Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

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  1. George Kircher

    George Kircher

    5 secondi fa

    smooth brain Neanderthal

  2. Guillermo Vertel

    Guillermo Vertel

    15 minuti fa

    I think maybe It depends on the shape, thickness of the sheet because it's not the same car and also the damage isn't in the same point

  3. Krautiness


    16 minuti fa

    Dont trust 5 minute craft kids

  4. Afrizal Zamaludin

    Afrizal Zamaludin

    17 minuti fa


  5. Tyler goings

    Tyler goings

    22 minuti fa

    Do it again but wait a few minutes for the glue to harden

  6. Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey

    23 minuti fa

    You’re the reason McDonald’s has to put hot on their coffee cups

  7. CleverTaco


    27 minuti fa

    You and your cousins can leave my light bulb, I'll just change it myself.

  8. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

    29 minuti fa

    I lost a brain cell

  9. charles calvin

    charles calvin

    30 minuti fa

    no bro you use a plunger

  10. ImBulletm9


    30 minuti fa

    I can always respect a good taco in the back drop

  11. Gavin


    34 minuti fa

    Yeah you no 5-minute crafts is clickbait right

  12. Francis Keinan Pabilona

    Francis Keinan Pabilona

    39 minuti fa

    Thats why the lesson learned never believe everything you see in the internet

  13. cpt_crazy


    40 minuti fa

    You gotta heat the Metal not the glue and then wait for it to cool down and Hardin



    48 minuti fa

    My man's has a rubber band ball for a brain, you've got to wait for glue to dry my guy

  15. K. K.

    K. K.

    50 minuti fa

    ITput in 2010: let me share something usefull ITput in 2021: let me smash my own car to see if that works Wtf is wrong with you guys? What more you can do for get more subs?

  16. Hannana Wafda

    Hannana Wafda

    Ora fa

    5 minutes craft is a scam channel

  17. King I AM

    King I AM

    Ora fa

    Lmaoo If impatient was a person

  18. Michael Kelso

    Michael Kelso

    Ora fa

    I lost brain cells watching this

  19. Igotbands2x


    Ora fa

    didn’t even let it get hot and stick

  20. JW K-Dog

    JW K-Dog

    Ora fa

    turns out panel beating is a trade.

  21. I Reek Of Small Balls

    I Reek Of Small Balls

    Ora fa

    This man is the reason we have instructions on poptarts

  22. 芝刈り機〆海童


    Ora fa


  23. Aurora D Sem

    Aurora D Sem

    Ora fa

    Well he at least showed us what /not/ to do for this trick (I do wanna see if it works though, it probably does)

  24. Josue Robles

    Josue Robles

    Ora fa

    If you car is made out of medal its harder to work, if plastic should fix easy

  25. ShohJ


    Ora fa

    I hope this video is a joke. That has to be a joke, right?.........

  26. Laki_shadowolfy F.

    Laki_shadowolfy F.

    2 ore fa

    I wonder what grades u had in school

  27. sıraç özer

    sıraç özer

    2 ore fa

    Is the car free?

  28. Juan De los santos

    Juan De los santos

    2 ore fa

    I wouldn’t have used gorilla glue. That’s stuff is hard to take off Try the regular less expensive ones. Like the one for fabric or arts and crafts.

  29. Jun Mar Gomez

    Jun Mar Gomez

    2 ore fa

    nothing is left with his brain..its 0%

  30. C Kola

    C Kola

    2 ore fa

    This is the type of kid to get pissed off when the seed he plants doesn’t grow in a day

  31. LancerZ 420

    LancerZ 420

    2 ore fa

    Stupid rich kid doing stupid stuff. What have we become as a society?

  32. cptn weirdbeard

    cptn weirdbeard

    2 ore fa

    Should have let the glue harden it’s like you don’t even want it to work smh

  33. Michael Blody

    Michael Blody

    2 ore fa

    Why would you ruin that vehicle maybe donate it to someone who could use it ?!

  34. Bugay Den

    Bugay Den

    2 ore fa

    You could’ve used a plunger or something instead.

  35. Roblox Cool videos

    Roblox Cool videos

    2 ore fa

    5 minutes crafts should stop now. Make eazy things to harder...

  36. MidsizeTexas


    2 ore fa

    From my understanding car paint doesn't let things adhear to it easily try sanding a small spot and then doing it.

  37. ytilaeR


    2 ore fa

    I bet you look up and down before you cross the street.

  38. 白いひげShiroi_Hige


    3 ore fa

    and he’s pulling too slow it must be one sudden tug

  39. Septia Tia

    Septia Tia

    3 ore fa

    Itu belom kering uda lu cabut bambang

  40. WilleV3


    3 ore fa

    sök Big 3nok x Weyy och premunera o like på musik videon dem är kung

  41. jake 117

    jake 117

    3 ore fa

    not surprised someone on tik tok would believe 5 minute crafts

  42. giannhs axtshs

    giannhs axtshs

    3 ore fa

    Human evolution at its worst

  43. Fizzy Distrix

    Fizzy Distrix

    3 ore fa


  44. Khaleel08


    3 ore fa

    This guy is stupid, that rubberband ball will be his demise

  45. Breyden Russell

    Breyden Russell

    3 ore fa

    Try the dildo method, since I've only seen one video attempt and it working it has a 100% success rate



    3 ore fa

    Nah you didn't let it dry

  47. Kyle Salvador

    Kyle Salvador

    3 ore fa

    Its still hot you should cool it before pull it😐

  48. gru gamer

    gru gamer

    3 ore fa

    Try to wait longer

    • gru gamer

      gru gamer

      3 ore fa

      But i think it work so good like in the clip

  49. Puxley


    4 ore fa


  50. Stanescu Miruna

    Stanescu Miruna

    4 ore fa

    Today i just did the trick and it worked

  51. hayley han

    hayley han

    4 ore fa


  52. samgyup Fajardo

    samgyup Fajardo

    4 ore fa

    5 min craft is fake

  53. Avocado Anonymous

    Avocado Anonymous

    5 ore fa

    Dude wait for the glue to harden smh

  54. KTG GUAP


    5 ore fa

    Let it draw u moronic fuck

  55. ReZoHn _SS

    ReZoHn _SS

    5 ore fa

    He didnt even wait for the glue to harden, so no shit it didn't work

  56. JustaUser


    5 ore fa

    If a girl on tinder is looking for more braincells, this guy is definitely getting skipped

  57. Mark ptz

    Mark ptz

    5 ore fa

    Let it dry

  58. The Jury

    The Jury

    5 ore fa

    When you manage to answer an equation but didn't realize S was actually 5



    5 ore fa

    Willing to do everything even though it makes you stupid just to get famous ey?

  60. Samuel Smythe

    Samuel Smythe

    5 ore fa

    Plungers work better

  61. Jyothis Suresh

    Jyothis Suresh

    5 ore fa


  62. Awen Alii

    Awen Alii

    5 ore fa

    Hahhaahha 5min craft 🤣🤣🤣

  63. Dustin Larkin

    Dustin Larkin

    5 ore fa

    Stupid rich kids. People that do things like this are so annoying. I would love to have a nice vehicle. While this guy's like DERR TA DERR let's fuck up muh car for a TikTok cuz I have no responsibility and I'm lucky as shit. What a dipshit

  64. Haha Yeah

    Haha Yeah

    5 ore fa

    Wait for the glue to set

  65. Ilham Agung P

    Ilham Agung P

    5 ore fa

    Brain cell: Adios

  66. muhammad fachri

    muhammad fachri

    5 ore fa

    That trick work for cheap car

  67. thanosdlr


    5 ore fa

    I'm bored.... Lets brake a nice car 👌

  68. Frugal Unboxing

    Frugal Unboxing

    5 ore fa

    this is the type of guy to wash his hands after taking a shower

  69. The Observer

    The Observer

    5 ore fa

    Did you know that at Cornell University they have an incredible piece of scientific equipment known as the tunneling electron microscope? Now, this microscope is so powerful that, by firing electrons you can actually see images of the atom, the infinitesimally minute building blocks of our universe. If I were using that microscope right now, I still wouldn't be able to locate my interest in this video.😬 😮

  70. just some guy

    just some guy

    5 ore fa

    If he was actually paying attention to the vid, the guy waits a little while then pulls on it. He doesn't just put it on and pull right way. This man's needs some more braincells.

  71. YuriDSC


    6 ore fa

    My dude is dumber than a second coat of paint...

  72. Haywood_Floyd


    6 ore fa

    i think you should wait for the glue to harden then just maybe it will work

  73. Josh Delporte

    Josh Delporte

    6 ore fa

    It’s not cap it’s more like you need to let the glue cool down and actually stick then pull on it and it will work

  74. AnimetorWolF


    6 ore fa

    This Man Didn't Know The Word "Patience"

  75. Dylan Regan

    Dylan Regan

    6 ore fa

    You gotta let it melt stick it and let it cool it works with some its kind of like using suction suction doesn't always work either

  76. マイルス


    6 ore fa

    Speaking of plastic pollution..

  77. Irresistible Gaming

    Irresistible Gaming

    6 ore fa

    You need to melt it more and use more sticks

  78. Dania Awni

    Dania Awni

    6 ore fa

    you put the thing on the car YOU WAIT UNTIL IT COOLS then. you. pull.

  79. mrs. candi

    mrs. candi

    7 ore fa

    you gotta wait for it to dry tho-

  80. Ahmad Balbisi

    Ahmad Balbisi

    7 ore fa

    But you didn’t wait for them to cool up

  81. Abhishek Khoya

    Abhishek Khoya

    7 ore fa

    Use suction cup instead of it

  82. Rainier Reyes Gym

    Rainier Reyes Gym

    7 ore fa

    this man is stupid let's help his brain cells because he didn't wait before pull the glue so ofcourse that's ain't working

  83. Niko B

    Niko B

    7 ore fa

    2 3 min wait 😂

  84. Avenir Tkachenko

    Avenir Tkachenko

    7 ore fa

    Use a plunger! Duh

  85. Raniyah ghaleb

    Raniyah ghaleb

    7 ore fa

    Yh that was a bad idea to do that

  86. Lavender Katana

    Lavender Katana

    7 ore fa

    U have to wait for it to drrrrry!!

  87. Loop


    7 ore fa

    Dude, just like spiderman, he waits for his webs to harden first, except he doesn't, because it hardens instantly, same thing with glue, EXCEPT it's not instant

  88. Truth Truth

    Truth Truth

    7 ore fa

    There is a difference between made in China car and made in Japan 🤣

  89. sadpily


    7 ore fa

    this dude need some smart brain cells and an average IQ... If you get why he needs it, I guess you know the reason why he couldn't fix the car...💀

  90. Joe eoj

    Joe eoj

    7 ore fa

    I did it on my car and i pulled it out completly you are obviously to inpacient and pull way to soon you habe to let it cool down more its definetly not fake because i did it

  91. Fabri Alderete

    Fabri Alderete

    7 ore fa


  92. Raw Canto

    Raw Canto

    7 ore fa

    Premature pull.

  93. Delicate Disaster

    Delicate Disaster

    7 ore fa

    1. You need to melt much more of the glue so it spreads out and grips more. 2. Removing it right after you put it on isn't going to work because the glue is still melted and flexible and will just rip off.

  94. Efrain Lopez

    Efrain Lopez

    7 ore fa

    Is he stupid?

  95. Marshall Kinney

    Marshall Kinney

    8 ore fa

    maybe let it ✨dry✨

  96. Brandon_Kig


    8 ore fa

    He should've waited for the glue to harden first.

  97. k.h


    8 ore fa

    You expect that was super instant glue or something ? This bucko didn't even think to let it cool first

  98. Nihira Bhagat

    Nihira Bhagat

    8 ore fa

    You have to pour hot water and then let the hot glue harden At least follow the right procedure Someone give him brain cells plz

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