HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell

January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.
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  1. nar nia

    nar nia

    Ora fa

    Tank will destroy this kid

  2. Graeme Huia

    Graeme Huia

    Ora fa

    Ever been hit the ear? It hurts!!!

  3. Roc ROCA

    Roc ROCA

    2 ore fa

    Ryan Garcia cannot start speaking about who destroyed boxing when he is the one ducking, diving and cherry-picking fights. The man is a acting like a coward period. Make the fight with Gervonta Davis and stop being a chicken.

  4. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    3 ore fa

    Awesome video!

  5. Eczentrikk


    5 ore fa

    Ended him with a body shot

  6. Durahman Uyeh

    Durahman Uyeh

    6 ore fa

    Oscar dela hoya promoter wants to bring ryan garcia against the facman.I don't think it's time for garcia.he needs many more matches against the facman

  7. French Fry Montana

    French Fry Montana

    6 ore fa

    Props to Ry on this 1💯

  8. jorge cervantes

    jorge cervantes

    7 ore fa

    Garcia was off balance as he got hit which cause him to fall he didn’t get hurt he got up too quick lol

    • zijuiy wttuy

      zijuiy wttuy

      3 ore fa

      To all those making fun of him for getting knocked down hear me out What did you expect him to do stay down? The most important thing is that he was able to get back up an

  9. Jose Tan

    Jose Tan

    8 ore fa

    That knockdown was satisfying..

  10. Jocasta Nu

    Jocasta Nu

    12 ore fa

    That 10 count was much quicker than the ten count fury had when he got up against wilder

  11. The Favorite movies

    The Favorite movies

    12 ore fa

    Ryan garcia no match of many Pacquiao

  12. parrmik


    14 ore fa

    dela hoya needs to teach garcia his bouncing in and out footwork , he's already nailed the power left to the head and body.

  13. Alfredo Cabrera

    Alfredo Cabrera

    15 ore fa

    This guy really sead highlights when this is like the full right

  14. Mackenzie Howell

    Mackenzie Howell

    17 ore fa

    Mad that this became DAZN’s most viewed vid in only two weeks

  15. госп Бек

    госп Бек

    18 ore fa

    Garcea piyar👎, pfff!!! Uzbek taygers👊 Melikuziev, Shohjahon Ergashew, Isroil Madrimov, nambe wan

  16. Gary Snag

    Gary Snag

    19 ore fa

    Definitely set up

  17. Struk Money

    Struk Money

    21 ora fa

    Tank gone Beat Garcia to sleep 😴😂😂😂😂

  18. gubi zlatan

    gubi zlatan

    23 ore fa

    Pelea comprada y pactada como todo del invento este de García

  19. Vincent San Pedro

    Vincent San Pedro

    23 ore fa

    Pacquiao vs Garcia 1000% Pacquiao will win



    Giorno fa


  21. aayan Borah kalita

    aayan Borah kalita

    Giorno fa

    Lethal liver shot

  22. Harvey Junatas

    Harvey Junatas

    Giorno fa

    he said he is ready to fight manny.

  23. Deragon de darkest clane

    Deragon de darkest clane

    Giorno fa

    To all those making fun of him for getting knocked down hear me out What did you expect him to do stay down? The most important thing is that he was able to get back up and keep fighting that knockdown is also going to help him improve a lot remember how much of a beast canelo became when he lost to mayweather that's because he was able to improve on his previous mistakes the same will go for Ryan Garcia

  24. David Cabrera

    David Cabrera

    Giorno fa

    Cool hands threw everything. A great boxer

  25. oz6220


    Giorno fa

    Kongo de pingers

  26. enrico mirador

    enrico mirador

    Giorno fa

    this ryan garcia wants to fight manny? common kid

  27. Roberto jara

    Roberto jara

    Giorno fa

    Orgullo mexicano!!!

  28. Hemi Dave

    Hemi Dave

    Giorno fa

    Now THATS boxing

  29. bigmark2001


    Giorno fa

    What a shot! Garcia will only get better.

  30. Sidney Sheldon

    Sidney Sheldon

    Giorno fa


  31. wells tamahome

    wells tamahome

    Giorno fa

    Imagine if that was Manny's Left Cross..

  32. Sujit Gurung

    Sujit Gurung

    Giorno fa

    Body shot vs body shot what a exchange!

  33. Robert Bronisz

    Robert Bronisz

    Giorno fa

    I can see three were masked Mexican bandits in the audience.

  34. Jeffrey Claros

    Jeffrey Claros

    Giorno fa

    3:40 bad chin.

  35. SuperCarl513


    Giorno fa

    this kid wants a shot at pacquiao just because he defeated a southpaw??? Too far, too early. smh

  36. jukijunk


    Giorno fa

    Yo when he gets angy, he really goes beast mode..

  37. Marygrace Ursaiz

    Marygrace Ursaiz

    Giorno fa

    Yan Yong itatapat ky Pacquiao seconds Lang Yan wag ka Nang mangarap Marami kpang kakaining bigas wag Kang maghamon Sa veterano.uminom ka muna Nang gatas

  38. Be3st Boxing

    Be3st Boxing

    Giorno fa

    Ryan works on his defense and he gets automatically better.

  39. J Manuel

    J Manuel

    2 giorni fa

    He needs more experience and to get stronger and better defense before he's ready for Davis.

  40. Jared Oshea

    Jared Oshea

    2 giorni fa

    King Ry wants Paquiao like it’s going to be an easy fight for him? Face Gervonta first and protect your record lol

  41. Marcus Mendoza

    Marcus Mendoza

    2 giorni fa

    Lolol out loud. The things money will buy ya

  42. James Reese

    James Reese

    2 giorni fa

    Liver shot KO.

  43. Jose Luna

    Jose Luna

    2 giorni fa

    This man is a legend in the game

  44. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    2 giorni fa

    Nice collection!?

  45. Edel 10 Lopez

    Edel 10 Lopez

    2 giorni fa

    Que pelee con piofilo lopez

  46. Mayster Mubmra

    Mayster Mubmra

    2 giorni fa

    that body shot

  47. S.G.W.A Tv

    S.G.W.A Tv

    2 giorni fa

    Garcia can punch. but he lacks defense and he's flat footed. he's not ready for tank yet its too early.

  48. Andy Burton

    Andy Burton

    2 giorni fa

    Bring Eben back

    • bofooit gojo

      bofooit gojo

      2 giorni fa

      Garcia needs to tuck that chin and put his hands up. And when he throws combos return them back to his chin if not expect him getting knock out ...

  49. Return of Me

    Return of Me

    2 giorni fa

    Ryan Garcia is a wannabe Oscar De La Hoya. Vergil Ortiz Jr would mop the floor with this kid.

  50. Felipe Arroyo

    Felipe Arroyo

    2 giorni fa

    Narrators!👎👎👎😝😡💩 💩 💩

  51. TMstriker videos xavier

    TMstriker videos xavier

    2 giorni fa

    Campbell no follow up thats the mistake.

  52. Hardwork 91

    Hardwork 91

    2 giorni fa

    Pre amir khan version for ryan

  53. rodrigo ojues

    rodrigo ojues

    2 giorni fa

    Muy buena pelea.

  54. arnold laganson

    arnold laganson

    2 giorni fa

    Fight first with Inoue of japan first....rather than Pacman

  55. fibrella umbra

    fibrella umbra

    2 giorni fa

    Linares vs garcia

  56. Cesar Kon

    Cesar Kon

    2 giorni fa

    Who's Campbell ??

  57. lloyd lovell

    lloyd lovell

    2 giorni fa

    It Davis gets to touch him like that he ain't getting up until they start to clean the arena up

  58. Mando Ruiz

    Mando Ruiz

    2 giorni fa

    Viva la raza

  59. Jaleel Tabourn

    Jaleel Tabourn

    2 giorni fa

    Tank will destroy Garcia.

  60. Eddieohh !!

    Eddieohh !!

    2 giorni fa

    Every boxing match is amazing watch the classics



    2 giorni fa

    I like Ryan but Tank is going to decapitate him

  62. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez

    2 giorni fa

    Garcia needs to tuck that chin and put his hands up. And when he throws combos return them back to his chin if not expect him getting knock out ...

  63. Ruth Lubrica

    Ruth Lubrica

    2 giorni fa

    Now he knows whats KD feels like😂

  64. Steve Perkins

    Steve Perkins

    2 giorni fa

    I think Lopez will smash Garcia

  65. Marten 123

    Marten 123

    2 giorni fa


  66. Rant Me

    Rant Me

    3 giorni fa

    Even I felt that body shot

  67. You Like!?

    You Like!?

    3 giorni fa

    I like Ryan alot but he shouldn't fight Pacquiao

  68. farruq azwan

    farruq azwan

    3 giorni fa

    Long way to go if wanna became legend

  69. Luis A Hernandez

    Luis A Hernandez

    3 giorni fa

    No mas costales ojala y este año puedan ponerle algo serio...

  70. memelawdcs


    3 giorni fa

    Ryan definitely gotta work on his footwork and defense

  71. Paul


    3 giorni fa

    we want lomachenko vs garcia!

  72. Max Toda

    Max Toda

    3 giorni fa

    Garcia is like Morales in the making, fights the same.

  73. joseph bvr

    joseph bvr

    3 giorni fa

    Ryan is the only challenge ive seen. I will box anyone without any training. Clench your jaw

  74. Orville Almazan

    Orville Almazan

    3 giorni fa

    I just hope that Ryan will get his lesson from all of this. He'll be a killer once he's learned to be agile enough and improve his defense. Rooting for him.

    • A fine addition to my collection

      A fine addition to my collection

      Giorno fa

      He'll need it when he faces off against Tank

  75. Juntered GamingYT

    Juntered GamingYT

    3 giorni fa


  76. crazy pelon

    crazy pelon

    3 giorni fa

    Garcia landed like a fucken gazelle 😂

  77. Jaime huarcaya velarde

    Jaime huarcaya velarde

    3 giorni fa

    Se están arañando 😂😂

  78. JV Ceniza

    JV Ceniza

    3 giorni fa

    The way Garcia fight, not a single chance he can beat paquiao.

    • PinoyGuitar


      2 giorni fa

      Agree.. Like commentator said RG is flat footed

    • Charlie2 Laurence

      Charlie2 Laurence

      3 giorni fa

      No ur dream

  79. Trench Ynion

    Trench Ynion

    3 giorni fa

    He's still too far from pacquiao

  80. Money


    3 giorni fa

    Kings are Kings for a reason.

  81. Kram Sleak

    Kram Sleak

    3 giorni fa

    that body blow will take time to heal, believe me.

  82. Panzer Crewman

    Panzer Crewman

    3 giorni fa

    The big public got to know Ryan this year he should be in the ring magazine foty

  83. Robin James Clemente

    Robin James Clemente

    3 giorni fa

    How I wish Garcia rise in the era of Manny.

  84. XerxiezZ


    3 giorni fa

    This Kid will be Great 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Sloe Poke

    Sloe Poke

    3 giorni fa

    Ryan Garcia is The Man!!!

  86. Angeline Regala

    Angeline Regala

    3 giorni fa

    And you want to fight pacquiao? Lol

  87. uatsicoki


    3 giorni fa

    This is what i wanted to see, Ryan vs a real fighter, he proved himself now 💯💯

    • lloyd lovell

      lloyd lovell

      2 giorni fa

      Against who , let Davis get to touch him like that and I guarantee you he ain't getting up

  88. Christian Alfaro

    Christian Alfaro

    3 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who thinks García MIGHT end up having the same career as Amir Khan. He is very fast and clearly hits hard but if he doesn’t sharp his defense he will get punched in the chin by a real puncher and eventually get badly hurt. He IS learning and getting better, I just don’t think he has the X factor to become a Canelo or Mayweather. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, I don’t think it’ll be the case. I see Teofimo and Tank beating him.

  89. MonsterMan


    3 giorni fa

    If Luke was to keep at it after the knock down, Ryan would of got cornered during the last 40 secs of second round. Ryan was lost of what to do. Props for Ryan bouncing back and giving luke what he didn’t do to Ryan.

  90. Peyton Gwaltney

    Peyton Gwaltney

    3 giorni fa

    that liver shot was on pointtttt



    3 giorni fa

    Mucho trabajo de gym, mucha disciplina y mucha fuerza de Ryan García, pero cero talento natural.

  92. Detorreon Pla

    Detorreon Pla

    3 giorni fa

    Can you say liver damage?

  93. islomjonusta darvoza

    islomjonusta darvoza

    3 giorni fa

    Shuxjahon gartsiyani uric

  94. Gibo Flores

    Gibo Flores

    3 giorni fa

    Thats a manny pacquiao style.

  95. Nicolas Suarez

    Nicolas Suarez

    3 giorni fa

    Ganando con el sello de la casa 😎🇲🇽 golpe que le enseñó Canelo

  96. Don Robert Salazar

    Don Robert Salazar

    3 giorni fa

    Garcia got that body shot from Canelo.

  97. Jurgen Konci

    Jurgen Konci

    3 giorni fa

    The Instagram champion

  98. eigor vakuza

    eigor vakuza

    3 giorni fa

    Calling out MP to pass to him the torch? Hmmm. I have more questions than answers.

  99. S S

    S S

    3 giorni fa


  100. Moy Valenciano

    Moy Valenciano

    3 giorni fa

    who's here bcos ryan calling pacquiao? 🤣

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