lövqvist

    Mikael Lövqvist

    3 ore fa

    Haha, your reaction to the horribly bright and blue interface! That's my reaction to every consumer product. I routinely replace blue LEDs with red or amber ones.

  13. Paraskevas Psarrakis

    Paraskevas Psarrakis

    3 ore fa

    Fucking BLUE?!? 18 DOLLARS FOR BLUE?,oups wrong channel....

  14. lordkayx


    3 ore fa

    Also thanks for the dishwasher video, my kitchenware has never been cleaner!

  15. Thomas Rager

    Thomas Rager

    3 ore fa

    Use plants the don't need power...

  16. lordkayx


    3 ore fa

    Couldn't agree with you more about the blue LEDs on everything today. The power adapter for my Alienware steam machine has one and even behind my computer its ridiculously bright. My radio display in my car blinds me at night. Cant own a new alarm clock because thats like having a 100 watt nightlight!!!

  17. 8thwonderlemon


    3 ore fa

    “It’s brown and therefore excellent” Technology Connections confirmed anti-racist ally

  18. Bernandez4139


    3 ore fa

    The blue light rant gets a like from me. Sick of every modern device doubling as a night light.

  19. Robert Burke

    Robert Burke

    3 ore fa

    quicklier lol

  20. tundramanq


    3 ore fa

    My Emerson/Kenmore/and several other brands whole house humidifier was designed and on the market about 40 years ago and has been "obsolete" for about 15 years. "10 gallon" usable capacity, floating filter blocks letting it use all but a gallon at the bottom, the standard size still replaceable fan motor is the only moving part that wears out after a decade or two, speed and humidity controls and refills from a bucket. In arid NM winters house relative humidity drops to unhealthy 6 % I keep humidifier set to 40% RH and add about 7 gallons water.a day. I keep a stock and buy the blocks by the case. The fact that these are reliable is that the blocks are still being made. The blocks last through the whole heating season if you flush them. use bacteriostat and drain and refill it about once a month. I re oil the motor about once a year.

  21. Cujo26


    3 ore fa

    That big humidifier isn't brown, it's clearly orange! with context of course

  22. Strfy


    3 ore fa

    also if you're in a location with heavychlorine water you should be using showerhead filter and using that to fill your tanks

  23. Parzivald Shiflty

    Parzivald Shiflty

    3 ore fa

    masking tape makes blue readouts bearable

  24. Brie Hart-Nutter

    Brie Hart-Nutter

    3 ore fa

    Rather than using a pump to lift water to the evaporative matrix, why not place the evaporitive matrix on floats, so that it always rests with exactly the right amount of water? I see some issues with dealing with the change in mass of the matrix when wet vs dry, but I will leave this a challenge for someone smarter.

  25. risunokairu


    3 ore fa

    Dark orange.

  26. N R

    N R

    3 ore fa

    The type of humidifier you're talking about at 8:55 they very often have UV lights inside them to deal with bacteria. I know mine does. Doesn't deal with the metal in the water, but hey, thought you may like to know.

  27. risunokairu


    3 ore fa

    I just use a humidifier so I don’t wake up with a dry achey nose. What is this cooing angle?

  28. Eric Marchand

    Eric Marchand

    3 ore fa

    "This video certainly won't be very...dry..." IMMEDIATE THUMBS UP.

  29. Karen


    3 ore fa

    Nature does NOT make the air dry, but forced air heating indoors will.

  30. john doe

    john doe

    3 ore fa

    What is your secret to get more handsome with time? Please do tell.

  31. DurschfallTV


    3 ore fa

    idea dont use a dryer. just hang up your clthes in youe house

  32. Dillon Burnett

    Dillon Burnett

    3 ore fa

    save big money at...

  33. ost2life


    4 ore fa

    Me: what am I doing with my life Also me: *watches you talk about humidifiers for half an hour* Also also me: oooh, follow up video

  34. Zane Wolf

    Zane Wolf

    4 ore fa

    *Screams in dry Arizona*

  35. Nuno Penim

    Nuno Penim

    4 ore fa

    My only problem with dry air is the constant nosebleeds...

  36. wwwjensweb


    4 ore fa

    A (ceramic) container, filled with water, and a hook to put it onto your radiator. A solution without moving parts which costs close to nothing and never fails, that's how we do it. And it's self regulating, if you turn up your heating, so will your humidifier. Still too dry? Put two on each radiator, nice. If your heat comes from a strange source which doesn't allow for using a hook or very big rooms (this is a home solution) I would consider something else.

  37. Michał Penkala

    Michał Penkala

    4 ore fa

    11:10 Trypophobia triggered.

  38. javi


    4 ore fa

    My humidifier is called "do the laundry and dry it indoor" 😂

  39. Tehn00bA


    4 ore fa

    I mean, there are usb humidifiers that are the size of a mug and use either heat or ultrasound (despite that the vapor stream is chill and not warm). Idk why would you buy such a larger version tho

  40. László Major

    László Major

    4 ore fa

    21:12 you mean a clothes drying rack? Seriously just dry your wet clothes/towels with a fan next to it maybe?

  41. Thoran666


    4 ore fa

    Fill a wick humidifier with whiskey!

  42. WarpSpeedSCP


    4 ore fa

    It definitely is an electrode boiler.

  43. Dennis Grass

    Dennis Grass

    4 ore fa

    Add a HEPA filter, and get additional benefit for the electricity used to move air.

  44. StockyPhil B

    StockyPhil B

    4 ore fa

    HELL YES on that LED rant!! EVERYTHING you buy these days has at least one light somewhere on it, and it's usually blue, but piercingly bright no matter what color it is! TVs, space heaters, window ac units, anything/everything PC related, my cable's a conspiracy to stop everyone from going into deep sleep, and there are rumors nightlights cause near-sightedness. They're trying to drive us blind and mad. o.O

  45. Ace Lightning

    Ace Lightning

    4 ore fa

    Some "Whole-house" humdifiers fit into the ductwork of a forced-air heating/cooling system. They are usually the evaporative wick kind of humdifier, with a motor that moves the wick material through a water reservoir that is supplied from the water mains. The wick needs to be replaced periodically, and the reservoir should be cleaned when you replace the wick. And the energy consumption is low, because it only needs power to move the wick. I once had a humidifier in my forced-hot-air system which used a water pump to force water through a spray nozzle into the air being forced through the ducts. This used more energy. The spray can land on the inside of the duct, leaking through the joints, or corroding through the metal. It did humidify the air quite well. And some people like those "mediation fountain" devices - an aquarium pump circulates water so that it trickles down over a ridged "wall" that looks like an artistic stonework construction. They can't be evaporating very much of the water, and the sound of trickling water keeps making me think I need to go to the bathroom.

  46. Xertacy


    4 ore fa

    1:46 why is this so funny?

  47. Harry


    4 ore fa

    It looks SO much better with that light filter on it. I'm surprised they dont do that in the manufacturing process. It actually looked nice afterwards.

  48. Ian Pollard

    Ian Pollard

    4 ore fa

    Buddy when your wick needs replacing try gutting the paper membrane and replacing it with a towel. Or even get crafty and sew up a more custom washable insert.

  49. aaron71


    4 ore fa

    What was that magical sheet you put on the display? Looked perfect after!

  50. ugcheleuce


    4 ore fa

    24:34: Instead of a pump, why not use a counter weight and a hanging water tray? The less water in the tray, the less it weighs, and so the counter weight causes the water tray to rise.

  51. hofimastah


    4 ore fa

    I just spray my curtains with water

    • An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd

      An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd

      4 ore fa

      I love some black mold.

  52. wafflehea


    4 ore fa

    Thank you for mentioning both unit for international viewer.

  53. Ace Lightning

    Ace Lightning

    4 ore fa

    For people who use wood-burning stoves for home heating, they sell something that looks like a cast-iron teapot; you fill it with water and set it in a suitable place on top of the stove. Moist air comes out of the spout, but not in great quantity.

  54. Tiavor Kuroma

    Tiavor Kuroma

    4 ore fa

    "adding salt" was a dead giveaway that it's an electrode boiler.

  55. Petros Savva

    Petros Savva

    4 ore fa

    People have died from Legionnaires' disease, because of ultrasonic humidifiers. Boiling water ones, don't have this risk.

  56. Owen Perkins

    Owen Perkins

    4 ore fa

    Your big brown beast humidifier looks like it could be retrofitted with a toilet fill valve and a water line, perhaps 1/4" like an icemaker would use. I'm currently trying to do this with an indoor water feature that must be refilled irritatingly often.

  57. Owen Perkins

    Owen Perkins

    5 ore fa

    As a kid I remember we had a big shallow plastic round humidifier with a domed top containing a motor and a spinning disk that would sling the water around the inside. It was made by "Hankscraft". Mom would pull it out and put it in one of our bedrooms if we had a sore throat or something.

  58. 12ken


    5 ore fa

    What about sponges?

  59. skoR


    5 ore fa

    Can you do a video about HVAC? My country doesn't have it, and I don't know what it's used for. Is it like ducted air conditioning that runs all the time?

  60. Nusszucker


    5 ore fa

    That John Whick reference :D I love your videos

  61. pigtailsboy


    5 ore fa

    Well if the wicking material is that good them it could probably be extended in filaments down to the base of the unit? You're an inventive guy I can see your review purchases being given extended operating time under your cautious hands. Could also add some fill tank components to the small unit somehow. Maybe a simple siphon would do it?

  62. Strawberry Jam

    Strawberry Jam

    5 ore fa

    If you put some essential oils in there, would you technically be able to fill your house with a nice subtle herbal smell?

  63. Kris Ryan

    Kris Ryan

    5 ore fa

    Did you seriously say "even quicklier"? 2:03 😐

  64. BrightBlueJim


    5 ore fa

    I haven't watched your follow-up video yet, so you probably already know this. I bought one of those Vick's vaporizers, and as soon as I read the "if this doesn't work...", I knew what it was inside. Sure enough, it didn't work, and when I added a bit of salt, it immediately started fizzing. Fizzing? Yes. The line cord ends (there was no power switch on the model I bought) in two stainless steel (or maybe just nickel) bars about 12mm wide, stuck down in the tank. There are baffles to prevent you from just sticking your fingers into them, but yes, all it does is pass line current through the water to boil it. So (as the instructions warn) do NOT add salt unless it doesn't already work. There is really no limit to how much current it will draw, given enough salt. What I was looking for when I bought this was something entirely different. Back in 1980, I bought a vaporizer that consisted of a tank, a lid with a motor mounted in it, and on the motor shaft sticking down into the tank is a sort of cone, small diameter at the bottom and large (around 150mm) diameter at the top. I say "a sort of cone" because I don't know the word for it, but its profile is curved, so that at the bottom it's a nearly vertical slope, and at the top it's nearly horizontal. The curve between the two is roughly circular. Nearly, because somehow the slight taper of the bottom part tends to pull water up to the nearly flat part at the top, which then slings water in all directions in a fine spray. (Note that the flow is all along the outer surface of this - it's NOT a centrifugal pump.) Only about a 100 mm outlet port in the lid releases mist into the room; the rest just hits the sides of the motor housing and drains back into the tank. I guess the ultrasonic ones are what replaced this type, but I was pretty impressed with how simple it was and how well it worked.

  65. z beeblebrox

    z beeblebrox

    5 ore fa

    The fight against blue LEDs is more of an uphill battle than you think - these things are so popular, they won their own Nobel prize in physics.

  66. pigtailsboy


    5 ore fa

    Why not use muslin cloth and arrange the material to whatever form it can be bound to? It will pass air through it well and probably pulls water fine.

  67. Mengsk


    5 ore fa

    Crofton? Looks like we got a fellow Aldi guy :D

  68. MB Taber

    MB Taber

    5 ore fa

    Damn dry air, I try to pet my kitties and we both get shocked. But I must protest at your statement about a wicking system being the simplest. The simplest humidifier is me running around the bedroom spraying a squirt bottle on mist before bed. I have been able to add 20-30% humidity before bed time, which shuts the wifo up before bed, granted it also cools the room, but we have baseboard heaters that have no problem remaining hot. But now that I think of it, putting a damp towel over any forced hot air vents would be even simpler than I using a squirt bottle.

  69. kiml42


    5 ore fa

    Why not just have the wick float on the water to get it to adapt to the water level instead of having a pump?

  70. tubecycler


    5 ore fa

    Great video! Enjoyed it a lot. Was low key awaiting the presentation of the Dyson Humidifier, but was happy you didn't. Maybe you could extend the stick on the big house humidifier or add a little adjuster on the bottom like on a flushing tank/ toilet tank.

  71. Joshua Obelenus

    Joshua Obelenus

    5 ore fa

    My parents had an old console style humidifier that held like 20 gallons. It used a long felt belt that moved constantly through the bottom of the water and up across the fan.

  72. Urgon


    5 ore fa

    Here, in Poland, we just hang wet towels or clothes on radiators and portable drying racks instead of using driers. This is not only much cheaper and energy-efficient, but also gets air humid too...

  73. Сомін Даниїл

    Сомін Даниїл

    5 ore fa

    My favorite way to humidify air is: 1. wet a towel 2. shake it up and drop sharply with a clap 15-20 times It works well and fast.

  74. Marije Hammel

    Marije Hammel

    5 ore fa

    I recently bought one of those weird 'aromatherapy' humidifiers and it's simple as can be. It'll take 200 ml of water and it works ultrasonic as well. Honestly one of the most efficient ones I've ever seen. I usually fill it with demineralised water and I clean out the humidifier regularly. Would recommend/10. Never had a dry nose again.

  75. emgoz


    5 ore fa

    Rather than a pump, wouldn't it be much easier if the the wick-frame just floats on the water? Then always the same proportion will be under water...

  76. Hyss


    5 ore fa

    A peristaltic pump that feeds water up through the bottom so it isn't dropping into the tank will have a replaceable tube and could run constantly at a low speed making it quiet.

  77. Luke Osborne

    Luke Osborne

    6 ore fa

    Oh I remember the permanently chapped lips of a Midwestern winter very well...

  78. Ois Eucalypt

    Ois Eucalypt

    6 ore fa

    My parents use to run a Vicks for me when I was a toddler/little-kid. Not sure if t helped with my asthma or not, but we did live in a hot dry area. And come on! You can't use an end credits out-take and mention 'a cat upstairs' without showing the kitty!

  79. Nercury


    6 ore fa

    Also: a wet towel on a radiator

  80. Anne Vo

    Anne Vo

    6 ore fa

    Either buy a 3d printer or do a collab with Devon from Make Anything!

  81. Claire


    6 ore fa

    Ive been using a humidifier not on your video. It has a legitimate heating element to boil the water. No white dust and has two speeds for the 1.5 galleons. 18 hours and about 8 hours. Ive never had to clean the tank, but i do the element every few months. Bc of my respitory issues, i run it daily for most of the year. its helped keep me alive, so im happy.

  82. Archie Chen

    Archie Chen

    6 ore fa

    Incidentally, a Japanese study recently somewhat confirmed that humid air makes droplets from sneezes and coughs bigger so any virus and bacteria particles in them will fall out of the air faster. So maybe humidifier is useful during the pandemic too.

  83. LogiForce86


    6 ore fa

    Easier humidifier... flasks of water hanging of a radiator. The only power used is that to warm your home. Regulate the humidity by adding the appropriate amount of flasks for the room's temperature.

  84. Snuggie's3rdHole


    6 ore fa

    You should do a DE-humidifier video. Maybe in the summer?

  85. Paul Mason

    Paul Mason

    6 ore fa

    I did not know that I wanted to know all about humidifiers until this video. Cheers :)

  86. Calvsie


    6 ore fa

    Wait, light dimming decal?!?!? I need these.

  87. xamanto


    6 ore fa


  88. Laru Larae

    Laru Larae

    6 ore fa

    Ahaaaa I got the joke (John... wick..) god that almost went over my head and I'm so glad I got it

  89. aabsc


    6 ore fa

    I always only had ultrasonic ones, I like how the vapor is visible and they are easy to clean, require no replacement parts, are quiet and use relatively little power.

  90. Dam Damfino

    Dam Damfino

    6 ore fa

    Is this the best channel on ITput? I might think it is.

  91. F.N. Schlub

    F.N. Schlub

    6 ore fa

    What about Atmospheric Water Condensers?

  92. Menko


    6 ore fa

    Is there a combined humidifier+dehumidifier for a room with guitars?

  93. graeme d

    graeme d

    6 ore fa

    You can get humidifyers for your central air systems, they attach to your vents by your furnace, are plumbed into your water/sewar lines(so you never need to refill), controlled by the furnace/thermostat, the furnace itself forces air through. The whicks are made out of a wire mesh so it supports less bacteria, tho still replaced often.

  94. Matthew Curran

    Matthew Curran

    7 ore fa

    I have a humidifier that works totally different then these. Its a ball the you put the water in the bottom and it spins the water inside with like a funnel causing the water to suck up the funnel and then spray outwards inside itself, This action also creates the airflow. It's pretty loud and takes along time to humidify making it worse then these types but it lighted and the sound is soothing.

  95. MissFoxification


    7 ore fa

    I had a humidifier and the wick was a roll of fabric that moved through a tray of water in the base. It was easy to clean and worked quite well, I never needed to replace the wick as it's washable. It's a smart design.

  96. 00crashtest


    7 ore fa

    What about misters?

  97. Samira Peri

    Samira Peri

    7 ore fa

    Dry air only feels cooler in the summer.

  98. D Korai

    D Korai

    7 ore fa

    I really like, all the details you share through your videos. Maybe, it would be interesting to see how these relatively new type of humidifiers performs compared to the classic style: The method is quite close, but it uses rotary disks to lift up water droplets and mix it with air.

  99. Dale Twokey

    Dale Twokey

    7 ore fa

    Why don't they make buoyant wicks? Like in that bucked humidifier, only the wick carts rise and fall with water level along those two guide rails, always having the exact needed amount of wick underwater until they reach the bottom. Seems easy and the only thing it will change is maybe make it a little bit taller, I guess?

  100. RuKiddin06


    7 ore fa

    better Idea than your revision to the big console: two parts: bucket (base), and top(lid) height of the bucket is determined by the desired wick. It has wheels. that's all for the bucket. Top fits over bucket, meshing on side slots, so it slides nicely up and down. The wick is fixed to the lid, with both intake and exhaust ducting setup for the fan to very effectively get air through the wick. The lid contains all of the electronics (including the NOT BLUE display) Now here's the magic: The top/lid has floats, and it floats at just the right height to submerge the proper amount of the wick, but not drown it. As the water level decreases, the lid just sinks lower into/onto the bucket, but the wick sees the same water level. With this design you could probably get like a 7 gallon capacity. woah. Why am I commenting this? I should just go sell this idea to the highest bidder.

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