How to Tame Every Animal

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    Enjoy the video friends!

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      @Welcomeaaqqaaaaaaaaaaaa qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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      I'm screamed at a raven and the raven screams back so AAAACH I'm didn't know what it said any more

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      @MUHAMMAD IMAN ISKANDAR BIN MOHD NAJIB Moe it's 99% effective

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      @Nathan D'souza /tableflip

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  2. The Hollow Why?

    The Hollow Why?

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    You said something about Disney Princesses but what if I’m a ainchent forest witch of the wild

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    ShoeMaker X010

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    "The absolute champions of touchiness are ravens" *shows a black bird*

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    3:14 that lion looks like his parents don't understand

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    ShoeMaker X010

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    1:15 the lions are like " *FUQ* this guy doesn't make any sense and wont stop talking"

  6. Nido Hime

    Nido Hime

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    Even if you befriend a wild animal there is no guarantee there wouldn't bite your face off. Remember that woman and the chimpanzee incident?

  7. Mr. Random Guy • 32M views

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    Fuck, that cub at the start has a higher voice than me lol

  8. Angel Ehh

    Angel Ehh

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    So it’s a passive tame? No kibble or prime meat?

  9. DJ DE4TH

    DJ DE4TH

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    lol that little cub gotta work on his scary face, look more like its taking the biggest poop lol

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    6:04 yo Finnegan fox



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    Ark in real life

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    Just feed your girl Profit???

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    Gillia Meena Audris

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    "A florida man.." I have heard alot about them To not be surprised

  14. Stevonnie Jenkins

    Stevonnie Jenkins

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    I have a acquaintance who was a former tanker in the modern german military who now does art as a living and he has kinda tamed a few golden Eagles by giving them meat scraps now and again, he has to wear a leather jacket so the talons do not hurt his arms or shoulders if they climb on him though, he is an interesting guy, he tanked (pun not intended) an IED that was in a dumpster and got shrapnel in his upper body and it tore his vocal chords but thanks to stem cell therapy he can speak again

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    My mom’s mom could pet Bees

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    Ibz Antking

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    Cool man

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    now tame a pet russian

  18. GeckoPlays


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    Bro my cousin tried this with a crocodile and now they're looking for his body

  19. Cheeto Puffs

    Cheeto Puffs

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    Try this and each time I got hurt

  20. Bradyn Boettcher

    Bradyn Boettcher

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    Tried to do this with humans, called me a pervert saying I have a feeding kink or something. :/

  21. AppleSpice


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    You should never feed a wild bee honey. It could be carrying bacteria that can harm the bee. Just give it sugar water

  22. Jonathan Dunaway

    Jonathan Dunaway

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    Instructions unclear. Mauled by a caterpillar

  23. Donut


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    Why does he sound like the guy in military news channel

  24. Potato Gamer

    Potato Gamer

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    but how about wolf girls

  25. I don't care

    I don't care

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    3:32 _And that, kids...Is how I met your father_

  26. I don't care

    I don't care

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    3:32 Works with my boyfriend

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    Terrence Walcott

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    Feeding boar with bread and potatoes sound like the game ark to me

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    Daytricx kenzo

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    8:12 hahaha... I thought you died... *ITACHI*

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    John Smith

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    Deruid class unlocked.

  30. I love Jim Pickens

    I love Jim Pickens

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    The fucking bee one is so wholesome Bee: Oh greatest giant, you have blessed me with this delicious substance, please, take me to the place you keep it

  31. Carel Widiastara

    Carel Widiastara

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    I was searching for far cry primal tips, but this is nice 👍

  32. M3E6


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    Ark : survival evolved 3

  33. Dow Bailey

    Dow Bailey

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    I will now try to be Tarzan

  34. AlecIsFrog


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    There is a reason you don’t feed wild animals, they can go up to hunters, expect food and get shot.

  35. revoltcrisp


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    Got a pet rock

  36. The Queen Of The Absols

    The Queen Of The Absols

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    I tamed a bee once. Took her in and gave her some sugar water (it was Christmas time). She passed away a few weeks later, but I let her crawl on me a few times, even though I have a phobia of wasps and a mild fear of bees.

  37. Boomer Aang

    Boomer Aang

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    Now I am going to tame scp-682, wish me luck guys

  38. pops


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    Everybody gangsta when somebody tames megalodon

  39. Marwan Ahmed Alhosry

    Marwan Ahmed Alhosry

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    7:28 now think all of these bees are under your command no one will ever miss with you again

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    En Ki

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    4:06 It's drooling. Maybe it's sick? lol

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    Simon Wentz

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    how many subs do you have

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    natalie lidge

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    No, he doesn't mean dragons or unicorns 🙄

  43. Horror Sans

    Horror Sans

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    Fun fact: Wasps aren't usually aggressive so if you wear white, don't smell like shit, bring honey with you, and wear gloves, then you can pick one up without getting stung.

  44. Marina Sentanio

    Marina Sentanio

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    It’s all called energetic connections, all living beings are connected, if you do good and have a good energetic field and aura or energy around you because of how good you have done and also have hopefully pure intentions for them. And that my friends is how it al works, you have to energetically and spiritually mean well towards them and send them love and you shall in return get the same back. It’s all about subtle communication. It’s all about spiritual awareness and respect and kindness towards all species, races and ethnicities! And those animals that ‘attack humans’ and are treating humans in wrong ways by ‘attacking’ seemingly, something is troubling them and we need more people in life and on this planet that can communicate with them to understand them and to sort out the root of the problem(s)

  45. Rebecca Fonseca

    Rebecca Fonseca

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    Step one: Be a Capybara.

  46. water bottle

    water bottle

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    Food is love food is live.

  47. とが


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    Why does giving food not work on women?

  48. ADZAM2.0 Jamali

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    Me trying to tame a Sydney funnel web spider....

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    Reece buckley

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    soon my turtle army will rise

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    I cracked up when he said a florida man earned several cassowarys bc it seems like something a Florida man would do XD

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    I only clicked bc I saw a cute bee-

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    Kurians Abey Mathew.

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    Nobody: Me bringing my kangaroo friends to fight with the bullies.

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    Man when I get to heaven it will be like this but better

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    I do that too with a bumble bee.

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    Game Boy

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    When he came to fight the ranger with the big iron on his hip!

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    If you wanna be friends with me... Feed me

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    My cousin is an animal could you tame him too?

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    Hello World

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    No, the lion cub simply doesn't like the human cause he's a Russian lol

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    I think a furry friend would be weird

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    I am now taming a bear lol

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    ❤ Allah ❤

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    Watop: A Florida man- Me: No further explanation is required.

  64. Фрuk Фukcuk

    Фрuk Фukcuk

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    It's Stockholm's syndrome!!!



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    dude just give a bone and then some meat for the wolf

  66. Blocky


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    This will be helpful in taming a jellyfish

  67. Justin B

    Justin B

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    I feel like this should have a disclaimer, but do not take this video as a guide. Do not approach wild animals thinking you can befriend it. Leave stuff like this to experts.

  68. Terraria guide, tips, and more

    Terraria guide, tips, and more

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    Ark players: are you challenging me

  69. Peak Hollow

    Peak Hollow

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    As the saying goes To capture a mans heart, You must capture he's tummy first.

  70. Night_phantom 1

    Night_phantom 1

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    If animals become domesticated they can’t go back to the wild if u have them as a baby because they would lack the skills to defend or hunt

  71. Blue Blaze

    Blue Blaze

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    Yeah I did it with my street dogs

  72. SassuWunnuOn


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    wow, when you want to tame an animal keep them from young age or feed them, that's a really shocking discovery!



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    Crouch down crouch up

  74. Jose Lorenzo D. JINGCO

    Jose Lorenzo D. JINGCO

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    Fun fact: Got Talent shows are scripted

  75. Razia Khatoon

    Razia Khatoon

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    Will this is work with carona virus

  76. Phú Quý Trần Huỳnh

    Phú Quý Trần Huỳnh

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    I try to tame the lion and my hand gone now

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    I clicked cause I saw a bee.

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    Well i am alone and the only freind i had was a chicken and it died and now i am alone🐣🐣 😭😭😭

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    Imagine if you know how to tame every animals you can speak too animal

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    The angry lion cub is gabi

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    Comments nowadays are annoying they don't comment what is related to the video I have too risk my data😥

  82. Jemini Beybi

    Jemini Beybi

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    Dude quit taking too much coffee it's gonna kill you🥺

  83. gawr


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    its self explanatory but pls do not try to tame perfectly fine wild animals, friendship with humans will not benefit them and only end up getting them killed

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    Achievement unlocked!: ‘The Tamer’

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    Florida man oh Florida man

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    Max Bishop

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    Give them food?! Wild animals wont come anywhere near me

  88. Seokho Ha

    Seokho Ha

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    pleas do how to be friend with other humans🥲



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    Step One: Knock it out Step Two: Put the desired kibble for it Step Three: Profit

  90. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan Biswas

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    Answer: Don't hunt animals, protect them, love them. They will love you back. Even wild animals are more trustable than us filthy humans.

  91. Ashish


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    I want to tame Pennywise

  92. Racky


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    how to tame twitter user?

  93. zamasu zenkai when

    zamasu zenkai when

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    stolen thumbnail, original by PleaseBee

  94. M The_mug

    M The_mug

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    Easy just use master ball

  95. Alrighty then

    Alrighty then

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    The Cassowary looks like the closest thing to a dinosaur

  96. antonio 405 gamer

    antonio 405 gamer

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    U frogot to show how to tame a 5yrs old cousin

  97. Natan


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    "ok, i have it all figured out with baby animals, you find one, raise it up and you have yourself a *furry* friend"

  98. BarkyOnyx


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    alright imma befriend a dragon brb

  99. Johnny Whitsel

    Johnny Whitsel

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    "Just give it food" only works on Ark lol. Snakes don't really give a shit if you simply offer them a mouse. It takes a combination of association & patience. ie human holding me = warmth, not danger. Putting me in bucket = feeding time (this applies to snakes). But I would never consider a reptile (outside of maybe an Argentine Tegu or some Monitor lizards) "Tamed". More like it simply understands you are neither food nor danger so it puts up with you handling it. Tegus/Monitors are very intelligent though so perhaps it is *somewhat* possible to consider certain species & individuals 'tamed' with them. Just remember that for 95% of reptiles their perceived aggression towards you is only because you scare the shit out of them and they believe you are there to eat them.

  100. Solarrxx


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    I don't know but I want a lion as a pet lol-

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